Perfect Formation Friends for much longer than they ve been lovers Taryn and Richard enjoy each other s company while looking for Mr Right When the darkly handsome Caleb walks into their lives the sexual attraction i

  • Title: Perfect Formation
  • Author: K.B. Alan
  • ISBN: 9781419961878
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Friends for much longer than they ve been lovers, Taryn and Richard enjoy each other s company while looking for Mr Right When the darkly handsome Caleb walks into their lives, the sexual attraction is instant and mutual for all three Caleb wines and dines them then shows them how good it can be if they trust him to lead the way One night is all it takes to prove thaFriends for much longer than they ve been lovers, Taryn and Richard enjoy each other s company while looking for Mr Right When the darkly handsome Caleb walks into their lives, the sexual attraction is instant and mutual for all three Caleb wines and dines them then shows them how good it can be if they trust him to lead the way One night is all it takes to prove that the three of them are a perfect match, at least in the bedroom Taryn has to decide if explosive sex and the feelings quickly overtaking her are worth the risk of losing it all again Richard sees Caleb and Taryn as the perfect couple but isn t so sure there will always be room for him in their menage a trois Sexual dominant Caleb has to suppress his urge to tie them to the bed until they understand that they both belong with him forever But if they don t come around soon, he ll be pulling those ropes out after all.

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    One thought on “Perfect Formation”

    1. Huge amount of dirty talking, ordering around, dominating and having imaginative positions in the bedroom.On the other hand there is also a great amount of honest talking until Caleb, Richard and Taryn overcome worries and misinterpretations. The three of them will come to an understanding and they will create a family together. Enjoyable quick read, funny at sometimes, hot and sensual at other times.

    2. I've had this ebook hanging out on my phone for a while, but for some reason kept passing it by. I think there was something about that summary that made me a little unsure if I would like it. Turns out I was wrong. This was a really well done book!Series Note:No known series connections.Summary:Taryn Moss and Richard Daniels have been best friends for years, and when both are single, they hook up for a little friends with benefits. Despite the fact that Richard generally prefers men. One night, [...]

    3. I enjoyed this for the most part. It started off really good, the progression made sense, foreplay was super hot but the actual sex was too tame for me as I'll explain later. At some point though, this became kind of a "meh" read for me and not sure I can pinpoint why.Quick Rundown: Best Buds Chick and her Friend Dude (gay but bi for her) are currently between lovers/fuck buddies who are assisted by Dom Dude one night when they've gotten drunk and are trying to find a cab. Dom Dude is immediatel [...]

    4. Perfect Formation is a rare treasure. It's a MMF that deals with the morning after, so to speak. Don't get me wrong, most MMF books trip my trigger, but they seem to be a lot of; "tab A & C to slot B & D, mix and match as needed". Hot, for sure, but I really like to see how they deal with the fact that one of them consistently leaves the toilet seat up, for example. Richard and Taryn are close friends and sometimes lovers. Richard is, as he says, mostly gay. Not really bi, because is see [...]

    5. I loved that this story explored the relationship between these 3 people. It was definitely not all about the sex. Not that there wasn't sex. There was. And boy is is hot, steamy and sensual! If you haven't tried BDSM or menage yet, this would be a great book to start with. You get to know all 3 MCs and come to understand why each of them are the way they are. Wounded though they may be, they each fight for their love. *happy sighs*I'm off to go see what else K.B. has to offer. I'm happy dancing [...]

    6. I LOVED the emotional revelations each character went through in this story. It wasn't your typical I want to have a 3way, wham bamm we're in love these guys and gal really went though some personal struggles to accept the love they had for each other It was awesome to read it.I didn't like that the story wasn't a little longer but it was deep.

    7. DNF. Could not get past p10. In those 10 pages the characters must have said each others names at least 20 times. It wasn't even used to start a sentence. "Caleb." "Taryn." "Ricky." etc etc etc. Added to that the overuse of dialogue tags it became annoying, and when I began to wince at the continual use of them it was time to give up.

    8. While I love menage I did not love this one. The story was good I just could not seem to connect with the characters I will defiantly read more works by this author

    9. Considerei durante algum tempo se deveria escrever a minha opinião sobre este livro ou não, pois não é propriamente dentro do género da minha leitura habitual. Mas já que também não tenho muito a dizer sobre ele, aqui fica, para pelo menos ficar com um registo continuado daquilo que tenho lido.A primeira coisa que eu pensei assim que comecei a leitura foi: "Isto parece-me tanto uma fan-fiction mal desenvolvida". E era impossível não fazer essa comparação, pois surge logo nas primeira [...]

    10. This is my favorite kind of story "Friends turned Lovers" But Miss KB throws in a twist and makes it friends turned lovers that find a stranger to make them a "perfect formation." Caleb stumbles across the two friends/lovers and is drawn to their beauty but then the two (Taryn and Richard) intrigue him more with their drunken flirting. Curious about the possibilities he pursues them. Things get super hot, very fast. The triad quickly form a relationship, but as with any relationship it has it up [...]

    11. I really like the MMF relationship in this book and would have given it maybe 5 stars up to the point the I-love-you started spewing forth. For awhile there it was like they were using it like a comma in anything they said to each other. There are other ways to say I love you without beating the words over and over your head. The other thing is as soon as it's said, everyone starts turning bat shit crazy and the insecure actions and thoughts were so thick it was killing my enjoyment. Still I lik [...]

    12. the beginning of the story was good but the longer the book was the less I was really in to it. I had real troubles with the emotional part here and the sex scenes - both could have been good but there was no real connection between the characters and the sex was a bit lame it felt off, no sparksthe plot was not really there I think and more of an afterthoughtI don't thin I will read something of this author again as I could not relate to the characters and their relationship to each other

    13. if i could i'd give this novel 3.5 stars. it was Sexy and a had a nice plot. there was even some emotional growth for all the characters. especially Taryn who'd lost her family at a young age and fought with being loved and finding love and believing she could love even if it went away tragically. there was a happy ending for all three and really sweet. if only life could be as pleasant as this novel. hehei'll have to find some other novels by K.B. Alan. pretty entertaining.

    14. I liked this story. It was hot and steamy in all the right place. Caleb, Richard and Taryn made a very cute and gorgeous couple. I liked how their families supported their relationship and let them be who they were. I liked how Caleb knew what he wanted and fought to keep their relationship together. And I also loved how Taryn and Richard opened up to accommodate Caleb into their life and relationship. I really liked it!

    15. A menage with heart. Perfect Formation wasn't just an erotic tale filled with countless sex scenes -- although the sex scenes were really hot. I loved that the author included obstacles that a polyamorous relationship would face in the real world -- judgment, family acceptance, etc. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these three. The opening scene had me in tears I laughed so hard. All in all, I think this was a fabulous debut book.

    16. While this book has potential, the first chapter killed it for me. "Taryn." "Richard." "Caleb""Richard.""Taryn.""Caleb."I had to grit my teeth through each interaction like this. A very difficult read due to character interactions seeming forced and horribly, painfully, awkward. I can count on two hands the number of books I have failed to finish and this is right there. I couldn't force myself to go through with the mental anguish.

    17. I absolutely loved this book. KB Alan sure packed a powerful punch into this short novel! I loved Taryn, Richard and Caleb - all together, and separately. This book did a great job of exploring their new relationship, how their pasts factored into that relationship, and how they worked to stay together and make that relationship blossom and progress. Beautiful story.

    18. This was a good read, it's my first KB Alan. It's a ménage involving two friends who sleep together when they aren't in a relationship, friends with benefits!. They literally bump into this guy as they are leaving this bar, drunk of course. Everyone is curious and attracted to each other and so they get together. The guys are bi-sexual and everybody "gets down" together.

    19. Great bookThe characters in the book has great chemistry. Interesting story line Hot sex. I liked the little added mystery, but the mystery could have been a bit more. However was still a great read.

    20. I really wanted to like this book. I like the story line, but the authors writing killed it for me. The dialogue felt forced and sometimes very generic. I love friend to lover stories, and while parts of this book were really good most of it fell flat.

    21. Enjoyable read, threesomes are tricky but I think K.B. pulled it off here. Great characters and glad they found their HEA.========================1st read - Dec 26, 20102nd read - Jun 27, 2015

    22. Hubbard Hubbard. If you like mmf novels this one will more than rock your boat. Forget plot. Forget character development ( which were more than expected) this novel heats up everything.

    23. This was a cute story. I liked all of them and was hoping for a happy ending. I liked the family supported them and their lifestyle.

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