Suki tte Ii na yo Volume Mei Tachibana has spent her years without making either boyfriend or friends One day she injures a popular boy in school Yamato Kurosawa because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seem

  • Title: Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 1
  • Author: Kanae Hazuki
  • ISBN: 9784063655179
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without making either boyfriend or friends One day, she injures a popular boy in school, Yamato Kurosawa, because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seems that he takes a liking to her and one sidedly claims that they re friends Further, he not only protects Mei from a stalker, he does it with a kiss

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    One thought on “Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 1”

    1. Antes de ver "Say I love you" no me habria planteado volver a leer a Kanae Hazuki porque en "Me arrodillo ante ti" descubrí que no era la clase de mangaka capaz de hacer "doki, doki" en mi corazón, pero después de ver una de las películas más intimas y hermosas sobre el amor, la amistad, la belleza interior y el amarse a uno mismo, no pude negar que quería embarcarme en esta aventura literaria. Además, hacía tanto que no leía que me parecía el reencuentro perfecto con mis amadas palabr [...]

    2. Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a WriterCalled Say I Love You. in English version. Mei has been without friends for ALL 16 years of her life When she injures a popular boy in school because of a misunderstanding, Yamato takes a liking to her and pursues a friendship with her. In this volume he protects her from a stalker with a kiss!!This is a fun premise I can totally see a Japanese girl keeping her distance from everyone because of bullying. Staying quiet and no [...]

    3. I know. I really love this volume. It's really good. I can't find faults for this manga. I like Mei, Yamato, Asami and even Nakanishi. Back then, I was insecure of my figure too. I mean, I got this big boobs too. Well, bigger than my peers. I was not really bullied because of it. But since I'm a bit of a tomboy back then, I didn't like having big breasts cause, how can I run and play with friends if my boobs are juggling in front of me? lol. It's annoying to have them that I wished I'm a flat ch [...]

    4. Eh, not bad. Didn't get the butterflies in the stomach feeling for this couple though.

    5. Absolutely delightful light romance manga !Tachibana Mei is a 16 year old girl who doesn't have any friends and she never had a boyfriend. She doesn't believe in friendship because so called friends always betrayed her and humiliated her."Mei: People betray each other all the time. And at school it's just a bunch of idiots who need someone to bully. I don't want to hang out with that kind of people. So I don't have friends.Yamato: You can't say that everyone is like that.Mei: Yes, everyone. They [...]

    6. Pure wish fulfillment, but not bad, even so. Yes, it belongs to that incredibly well-populated genre where an awkward girl (Mei) manages to effortlessly land the cutest, nicest, most popular boy in school (Yamato). A little cliche. But there are a few elements that make it stand out, even so. The awkward girl has not magically become less awkward. The cute boy hasn't entirely drawn her out of her shell, yet. It's definitely going to be a process. And it's the boy who's more invested in the relat [...]

    7. Say "I Love You" (the English translation) is a beautiful, heart-warming manga series. It exhibits the true essence of adolescent love and relationships, without sugar-coating everything with stomach-wrenching adorable traits. The author gives you an unhindered look into what being a teenager in Japan is like (which isn't too far off from how teens work here in the US). We get a glimpse into young teenage girls and their battle with body image. We get to see how sexual relationships take form in [...]

    8. Shōjo mangas are predictable and have lots of facepalm moments, but they can still make you laugh, which is why I love reading them. Say "I love you" is very cute. I was excited to read this because I love the cover. It's very pretty! I also like Mei's personality, eventhough I don't like the way she thinks sometimes. But that's shōjo, we have to deal with it. And by the way, can we for once have a shy boy and a popular girl? Can we?! Am I asking for too much? Come on! Just once, please! No?! [...]

    9. I'm not sure what to make of this manga.On one hand, I really like the characters. I have no trouble relating to Tachibana, a girl who was a target of bullying when she was a kid and thus avoided making any friends. She doesn't come across as pathetic like many friendless shoujo heroines, however. She's just become someone who really doesn't care what other people think.On the other hand, I'm not so sure about the main relationship itself. Early on, it feels like Yamato's forcing himself on Tach [...]

    10. Wow this was a huge disappointment. I was expecting a great tale of a girl being bullied and how she over comes and grows stronger even the bullies to get redeemed. But nope. I swear everyone in this book is bullied. Even the bullies get bullied by other bullies who in turn get bullied. Its this never ending cycle. What the fuck is up with school is it located in purgatory? And the teachers do nothing. There lack of involvement is horrendous, wouldn't you notice that everyone in your class is mi [...]

    11. I finished this in about half an hour *eye twitch* Mei and Yamato's relationship = Life goalsTHIS WAS SO CUUUUUTE!It's been such a long time since I've read such a cute manga! I love that Yamato slowly brings out Mei from her little gloomy shell. I love that the both of them are open and honest to each other. I love that Mei warms up to him gradually even with (completely unnecessary) outside intervention.It's like, 11:15 pm over here right now, and I'm really sleepy, but who needs sleep when I [...]

    12. Feels like a real slice-of-life story. The girl isn't cuddly, but you can relate to why she is the way she is. The guy is nice, but not squeaky-clean. These characters feel real, they have what they show on the surface, but they also have depth in the past they hide.

    13. I really enjoyed this manga. I can totally relate to the main character Mei. This manga deals with a lot of issues teens and even adults deal with in real life. Bullying, slut shaming, and body issues. I can't wait to see what happens in volume 2.

    14. Cute story about an awkward girl who lands the hot guy who seems to be unaware of his affect on others. OK, so it's a bit of wish fulfillment like another reviewer said. But on the other hand, I like how the author portrayed the bullying - and how people react to being bullied. This is such an important topic for teens, and it's nice to not see it glossed over. I think that Mei has a lot of room for growth and that the other characters do as well. There's a lot of potential here for a nice long [...]

    15. En realidad me he leído todos los tomos que han sacado en inglés, pero puntúo uno porque no quiero llenar mi ni contarlo como 14 libros; no sabría decir qué pasó en un tomo ni qué en otro. Me han gustado mucho y son muy tiernos. El dibujo es muy bonito y agradable a la vista, y me ha enamorado tanto o más que la serie.

    16. 3,5Pas mal mais pas encore extraordinaire pour autant. Les dessins ne me plaisaient pas énormément au début mais en fait je m'y suis vite habituée. Je lirai la suite pour me faire une meilleure idée, y a du potentiel.

    17. 5 StarsIt would be a lie if I said I didn’t watch the anime because I did, but I enjoyed reading the manga far more. I loved the anime, don't get me wrong, but there was more depth within the words, plot, and characters that the anime somewhat lacked. And after reading the first volume (and actually the next three), it makes me fall more inlove with this series than I did before. Although the story has cute moments, it deals with a lot of serious issues that many people go through; bullying, d [...]

    18. Having friends are really important for everyone. Without friends, life is no fun at all. It becomes dull and gray. I know this because I've been through this myself. And when you make friends few of them use you and then betray you, and some treasure you for life (thank God I have one crazy person for life). The 16-year-old protagonist Mei Tachibana, was betrayed by the so-called friends when she was in her elementary school. They lied that she was the one who fed the class rabbit some leaf tha [...]

    19. This is the very first Manga I have ever read. The art was beautiful, but the story was awful. It's about a girl who has never had a friend until one day she accidentally kicks the most popular kid in her school because she thought he lifted her skirt (it was his friend). He instantly takes a liking to her. I think bits of this is realistic, but to be honest, the relationship that ensues was way too immature and cutesy for my taste. Not to mention a little dehumanizing. Especially since the main [...]

    20. Enjoyable and rather cute art style that reminded me of Strobe Edge. Eyes were very detailed and the hair was drawn beautifully all throughout. The plot and characters, however, felt too familiar to me. While not cliched, generic, maybe? The awkward girl, the popular boy who pulls her out of her shell. It's a story line that could be applied to a number of series, but each had a twist that made them stand apart. This first volume, however, didn't really have anything that grabbed me. It was cute [...]

    21. Interesting enough, nice drawings, some discussion of the bullying issues, but mostly the story of an unpopular unsocial girl changing her attitude about people after meeting a nice popular boy. There are some consent issues in here as he steals her first kiss (in an effort to drive away a stalker) and then later kisses her repeatedly against her protests when she questioned him about his history of kissing lots of girls.

    22. A high school romance. A girl that doesn't have a high self esteem, meets a guy that actually likes her. She can't believe him, and doesn't understand why he likes her. But she is slowly opening herself up to him, and is even making some friends in the process. This was a pretty good story, and reminds me of myself and I'm sure other girls can relate as well.

    23. This is one of the most realistic mangas I've read that deals with a teenagers real problems nowadays--sexual activity, being fat, not getting enough attention, and insecurities. *There's actually no sexual activity in the actual manga, but it's included in their conversations.

    24. Quotes I absolutely adore:"I realized that in the end no one`s going to protect you but yourself""What`s controlling people is people after all.""Believe in people from now one, even it`s little by little."

    25. Mei macht sich nicht viel aus Äußerlichkeiten oder sozialen Kontakten. In der Schule ist sie eine Außenseiterin und wird von den meisten Mitschülern gemieden. Doch eines Tages verpasst sie Everybody‘s Darling Yamato aufgrund eines Missverständnisses einen Tritt ins Gesicht. Dieser nimmt Mei seitdem erst richtig wahr und beschließt, dass die beiden von nun an Freunde sind. Meis Leben wird mit dieser neuen „Freundschaft“ gehörig auf den Kopf gestellt."Wenn du einen Manga suchst, 1) in [...]

    26. Say "I love you" wollte ich zuerst nicht lesen, da mir der Zeichenstil nicht so zugesagt hat. Meine Kollegin, die ebenso Manga verrückt ist wie ich, hat ihn mir jedoch ans Herz gelegt. Zum Glück! Say "I love you" hat mir nämlich ausgesprochen gut gefallen. Ich mochte Mei, da ich mich zum Teil in ihr wiedererkenne und ich cool finde, dass sie sich nicht verbiegt nur um anderen zu gefallen. Sie sagt auch immer ganz ehrlich ihre Meinung. Yamato mochte ich auch, wobei ich ihm gegenüber erst einm [...]

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