The Curse of the Kings For centuries the tombs of the Pharaos were haunted by a deadly curse And when two eminent archaeologists have died mysteriously Judith Osmond was certain that it was the curse at work Then overnigh

  • Title: The Curse of the Kings
  • Author: Victoria Holt
  • ISBN: 9780006143420
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • For centuries the tombs of the Pharaos were haunted by a deadly curse And when two eminent archaeologists have died mysteriously, Judith Osmond was certain that it was the curse at work Then, overnight, her life changed There was an unexpected inheritance Then Tybalt, a young archaeologist and the man she adored, asked her to marry him But Tybalt planned a honeymoon aFor centuries the tombs of the Pharaos were haunted by a deadly curse And when two eminent archaeologists have died mysteriously, Judith Osmond was certain that it was the curse at work Then, overnight, her life changed There was an unexpected inheritance Then Tybalt, a young archaeologist and the man she adored, asked her to marry him But Tybalt planned a honeymoon amid the tombs of the Pharoahs, and suddenly it looked as if the curse of the kings had come to haunt Judith .

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    One thought on “The Curse of the Kings”

    1. ***2017 Summer Lovin’ Reading List ***I really enjoyed Victoria Holt’s books when I was in my teens. Re-reading them as a mature adult has been a bit disappointing. Having always had a bit of thing for Ancient Egypt, I recall being enchanted by The Curse of the Kings. Unfortunately, having just recently read The Lord of the Far Island, I can now see far too clearly how formulaic Holt’s romances were.The main character is an orphan, she gets her education as a fortunate extra with the child [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI had to go ahead and just finish this one. This story had almost an identical feel as Menfreya in the Morning, but somewhat less depressing, at least in the scenes from the heroine's childhood. Both stories are divided into two parts, the childhoods and then their life with their respective spouses. The particular events in the stores are different of course, but it's basically the same format: (view spoiler)[childhoods, marriage, then serious doubt about marriage wondering if spouse w [...]

    3. *Actual rating 2.5 stars*Holt's novels are kind of hit or miss for me, and this wasn't one of her better ones. Plucky heroine marries an emotionally distant archaeologist and heads off for a dig in Egypt despite rumors of a Pharaoh's curse. Holt's writing is as good as ever, but the book took forever to get off the ground (they don't arrive in Egypt until halfway through, and the heroine's backstory isn't that interesting) and fizzled out with a rushed, predictable ending. I also did not like th [...]

    4. Victoria Holt has always been one of my favourite gothic writers. I started reading her many years ago, and I still enjoy delving into one of her books every now and then.This one, although it started off a little slow in the action department, was no exception. The first part spent a fair amount of time introducing the characters, showing how their childhood and interactions with each other helped mold them into the adults they became. And, then, the mystery, suspense and intrigue common to the [...]

    5. No fue entretenido; me dejó harta del tema "arqueología" que es torno al cual gira tooooooda la historia. Solo una cosa me hizo -a regañadientes-terminarlo: (view spoiler)[saber si Tybalt y Tabitha estaban o no engañando a Judith (hide spoiler)] La protagonista -Judith- es casi insoportable; vivía en las nubes, nunca se enojaba, siempre estaba llena de energía y se tomaba las noticias (view spoiler)[como cuando se enteró de que era adoptada y después de que era heredera de una gran fortu [...]

    6. Despite her unknown parentage, Judith Osmond has a lovely childhood. The local pastor and his sisters have provided a loving home for her at the rectory. She has attended lessons with the local squire’s daughter and nephew. That same squire, Sir Ralph, is quite pleased with her when she chances upon a Roman artifact; having a strong interest in archaeology himself, he finds her passion for archaeology worthy of indulging.Years later, on an expedition in Egypt financed by Sir Ralph, his neighbo [...]

    7. I like Victoria Holt books. I agree with an earlier reviewer that this is not her best book. This was the first novel of her's that I read and so it holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy her style of writing because I feel like I am reading something written in the 1870's instead of the 1970's.

    8. Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. I've read a loooot of her books when I was 14/15 years was the last time I've read them. I absolutely loved them at the time. I'm thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake! =)

    9. A good while away a chilly Saturday book. The prolific Ms. Holt tends to be a reliable and engrossing author. Her G-rated gothic romances work for me!

    10. A wonderfully suspenseful and thrilling read tinted with the mystique, legends, and a possible curse of ancient Egypt.Certainly a must-read for all VH fans.

    11. This book was overly long, but the last 50 pages made up for all filler nonsense. Ok, maybe 'nonsense' isn't the word, but dang this book was long for such a simple tag line. Lol. Most of it was getting to know the characters and understanding their backstories which was fine and all, but I would have preferred if the 'mystery' had dropped hints sooner.Still, this book was an amazing read! The last few chapters had me on the edge of my seat. It's just the length that prevents me from giving it a [...]

    12. A classic Victoria Holt like “The Curse of the Kings” is a sure-fire way to dispel a reading block. Her tales of imperiled but adventurous women have aged surprisingly well since they were first published, when, like many of her other readers, I quickly snapped up each new one as soon as it appeared in stores.Inspired no doubt by the story of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, “The Curse of the Kings” is narrated by Judith Osmond, a lowly companion to the widow of the local squire, and [...]

    13. Was underwhelmed by the ending. I thought the love interest was one-dimensional. I did enjoy it though, mainly out of the respect I have for Victoria Holt. I'm always sure to be entertained, at least, remotely, by any of her books.

    14. I've read four of Victoria Holt's novels now, and I liked all of them, but I've noticed all of her books work on a formula, and now I have very little interest in reading the rest of them.Here's the formula:Female protagonist is childhood friends with wealthy children in the area, but is not wealthy herself. She becomes close to them and somewhere in her adolescence she falls madly in love with one of the rich men, who she can't have. As she gets older, her life continues to parallel the wealthy [...]

    15. I read a lot of Victoria Holt as a teenager, and in retrospect I can see that I enjoyed her books largely for the setting, since the gothic romance is always more or less the same. This one is set in Cornwall (as many of her novels are) and Egypt in 1890 and has an engaging and likable heroine. Spirited poor relation Judith Osmond is lucky to marry the man of her dreams, son of the famous archaeologist Sir Edward Travers, who died under mysterious circumstances on a dig in Egypt. Shortly after m [...]

    16. The first half of the book is set in England; the second part in Egypt. Although no date is specified I gather from certain details that the time period is around the 1880s.Several reviewers have stated that they prefer the Egyptian setting best, yet the events set in England engaged me the most. The first half was much like a typical novel written during the Victorian era, which shows how authentic this 1973 publication is. I like the no-nonsense heroine’s way of dealing with a most disagreea [...]

    17. A very stern look at the regime of King Henry the Eight - and this is no romance. It puts a very human feel to the time many books lack. The reader has a narrator they can identify with in Katherine Pole that completely removes whatever sympathy romance novels about the era have created. It is the story of a family rule riddled with doubt, treachery, corruption, torture and murder. No one was safe during the reign of Henry and his father before him. It was better to hold on to one's scruples and [...]

    18. This was sent by Bookworm-lady as a celebration of her bookcrossing membership. I think this is the first book I've read by this author, and it was rather fun at one point I really did wonder if, as opposed to most historical romance type novels, the hero would turn out NOT to be a hero, or the heroine would actually dieBut far be it from me to offer a spoiler here. I did have the impression there were a number of false leads - corridors which led to dead-ends, so to speak, that the author could [...]

    19. The book opens with the deaths of Sir Edward Travers and Sir Ralph Bodrean. Sir Edward was an archaeologist and died in Egypt while on a site. Sir Ralph had helped fund the expedition. Rumors a circulating that it's the curse of the Kings. The beginning of the book is about Judith growing up with the children in both homes. She was interested in archaeology and while growing up they had lessons about it and she continued her interest by reading books on the subject. Eventually you get to the pre [...]

    20. all through the book judith was worried that her man did not love her enough, they traveled to egypt and he worked on a dig but a man involved with the pasha tried to kidnap her and held her in tomb at the climax of the story. i think i could see this made into a nice tele-movie and surprised they didn't do that in the 1980s when it was so fashionable and finance was freely available to such ventures. I found i liked the book better the more i read it, like most books by the time the climax happ [...]

    21. Hands down, this is my favorite Victoria Holt novel because I love the protagonist so much. I'll admit it's not her strongest novel. The plot is a touch contrived and Judith's ability to let her imagination run away from her is taken to a rather unbelievable extreme. However, the characterization of Judith herself is more than enough to make up for the novel's flaws. Judith is exuberant, passionate, imaginative, and headstrong. The zeal with which she tackles life is incredibly appealing, and it [...]

    22. This was more about nostalgia than anything else. I read all the Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels that I could get my hands on growing up. In the summer I would go out to the backyard and climb into the old Navy-issue hammock that I had strung between some trees on the wooded lot that bordered our lawn. No school, a good book to take me far away from that small Wisconsin town, sunshine, birdsong was idyllic. I enjoyed reading this again, but I couldn't help but be irritated by all t [...]

    23. The only reason i started reading this novel was it being connected to Egypt and Pharaohs. But after reading this novel i am sure that i am going to read more of Eleanor Hibbert aka Victoria Holt.Initially slow paced, it makes you sit on the edge of your seats when you are half way through the novel. Please don't stop if you feel bored in the first few pages. Keep reading. trust me its totally worth it.A must read :)

    24. The setting of this story was very interesting and I wonder if it was what had first piqued my interest in Egypt and the Middle East. But the romance was on the low end and would say a good twenty percent was spent on the heroine agonizing whether her husband loved her or not. Or more. It got to be pretty irritating, almost as much as the hero's cold indifference to her until the last five pages. Still, I think the Victoria Holt was an amazing storyteller, this book included.

    25. An interesting read for people interested in archaeology, as central to the storyline is a search for a Pharaoh's tomb in Egypt. Set in the 19th century when people were supposed to maintain their station, the book provides a heroine who actively seeks to step above hers and to control her life choices.

    26. An English girl interest in archaeology, finds her true parentage, marries a local famous archaeologist and inherits a fortune. The story is about their adventures while excavating the ancient tombs of Egyptian kings.Moves along, holds interest.

    27. I really enjoyed the drama of this book and, of course, its setting in Egypt. Well-written with great character development and it keeps you guessing. The end seemed to come a little abruptly which was a little disappointing, but overall a fun read.

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