Women in Western Political Thought The Description for this book Women in Western Political Thought will be forthcoming

  • Title: Women in Western Political Thought
  • Author: Susan Moller Okin
  • ISBN: 9780691021911
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Description for this book, Women in Western Political Thought, will be forthcoming.

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      434 Susan Moller Okin
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      Posted by:Susan Moller Okin
      Published :2019-03-16T00:50:12+00:00

    One thought on “Women in Western Political Thought”

    1. A good analysis of influential philosophers and political theorists whose words have shaped patriarchal institutions. Gender has often remained an unexplored category in Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Mill, etc. until recently. Okin is one of the earliest feminist scholars to gender these works.

    2. ترددت كم اعطي الكتاب تقييم :pفصول اعجبتني جدًا وفصول عجزت اركز في الكلام وما أعرف اذا الكلام أعلى من مستواي أو الترجمة ركيكة!الفصل الأول: أفلاطون ١- العبيد، الأطفال، المرأة جميعهم متساويين في المرتبة٢-أفلاطون ماجاب تصنيف خيالي للمرأة بل استمدها من (كيف ينظر التراث اليوناني ل [...]

    3. لن تخطيء عيناك تطرف الكاتبة في مناصرة المرأة وسعيها للمساواة الكاملة إلى الحد الذي يطمس في المرأة هويتها وأجمل ما فيها أنوثتها. فتجدها في تفنيدها للفكر الغربي تبدأ من اعتراض مشروع على ما تأصل في هذا الفكر من مساواة للنساء بالعبيد في فكر أفلاطون وأرسطو ثم تنتقل بك إلى اعتراض [...]

    4. As a student of philosophy myself, I have always found it vexing how philosophers talked about women (e.g. Kant denying women (and people of colour, and children,) any form of reason and thus the qualification of being a reasonable human being) and how little this was discussed in class. Rather, it was dismissed as "not important", as it was "not fundamental for understanding the basic idea". Thus, I was rather delighted as I found out about this book, which deals with this exact trait of the di [...]

    5. Of the philosophers and their texts mentioned, I've only read Plato's Republic, am familiar with Mill's On Liberty, and have a cursory understanding of Aristotle and Rousseau. Considering that, I'm not certain how close Okin came in her interpretations of woman's placement in their theories, which are the focal points of her survey. Be that as it may, if her interpretations are accurate, then the conclusions reached by her are on point -- mostly, that women CANNOT be incorporated into Western po [...]

    6. As a self-taught student of philosophy, I've done a pretty bad job of reading the classics. Of the philosophers discussed by Okin, I've only read JS Mill. While I've heard a bit about Aristotle's thorough sexism, I had no idea that Rousseau apparently *hated* women. Okin's book is illuminating. I only wish she would have discussed more philosophers, even if it meant sacrificing the depth of analysis. She mentions Kant, Hobbes, and Hegel a few times, but for the most part sticks to Plato, Aristot [...]

    7. Was highly recommended by Vivian Gornick, the author of "The Solitude of Self: Thinking About Elizabeth Cady Stanton," a book I'm thoroughly enjoying.

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