Hitler Youth Growing Up in Hitler s Shadow In her first full length nonfiction title since winning the Robert F Sibert Award Susan Campbell Bartoletti explores the riveting and often chilling story of Germany s powerful Hitler Youth groups I

  • Title: Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
  • Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti
  • ISBN: 9780439353793
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In her first full length nonfiction title since winning the Robert F Sibert Award, Susan Campbell Bartoletti explores the riveting and often chilling story of Germany s powerful Hitler Youth groups I begin with the young We older ones are used up But my magnificent youngsters Look at these men and boys What material With them, I can create a new world AdolfIn her first full length nonfiction title since winning the Robert F Sibert Award, Susan Campbell Bartoletti explores the riveting and often chilling story of Germany s powerful Hitler Youth groups I begin with the young We older ones are used up But my magnificent youngsters Look at these men and boys What material With them, I can create a new world Adolf Hitler, Nuremberg 1933 By the time Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, 3.5 million children belonged to the Hitler Youth It would become the largest youth group in history Susan Campbell Bartoletti explores how Hitler gained the loyalty, trust, and passion of so many of Germany s young people Her research includes telling interviews with surviving Hitler Youth members.

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    One thought on “Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow”

    1. I was not an easy adolescent to rear. Or maybe I was just typical. My teenage years definitely featured more than a few slammed doors and threats to never talk to my parents again, along with the occasional 'I wish xxx's parents were my parents.' Now just imagine if these types of disagreements ended with angst-ridden teens shouting "I wish Hitler was my father." But instead of a slammed door they go to school where they're learning eugenics, tell their 18 year old teacher, and then some Nazi so [...]

    2. I was very excited to be read this book. Every once in a while I would hear about the Hitler's youth, but I didn't actually know anything about them. This book taught me a ton. Hitler was brilliant, evil and a terrible person, & he knew exactly how to make youth follow him. I had no idea that he set up camps and schools why before the war to educate the German youth. Also, I knew he didn't like people with intellectual and physical disabilities and mental heath issues, but I had no idea that [...]

    3. Blurb - By the time Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, 3.5 million children belonged to the Hitler Youth. It would become the largest youth group in history. Susan Campbell Bartoletti tells the history of this organization that begins with Hitler's rise to power and moves to the development of the movement, how and what its participants were taught, and the ways their roles changed with the onset of World War II. But this work of nonfiction is much more than an outline of dates. Bartol [...]

    4. This chilling book offers its readers an unusual perspective. As the author states, it is not a book about Hitler himself, nor is it really about the millions of victims who were horrifically murdered under his regime. This book instead focuses on a generation of young men and women who were seduced by his false promises and who chose to follow and devote their hopes and energies to his movement, unwittingly playing a role in the unimaginable horrors that followed. The book is based on first-han [...]

    5. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=1592During World War II, Hitler controlled more than just the military; he controlled the entire country of Germany. Much of what this book explains are parts of the WWII history that is not taught in our schools and shows the true extent of the power that Hitler had over everyone. The Hitler Youth began as a voluntary organization to support Hitler, but it quickly became a way for Hitler to control the youth. Soon the Hitler Youth was not voluntary and they [...]

    6. What a chilling book. It documents what can happen when youth are indoctrinated by evil men (or women) from a young age and how it can happen in any culture. The necessity for good people to guide youth in learning to choose good over evil and recognize it for what it is.And yet it also caused me to look over our own society and wonder how many of those scenarios have already occurred. How many history textbooks have already rewritten? How many do not learn from the classics? How many accept oth [...]

    7. Frightening book. Shows how pervasive and persuasive were Hitler's successful efforts to attract young people to his Nazi movement. Some of my notes from an earlier read Each boy in the Hitler Youth had a Party Record Book in which his performance and progress were recorded. Boys who held exemplary Party Record Books were selected to attend elite schools established by the Nazis. The Hitler Youth enjoyed the power they had over teachers and other authority figures. Dressed in full uniform, enti [...]

    8. Not wholly satisfying in terms of depth and nuance, like all YA non-fiction I've read thus far. But still this book managed to shock me. And, raised on WWII movies and books, I am not easily shocked when it comes to Nazis. Very sad to read about so deeply indoctrinated children, but then again, there is nothing particularly new about it. Young men seem to be the easiest to influence and they are the first to die in wars.

    9. If waning to research for a WWII book, I highly recommend this one! It has stories from HY and you can really understand how they thought. Some stories are horrible, so if you think it will bother you, I would suggest a different book.

    10. Excellent middle grade book on WWII that is very straight forward. Would be more beneficial if child is familiar with happenings of the war. Great talking points are presented. (Note:Kathryn did not like. I'm afraid I've passed on my NF gene to her)

    11. "What can happen to a people whose youth sacrifices everything in order to serve its greatest ideals?" —Adolf Hitler, "Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow", P. 157 "By nature, human beings search for ways to make sense and meaning out of their lives and their world. One way that we make meaning is through the telling of our stories. Stories connect us, teach us, and warn us never to forget." —"Hitler Youth", P. 162 From page one, Susan Campbell Bartoletti lays it out on the table tha [...]

    12. Listened to this one. I can see some parallels between what happened very early on as Hitler was gaining power and what is happening now with Trump. Extremely unsettling! Very well researched by the author. 3.5 stars.

    13. Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow by Susan Campbell Bartoletti is a captivating informational text that takes a look at the young people who joined the Hitler Youth Organization, as well as the young Germans who opposed it and the young Jewish people who it targeted. The book starts with the rise of Hitler as Chancellor of Germany and his promise to make Germany strong and successful again after its fall from World War I. He enticed children to join Hitler Youth by promising them exc [...]

    14. As someone who grew up when World War II was recent news rather than ancient history, who has lived in Germany, and has read quite a lot on World War II, Naziism and the Holocaust, I came to this book not expecting to learn much that was new. I read it as part of a scheme to read all the Newbery Award winners and honor books. Nine times out of ten, the Newbery Awards and Honors go to fiction, so I was also interested to see what kind of non-fiction was thought deserving of this honor. Susan Camp [...]

    15. I really learned a lot from this book. I remember learning about World War II throughout my schooling, even at the college level. However, I never knew how much of an impact Hitler Youth had on the war. These children were brain washed to the point where they would even turn in their parents to the authorities for disagreeing with what Hitler said. I also had no idea that Hitler Youth were sent to the front lines to fight. These children were fighting for a cause that they were lied to about. Ma [...]

    16. I had heard about Hitler Youth but I never got a lot of details about that organization. I took a German film class in my undergraduate and we watched a movie called Sophie Scholl, so I knew quite a bit about her and the White Rose. I guess I never realized how the Nazi propaganda and Hitler’s speeches had totally and utterly brainwashed the children of Germany. It was astonishing and sad to see so many children willing to fight and die for a man that condoned the murder of Jews, gypsies, homo [...]

    17. In her book Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler’s Shadow, Susan Campbell Bartoletti examines the organization that included more than seven million boys and girls and was instrumental in the growth of the Nazi Party. Bartoletti chronicles the lives of twelve adolescents who lived in Germany between 1932 and 1945. Some of these youth were attracted to Hitler’s promise of hope for the German people. Others were attracted to the sports and recreational activities available to the Hitler Youth. A [...]

    18. A chilling insight into the dark and maniacal machine that was Adolf Hitler's perspective of the ideal factory of German youth. Bittersweet, it was, to read of how innocent children transformed by choice into a brainwashed, like minded army, and by doing so, selling their soul to 'their Fuhrer' whom had been lying to them the whole time. The Nazis had created themselves an army by poisoning naive minds, so much to the point that they were willing to betray their loved ones to serve a promise of [...]

    19. Usually after finishing a book I often ask myself, "Why couldn't I have read this in high school or at least when I was younger because I didn't learn anything while I was in school." Sometimes I think I've learned more in the past two years of certain subjects than high school ever taught me. Maybe that's because I'm older though, and willing to learn. I enjoyed this book a lot and got a greater glimpse of life when Hitler reigned. I'm still baffled how he was able to raise an army after losing [...]

    20. Okay, even though I vowed not to give stars to books anymore (too many friends who are authors) I had to give this book five stars. I think everybody should read it. I've read so many books about Jewish people during World War Two (good books that everyone should read too) but this is the first book I've read about how Hitler indoctrinated the youth of Germany. Absolutely chilling.I keep thinking of all the dystopian novels I've read, and how while reading them I've thought: This could never hap [...]

    21. This book is about the youth of Germany who grew up under the beliefs of Hitler. It highlights different youth and their experiences. Some who believed Hitler, others who fought against what was being taught. Several boys highlighted are Mormons who never laid their beliefs aside, yet it highlights their struggles. A great new look of WWII.

    22. Informative and engrossing, with chilling details on Hitler Youth cruelties and inspiring stories of resistance. Some great black and white photographs also.

    23. I really enjoyed this book. It was really eye opening to see the perspectives of the kids who faithfully followed Hitler. From their perspective they had no idea what Hitler was doing and they joined Hitler Youth becuase everyone else joined, or becuase it sounded like fun. My favorite story was about Hans and Sophie Scholl becuase it showed how they both followed Hitler until they learned the actually truth. This book made me realized how German youth felt during the book and how they weren’t [...]

    24. I think this book is great for the people who want to know what happen to the children of Germany during the rule of hitler. It is very informative about how the children lived and which rules they had to follow everyday of their lives.

    25. I loved this book because it is non-fiction and non fiction is my favorite genre. I learned so much but it was also so sad to see little kids wearing Hitler uniforms. I learned that people move up in different Hitler Youth programs. I never knew anything about Hitler before reading this book now I feel I know a little bit more about a huge topic.

    26. The research in this non-fiction book blew me away! I never knew about the level of involvement young people had in WWII. This book really shines a spotlight on the power of teens and just reinforces why they need to read books like this!

    27. This book is what made my love for studying WWII take off. It introduced me to the Scholls and White Rose group and made me have a greater understanding of Nazi Germany. Definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy studying WWII history.

    28. Hitler's Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadowis the fascinating true story of young people growing up in Nazi Germany. Some joined the Hitler Youth, an organization for young people that trained them to be physically fit, disciplined, militaristic and obedient, indoctrinating them in the ways of Nazis. Other young people joined the Hitler Youth only to become disillusioned with its values, ultimately fighting back by undermining Nazi efforts with pamphlet campaigns and other actions, all of whic [...]

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