Dreadfully Ever After Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and its prequel Dawn of the Dreadfuls were both New York Times best sellers with a combined million copies in print Now the PPZ trilogy comes to a thrilling conc

  • Title: Dreadfully Ever After
  • Author: Steve Hockensmith Patrick Arrasmith
  • ISBN: 9781594745027
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and its prequel, Dawn of the Dreadfuls, were both New York Times best sellers, with a combined 1.3 million copies in print Now the PPZ trilogy comes to a thrilling conclusion with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dreadfully Ever After The story opens with our newly married protagonists, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, defending their villPride and Prejudice and Zombies and its prequel, Dawn of the Dreadfuls, were both New York Times best sellers, with a combined 1.3 million copies in print Now the PPZ trilogy comes to a thrilling conclusion with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dreadfully Ever After The story opens with our newly married protagonists, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, defending their village from an army of flesh eating unmentionables But the honeymoon has barely begun when poor Mr Darcy is nipped by a rampaging dreadful Elizabeth knows the proper course of action is to promptly behead her husband and then burn the corpse, just to be safe But when she learns of a miracle antidote under development in London, she realizes there may be one last chance to save her true love and for everyone to live happily ever after Complete with romance, heartbreak, martial arts, cannibalism, and an army of shambling corpses Dreadfully Ever After brings the story of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to a thrilling conclusion.

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      446 Steve Hockensmith Patrick Arrasmith
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    One thought on “Dreadfully Ever After”

    1. 4.5 starsWhile I didn't much care for the first two books in this trilogy and while I have to add the disclaimer that I was worried that this author was not aware of the HEA rule in JAFF, I did get a most satisfactory conclusion in this paranormal variation to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.We are told in the book description that while the marriage of our dear couple is still in its infancy Darcy is bitten by a Dreadful and reminding us that Elizabeth knows she is to behead him and then burn [...]

    2. I will read anything related to Pride and Prejudice.You name it. I will have probably read it or it's on my TBR. But there can be that rare occasion that I never knew that book ever existed, well then I would add it to be my TBR.Long story short: I love P&P guys.So, Dreadfully Ever After picks up right where Pride and Prejudice and Zombies left off. Darcy and Elizabeth are still married; However, Darcy has also still been bitten from a Zombie. So of course Elizabeth's life sucks major balls [...]

    3. The third (and hopefully final) book in the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series commits an unfortunate sin - it takes itself just a little too seriously.If Dawn of the Dreadfuls felt like someone explaining a joke that didn't need explaining (which it did), then Dreadfully Ever After feels like someone who doesn't know when to drop the punchline and let it lie.I give this latest installment in the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies phenomenon credit for this, at least: I didn't expect what happe [...]

    4. Actual review: 3.75I saw this, I picked it up and I read it. Then I laughed and laughed and laughed. This is not great literature. Taken from the perfect world of Jane Austen, we see what happens to Elizabeth and Darcy after they are married. They continue to fight zombies only for the unthinkable to happen. I was actually surprised by the content of this novel. While the first book in this duology was practically word for word from the original, I found quite a refreshing and creative storyline [...]

    5. Il mash-up come mezzo per fare satiraSono stata favorevolmente sorpresa da questo romanzo, che più che un mash-up si dovrebbe considerare un sequel (diciamo entrambe le cose). Hockensmith riprende i temi di Jane Austen e quelli di Grahame-Smith (e i suoi, se consideriamo il prequel di Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Dawn of the Dreadfuls, L’alba degli Abominevoli — su cui non ci possiamo pronunciare, non avendolo letto) e realizza un seguito gradevole e coerente a entrambi i generi mix [...]

    6. For those that have not read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as well as Dawn of the Dreadfuls please note that this review contains some minor spoilers.The final novel in the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie trilogy is published today. Dreadfully Ever After by Steve Hockensmith picks up the story four years later. Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are now happily married and living at Mr Darcy’s country estate, Pemberly. Elizabeth has hung up her flintlock and katana, as it is improper for [...]

    7. When we last left Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, they were strolling off to lead a life of happy matrimony spent being in love and slaying dreadfuls together—except for the slaying dreadful together part. Proper, married Victorian women just don’t do that sort of thing, a fact Lizzy detests. However, when Darcy is bitten by a zombie child, Lizzy forgoes propriety and is willing to do anything to save his life—which entails abiding by his cruel, cunning aunt Lady Catherine’s plan [...]

    8. Surprisingly, the final Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book is actually pretty good. As with the prequel, the fact that Hockensmith doesn't have to hew to the plot of Pride and Prejudice gives him a great advantage, as it means he can make a more reasonable balance of Regency romance and ridiculous zombie action. And the zombie action definitely delivers, from Darcy getting chowed down on in the opening to the recoronation of George III that leads to the entire royal family and important govern [...]

    9. Muy buena lectura, si buscas LA historia de amor, este libro no es para vos Solo usa los nombres y el contexto de la época, en la que Jane Austen la escribió. Luego es una historia completamente brillante

    10. Quick read and enjoyable. The Regency era/zombie combo just makes me laugh. Highly recommend the audio version because the narrator, Katherine Kellgren, is fantastic at bringing the characters to life. I would probably listen to any audiobook performed my her because she is fantastic. The story trades Liz/Darcy scenes for more story development of Kitty and Mary and introduces a new group of entertaining characters to drive a different take on zombie lore and finding a cure. I thought this was a [...]

    11. 738 - 2012What's in your head,In your head,Zombie, zombie, zombie?- The Cranberries - This is a story of Mr. Darcy and Lizzy, again!Sebagian fans Pride and Prejudice menganggap perlu ada lanjutan kisah cinta antara Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy dan Elizabeth Bennet, sehingga muncul ribuan fanfic dengan berbagai versi, sebagian malah sudah diterbitkan secara resmi. Tapi, apakah novel parodi Pride and Prejudice and Zombies perlu ada sekuelnya? Yah, sepertinya penerbitnya menganggap perlu (sangat mungkin k [...]

    12. Diversamente dal primo romanzo, che seguiva passo per passo il libro originale, “Finchè morte non vi unisca” è del tutto a sé. La storia, i personaggi e le dinamiche narrate sono stati creati di sana pianta, a esclusione dei protagonisti. Nemmeno lo stile e la caratterizzazione dei personaggi sono molto precisi o simili, ma devo dire che non è affatto dispiaciuto come libro.Certo, è meglio prenderlo a sé che come vero e proprio rifacimento di Orgoglio e Pregiudizio, eppure nel suo picc [...]

    13. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After in which the warrior women of the Bennett line combat intrigues, scandals, dreadfuls, ninja and high society by utilizing their varied martial arts skills and the manners and etiquette of a gentleman's daughters.I am going to start this by stating that I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice (Austen). I also enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.If anything, this latest installment may have been even more fun, probably because it didn't have the ori [...]

    14. My thoughts:This book promises romance, heartbreak, martial arts, cannibalism, and armies of shambling corpses. It deliveries! I have loved these books published by Quirk Classics. The first one that hooked me was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, next I read the prequel Dawn of the Dreadfuls. Now comes the exciting conclusion to the trilogy Dreadfully Ever After. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read and review Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steven Hockensmith. It's the perfect recipe of genr [...]

    15. After reading "Dawn of the Dreadfuls" I was kind of concerned about what I was getting myself into with this book. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. Hockensmith cobbled together a pretty decent book in this installment. Naturally, nothing will really compare with PPZ, but at least there is enough of an interesting conflict that drives this book. The humor hit a little bit better, and, as happens in a trilogy, we finally get the payoff of a reasonable conclusion. The characters are all pre [...]

    16. Pride and Prejudice is very dear to my heart and this book is my next favorite. I really enjoyed this book. Loved that there was so much action through out the book. I was heart broken after what happen to my lover boy Mr.Darcy but love and family are always there too support. I loved this book because of the action and that women fought just like men. They were trained zombie killers, utterly cool. It had a great plot and was written very well. I was happy with the action pack ending. Couldn't [...]

    17. Debo admitirlo, ha sido entretenido y gracioso en ciertas partes, ha sido fiel a los personajes creados por Jane Austen y ha sido lógico el camino de la trama.Lo único que me falto fue un poco de romance, porque la relación maestro-alunmo de Lizzy nunca me convenció. En fin, es un libro entretenido y resuelve la gran pregunta: "Cómo es que las hermanas Bennet saben usar Katanas y shurikens?" que vimos en la película.

    18. This was a good and funny final book to the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series. There is still plenty of "La!"s, plenty of silly babbling, and plenty of very proper sounding early 19th century-style descriptions of very improper things, such as zombies.I'd recommend reading the books in the order they were written (the original Jane Austin book, the original mash-up, the prequel, and then the sequel -- this book). I think all are a lot of fun.La!

    19. I received a copy of this book under the first reads program. I enjoy anything remotely connected to Jane Austen, but I find I tired of the zombie craze rather soon.

    20. Blog post: lateintothenight/Tea, Katanas and Shambling Corpses Oh yeah!Guess what time it is? Time for a review of the sequel to 2009's smash hit Pride Prejudice and Zombies! Oh yeah, it is that time - welcome to my review ofPride Prejudice and Zombies:Dreadfully Ever Afterby Steve HockensmithAre you as absurdly excited as I am? Thought so!So, a couple of weeks ago this delightful little gem of a book landed in my mail box: Lizzie definitely has some meat here And so does Zombie girl hereAs with [...]

    21. ~ ~ Borders ~ Powell's ~Elizabeth Darcy has everything a woman could ask for: a large estate, a steady income, a husband she loves and who loves her Then why is it that lately she can't even bring herself to smile?Not that there's much to smile about with the zombie menace still vexing England. But the lingering threat is made deadly personal when Darcy is bitten by one of the stricken! Despite knowing it is her duty to behead and burn any soul befallen the plague, Lizzy cannot bring herself to [...]

    22. The story takes place in 19th century England where a zombie plague has spread across the country. Those affected are called the "stricken", "sorry stricken", "un-dead", "unmentionables", or "zombies".This novel has all the favorite characters from Pride and Prejudice, with a twist. It’s the third and last of the series. Even though I didn’t read the first two books, I had no trouble falling into the author’s world. Everyone in the Bennet family is trained in martial arts, though a marrie [...]

    23. I've enjoyed all of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie books but Dreadfully Ever After has to be my favorite out of the three. In the first installment, it focused on the girl's training; their beginning story and gave a good beginning to Jane and Lizzie's story. While the actual Pride and Prejudice and Zombie novel wasn't as intriguing to me as the other stories (I admit I have never read the classic) and though it had it's humorous moments, left a lot of questions unanswered. But behold! The s [...]

    24. Sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Very clever story line. Lizzie Darcy is unable to practice her skills as a zombie slayer because she is now a married woman and it is just not done. Her sisters are still helping to kill every zombie they come across. When Darcy himself is bitten, Lizzie has no choice but to send him to his aunt, Lady Charlotte, who promises she only has the means to nurse him back to health.on the condition that Lizzie travel to London and establish herself as Mrs. Bro [...]

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