Goddess of Legend Isabel a world weary photojournalist is grounded back home in Oklahoma when her car plummets off a bridge into a lake On the edge between life and death she s miraculously saved by the Water Godde

  • Title: Goddess of Legend
  • Author: P.C. Cast
  • ISBN: 9780749953898
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Isabel, a world weary photojournalist, is grounded back home in Oklahoma, when her car plummets off a bridge into a lake On the edge between life and death, she s miraculously saved by the Water Goddess, but with one tiny caveat Isabel must travel to another time to seduce the legendary Lancelot du Lac away from Queen Guinevere.

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      291 P.C. Cast
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    One thought on “Goddess of Legend”

    1. Terrible. My intelligence as a reader is insulted, and I am so angry with the horrendous laziness of this book that I can barely think straight. The Goddess Summoning series, once terrific, is turned to absolute garbage in this book. It can't even redeem itself with passionate love scenes between the main characters. I'm trying desperately to find something nice to say for the author of Goddess of Spring, a book that I adored, but I cannot. This is just lazy, lazy writing. You can't leave the he [...]

    2. I really wanted to enjoy this book as I am a Goddess fiction fan, however I was very disappointed. This review may contain spoilers. Cons:The book was difficult to get into at the start as it kind of dragged.As a fantasy Romance tale targeted at a younger audience similar to HON, this heroine Isabel was too old. Isabels profession as a photographer had no relevance to the storyThe old English was a bit difficult on the eye and detracted from the story, although I guess it's there for authenticit [...]

    3. Okay that is 309 pages of my life that I will never get back. This woman writes like a 17 year old girl.I regret reading this book.Okay So here's something a little more in depth.The writing was choppy at best. And everyone seemed to cotton on to Isabel's way of speaking like it wasn't ridiculous. None of the characters had any meat to them outside of Mordred. Isabel was the epitome of a Mary Sue. She was perfect in every way, everyone enjoyed her company, everyone loved her.And okay, I'll accep [...]

    4. RATING: 1.5 stars (barely).I've read most of the "Goddess Summoning" series and I always liked how light, funny and romantic they were. I loved the quirky and sometimes seriously corny humor, the strong yet sensible heroines, the though (yet sensible) heroes and the sappy love story. These books always made me laugh and feel good after reading them. I also liked how the author incorporated (however liberally) Greek and Celtic mythology; how ordinary women were transformed into goddesses but rema [...]

    5. *WARNING SPOILERS*It was alright, I guess.That's probably the worst thing anyone can say about a book. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it was meh. Now, this came as a bit of a disappointment to me. The first book in the series was weird, but I was prepared, thanks to your lovely selves. I really enjoyed the rest of the series, and then came this one.It was really confusing at the beginning, and I often had to read the page twice before I understood it. The writing was stilted and muddled, and don [...]

    6. Tamam son sayfaların cidden bu kadar saçma olduğunu unutmuşum. Ama o kısmı görmezden gelirsem Arthur zamanını okumak bana acayip keyif verdi. Ve yine fark ettim ki bazıni karakterler çok iticiymiş. Neyse seriyi yeniden okumak çok iyi geldi.Yazar bu işi biliyor. 💋

    7. *Contains a sex scene*This book was really good. When I bought this from the bookshop I’d never heard of it before and I was very disappointed when I got home and realised it was book number 7 in The Goddess series, however I decided to read it regardless and I’m so glad I did. It was fabulous. I’ve only ever read P.C. Cast’s House of Night series, but I actually think I liked this more. I was interested from the very beginning and the whole tale was beautiful and funny, and had me in st [...]

    8. Isabel, back from spending time with the troops in Afghanistan, is trying to rediscover the beauty in the world. At the same time, yet not quite, the Water Goddess - also known as Vivianne - is looking for someone who can save Camelot and restore Merlin into her loving embrace. When Isabel's car goes off a bridge on her way back home, Vivianne brings her back to King Arthur's court with one mission: seduce Lancelot du Lac away from Queen Guinevere, thus restoring the balance. But Isabel - and Ar [...]

    9. Amazing book! I'm a great fan of the House of Night series written bij Pc Cast and her daughter, and this one is just as good! It's about the king Arthur legend, but shed in a whole different light as Isobel, a modern age woman dies and is send back in time to the age of camelot bij the Lady of the Lake. There she needs to fall in love with Lancelot (to bring Gwen and Arthur back together) but fate takes a funny turn when she falls in love with Arthur in stead.I loved reading about how Isobel an [...]

    10. Wow!Wow! Yes I said it again because frankly it bore repeating.I am personally going to thank my Liberian for recommending this series to me.This was one of my two favourite books I this series because I just love stories that have a connection to the middle ages. There’s just something about a knight you know.Anyway this book is for mature readers and l love P.C Cast for them. The concept is totally amazing. Yes there are books were the person is from the middle ages or were the person goes b [...]

    11. If I am being honest, it was just so bloody boring. I tried to stick with it but I ended up giving up. Sadly, a DNF for me.

    12. This was a 4 star rating aaaall the way until the freaking ending. Like, literally the epilogue. Dang it.

    13. This was my least favorite Goddess Summoning novel. Only the verbal humor in the latter half of the novel lifted this book from a 1 star "didn't like" to a 2 star "it was okay". The character development was spotty and inconsistent with many characters being nauseatingly perfect. The plot also seemed rather weak and the ending while very 'perfect' and romantic was unconvincing and *way* too convenient.Some issues that, in my opinion should be major issues causing much angst and dissension, are a [...]

    14. Goddess of Legend by P. C. Cast Paranormal Romance –Dec. 7th, 20104 starsGoddess of Legend is the 6th in P.C Cast's Goddess series and I hope not the last! This book centers around the King Arthur legend as the heroine Isabel is sent back in time to seduce Lancelot!In this story the heroine, Isabel has a car accident but is saved by the Goddess of Water. The Goddess makes a deal with Isabel. If she can make King Arthur happy by seducing Lancelot from Queen Guinevere she can have her life back. [...]

    15. This was by far the worst of the Goddess Summoning books, which perhaps had something to do with the fact that Cast wrote this in conjunction with another writer. Not that Cast is necessarily a stellar writer, but her lack of attention to this story in light of her work on the House of Night series seems to be the key driver behind the poor storytelling in this one. The one thing that helps it is the humour in the second half, but that’s if you can get to it. The language is jarring, and someh [...]

    16. I love this series, and have read the 5 previous Goddess summoning books. However, this one is a bit too similar to goddess of the sea, and became ultimately forgettable. Compared to the rest especially, this one is a bit of a let down. It's not awful or anything, still quality writing and a good read, but while the others in this series manage to maintain a completely individual plot and characters from each other, this one is too similar to goddess of the sea. It was almost as if this were a s [...]

    17. Awful, justjust awful.I had to read this book for this library club that I'm doing and it is absolutely awful.Are there any other words I could use to describe this?(terrible, horrible, the epitome of evil, an insult to literature)Isabel was so completely up herself! She was NOT charming, she was NOT funny, she was just irritating and irrationally impulsive.I justURGH! And the ending was so predictable that my 9 year old brother could have written it. Actually no, Joshua would have at least comp [...]

    18. This is one of my all time favorites series and feel it took much to long for this newest book to finally come out. Once again I was transported and enchanted by the story woven by PC Cast wherein a present day woman is transported in the realm of mythological legends - this time to Camelot. A departure from her typical stories based on Greek mythology, but no less enjoyable. I so thoroughly enjoyed it I did not want it to end. A series recommended to all who love both great romance and mytholog [...]

    19. Çok güzel başlayan bir seriye rezil bir son. Dedim ama kimseye dinletemedim. 1. ve 2. kitap gözümde tapılasıdır. 3.'nünde gideri vardır ama ondan sonra aklımdaki tek düşünce bir seri bu kadar rezil edilemez. Bu kitap içinde aklımda iki şey var; 1 kötü adam nerde, 2 sonunu yazarken yazar pembe baloncuklar kusmuş mu?

    20. Yine bir günde bitirdim evet bu seriyi çok seviyordum ama bu kitap diğerlerine benzemiyordu. O masalsı hava yoktu bunda. Hani beğenmemek değilde sinir olduğum bir nokta vardı herkes resmen kralla kraliçeyle laubali bir şekilde konuşuyordu. Abi siz kral kraliçesiniz ya ne bu saçmalık az ağırlığınız olsun. Yok sen benim dostumsun yok arkadaşımsın bla bla bla. Son da çok dandik bağlandı ya neyse.

    21. I absolutely loved this series, except for this one. I'm completely biased though, I have a hard time with anything relating King Arthur it's just not my cup of tea. If you like that legend then this will be a nice twist on it.

    22. This book is amazing. I gave it 4 stars since I'm not an avid fan of s*x, but all in all, this book is a must read. The plot, the characters and the story is irresistible. I love them. Can't wait to buy the other Goddess Summoning books. :)))

    23. P.C. Cast has a way of taking you out of this world, into a different time, place and sometimes body. Each book is bursting with passion, love and adventure. Thoroughly enjoyed the complete series.

    24. This is a retelling of the Arthurian legend that is full of laughter, action, and romance. The beginning leans towards corny, so much so that I almost put it down. Bear with it and you’ll get a great story with strong female characters and lots of fun with your romance.

    25. LOVED LOVED LOVED this book!! The first one I have read by PC Cast, I think we have a long relationship ahead of us

    26. One of the weaker books in the Goddess Summoning series. Considering this is Camelot, I don't think all the slang worked. It was distracting. However, it was an entertaining read.

    27. aslında iyiydi ama sürekli bir döngü var seride bu biraz sıkılmama sebep oldu birde alelacele bitirilen o son

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