Metaphysics Foundations of Philosophy Series This classic provocative introduction to classical metaphysical questions focuses on appreciating the problems rather than attempting to proffer answers

  • Title: Metaphysics (Foundations of Philosophy Series)
  • Author: RichardTaylor
  • ISBN: 9780135678190
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • This classic, provocative introduction to classical metaphysical questions focuses on appreciating the problems, rather than attempting to proffer answers.

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      286 RichardTaylor
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    One thought on “Metaphysics (Foundations of Philosophy Series)”

    1. I´m not sure if it is the same book (although it has the same name and author). Anyway, the version I´m reviewing is the one from the Foundations of Philosophy Series by Prentice Hall. It is a very short book (105 pages) but I found it to be highly entertaining, engaging, and easy to read. The book is mostly a brief review of certain metaphysical problems, all of them interesting on their own. From time to time it felt a little bit repetitive, mostly because the questions that the author is an [...]

    2. One of my favorite books. I read it in college for a class. I wouldn't think it makes that much of a difference to have a teacher and a class discussion, but after reading some comments, I am led to believe otherwise. It starts out with a quote by William James: "Metaphysics is nothing more than an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly" (correct me if I'm wrong; I always end up giving my books away)What's different about this book is that Taylor is not saying ~for this topic, this is how i [...]

    3. This introduction to Metaphysics, by Richard Taylor, is an interesting book. Taylor seeks to introduce students to metaphysical thinking. As such he brings up more problems than he solves. Some of his solutions are great, others lack depth. Though he refers readers, in the suggestions for further readings, to works written prior to Descartes, he often passes over the observations of the Medieval and Ancient philosophers, giving preference to analytical philosophy. All in all the book is quite in [...]

    4. El destino que nos ha dado nuestro propio ser y nuestra condición humana nos ha hecho tales, de este modo, que, siendo humanos, nos felicitamos de nuestras ventajas, que tomamos por realizaciones nuestras; nos quejamos de las fallas del mundo, que designamos como nuestra mala fortuna, y apenas pensamos en el destino, que dispensa arbitrariamente tanto lo uno como lo otro. Metafísica, por Richard Taylor.

    5. Chapters:Persons and BodiesInteractionismThe Mind as a Function of the BodyFreedom and DeterminationFateTime and BecommingGod

    6. I'd love to be able to read this book and glean more from it, but the tone is so preposterously haughty that frankly I can hardly stand to read it at all.

    7. Wish I could give this 2.5 stars. Taylor, at times, waxes poetic, but many of his viewpoints are sorely under-justified and misguided (particularly his misunderstanding of natural selection).

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