Dead Rules Till deathJana Webster and Michael Haynes were in love They were destined to be together forever DoBut Jana s destiny was fatally flawed And now she s in Dead School where Mars Dreamcote lurks in the

  • Title: Dead Rules
  • Author: Randy Russell
  • ISBN: 9780061986703
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Till deathJana Webster and Michael Haynes were in love They were destined to be together forever.DoBut Jana s destiny was fatally flawed And now she s in Dead School, where Mars Dreamcote lurks in the back of the classroom, with his beguiling blue eyes, mysterious smile, and irresistibly warm touch.UsMichael and Jana were incomplete without each other There was no roomTill deathJana Webster and Michael Haynes were in love They were destined to be together forever.DoBut Jana s destiny was fatally flawed And now she s in Dead School, where Mars Dreamcote lurks in the back of the classroom, with his beguiling blue eyes, mysterious smile, and irresistibly warm touch.UsMichael and Jana were incomplete without each other There was no room for Mars in Jana s life or death story Jana was sure Michael would rush to her side soon.PartBut things aren t going according to Jana s plan So Jana decides to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true no matter what rules she has to break.

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    One thought on “Dead Rules”

    1. This is so disappointing, because I wanted to love this book. The premise, that recently dead teens go to schools to learn how to be dead, looking exactly as they did at the moment of their death It sounds right up my alley. As if I needed anything else to hook me, I loved the idea of the main character being so desperate to be reunited with her still-living boyfriend that she'd plot his death. Then they'll be together forever! I really wanted to like this book. I feel like I should have been ab [...]

    2. I saw this on an update a while back and reserved it at the library. I enjoy a good YA book.Unfortunately this one wasn't. As I've seen happen before it was the idea, the thought behind the book that drew me in. While there are reviews here that show many like this book, I just couldn't get into itI disliked it. I wanted to like it, but soon I found myself skimming through it just trying to get it over.In fairness I'm not into romances much and this is sort of a romancert of being the operative [...]

    3. It is indeed an amazing book. However, I'm still waiting for the scene where Mars kisses Jana. They are so perfect together!!! Love 'em! But how are they gonna be together when Mars has became a Riser while Jana is a Slider? Man, how I wish there'll be a sequel next. Oh, by the way, damn Michael! Yeah, I know he just wanted some space from Jana but that doesn't mean he needed to do that stupid prank on her. Hey, I also hate it that Jana had been so blind when she was still alive and she should h [...]

    4. Dead Rules is a portrayal of teenage love's dark side. After dying in a freak double date bowling accident, Jana finds herself a Junior in Dead School. While trying to come to terms with the confusing new Dead Rules, she fixates on her lost love Michael and how to stay together. Even if it means killing him. This fun and exciting book is not just another paranormal love story. Alive with authentic dialogue and interesting afterlife facts, this story will keep you smiling and entertained througho [...]

    5. Absolutely brilliant!!When Jana Webster dies in a freak bowling accident she finds herself in Dead School. She quickly plots to bring her boyfriend over to the other side, completely unprepared for the challenges that will bring. I was fortunate to get an ARC of "Dead Rules" and once I began reading I couldn't put it down. I devoured the book in one sitting and didn't want it to end. And now I can't stop telling people about it. Randy Russell has created the ultimate paranormal romance but has a [...]

    6. It was supposed to be Jana and Michael, Webster and Haynes, for always. She wasn’t supposed to die. Their future was all mapped out. They were supposed to be together. Forever.But if she had to die, then he should be with her. He was Romeo to her Juliet. And without Juliet there was no Romeo. Romeo couldn’t live without Juliet and so he followed her in death.Michael should not have wanted to exist without her for a single moment. Her death should have meant something.So where was he?Jana was [...]

    7. Words cannot even describe how excited this book makes me. So I leave you with my excitement: askdfjaslkfj a;sjasljf!!!!!asfas!!!!!!Now that I've had my spasm, I stand by my words when I say Randy has created a completely fascinating world in Dead Rules. Jana is the COOLEST protaganist and I want to be her friend in real life. Too bad she's fictional and, well, dead.Definitely worth reading. This is one killer of a book that can live up to the hype (no pun intended).

    8. I received my copy of DEAD RULES fromARCycling. Thanks guys!----If I rated DEAD RULES for the first 300 pages, the rating would be around 0.5 stars. That's how bad it was. Yet, the last 70 pages were actually pretty good! If the rest of the book matched the ending, it would have gotten at least a 3 star rating, maybe four.How could there be such a huge change in the last 70 pages?Well, if you know me, you know how much I love weird, quirky Tim Burton-esque things. They're my favourite things. Ev [...]

    9. Dead Rules is a fun, creative take on what happens to us when we die. As soon as I read that Jana died from a bowling accident, I was intrigued. My imagination went wild until I started the book and found out what happened. (And I’m not giving that away. You’ll have to read it!) The idea of Dead School doesn’t sound thrilling, especially since I’m a teacher and already spend five days a week in school! But Jana discovers that there’s more to Dead School than she realized, which makes t [...]

    10. Whilst I thought that the idea behind this book was fascinating, unfortunately this book was just not for me. I loved the idea of 'Dead School', where this book is set, but I thought that the execution was a little lacking with the numerous plot holes and not-so engaging characters. I can see that quite a few people will enjoy this though, especially if you like reading paranormal books with a strong focus on romance and (sort-of) love triangles. The story is like a twisted version of Romeo and [...]

    11. Dead Rules By Randy RussellSo, I usually see that people make a note on their reviews of ARCs, so I will to: I received this ARC free from HarperCollins, and I thank them extremely. Receiving it for free did not at all affect my thoughts or opinions on the book. So, this was the first ARC book I read from the first package of ARCs I ever received. I really wanted to read them in order of release date, this being the last to be released of the books I received. But, one day, I picked it up, curio [...]

    12. Judged by a Cover: Photo shop NightmareEverything is wrong with this cover. We have a disembodied head, fake red hair that looks plastic, randomly colored eyes and skin so pale it puts Edward Cullen to shame. The tag line is stupid and freaky, and the title makes no sense. Does it mean that being dead rules, or is it about rules for dead girls? It's pretty bad, and the rest of the book doesn't get much better.What's Up?Jana is a normal teenager. She attends school, has a few good friends, a grea [...]

    13. Originally posted here: lafemmereaders/20Dead Rules just brought the sexy back in ghosts. I was never a big fan of ghost stories, until now. From the first page on, I was engulfed in the wholesome artistry behind the sinister and witty plot. The dark quality following the light humor was a great balance throughout the novel. My overall favorite aspect was the buildup in characterization. Each individual, right down to the secondary ones, all had a unique voice. Thus, making it easy for me to con [...]

    14. Don’t you love those perfect, destined-to-be-together-forever loves? The ones where nothing can touch them and the idea of conflict is just ludicrous? Where the mountains bow down in their wake? Well that’s what Jana and Michael have.So when Jana dies in a freak bowling accident, she expects (naturally) for her one and only to swiftly kill himself so they can be together in the afterlife. Only, the days pass and he doesn’t show up. *record scratch sound*Of course then Jana comes up with an [...]

    15. A fantastic book! It's fast, funny, and smart, a welcome and off-beat twist on the standard YA paranormal romance. In DEAD RULES, Russell creates a complete world that is compelling, believable, and an absolute blast.

    16. 4.5 stars review also posted on my blog @ Deea's JournalI read this book a few months ago and the details are a bit fuzzy, but I really liked it and I still feel like recommending it. Besides, it is very appropriate for the season. It's one the most original, twisted, dark, haunting, hilarious, interesting book I have read in a while!So Meet Jana and Michael. They are a happy couple of high school students who are deeply in love with each other. They have all their future planned out and of cour [...]

    17. Dead Rules was a book I had wanted to read for a while, so when it arrived through my letter box – which was a nice surprise, I was really excited about reading it but, after reading I have to say I’m really disappointed and here’s why;The story follows the life of Jana Webster, a young girl that one day finds herself transferred to ‘Dead School’ after she is involved in a tragic accident that of course, leaves her dead. When Jana was alive she had a boyfriend named Michael, and Jana w [...]

    18. "Till death do us part."The story isn't really worth giving summary because it was basic. Overall, this girl is obsessed with a guy who doesn't feel the same way about her. But she is too blinded by love and does not see the truth. The guy decides to pull a prank on the girl but it goes terribly wrong. She dies and has to go to Dead School. She meets a lot of people there who tell stories of how they died. A guy stands out and helps her communicate with the love of her life on earth. (view spoil [...]

    19. Dead Rules is a fun, fresh life-after-death novel. When Jana dies in a freak bowling accident, she wakes up on a school bus. She's on her way to Dead School, where teens go when they die since they haven't lived enough to prove whether they are heading up or down. Jana's less concerned with being dead than she should be. The only thing that matters to her is the loss of her constantly attached-at-the-hip boyfriend Michael.Michael's alive. For now. As a riser, Jana is less tethered to the Planet [...]

    20. Can't write my own review, so I'll go with the Kirkus Book Reviews notice. Hope this is okay. STARRED. DEAD RULESAuthor: Russell, RandyReview Date: May 15, 2011Not your usual paranormal romance.Romeo and Juliet meets Daniel Waters in folklorist Russell's wry teen debut. After a deadly freak bowling accident on a double date, high-school junior Jana Webster (of Webster and Haynes, regional champions in Duet Acting, as she's quick to mention) finds herself in Dead School, right in her hometown of [...]

    21. I received this book for free through First Reads.What happens when you die? Well if you are a teen you go to 'dead school', and just like real school there are those on the fast track (risers) and those who aren't (sliders).A young girl wakes up on a new bus going to a new school and can't remember why. Jana has just died and it's her first day at dead school and there is a lot to learn. In the real world she was besotted with her boyfriend and she thought of themselves as a modern day Romeo a [...]

    22. Oh how I wanted to like this book—love it even. But oh, how I did not. Yes, I finished it, because I kept waiting for it to grab me! I wanted to find that spot where I want “AHHHH! THIS WAS WORTH IT!” but sadly, that never happened.I really think this idea was fantastic and that this could have been a kickass book if 70% of it had not been devoted to making the MC look like a fool. Jana's character was annoying (at best) and drove me crazy through about 97% of the book. The only time I eve [...]

    23. I seriously could not put this book down and read it flat in one sitting! I loved that the author chose to deal with falling in love with the idea of love, and the whole "we're going to be together forever at 16." Jana as the main character was quite annoying especially going on and on about her soul-mate, as I expect she was meant to be, but overall I enjoyed being on her self0-discovery journey at Dead School. Very cool world-building! I was fascinated by all the different quirky characters, e [...]

    24. This is the most inventive book I've read in a long time. It will change your mind about the afterlife and about the rules we live by in our present lives. The writing is so skillful and beautifully rendered. What I loved about this book, aside from the gripping plot and unforeseen twists, is that there is a lot of heart here, and empathy for the characters. People compare Dead Rules to Heathers, but I think this work is more artful and compassionate. Brilliantly conceived and written! Wow!

    25. Yes! This was just as weird and nutty as I thought it would be but in a good way, a thoroughly entertaining read. Review to come closer to the release date.

    26. If this YA novel doesn't take teens and adults by storm I'll be shocked. Predicting this will be on a lot of 2011 Best Books of the Year lists!

    27. Bottom line, it was boring shitless.One sentence SPOILER ahead.If I were Michael, I'd have killed Jana myself.

    28. The review is also available on my blog, Bows & Bullets ReviewsThis novel follows the (after) life of Jana Webster. After dying in a freak bowling accident, she wakes up on a school bus surrounded by people she doesn’t know on her way to a Dead School feeling alone and out of place. The teachers are boring and nothing makes sense. Sliders, Grays, Risers, what did it all mean? How is she supposed to do this without Michael by her side? They do everything together and he must be going mad wi [...]

    29. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales Quick & Dirty: This was a surprising and interesting take on death from a dead teen’s point of view.Opening Sentence: Jana had the jitters.The Review:Dead Rules starts with Jana on her first day of school. The problem is that Jana is dead, and the school is for dead kids to help acclimate them to their new state of being. Jana doesn’t remember dying, but it eventually comes to her. Her strongest memory is of her boyfriend that she is still hopelessly [...]

    30. I was surprised to find out how much I loved reading Dead Rules, I was feeling like I was getting into a reading funk again before I started reading it and wasn’t so sure which book to choose next, but I had heard that this one was really good and they were right. Dead Rules was just what I needed, from the very crazy beginning I was unable to put it down and finished it within twenty-four hours, it was that good.After a freak accident Jana finds herself dead and stuck in something called Dead [...]

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