Chosen by a Horse The horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn t be corralled into her waiting trailer Instead Lay Me Down a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels walked right up that ramp and into Susa

  • Title: Chosen by a Horse
  • Author: Susan Richards
  • ISBN: 9780156031172
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • The horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn t be corralled into her waiting trailer Instead Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels, walked right up that ramp and into Susan s life This gentle creature malnourished, plagued by pneumonia and an eye infection had endured a rough road, but somehow her heart was still open and generous It seemedThe horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn t be corralled into her waiting trailer Instead Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels, walked right up that ramp and into Susan s life This gentle creature malnourished, plagued by pneumonia and an eye infection had endured a rough road, but somehow her heart was still open and generous It seemed fated that she would come into Susan s paddock and teach her how to embrace the joys of life despite the dangers of living An elegant and often heartbreaking tale filled with animal characters as complicated and lively as their human counterparts, this is an inspiring story of courage and hope and the ways in which all love even an animal s has the power to heal.

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      328 Susan Richards
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    One thought on “Chosen by a Horse”

    1. I cried. Not going to lie, if my mom hadn't been in the same room as me, I probably would have been bawling with a baby. Now I want to say why (it could have been happy crying, it could have been sad crying, it could have been both) so, you are officially warned that there are probably going to be spoilers contained in this reviewChosen by a Horse is an amazing novel whether or not you're a horse or animal lover. It may touch those of us who have loved and owned animals a little more, but don't [...]

    2. This book reminded me a lot of "Nickel and Dimed" - it's a great premise that the author ruins with her incessent whining about her own life. This isn't a book about a horse or even a book about how " a broken horse fixed a broken heart." The author had already battled her alcoholism and left her abusive husband well before Lay Me Down came into her life. The horse part of this book is pretty thin - Richards gets Lay Me Down, Lay Me Down hangs out in a field for a while, gets cancer, and then di [...]

    3. Is it just me, or are Friesians now the only horses who are allowed in movies or to grace book covers? The titular horse in Chosen by a Horse is a Standardbred. The horse on the cover, though lovely with its long mane and forelock, is a Friesian. (Or maybe a very dark Andalusian, it's hard to tell.) I guess Standardbreds aren't showy enough for book covers.Susan Richards's writing is engaging and her descriptions of all things horsey, is dead on. But this memoir, nevertheless, falls short.First, [...]

    4. Όμορφη ιστορία ειδικά για τους φιλόζωους. Έχει έντονες αρκετές συγκινητικές στιγμές που δυναμώνουν όταν ο αναγνώστης συνειδητοποιεί ότι πρόκειται για αληθινή ιστορία. Παρ'ολα αυτά με κούρασε η λογοδιάρροια της ηρωίδας όταν γυρνούσε στο παρελθόν και μας μιλούσε για το δια [...]

    5. Chosen by a HorseSusan RichardsThis book is one of my favorite forms of literature: a memoir. A well-written memoir is better than any novel, and I say that as a writer of novels. From the back cover: ”Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels walked right up that ramp (of the waiting trailer) and into Susan’s life.” The author has three other horses and they are so individualistic and personable that they are real characters in this true drama without descending into [...]

    6. I'm in animal lover with special passion for canines, but must admit, never understood the horse love. Richards has schooled me. Now I know horses have rich and varied personalities and can develop deep bonds with each other and their people. Richards shares her horrid childhood and personal defects with frank openness. She adopts an abused horse and its grace and forgiveness are an inspiration to her and to us. I loved this story and feel like I've lost touch with a friend-I want to know what h [...]

    7. I have never owned a horse and I have only rode on one a handful of times in my life, but I love them. Not a school girl infatuation love, just a heart and soul kind of love. The cover appealed to me so I added this to my TBR and it remained for years until I found a copy at Goodwill. This is a memoir of Richards' divorce and the ongoing grief she feels at the loss of her mother at age five. She is shuffled between relatives that don't show much love or compassion to her. So when Richards finds [...]

    8. Richards owned three horses when she responded to a request by her local SPCA to foster an abandoned, abused mare. The abused mare had arthritis in her front legs and rear hocks. She had been half starved and had many health problems. But, surprisingly, the mare had an affable temperament. The horse was named Lay Me Down. She got along with Richards’ other horses.The memoir is well written and takes the reader on an emotional trip. The author had a lot of personal baggage, but it is the relati [...]

    9. Truly amazing book!The beginning, middle , and ending was all very precise, exact and if you are a horse lover it is a touching book! I cried before the book ended, the book is a memoir of the author,Susan Richards, so the feelings were not made up and knowing that someone actually felt this love and pain is so amazing. It makes it seem so real, and honestly this book may not look good but, if you have an interest in horses, you will love this book. It starts off slow but, there is a part in the [...]

    10. This book is about survival.Surviving child abuse.Surviving addiction.Surviving loss.About finding validation in another's eyes.For an abused horse, who finally finds safety and for an adult woman, who finally finds value in herself.It is a book about love.

    11. The journey that the author takes in "Chosen By A Horse" is at times filled with humor, happiness, pain and sadness. Anyone that has ever experienced the unspoken bond between an animal and human will appreciate the beauty that this memoir encapsulates. It is difficult to understand how an animal experiences joy and grief and the other emotions. Emotions are usually attributed to humans, but this memoir helps with the awareness that all animals with a brain are fully capable of having them.Anoth [...]


    13. This is an approachable and fast memoir that most any animal lover would enjoy. Susan Richards had a lot of baggage, but by the time she entered her 40s she regarded herself as an independent woman in control of her life. She had conquered the alcohol addiction that dominated her for decades. She shed an abusive husband and family. But when she agreed to take care of an abused mare and foal, she got more than she bargained for. The mare, Lay Me Down, had every right to hate humans, but she didn' [...]

    14. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!A friend gave me this book and i was hesitantbut, once stared, i couldn't put it down. It's heartwarming, heartbreaking and so full of life!!Susan Richards has shared with the world a beautifully written memoir that not only shows the bond between animals and humans, but, how those very same rescued animals can, and will, rescue us.I was moved to tears and i thought my heart would burst with love and agony, all at the same time.If you never read another MU [...]

    15. I read this soon after losing my first horse to old age and the relationship she wrote about with her horse hit home. For those who have never experienced it, words cannot explain it adequately, though she tries. In the end, I had to finish this book alone so I could bawl my way through it. A must-read for horse lovers and horse owners.

    16. I have always loved horses and have wanted one of my own for years. That being said when I saw this book in the animal section of Barnes and Noble and read the description I bought it. I expected it to be a good story, a nice story but, I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. The relationship between "Lay Me Down" ( the horses name) and her owner is just beautiful. the most beautiful part to me is how two beings both so broken can help each other grow and heal and become better for know [...]

    17. God, I had wanted this to be a DNF, but I forced myself to skim to the end: a sad result for a book I had quite anticipated reading. I loved the idea behind the plot, but whole thing took the tone of a new-agey feel-good tearjerker (with horses!), and such a thing does not mesh well with me.Quite frankly, I hated this author. I didn't like how she acted, or how she behaved, how she seemed compelled to whine about every aspect of her life, or her little awe-shucks-it's-cute insinuations while rui [...]

    18. Wow.I read this well within 48 hours.What a wonderful story devoted to the power of love. Lay Me Down enabled Susan to openly explore her personal history. In doing so this beautiful horse gave Susan the opportunity to work upon her issues. Lay Me Down in a sense gave Susan her life back.I loved Georgia and empathised as to why Susan did and I have to confess that from the very start I loathed Hank.I am currently saving for my own horse and cannot wait for the day that I begin the sacred search [...]

    19. This is a bittersweet tale, beautifully written and edited. It had nothing extra. What may have taken a year or two to write, took just an evening to read. It exhibited, for me, a very affirming personality. A woman who'd knocked about (read: been knocked about) a bit, but who shows us the best of the human condition: love, integrity, generosity, acceptance, humor.I loved reading of the horses, because she has such long experience handling them, and of Cornell, certainly one of the most beautifu [...]

    20. I so didn't want to like this book; didn't want to condone the soft-hearted, tree-hugger anthropomorphizing that went on about how horses view their lives; didn't want to be manipulated into feeling bad for the situation of a sick rescue horse. Of course, my resolve lasted just as long as it took for the "real" story to come out. You know the one: the real story where horses have this uncanny way of unlocking the emotions we humans think we've so cleverly tucked away - the way we identify all to [...]

    21. 3.5 The book itself was about a 3 star read but the emotions it packed at the end gave me more. I just finished reading Seabiscuit: An American Legend and wasn't ready to let go of a horse story, my childhood obsession with horses was reignited (not an obsession now though just more of a wonderful fascination). So, as this book has been on my radar it seemed a perfect time to pick it up. A nice memoir but I was more into the connection the author had with the horse Lay Me Down rather than her pe [...]

    22. This is a sweet story with sections of good writing and lucidity. Overall, the author allows herself too many repetitive moments of self-indulgence. Even a memoir should be allowed to unfold with subtlety and more "showing" than "telling." That being said, the ending is clear, creative and poignant.

    23. Chosen by a Horse was a sodden, sentimental, dreary, shallow thing which somehow became a bestseller. Then again, I suppose those adjectives could be applied to many bestsellers. Ugh. My coworkers are very sweet and often lend me books. Sometimes, they're fantastic. Other timesless so. Yet I always feel compelled to read them all the way through! Why, why??

    24. RECENZJA„Dopiero miłość do chorego konia sprawiła, że wreszcie, po tylu latach, byłam gotowa stanąć oko w oko ze śmiercią i po raz pierwszy opłakać zmarłą matkę i utratę rodziny. Trzydzieści osiem lat trwało, nim przestałam pić i żartować lub kłamać na temat okropnego dzieciństwa, jakie od tamtej pory było moim udziałem. Przez te wszystkie lata radziłam sobie, dystansując się od niego, zupełnie jakby przydarzyło się komuś innemu, ot, dzieciakowi z opowiadania. [...]

    25. 9/10/17 end Review Coming Soon! My 1st memoir I think. The cover caught my eye. The summary was interesting. I love horses! Touching story.

    26. This book was a double edged sword for me. On one side, I thought the writing was fairly juvenile and some of her explanations of horsey things (like her 2 or 3 descriptions of a chest strap in a horse trailer) detracted from her story, as it seemed she didn't trust her readers to have IQs >70. I'm not quite sure why everyone is so taken with her "writing style" all over the covers of the book - it was average at best, and she is not someone I will seek to read again. And I'm not impressed wi [...]

    27. Meh. This book felt disjointed and lacked a really strong narrative core. At first I was willing to overlook the questionable writing, until I read that blurb about the author on the back and found that she teaches English and writing at a college level. In that case, the writing was sub-par at best. I had a variety of issues with it:1) She assumes that any reader who picks this up and doesn't know anything about horses needs to be told in parentheses that a horse's hocks are their elbows (not s [...]

    28. Este livro, acima de tudo, mostra-nos como os animais, neste caso uma égua, são capazes de nos chegarem ao coração e ajudarem-nos a ultrapassar traumas e medos adquiridos por percalços da vida. Lay Me Down é uma égua mal tratada e marcada por um dono cruel, sendo "adoptada" por Susan, que a leva para junto de mais três cavalos, cada um com a sua história e marcas humanas, após um pedido de ajuda, após ter sido retirada ao dono. Esta égua, que tinha todos os motivos para ser distante [...]

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