The Dilemma A complex marriage treachery and blackmail all in Penny Vincenzi s THE DILEMMA perfect for all readers of Kate Morton Jilly Cooper and Harriet Evans A total indulgence Ideal HomeAll Francesca Channi

  • Title: The Dilemma
  • Author: Penny Vincenzi
  • ISBN: 9780755332670
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • A complex marriage, treachery and blackmail all in Penny Vincenzi s THE DILEMMA perfect for all readers of Kate Morton, Jilly Cooper and Harriet Evans A total indulgence Ideal HomeAll Francesca Channing had to do in order to keep her marriage alive, her children safe, her life intact, was to tell a lie One simple, straightforward lie But it wasn t that simple or stA complex marriage, treachery and blackmail all in Penny Vincenzi s THE DILEMMA perfect for all readers of Kate Morton, Jilly Cooper and Harriet Evans A total indulgence Ideal HomeAll Francesca Channing had to do in order to keep her marriage alive, her children safe, her life intact, was to tell a lie One simple, straightforward lie But it wasn t that simple or straightforward at all Her life, as Bard Channing s third wife, was very far from easy He was charismatic, powerful and rich and he adored her He was also manipulative and scheming, with a family as large and complex as his business But it was an emotional crisis of her own which finally put Francesca s dilemma into perspective, and made her wonder if she loved Bard enough to lie for him

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    One thought on “The Dilemma”

    1. Knjiga o nedoumicama i pitanju koliko svi mi imamo čistu savjest. Netipičan ljubavni roman koji se čita u jednom dahu!

    2. The prologue to this meaty, complex family drama puts the central conflict up front and center: The wealthy, charismatic entrepeuner Isambard Channing is forced to ask his much younger third wife Francesca to provide an alibi for a particular night. If she will not, it is likely that Bard will be ruined and end up in jail. Chapter one jumps backwards to Francesca as a young woman just starting out. Over the course of five years she and Bard Channing repeatedly meet and then separate despite mutu [...]

    3. I fall into Vincenzi's very British doorstopper/pot boiler books but yes, sometimes they are a bit overlong. There is always a large cast of characters and multiple POVs. Family sagas, usually. A bit old-fashioned, perhaps a tad sopa-operish, yet often compelling. My favorite of the 3 I've read was Forbidden Places, a WW II era story. I can't read them one after another, but every once in awhile I seem to crave her big book style and dash.

    4. I love Penny Vincenzi. Her books are so thick and long. And I quite enjoy reading them. It took me a while to get through this one. Usually it's still somewhat of a short read. But, I was away on the weekend and I haven't really been feeling well this week. But, again, I love her :)

    5. Ok. This is the second book I have read by this author and I love how she interweaves the characters in her stories. This book kept me up trying to see how it would end. I liked Sheer Abandon better but I enjoy the author's style and her way of bringing her characters to life.

    6. Meh boring I didn't even make it to chapter 5 all the characters are boring and dull. Way to posh for me

    7. From the very first novel I read by Penny Vincenzi, I never fail to be amazed by her work. Her novels are rich with characters who develop throughout, and she is able to manage plots that string all the way across and throughout the entire novel while keeping them consistent.In this book, Bard Channing is a rich businessman who broke into the property business early on in his career, building up his business with partners so that he has a pretty vast empire by the time the book starts. Francesca [...]

    8. Wow, this was a real stinker. At first I enjoyed some of the 1980s and early 90s nostalgia, and I liked some of the secondary characters, but I grew to loathe Francesca. Her husband was horrible, but her endless excuses and self-blame for his ugly behavior were appalling. I skimmed through to the end to see how it would end and to see if she would ever wake up. But she didn't. Very disappointing.

    9. Delicious!!This book has such an interesting story. I love the way Ms Vincenzi weaves a story of so many characters. And she somehow gets me worrying about every one of them. And, as usual, I'm sad that it is over. A great read!!

    10. One of my favourite authors. The only problem I have with her books, is that once I start them I just cannot put them down!!

    11. I didn't like this one as much. Possibly, it started with the fact that there was no character list at the beginningd with 600 or so pages, it's really kind of essential. Also, the characters weren't as fun as some in her other books. And, finally, I'm starting to see that she always has certain stock character types. It's not as obvious as Danielle Steele and her use of "my friend" as the expression for all occasions (and used so often you could play a drinking game with it and be unsafe to dri [...]

    12. This was another good book by Penny Vincenzi but not my favourite one of hers, by any stretch of the imagination. It was not one that kept me up all night reading until the small hours of the morning but enjoyable. I liked the characters although some of them were a bit one dimensional. I don't agree with the ending with respect to what Gray, the journalist, did. It didn't really make sense to me. The relationship between Liam and his wife was similarly unrealistic. But overall I enjoyed the boo [...]

    13. I've really enjoyed some of her later books, but found this too long, too detailed, and therefore a bit dull. She creates realistically complex characters, but the problem with no character being all good or all bad is it becomes difficult to like any of them, and therefore care that much about what happens to them. The ""heroine"" is selfish and whiny and neurotic, although the main male characters do at least redeem themselves. I'd recommend it to big Vincenzi fans only.

    14. I could have easily given this book a 5 star rating, but it was really irritating how at one point I'm reading about 2 characters, and in the same line the characters/story changes. On the whole the story was ok. It somehow makes me grateful for not being in the investment/financial business, there's too much stress and not much of a life really. On the other hand it's an eye opener on business reality, what really goes on in most work placesd in the end, the truth has to come out.

    15. Like a Danielle Steele novel, but I felt better about reading this because 1. I got it on clearance, and 2. It is filled with lovely English phrases and I am a total Anglophile. Basically a story of a pampered wife who thinks she has more to offer. Her husband is a business mogul in a lot of trouble with the law. Like all Penny Vincenzi books, this is far too long, but such a guilty pleasure that you do not mind.

    16. Brilliant booknsidering i have already read it, to b completely honest. Characters are great, plot is awesome and well thought out. Great twists and turns. For me, it didn't have the "wow" factor because i have read it before like i said and i don't know why i put it on reserve at the library. i guess i wanted to read it for fun.

    17. Vincenzi has the ability to weave incredibly complex storyline around each other and still manage to tie up all the loose ends very elegantly. I wish the cover didn't make this seem so romancey, because it's really not. Very great portrait of just how complex interactions are between people that somehow manage to interlink their fates, either voluntarily or through family ties.

    18. I have really enjoyed everything else I've read by Penny Vincenzi, so this one has me puzzled. You can see it took me forever to read. I found the first 2/3 or so very slow-going, and normally her books are just about page-turners for me. The last 1/3 was definitely much better, but I wasn't thrilled with the ending. Oh well

    19. This was a looong book but it was one of those can't put it down and what is going to happen next sort of story-line. Very british, very glamourous and my guilty pleasure as it was very soap opera-ish but sometimes one needs one of those kinds of books. One does get a good sense of who the characters are after 600 some pages and what did Francesca eventually do? Did she lie for her husband?

    20. I love to read at least one Penny Vincenzi book per year. This was such an enjoyable book. Vincenzi spends hundreds of pages of development and build up to make for a fantastic story! The character of Jack, Francesca's son, was so sweet and funny! Yeah, this was a good book!

    21. Everything I've ready by this author who I happened to stumble upon, is good. There are quite a few characters in this book and they are all interesting in their own rights. If it had been a tv show, I would watch. A little melodramatic but a good, fun read.

    22. Storyline was okay, I didn't think that it needed to be over 600 pages to get what was needed to be said. The ending I thought was the best part, the first 100 pages were very slow. I just couldn't get into the Bard character.

    23. This is a very long book, quite English, which I like, and although it took me a while to get through it I did like it and want to read more by her. The people are not extremely likeable, but then, a lot of people aren't.

    24. Penny Vincenzi has a style, similar to Danielle Steel, Rona Jaffe, Susan Isaacs, etc. This one was a classic PV novel. Complicated, tortured, various plotlines. The growth of the characters as the book progressed really kept me reading, with the exception of one (view spoiler)[ Liam (hide spoiler)].

    25. This was quite the ridiculous family saga soap opera, but I did enjoy parts of it. It was way too long and drawn out; Vincinzi needs a better editor. It reminded me of J.K. Rowling's A Casual Vacancy -- overlong, too many characters, and nothing much happens.

    26. It's quite rare that I don't enjoy a book I readally didn't enjoy this one! Normally I read 3-4 books in a week and this one took me a whole week. Unnecessarily long, boring and bland. Not recommended.

    27. Such an amazing book!At first, a bit confusing since there were just soo many characters but once i got used to them, i felt like i was one of them too!As i was turning the last pages, it was sad, i wished it'd gone on and on!

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