The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming In a pristine valley hidden in the Himalayas Anand has a disturbing vision His mentor and spiritual guide the Master Healer Abhaydatta is apparently in grave danger What should he do If he conveys

  • Title: The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming
  • Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  • ISBN: 9781416917687
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a pristine valley hidden in the Himalayas, Anand has a disturbing vision His mentor and spiritual guide, the Master Healer Abhaydatta, is apparently in grave danger What should he do If he conveys this information to his elders, he ll waste precious time But is it wise to take matters into his own hands Anand makes his choice and embarks on a spectacular adventureIn a pristine valley hidden in the Himalayas, Anand has a disturbing vision His mentor and spiritual guide, the Master Healer Abhaydatta, is apparently in grave danger What should he do If he conveys this information to his elders, he ll waste precious time But is it wise to take matters into his own hands Anand makes his choice and embarks on a spectacular adventure that takes him not only across contemporary India but also several hundred years into the past to the time of the Moghul rulers There he encounters powerful sorcerers, a haughty and arrogant prince, and a jinn capable of unspeakable magic.

    • ✓ The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
      477 Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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    One thought on “The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming”

    1. I was not too impressed with The Conch Bearer, but I checked out the sequel because I was curious if Divakaruni would undo the WTF ending of the former (no), and because the sequel had such an intriguing premise: Anand is transported back to Mughal times! I liked this much more than The Conch Bearer, though mostly for the same reasons I liked what I did like of that: the atmosphere is fantastic, and I was more interested in the setting. Also the plot, though not what I’d call startling, was mu [...]

    2. Hmmmmm ini buku pertama yang saya beli tanpa mencari tahu terlebih dahulu tentang buku tersebut (apakah n-logi, banyak review negatif atau positifnya, serta hal-hal lain semacam itu). Buku ini murni saya beli karena dorongan impulsif untuk memuaskan "dahaga" saya saat Gramedia memberikan diskon 30% hahahaLalu apakah saya kecewa karena kecerobohan itu? Jawabannya ya dan tidak. Ya, karena ternyata buku itu trilogi dan parahnya buku pertama itu terbit di tahun 2004 (11 tahun yang lalu arggh) jadi s [...]

    3. As one would expect, the conch-bearing boy seems likely to become a great sorcerer/healer, but is slow at his classes in healer school. However, when given a chance to save the world, he excels--with the help of another apprentice girl who might be even brighter than he is.This may seem like a trite re-do, but it actualy makes for another solid and well-written entry in the Harry Potter look-alike contest.

    4. 810 - 2014Ternyata lanjutan The Conch Bearer *beli di kobu hanya gara2 diskon 50%*Masih ada buku ketiganya. Apakah rentang waktu yang dibutuhkan GPU untuk menerbitkan lanjutannya sama lamanya dengan penerbitan buku yang ini?Mari kisa saksikan.

    5. The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming, the exciting sequel to The Conch Bearer, is a wonderful mix of mystery and fantasy. Blending magic, reality and suspense well takes some effort, and the successful end-result is very entertaining.At the end of the first book, Anand has chosen to stay in the magically hidden Silver Valley in the Himalayas, and be initiated into the Brotherhood of Healers. Young as he is, he is the only person in the history of the Brotherhood, who has the ability to talk to the Co [...]

    6. Setelah berpetualang dengan Keong Ajaib di Seri Pertamanya, kali ini Anand berkawan Cermin Api dan Mimpi untuk mencapai tujuannya. Anand harus melakukan lintas waktu ke masa lalu mencari Abhaydatta. Sayangnya saat menggunakan portal, media untuk ke desa, Anand juga kehilangan Nisha dan Keong Ajaib. Anand pun sampai di desa, sendirian. Desa tujuan Anand mengalami keanehan dengan para lelakinya setiap kali pulang dari 'bekerja' dengan Orang Asing. Keputusan Anand menyusup dalam rombongan pekerja m [...]

    7. Ini sebenarnya adalah buku kedua dari seri Cronch Bearer masalahnya, baca The Conch Bearer: Keong Ajaib itu udah lamaaaaaaa banget (2008!), sampai udah lupa ceritanya *nisha sih siapa? terus pendetanya dulu namanya siapa? abis nyampe di kuil itu terus piye ya?* Terpaksalah, sebelum baca buku ini, balik dulu skimming-skimming dulu buku pertamanya, biar nyambungOke, sekarang udah inget yuk langsung aja buka cerminnya! Di kisah kedua ini, Anand (dan Nisha dan Abhaydatta) akan bertualang ke negeri I [...]

    8. In The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming (Book II in the Brotherhood of the Conch trilogy), Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni sends Anand, the Keeper of the Conch, most powerful and sacred object of the Brotherhood, off on a journey back in time to banish evil and save mankind. The story opens in Silver Valley, the Hogwarts Academy of the Himalayas , where Anand and Nisha (counterparts to Harry and Hermione) have begun their training in the magical arts of the Brotherhood. Like Harry Potter, Anand is unsettl [...]

    9. A vibrant and entertaining tale! I always love being brought into the worlds of royalty, imagining the true material luxury of their lives. I look forward to reading the last installment in the series. However, there were more than a few questions I had regarding the story:(view spoiler)[How could they so easily step into these alter-egos? When Nisha becomes Paribanou, she describes a history to her alter-ego that she doesn't remember, but others do. Did she acquire a life that wasn't her own, p [...]

    10. The funny thing is I've read this first before the first book The Conch Bearer - Keong Ajaib. I am so surprised Gramedia made the two Indonesian editions so different. There is no coherence in the cover (no hint that it is part of a series), even the paper and size of the book is different! Since I was quite late in reading it, I managed to buy a secondhand edition of the first book in order to complete the series. I always love Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni works. This one steals my heart immediat [...]

    11. Nisa and Anand are now settled as apprentices with the Healers in their home in the Himalayas. Nisa is taking to her studies with enjoyment and ease, but Anand is struggling to find his place. Then news of danger comes from Bengal, and Abhaydatta the healer travels there with an apprentice. However Anand has a vision telling him that something has gone terribly wrong, so he steals the conch and he and Nisa travel through a portal. They are separated on the way, and Anand loses the conch. He disc [...]

    12. The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming takes place in India. The story has magic stuff in it. A full half of the book is a lot like The Prince and the Pauper because the main character, who is a very poor boy (who turns out to have magical abilities), trades places with an Indian prince from the past. The main character uses the mirror to go back in time to the Indian prince's time but the mirror breaks and he has to find a way to enlarge the shard of mirror he's got so that he can get back. The mirror [...]

    13. Very satisfying read. The beginning, describing magic lessons in the Valley, appealed strongly to the kid who in fifth grade was firmly convinced that there was a dragon sleeping underneath her school and who has grown up to believe that subtle magic born of observation and meditation is still a viable possibility. Anand's time in the past was also well-written, and made me want to seek out more stories set in medieval Asia because that's definitely an underrated setting. I liked how (view spoil [...]

    14. As with the first "Brotherhood of the Conch" book, I enjoyed the author's colorful world-building in this story. Although it dragged at parts, I got through them. I felt like the end left me hanging a bit. I wanted to know what happened to a certain character, and that was never discussed. The matter of altering history was never addressed, either - was everything an unchangeable, fixed point, or could there have been some sort of Butterfly Effect? There was also very little commentary on the re [...]

    15. I was surprised I liked this book. This was a book I had to read for another class and all I was thinking while I was reading it was "I gotta get this done!!!" I did end up enjoying the story though. It was inspirational; the main characters did a lot to help his community and that's commendable. I try to volunteer too, so this was just justifying how important it is. The story was fun to follow as there were some mysteries and magical aspects. Though it was a second book in a series, it was sti [...]

    16. The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming stands a lot of (Western) fantasy conventions on their ear. The Indian setting is an obvious difference, but other, more subtle differences exist as well. The main character uses his mind and his own resources to solve his problems, rather than being bailed out by older characters or deus ex machina. Even when an outside agent helps him, it is his own actions that make it possible.I also enjoyed the presence of a magical academy where there was no rich-kid bully.

    17. In this book the main character is Anand and he is at the Silver Valley learning to use his powers. When his mentor Abhaydatta goes on a trip and then needs help he leaves the Silver valley with his friend Nisha and the conch a powerful object. Now his adventure starts in which he will face a evil jinn, become friends with an people who lived in the past and possibly not be able to see Nisha again. In my opinion this was a really great book.Other people may want to read it if they like reading a [...]

    18. Although I have found no specific description of this as a book for young adults, I believe it is. In fact, it seems like Divakaruni's answer to Harry Potter. I did not read the first in this series but I think it falls short for a Divakaruni book--it lack the depth and literary quality of her novels, not the least and perhaps the best of which is The Glass Palace. It may also fall short in a comparison with the Rowling series set in England. That is more difficult to tell because of the vast cu [...]

    19. The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming is a worthy follow-up to The Conch Bearer. Elements that endeared The Conch Bearer to me are repeated if not magnified. Themes of courage to do despite self-doubt, perseverance despite failure, and undying positive regard continue, as well as themes of friendship, loyalty, determination, and accepting support from others. The setting is thoroughly, exquisitely, deliciously exotic, more so than The Conch Bearer, already exotic to western eyes. This may frighten mor [...]

    20. Looking forward to starting this second book of the series on our drive to Yosemite. We finally finished - the chapters in this book are long to read out loud. All of us -including Tim - really enjoyed this book - the second in the Conch Bearer series. Angela had mentioned that she liked this one better and I agree. Now that we know Anand's story and how he became the conch bearer there was alot more action. The boys can't wait for a third.

    21. Ah, ini buku karya Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni yang penuh dengan kejutan di tiap halamannya. Berkelana bersama Anand, Nisha, Abhaydatta, sang keong dan cermin ajaib, di banyak dimensi waktu. Pertarungan yang mendebarkan, filosofi hidup yang dikemas lewat dialog dialog yang memikat, keindahan lokasi- lokasi eksotik yang bisa disajikan dengan penuh keindahan. Harus dinikmati kalimat demi kalimat, agar sari patinya terangkum pekat. Dan rasanya, membacanya sekali tak cukup

    22. The continuing adventures of the characters from "The Conch Bearer," but not as good. The characters do not mature as much as they did in the first novel. This leans more towards adventure.This book does give an interesting view of life in older, royal India, but things are too convenient all around.Read it yes, but don't expect all the wonderful depth that made the first book a rare combination of adventure, message and travelogue.

    23. I just can't get into this story. I like the setting but I think it's the 2nd in a series that I haven't read the first of, and it seems to be marketed for upper teens/young adults. It's a little slow. So, I won't finish it for now.

    24. this book was even better then the first one in the series. If i can find the third in audiobook, i will definitely listen to it. I highly recommend this book, but be sure to read the Conch Bearer first, or you might be a bit confused.

    25. I read the Conch Bearer and this sequel a few years ago. Both books are very exciting and the sequel holds up its end of the bargain. I just ordered the third book in the Brotherhood of the Conch series and am reading it now. Chitra is a fine writer and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    26. Très bien, j'ai adoré ce tome II. A recommander à tous les collégiens ou bons lecteurs de primaires qui sont fans de l'Inde. J'attend avec impatience que le tome 3 arrive sur les rayonnages de la bibliothèque.

    27. This is a kid's book, which I have to read for my major. This tale is a bit Potter-like, but is also original in setting (India) and magical like story telling.

    28. This is the second book in a series, which I discovered on reading it. I understand the story just fine, though.

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