Return to Isis A futuristic lesbian tale of high adventure mystery and love in which Whit a bold warrior from an nation rescues Amelia from a dismal world where females are either breeders or drones

  • Title: Return to Isis
  • Author: JeanStewart
  • ISBN: 9780962893865
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • A futuristic lesbian tale of high adventure, mystery and love, in which Whit, a bold warrior from an nation, rescues Amelia from a dismal world where females are either breeders or drones.

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      Published :2019-01-19T12:57:57+00:00

    One thought on “Return to Isis”

    1. Oh Jean. You break my heart with your obviously hand-drawn map of the new world of the old USA. Your story of our downfall, led by the AIDS-Herpes crisis, the world taken over by women-hating men, and saved from annihilation by women-loving women is just so adorable.Where are you now, Jean? Your fiction wouldn't stand a chance if you tried to publish it in today's climate, which makes me glad you wrote it when you did. I may not look to your books for literary inspiration, but they have kept me [...]

    2. An interesting book with relatable characters. I liked the concpt of a mutated AIDS virus with lesbians as the saviors and survivors of it's scourge, as well as the founders of a genderless and empowering society. It was delightful to read a book with a lesbian heroine. I enjoyed the unabashed descriptions of lesbian attraction - emotional and physical. I look forward to reading the rest of this series :).

    3. A futuristic sci-fi story about a post apocalyptic America torn in two. One side ruled by sexist, elitist (really every -ist you can think of) men, the other by intelligent, communal, lesbians (aka my ideal civilization). It's an action packed love story centered around two women; one woman finding herself, the other, guiding her way.

    4. The best I could say for this book (and the others in the series) is that I can get a good chuckle out of the deplorable writing. I am really quite amazed that these were published at all, as the writing is reminiscent of poor fan fiction sites, but in the interests of nothing more than lesbian solidarity and a good laugh, you should buy them.

    5. Oh. My. God. These books are sooooooo amazing in their terribleness. It was recommended to me for hilarity and did not disappoint. Not sure how folks get through more than one though.

    6. The characters in the story are not fully developed. It was not a horrible read, but it felt like all of the action was packed in the last half of the book. We are offered information about the reality in which the story takes place throughout, although not as soon as it could be. There are too many individuals within the novel contributing to the chaos so we lose focus on the main characters. Not to mention that we are occasionally left floundering to fill in blanks about the nature/laws of the [...]

    7. It is the year 2093, and Whit, a bold woman warrior from an nation, rescues Amelia from a dismal world where females are either breeders or drones.During their arduous journey back to the shining all-women's world of Artemis, they are unexpectedly drawn to each other. This engaging first book in theseries has it all, romance, mystery and adventure.This book is so much more than the description above would have one believe. I'm beginning to figure out how riddled the world is in patriarchal dogm [...]

    8. I was so excited when I found this book among the LGBT stacks at Half-Price. It is the perfect addition to my slowly growing collection of sci-fi or utopian novels of women-only worlds. This one is basically sci-fi + lesbian drama = Awesome. I am definitely going to look up the sequel

    9. Jacks Cody just lent me this book. It's the first in a series of utopic sci-fi lesbian separatist novels leading to Artemis. Apparently some folks are working on soundtracks for the books, and eventually want to make it into a movie. This is causing me to cream my already filthy panties.

    10. I loved this book and I don't usually read fantasy novels. It starts off slow but gets more exciting as you keep reading. Now I'm waiting impatiently for the next 2 books of the series to get sent back to my housemate.

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