The Shadow in the North Sally Lockhart is twenty two and running her own financial consultancy a thoroughly modern woman in a world of pompous men but she s about to be thrown headlong into a vicious web of murder mystery

  • Title: The Shadow in the North
  • Author: Philip Pullman
  • ISBN: 9780439977814
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sally Lockhart is twenty two, and running her own financial consultancy a thoroughly modern woman in a world of pompous men but she s about to be thrown headlong into a vicious web of murder, mystery and pure evil When a client s lost investment appears suspicious, Sally investigates Soon she is ensnared in a whirl of high society danger and deceit, which can lead heSally Lockhart is twenty two, and running her own financial consultancy a thoroughly modern woman in a world of pompous men but she s about to be thrown headlong into a vicious web of murder, mystery and pure evil When a client s lost investment appears suspicious, Sally investigates Soon she is ensnared in a whirl of high society danger and deceit, which can lead her in only one direction to the terrifying secret of the Shadow in the North Philip Pullman s ever popular, action packed Victorian melodramas are rejacketed for the bicentenary of Charles Dickens in 2012.

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    One thought on “The Shadow in the North”

    1. I hate Philip Pullman. I love this book, but I hate him so much right now. Because I can't think of reading this book again. And I don't know when I'll be compelled to read the third installation. Ugh. So much hate. Right about now.I really liked The Ruby in the Smoke. It was such a great way to introduce a slew of characters, and while there were multiple points of views, I appreciated how the reader knew what the villains were thinking. This kind of writing followed through in The Shadow in th [...]

    2. The Shadow of the North has a lot going on, including runaway magicians, false mediums, and steampunk weapons of mass destruction. But the true heart of this story does not lie in its intricate and sometimes improbable plot. It's about love. Not that mushy, obsessive stuff so many YA novels devote their pages of purple prose to. This is about a love of equals, and all the sharp, bright angles such a love has to carve a path out where there seems to be none. Philip Pullman's writing captures all [...]

    3. seriously, why the heck do people waste their time with the golden compass? so good. intelligent, villains you love to hate, sinister plotsi normally hate this word applied to a book, but it was a delicious read. so dang goodd now, major spoilerriously, don't read this if you value the experience of reading a book at all. joke. leave nown't say i didn't warn youed dies! are you freaking kidding me?! stupidly, too. that dumb girl who wanted to die just dragged him down with her. he didn't want to [...]

    4. 12/28/15:The Shadow in the North is a much stronger book than The Ruby in the Smoke. It is tighter, more intricately plotted, and its characters are more human. Often frustratingly, infuriatingly human. Will I ever forgive that one secondary character? I wonder.12/25/08:I first read The Shadow in the North in France, when I was ten. The Shadow in the North was the first book I read with a sex scene. (It was entirely PG, of course, but I was still, naturally, shocked.) The Shadow in the North was [...]

    5. Pullman is a great writer--characters, plot, setting are all beautifully and deftly developed. The Sally Lockhart series is as engaging a mystery series as you'll find. Sally and her friends/business partners are a delightfully intelligent group who come upon a major mystery that joins a magician's trouble with some shadowy pursuers and a retired teacher's loss of investment money. Something insidious is entrapping Victorian England, and Sally's life becomes dependent upon discovering its source [...]

    6. setting Victorian London, sekitar abad ke-19. - Sally Lockhart : sebagai perempuan single, di thn 1800an, termasuk tidak biasa. punya pekerjaan sendiri, sebagai financial consultant juga. jd pas dia membawa laki2 (yang mana kliennya) ganti2 ke kantornya, dia jadi dicurigai. - Frederick Garland dan Jim Taylor: yang satu fotografer, punya usaha fotografi sama pamannya. satu lagi suka nulis naskah drama gitu, walaupun gak pernah sukses dipentasin, haha. Suka sama mereka berdua, apalagi pas lagi nye [...]

    7. What do I rate this audio book?The reader is fabulous. Lesser reads brilliantly. Pullman write a compelling story for more than 2/3 of the book.The historical detail is seamless and breathtaking.But yes, BUT. But then Pullman has three characters behave strongly out of character that results in the death of one of them. The story goes downhill from there. I just could not allow Pullman to take such a lame turn in his own plot. He's too good a writer to pull a stunt like this. If he's going to k [...]

    8. Bleh! This is not YA in my opinion. The 16-yr-old Sally from the last book is now 22 and Frederick is something like 26. Their concerns and conversations are not YA I think. I like the writing and characters mostly again, but this is dark and deals very frankly with murder and sexJOR SPOILERS here: It was 3-star again until the dumb ending. Sally and Frederick have been having a believable romantic conflict rooted in gender roles--very interesting--but when Sally realizes she does want to marry [...]

    9. Anche questo secondo volume, davvero davvero ben fatto! Sto adorando leggere questa serie, è perfetta per essere divorata d'estate :3A fine quadrilogia, ci scriverò su un papiro!(Uhm quelle sarebbero le mie buone intenzioni)

    10. I'm hooked on the Sally Lockhart series. I listened to this right after listening to 'The Ruby in the Smoke' which is the first in the series and while I liked 'The Ruby in the Smoke', I think 'The Shadow in the North' is much better in both plot-line and character development.I love Anton Lesser, he's such an amazing actor/reader listening to him read the book is a delight. I love the voices and the accents he gives the characters. I can't wait to listen to the next book in the series. (July 25 [...]

    11. I rebelled for months against finishing this reread because THE ENDING HURTS SO MUCH. But the entire story is, of course, so well done and so complex and inviting that even the ouchiest of literary ouchies can't take away the joy of visiting Sally's world again. That said, if Pullman could let some characters just be happy, I wouldn't be such a blubbery mess right now. JUST SAYING.

    12. My experience with Philip Pullman is that he writes an excellent first book, but then starts doing nasty things to his characters and basically ruins it all. I hate that his romances never work out. And the books end up getting so dark and twisted.

    13. I did not enjoy this nearly as much as the first book in the series. I missed several characters (Rosa, Trembler). There were plot developments that I found predictable. I spotted them coming very early on. I just kept reading to see how those were going to be revealed to everyone else. There were a lot of unbelievable resolutions that really soured me. I like Sally less in this book. I'm not impressed with the feminist agenda that is sprinkled throughout - it felt false. And the atomic bomb ana [...]

    14. I can pretend i finished this book but that is a lie i just really wanted to rate it and say that i found it very boring im so sorry, pullman, but i'll give you another try when i start reading the golden compass

    15. I didn't realize this was the second book in the series until about half way through, but I kept on going with it since I seemed able to figure most things out that I missed in the first book. The story is so incredibly woven, with the characters being given as much attention as the unfolding mystery. There were times of incredible sadness and moments of hilarity. I listened to the audiobook version and the narrator was good - he definitely had to grow on me (he does a wonderful Scottish accent) [...]

    16. I liked the first book, but i loved this one! More suspense, more crimes, more mystery and sadly more tragedy. the protagonist Sally is way more relatable now that she is older and more mature.

    17. Interesting storyline. Different style to the first in the series. I really like the way this guy writes and will follow this series right through.

    18. The Shadow in the North is set in Victorian England. The three central characters are; Jim, Frederick and Sally Lockhart. Sally, unusually for a woman of the times is working independently as a financial consultant. One of her clients asks her to trace some money, which was lost when the company Sally advised her to invest in, Anglo-Baltic folded. Frederick works in his Uncle’s photographic studio. Jim writes plays, which so far have been rejected and in the meantime works as a stage-hand in t [...]

    19. ***2013***Time wears away the details of memory and makes the past seem hazy and undefined. It’s always eating away at the edges of the original event. However because of this, time also has a tendency to make books seem new and fresh after a while, bringing life back into the pages of an old friend. It’s been four years, but it felt like I just read the book for the first time. Oh of course I remember important details, but it still didn’t soften the experience. Fred’s death, even thoug [...]

    20. It's been six years since Sally Lockhart solved the murder of her father with the help of photographer Frederick Garland and the handy office boy Jim Thorpe. In the years since Sally not only studied at Cambridge (although not with a certificate - dang Victorian anti-feminists!) but set up her own thriving investment consulting business. With Sally's sound business advice (and capital), Fred's photography business has continued to grow and evolve - even allowing him to do a bit of private detect [...]

    21. Um, wow. I went into this book expecting a fantasy in the style of His dark materials. But it was actually a Victorian mystery. Silly me. Should have read the blurb.I thought it was an awesome read. I was hooked from the very first scene, when independent Sally, a financial consultant, is confronted by an elderly client who lost all her money. Slowly, Jim and Fred came into the picture with puzzles of their own, and they discover that all three mysteries tie up with one man.The plot was twisted [...]

    22. Well, I was greatly disappointed with one of the events that takes place in this novel, but someday I'll get over it.I will say that there were several really awesome turns of phrase in this book, enough that I marked them to laugh over them later."She took the fish out of her mouth again, looked at him steadily for a moment, and then released a flood of the filthiest, richest, ripest, fruitiest, foulest language Jim had ever heard. It went on for an uninterrupted two minutes and a half, without [...]

    23. A significant improvement over the faux-feminist charade that was The Ruby in the Smoke. Sally actually DOES stuff and takes stances in this installment of the Sally Lockhart series, and while I may not always agree with the positions she argues, especially when it comes to romance, I have to respect her for standing up for what she believes in. Besides for that, however, I still did not achieve a sort of emotional connection with any of the characters to be much shaken over the shocking event t [...]

    24. Tal vez fue la historia, o la traducción, pero la escritura nunca logró atraparme lo suficiente como para que me importara la historia. La idea no es mala, y Sally es un gran personaje, sus dos compañeros hacen un gran equipo con ella y con una mejor narrativa a lo mejor habría sufrido más.Pero el problema fue que no me atrapó lo suficiente, y cuando hubo muertes, no pude sentir la tristeza que a lo mejor debía sentir. Y además, los demás personajes tampoco parecieron sufrir tanto, a pe [...]

    25. The writing as usual with Phillip Pullman is elegant and engaging with superb pace that keeps the story bubbling along all the time. I thought it was actually marginally better than Ruby in the Smoke. It's still not quite five stars for me as it does have one of those James Bond endings where the villain explains his whole plot to the heroine (Sally) and then stands around while she thwarts it. I didn't mind the bitter sweet nature of the end either, but there were a few scenes where I felt peop [...]

    26. Okayis was a great little read. These books are all plot driven, but they're really interesting and have some lovable (& despisable) characters. I still think its interesting that these are for young readers b/c the evil people are pretty dang mean, but maybe that's less complicated than nice evil, which is even more frightening. This series is a good one to read when you want something interesting, but do not want to wander what long descriptions of the plant life mean in the symbolizing th [...]

    27. This was an amazing book! It was much more intense than the first in the series, and SAD too (but I won't give it away). I absolutely love the characters, especially Sally, Fredrick, and Jim. They make quite a team! Philip Pullman is an excellent writer, and his style reminds me a lot of Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell. I can't say I liked the ending, but everything else was so exciting and it was just such a great story. I'm not doing a long review this time, but I think you get the message: I [...]

    28. This book annoyed me in several ways. First of all, it is set six years after the first book and changes many things about the characters with no explanation. A character who was only interested in photographic art is now a private detective. Etc. The plot I actually really enjoyed. It was a fun, light, Victorian adventure story. But then it became needlessly dark and depressing. Pullman doesn't seem to know what kind of book he's writing. He seems to be trying to force a YA book to be more adul [...]

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