The Lonely Life The Hollywood legend talks about her four marriages her leading men her feud with a well known co star her longing to have a child and her favorite roles

  • Title: The Lonely Life
  • Author: Bette Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hollywood legend talks about her four marriages, her leading men, her feud with a well known co star, her longing to have a child, and her favorite roles.

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    One thought on “The Lonely Life”

    1. This was her first autobiography. Largely out of print but you can find a used copy if you scour ebay or book fairs. I savored every detail of this book as part of my training to be a fag.

    2. The Lonely Life essentially documents around sixty years of drama played out by the world renowned Bette Davis. From her early days of paternal neglect when she would cut her sister's hair for attention, to her unstable youth going from school to school, to the theater, to the silver screen and so on, this autobiography made it clear that from day one, Davis wanted nothing more than success. Of course, this came with a considerable price. The romance she dreamed of as a young girl would never co [...]

    3. Those of you who know me know that my heart belongs to Joan Crawford. But I love Bette, too, and I'll easily admit she's the better actress. This autobiography, written (ghostwritten, no dobut, but the voice is pure Bette) in the early sixties, is a fantastic look at a STAR. She readily admits to ego, temper tantrums, perfectionism, bull-headedness--everything for which Bette Davis is famous. Her childhood sounds awful--her parents divorced around WWI, and her equally tough-as-nails mother is po [...]

    4. I first read Bette Davis’s autobiography The Lonely Life over fifty years ago—back when everyone in the world knew who Bette Davis was. I saw it on my shelf recently and thought I should re-read it, now that she has been dead for many years. The book covers her life from birth until her triumph in the early 1960s in Tennessee Williams’s stage play The Night of the Iguana. Along the way, we hear of four failed marriages, a mother who was extremely involved in her daughter’s life, an absen [...]

    5. This was inspiring and a good portrayal of an actor's rising career. Bette Davis was intelligent, confident and well spoken. She never whined, but worked hard for what she wanted and achieved, fighting the Hollywood machine, losing, carrying on, and gaining a lasting respect among her peers. She acknowledged that she was too strong for most men, married to four, and the one she got along with best was killed - although that marriage may not have lasted ultimately. Her turn of phrase is quite ori [...]

    6. Bette Davis has always been one of my favorite actresses. I have always loved watching old movies, and she was one of the best. After watching "Feud" I decided it was past time to read this book I have had for quite a while. I was not disappointed. It is a fascinating story of an amazing life and career that could only be told by Bette herself. The book starts with her childhood and family struggles and continues through both the triumphs and downturns of her life and career up to that time (pub [...]

    7. I love Bette. What can I say. The book is not for everyone. A bit dull here and there but when you're a huge fan.go for it.

    8. Mercy, I enjoyed this book. I am never not enthralled by how books help connect you to kindred spirits across time and space.Bette Davis was my kind of woman. She's smart. Some of the best parts of the book were her talking through her interpretations of certain characters and how she navigated through disagreements with her directors. You really get a sense of how that dynamic works and doesn't work and what films are possible when both parties are really invested in the final product.Her comme [...]

    9. Truth be told, I am a Stanwyck girl through & through. No one else has even come close. But then I saw FEUD & wanted to learn more about Bette Davis, which led me to this book. Now I can say, while Stanwyck will ALWAYS be my queen, I think I have now found a woman who can give her a run for her money! I really enjoyed this book--and I heard Bette's voice in my head with every word I read. She is such a fascinating person. And she's VERY human--something we tend to forget our celebrities [...]

    10. BETTE DAVIS -- THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER STAR LIKE HERI am so happy that Bette Davis took the time to write his beautiful autobiography describing her childhood and her unwavering drive. I am so happy that Bette Davis took the time to tell the story of her life and fabulous acting career. I thought I knew what she was like until she shared the pain of her father's rejection. How she her mother and sister were virtually homeless until she became a successful Hollywood actress. She suffered at t [...]

    11. I couldn't finish this. Started reading it, got a couple chapters in, and it's just so dramatic. It reminds me of sitting on the porch with an old relative having to listen to every single thing that ever happened to them that they have an opinion about, and not being allowed to go inside because THEY'RE FAMILY. I'm sure she lived an interesting life but no actress's life interests me enough to slog through this self-important mess.

    12. Acting: A lonely lifeBette Davis wrote this book with audacity, bravery, and no qualms. I liked that she showed her humanity by the many mistakes she talked about as well as her victorys'. I rated it 4 stars because of the above reasons and that she was a very gutsy gal. Bette, along with a few others in her time, fought with the studio heads and directors to receive better scripts acting, and respect. For 20+

    13. Was not much of a Bette Davis fan until I read this book. The story of her childhood and experiences in the studio system are interesting and informative. A definitive "independent soul" she stood up to the powers in control and did things her way. Love her or hate her, she had courage in a time when few women were willing to risk their careers to be treated with respect.

    14. She was an incredible actress and getting to see her thru this book added to her allure. She philosophized a bit more than I would have liked but she didn’t mince words about herself or others. Nice trip down Hollywood’s memory lane of great actors.

    15. Mostly enjoyable reading, a very strong personality to say the least. Not riveting but interesting enough for a read-through.

    16. Inspired by the TV series Feud I read what I thought should have given me more insight, but anyone looking for Joan Crawford or Errol Flynn would be like me disappointed. What parents to start life with! An amazing talent who was a feisty lady Bette was also vulnerable and exploited. Overall an interesting but not great book from a great and interesting actress.

    17. Great Actress!Truly enjoyed her autobiography she did a good job of writing it. I loved her acting and her movies. She was very entertaining actress.

    18. Ed Sikov's bio of Bette, Dark Victory, is a great read and respectfully details her life and work.Bette's own version of her life is a bit jumpy, certainly NOT a kiss and tell, but offers many interesting observations on acting, and filmmaking in Hollywood. Her voice comes through, loud and clear!

    19. like most stars of the era, she really portrayed herself in a beautiful light and skipped over a lot of the ugly stuff. I enjoyed it because I enjoy everything Bette Davis, but if you want to read her real life storyy reading More than a Woman.

    20. A must for any BD fan,a very honest account of her life,told in Bettes inimitable way.Also a very interesting insight into the film industry of the era.Indomitable,tenacious,and prepared to fight her own battles to get to the top,a lesson in self reliance.

    21. I've never read a biography that was this good. Bette Davis is fascinating from start to finish, and if you love learning about people, this is a highly recommended read. No other Bette Davis book out rivals this one.

    22. This might be one of the best books I've read. I tagged so many pages and carry so many of her quotes with me. Very well-written and insightful.

    23. a great read about her life by the woman herself. a must for people interested in the history of hollywood.

    24. doesn't mince words, though one could hope for more description of the many many tantrums, rages and arguments to which she freely admits

    25. Pure Davis you can hear her talking through the book. Hard to get it through a second hand bookseller but, defintely worth the trouble.

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