The Hunt for Atlantis A LOST CIVILIZATION A DANGEROUS QUEST A DEADLY SECRET It s one of history s most enduring and controversial legends the lost city of Atlantis Archaeologist Nina Wilde is certain she s solved the riddl

  • Title: The Hunt for Atlantis
  • Author: Andy McDermott Gildart Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781452650173
  • Page: 179
  • Format: MP3 CD
  • A LOST CIVILIZATION A DANGEROUS QUEST A DEADLY SECRET It s one of history s most enduring and controversial legends the lost city of Atlantis Archaeologist Nina Wilde is certain she s solved the riddle of its whereabouts and with the help of reclusive billionaire Kristian Frost, his beautiful daughter, Kari, and ex SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase, she s about to make the mosA LOST CIVILIZATION A DANGEROUS QUEST A DEADLY SECRET It s one of history s most enduring and controversial legends the lost city of Atlantis Archaeologist Nina Wilde is certain she s solved the riddle of its whereabouts and with the help of reclusive billionaire Kristian Frost, his beautiful daughter, Kari, and ex SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase, she s about to make the most important discovery in centuries But not everyone wants them to succeed a powerful and mysterious organization will stop at nothing to ensure that a secret submerged for 11,000 years never resurfaces More than one would be discoverer has already died in pursuit of Atlantis s secrets including Nina s own parents Failure isn t an option From the streets of Manhattan to the Brazilian jungle, from a Tibetan mountaintop to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Nina and Eddie will race against time and follow a trail of danger and death to a revelation so explosive, it could destroy civilization forever.

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      179 Andy McDermott Gildart Jackson
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    One thought on “The Hunt for Atlantis”

    1. The Hunt for Atlantis is rip-roaring treasure hunting adventure that keeps the fans of this genre on their toes. Andy McDermott doesn't bother trying to be 'literary'. He just writes a fun book here. When a reader goes into this book, they should keep that in mind. McDermott also keeps the narrative and plot in service of his goal of providing an exciting adventure. While he doesn't take himself too seriously, I think that the history and archaeology aspects were realistic, and the science seeme [...]

    2. 4.5 starsWho hasn't heard of the legend of Atlantis?And who among us hasn't speculated even a tinsy bit whether it was real or not and if real where did it exist? Plato described Atlantis and inadvertently created one of the biggest mysteries of all time. No one can guess what the truth is unless we finally make a time machine. And this is what drives humanity, our need to know and this book plays on that need beautifully.For my romance-lover friends, if you want flaming passion and torrid affai [...]

    3. McDermott had a great idea for a novel but he managed to ruin it with bad writing, a predictable, conventional plot and characters that were even more conventional and predictable than the plot. Besides the plain and ordinary "easy to identify with" heroine with no super skills there was her professional mercenary protector, a classic annoying person - a character one knew from the first appearance was going to die for being so bloody annoying - and this unbeatable Indiana-Jones-on-amphetamine c [...]

    4. I have read some good things about this author. He is a former movie critic (thumbs up on that) and seems to be a well reviewed new action writer. Okay, I’ll bite. But before I spend $5.99 on a single Kindle version I will sneak over to the used bookstore (now located at the flea market, go figure) and buy his first THREE novels for $5. If I don’t like the other two novels, I can line the litter box with them (many a dreadful book has ended up as cat poop catcher).The description of the book [...]

    5. I don't know this Andy McDermott, but he's merciless, because this book grabs hold of you on page 43, jams both thumbs right into your windpipe, and doesn't let up for a second until it ends. This is one serious thrill-ride of a story!Archeologist Nina Wilde has been searching for Atlantis since her parents died years before in their search for it. Although she keeps being told Atlantis is a myth, she's convinced it's real, and more than that, she's certain she knows where to find it. Unfortunat [...]

    6. Eli jos olet norjalainen, blondi sekä hyvä matikassa ja logiikassa, olet todennäköisesti atlantilaisten jälkeläinen. No, norjalainen en ole enkä myöskään hyvä matikassa, mutta blondi kyllä ja logiikassa varsin kohtuullinen joten olisin mahdollisesti ikään kuin puoliksi atlantilaisten jälkeläinen? Ehkäpä ne atlantilaisgenomit ovat myös tänne Suomeen eksyneet. Vähän siistiä. Tai sitten ei.Tämän tyyppinen kirjallisuus, jossa lähdetään selvittelemään vuosituhansien taka [...]

    7. Η Ατλαντίδα είναι πάντα ένα ελκυστικό θέμα για δημιουργούς και αναγνώστες. Δυστυχώς όμως ο συγγραφέας το χειρίζεται με άσχημο τρόπο μην εκπληρώνοντας τις προσδοκίες μου ούτε κατ'ελάχιστο.Αδιάκοπες ταρζανιές των κεντρικών ηρώων, με τους κακούς στα κλισέ που έχω ξανασυναντ [...]

    8. Slightly balding with a gap toothed grin And an infectious sense of humour Oh I loved Eddie Chase!!The whole Twisted Treasure Hunt (as one would rather call it)was beautifully decorated with meaningful action and witty humor to link crisply spaced out History. The pace was almost unrelenting in terms of claiming your undivided attention.All of this And yet not losing the ultimate goal of historical fiction Describing the legend of Atlantis and its surrounding theories to its impatient readers at [...]

    9. Does Atlantis exist?A question that has been in the minds of many, one of them is the young, smart archaeologist Nina Wilde.Having been obsessed with its existence for all her life - literally, as she was taken along with her archaeologist parents obsessed with the same search, the same search that claimed their lives - and claiming to know the exact location of Atlantis, Nina proposes her research to the University. Devastated when faced with the University panel's rejection, she immediately ju [...]

    10. I won this book on . The promo blurb sounded interesting, hence my signing up to win. Unfortunately, not one of my favorite novels. The basic story was pretty good. Dr. Nina Wilde is determined that Atlantis really existed and is trying to continue the quest to find it that ultimately took the lives of her parents. The clues that are used to move the story along were interesting; using modern technology, places and things that were easy to use as references. But, reading this was sort of like wa [...]

    11. I started this book earlier this month and just couldn't get into it. I wasn't sure if it was just my mood or if I actually had no intentions of returning. Well I returned to it yesterday and I'm glad I did. This was action packed. The author had great suspense in all the right places. I seemed very "Indiana Jones" to me. I loved that overall feel and thought it would make a great moviewell I guess that depends on who makes it. This moved at a very fast pace. I wish the motivation of the Brother [...]

    12. I gave up - it's poorly written, with too many exclamation points & a heroine who is too dumb to live, let alone have a PhD - I mean, really, does she think the hero's going to hand her an activated grenade after he's just saved her life (yes, it's a live grenade, no, it's not going to blow up)?

    13. DO NOT start reading this, thinking of it as a book, or you will be greatly disappointed. Take it more, as a script, for a really bad action / adventure movie. Spoiler Alert !!!! Here's the synopsis : Secret society A and B hate each other and there's an Atlantis based mysterious plot, with a touch of nazism. So now that you understand, what you got yourself into, enters naïve (doesn't know she's beautiful type of girl) but brilliant academic student Nina Wilde. She dedicates her to life to con [...]

    14. Ah, the Nazis, will you ever go away?I won this book on . It's not something that I would normally pick up, but it seemed interesting enough. The book doesn't use Nazis in the traditional way that most action books/movies do (although it mentions this), but instead uses a more modern day application of Nazi thought. Still, it seems that any action writer, when struggling for a good idea, can pick up the Nazis and use them as the meat of their plot. As my Logic professor in College once jokingly [...]

    15. I was a little slow about going to 4 starts here. This is another book I likebut wish i could maybe have gone 3.5. The books characters while fairly complete are, well maybe sort of 2 dimensional. If great characters are painted in vibrant colors these are sort.el. I'm thinking that we'll get to know them better if we:Follow the series!And I probably will. The story itself is fast moving and full of action. There's a plot twist built in that while it can't actually be a surprise because of the w [...]

    16. Reviews Of Unusual SizeRe: Nina Wilde, a researcher, or professor, or something, thinks she knows where Atlantis is! But her college says Poo-Poo. Lucky for her, trillionaire Frost is very interested in finding it too, and sends her off, accompanied by the supposedly charming and mysterious Brit, Eddie Chase and overly talented Kari Frost. But Atlantis is being pursued by another hardcore rich dude and there may be more to Frost's interest than just uncovering a long lost civilizationOutstanding [...]

    17. I was in the mood for a thrilling adventure book, so I decided to try out Andy McDermott's "Hunt for Atlantis". Exciting and full of action? Yes. Believable? Not even close. Entertaining? Enough. Although it won't be known as a classic, it did it's job well enough.The following may or may not contain spoilers:Nina Wilde is the daughter of two dead parents who spent their adult life hunting for the lost city of Atlantis. Nina has the financial aid of a billionaire by the name of Frost, and the ph [...]

    18. My favourite book that I have read in recent years I think. It may not be the best written book, and it may have events that defy reality and border on ridiculous, but I love it all the same.Full of adventure, action sequences, plenty of explosions and chases in various vehicles, it has all that any fan of action films would want. Then mix that with the famous myth of Atlantis, and the very reason I picked this book up in the first place.I have read this book a fair few times now and I expect it [...]

    19. An exciting read, fun. This book is along the same lines Clive Custlers Dirk Pitt Series. The characters are funnier but not quite as well developed as Cussler's. Still it moved quick, one exciting moment after another and a suprise at the end. It's hard to ask for more than that. There are moment's where the reader needs to suspend belief, and the whole "Atlantis" thing is a bit overdone these days, but McDermott manages to keep it fun and fresh and the history/science of it all is engaging.

    20. Unorthodoxly, I ended up reading Mc Dermotts second novel - The Tomb Of Hurcules first, and so I had a fair knowledge of how this book would play out. Fortunately this did not ruin the story, and although it wandered into the realms of fantasy a little too often, it was brought back to reality with several thrilling scenes and a fantastic ending, an absolute must for lovers of adventure.

    21. I really wish I could do 1/2 star ratings on this. I would give it 3.5 stars. This was a good fun read. Lots of adventure and thrills. The amount of casualties and gun fights might turn some people off if they have too vivid of an imagination. I'm looking forward to the next Nine/Eddie adventure.

    22. I liked this book. Premise a little bit on the ridiculous side. But I am a big fan of the mystery of Atlantis. So I like most books that have anything about it included. I am planning on reading the next book though.

    23. *4.5 stars.Amazing start to what I hope to be an awesome series. In my opinion, it reminded me of a cross between, Indiana Jones and The Da Vinci Code. I can't wait until I can get my hands on the second book!!!!

    24. The story of Atlantis, the race to find it, an apparent bad guy whose motives aren't quite as ulterior, and a good guy whose motives are. Then there's a twist and a half along the way. Excellent characterisation and a great story really well worth reading - I'd def go for more in the series. The pace and amount of action at the end was just a little too much, and the undercover agent I worked out early on, but the good/bad twists def made up for that and more.

    25. Wow! I’m still reeling from turning the final page of this fast-paced thriller. As exciting as a shrieking descent on a roller coaster, as cold and calculating as a whale chasing a school of fish in a frigid Norwegian fjord, The Hunt for Atlantis will deep you riveted to its pages until the momentous conclusion.Archaeologist Nina Wilde is intrigued by the mysterious symbols on the orichalcum pendant retrieved from the rough sands of Morocco. Could this be the key to Atlantis? Nina’s parents [...]

    26. The Hunt for Atlantis by Andy McDermott represents a genre that is one of my guilty pleasures: action/adventure novels. As Publisher's Weekly said, McDermott "raises the bar to please adventure junkies who prefer to mainline their action." And that is the reality here. The Hunt for Atlantis is a fast paced, globetrotting novel that has plenty of action. It is like a merge of Indiana Jones and 24. Really. The novel goes from one adventure plus narrow escape to another.Let me be honest here. When [...]

    27. A new, for me, series in the vein of James Rollins & Matthew Reilly that stars Dr. Nina Wilde & ex-SAS Eddie Chase. This outing was dedicated to finding the ever elusive Atlantis. It had a slight Indiana Jones vibe (temples with booby traps), a good bit of action (exploding vehicles and gun fights), snarky humor (most of the main characters) and Nazis. There was a little less romance than I would've liked and the bad guys were predictable as were the 'twists' that came about towards the [...]

    28. I needed a book for an upcoming trip, and found this in the library. It sounded interesting enough, and light enough, for my trip.The story was interesting, and the ideas were not new but certainly well presented. What kept me from loving the book, though, was the absence of texture in the characters. I felt that I was reading a movie script that expects the actors to flesh out the characters. Rather wooden dialogue didn't help at all.It's the type of book that you want to read for fun, without [...]

    29. I read the 2nd book in the series years ago when I came across it in a library, not knowing it was a series at first. Been wanting to re-read it forever, so I decided to start listening to the audiobooks because I ADORE Gildart Jackson. Unfortunately, he didn't do the version I have of this first one and I did not enjoy the narrator, but I enjoyed the story and I look forward to continuing to hear about Chase & Wilde. Going to re-read the 2nd since it's been so long.

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