A Decadent Way to Die Plus sized P I Savannah Reid prides herself on cracking even the toughest cases But her latest investigation is leaving her hungry for answers as she tries to unmask the identity of a cunning would b

  • Title: A Decadent Way to Die
  • Author: G.A. McKevett
  • ISBN: 9780758238108
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Plus sized P.I Savannah Reid prides herself on cracking even the toughest cases But her latest investigation is leaving her hungry for answers as she tries to unmask the identity of a cunning, would be killer His prey A famous octogenarian with a fortune in the bank and a target on her back.As the creator of the world famous Helene doll, legendary designer Helene SPlus sized P.I Savannah Reid prides herself on cracking even the toughest cases But her latest investigation is leaving her hungry for answers as she tries to unmask the identity of a cunning, would be killer His prey A famous octogenarian with a fortune in the bank and a target on her back.As the creator of the world famous Helene doll, legendary designer Helene Strauss is equally well known for her exquisite taste and her brassy, take no prisoners style While Helene s business acumen made her a huge success, it also made her a quite a few enemies So when the feisty 80 year old has several suspicious brushes with death, Savannah Reid is hired to find out why.Once on the case, Savannah quickly learns that tensions within the Strauss family have been raging for years To Helene s chagrin, her niece and arch nemesis, Ava, has managed to claw her way to the helm of the family doll company, steering the business in a seedy new direction Their latest creation a sexy fashion doll replete with oversized lips and an over the top boob job has Helene particularly rankled.leaving Savannah to wonder if the family ties that bind the Strauss are tight enough to kill.With the help of her friend, Detective Dirk Coulter, Savannah discovers that Ava isn t the only one with a motive to do Helene harm In fact, the Strauss matriarch seems to be surrounded by friends and family bent on inheriting her fortune by any means necessary Before long, Savannah is sure she has a handle on the case But when two key players turn up dead in Helene s sizzling hot Jacuzzi, Savannah will have to start from scratch and question everything she thought she knew about the Strauss s twisted family tree.

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    One thought on “A Decadent Way to Die”

    1. First, let me say that the Savannah Reid Series is one of my favorites, and this book has all the usual characters: Savannah, Dirk, Tammy, John & Ryan, and Granny. It also has an interesting murder mystery, with all the accompanying twists and turns. But this book tackles a much more important issue ---Abuse. I can tell it's something the author has some personal experience with, and feels deeply about. It's handled in a very real way, both in what the abuser does, how the victim behaves, an [...]

    2. Wow! For a cozy this one was pretty intense. One of my favorite cozy authors and I'm glad I held out on the library waiting list for this one. It did have all the characters that make it a Savannah Reid novel - Tammy, Ryan, John, Dirk, and an appearance by Granny Reid at the end. And we all love Granny Reid! But more than just the "normal" cozy, with the who's trying to kill (or did kill) whomever, this one had a very series message too.The message was about abuse. This is such a series subject [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book. It is the first I have read of this series and it was surprisingly good. Savannah Reid is a plus-sized investigator. She is hired by the granddaughter of Helena Strauss, a dollmaker, who has had several "accidents" and is beginning to think someone wants her dead. Savannah and her partner and a group of associates investigate to help solve the mystery. The guilty party is a little obvious but there is a very good understory to this book. I will read more of this series.

    4. First read for me of this cozy series !! It was a good read and I didn’t have it figured out !! Will read more of this series !

    5. Sometimes you just need a bit of solid fluff (sort of a contradiction in terms, but accurate, I think) to read. Something deep enough to really get into, but not so deep that you end up scratching your head trying to absorb it all. The Savannah Reid series pretty much fits the description. I enjoy Savannah Reid - she's not too "larger than life" - just right; someone that you could share some chicken and dumplings with, or some ice cream, and be perfectly comfortable. I've only read a couple boo [...]

    6. This is a cute, enjoyable series. Love the relationships between all the major and minor characters that show up in most of the series. I was not prepared for the events leading up to the ending for this book. I thought Savannah would be a bit more savvy about opening her door; but I guess I understand why she did, if she was expecting Dirk Coulter, her friend and partner, to return to her home for something he forgot. I just didn't expect her to get shot and almost die.Not sure how I really fee [...]

    7. A light, enjoyable read for a summer weekend. Or a cozy winter evening or two, come to that. This is my first in this series, and I really liked Savannah Reid, the cop-turned-private investigator. The mystery was interesting, the untangling of the puzzle satisfactory. My favourite part of the book was the dynamic between Savannah and her former police partner and now friend (and maybe more-than-friend), Dirk Coulter. I've heard it's not easy to write dialogue, and goodness knows I've read enough [...]

    8. A new writer for me--and a new sleuth. Savannah Reid, former policewoman turned P. I. is engaged to discover who is trying to murder the wealthy, world famous doll designer, Helene Strauss. As clues unfold and other murders take place, Savannah and her friend Detective Dirk Coulter, find they have more in common than mayhem an d food. Savannah's assistant, Tammy Hart, adds her bit of drama to the story when she falls in "love" with a handsome but controlling, abusive man. Author McKevett appends [...]

    9. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    10. In A Decadent Way To Die by G A McKevett (pseudonym for Sonja Massie), Grandma Helene Strauss is a very rich and feisty doll maker, but yet someone is trying to kill her. Could it be granddaughter Emma with inappropriate metal-rock musician boyfriend Kyd, or niece Ada who obviously wants to take over the doll making empire, or nephew Waldo is just wants to stay high on drugs forever?Delightful summer reading and a possible gift for that friend of yours in an inappropriate relationship. National [...]

    11. So just finished and not really sure what to think. Another review stated that this was a bit more intense when it came to Tammy's storyline, and I agree with that statement. Overall though, I thought the plot was weak. Unless I missed it, exactly why did the antagonist hook up with the co-conspirator? What happened with one of the victims' spouse, that was it after the fight? And what is up with Dirk? The first 14 books he was never much of a conversationalist, yet these last two books he's sud [...]

    12. What’s not to like about Savannah Reid! A Southern gal, raised with good manners instilled in her by her loving grandma, she is always polite to her elders even while pointing her Beretta at the bad guys. In this tale, an elderly doll maker seems to be targeted for death. Reminding her so much of her own granny, Savannah is determined to save her new friend and find the monster with the motive, even if this person is part of the doll maker’s twisted family tree. When Savannah’s assistant b [...]

    13. I didn't realize this was the sixteenth book in the Savannah Reid series. I am not reading them in order. It doesn't matter! Savannah is a Georgia girl working as a P.I. in So Cal. I get the feeling she is in her mid to late 40's. The mystery here is who is trying to kill the legendary doll designer Helene Strauss.(I kept thinking of Madame Alexander). Lots of possible suspects! The gardener, the nasty niece, the drugged out grand nephew?The author weaves a theme of domestic abuse into the story [...]

    14. This is the first book in the series I read! And I am totally hooked. I plan to go back to the start and read the books in order! G.A. McKevett must have grown up in the south or have lots of family in the South, cause she has us down pat!!!! Savannah could be one of my family members! And Dirk, he is fabulos, his and Savannah's relationship is priceless! I felt I was right there with them only I didn't get to eat any of the good food or any of Savannah's chocolate!!! I'm on a mission to find a [...]

    15. This is the 16th in the Savannah Reid series of mysteries and by far one of the very best. Aside from the wonderful and well-written characters of Savannah, Dirk, Ryan, John, Tammy, and of course Granny Reid, the mystery was great too. It is amazing how so much is woven into a book but aside from the mystery, there was an excellent side story of domestic abuse. Not a knock you over the head preachy story but one nonetheless that taught a most important lesson to everyone. An excellent book that [...]

    16. Savannah sure knows how to pick'em.She always seems to be running towards some disaster or another.Savannah is such an incredible character, she is everything that I would love to be when I finally grow-up. Tough, brave, smart, loving, and an excellent cook.I loved so many aspects of this novel, but my favourite would be the reasons the client gives for choosing to hire Savannah over any other PI.Plus Helene's surprise for Savannah when the case is closed!I can't wait to read all about Savannah' [...]

    17. it was really good! have to get more of her books. read it in one dayre read it may 2011 after i read all her other books in order. it was a long time but finally dirk proposed after she got shot 5 times by tammys abusive boyfriend who dirk killed. cant wait till the new one comes out to hopefully see about the wedding. i was getting very upset they have known and loved each other for so long without getting married. i really love this series

    18. I knew I had read this before but didn't remember a lot of it. I loved Helene's personality. It made her such a kindred spirit for Savannah. Storyline of the murder was pretty good as well. The murderer wasn't too much of a mystery but shouldn't have been since this was a re-read. Savannah and Dirk's relationship was fun as always. The end was a bit unexpected (if you hadn't already known about it) but I really liked it. Now, I'm ready for the next book!

    19. Been a long time since I've read from this series which might be why this was a hard one to get into but about halfway through the book the pace did finally pick up and I found myself wanting to know the outcome. Domestic abuse storyline was a tough one to stomach, but so is domestic abuse in general. Otherwise, repeated attempts on the doll heiresses life was more of a backstory to me on this one as I cared more about what was going on in Tammy's life than their clients.

    20. Private investigator Savannah Reid is hired by Emma, who's concerned for the safety of her elderly, wealthy, feisty grandmother Helene. But at least half of Savannah's mind is preoccupied with her young assistant and best friend Tammy. Something about Tammy's new boyfriend is ringing alarm bells in Savannah's ex-cop mind. Still, as Emma's case turns into murder, Savannah has to concentrate on who in Helene's dysfunctional family is a killer.

    21. I have no idea what the title of this book has to do with the book. This is the first novel I have read in the Savannah Reid series. I thought it was good. If you have like the Stephanie Plum series or JoAnn Fluke's Hannah Swenson series - you'll think this series. Do not start with this book though. There are major, major plot developments that would be better appreciated if you had read the series.

    22. I finished this book, should have read in sequence since there was some action that happened in a prior book that I wasn't aware or informed about. Most of the same cast of characters in this book. Most of the Reid contingent were in this one. I love books that show interactions between a whole mess of people. This one did not disapoint me.

    23. The Savannah Reid mysteries by G.A. McKevett are among the only 300+ page books I can finish in a day-and-a-half. They're compulsively readable, clever, and funny. This entry in the prolific series (#16) features a sub-plot involving domestic violence, and info in the Author's Note on where to get help for such an issue. It's a fun book with a rather surprise ending!

    24. Not my favorite book in this "plus-size Southern detective" series. Not nearly enough chocolate and no recipes. (yes, I do actually read this series because Savannah never eats anything remotely boring, low calorie or healthy). Still, if you read this series or have read even enough of them to know the characters, this volume is a must read.

    25. This is a later Savannah Reid. It has all the usual characters and a murder for Savannah & Dirk to solve. The addition of domestic abuse/battery to Tammy adds a chilling note, which sets up the second climax. Dirk finally admits and acts upon his feelings for Savannah. This has been hinted at in previous stories. Sometimes, it takes a critical situation to spur action.

    26. WOW- this book was all around great. I fell in love with Helene- what a lady and giving the doll to Savannah- ahhh. It was sad to see Tammy in her situation and Savannah having such a hard time trying not to tell her what to do but just being there for her. The ending- wow. I can not wait for the next book.

    27. HB-B @ 2/11, 5/11. A Savannah Reid Mystery by G. A. McKevett (Sonja Massie). When attempts are made on the life of Helene Strauss, a world famous doll-maker and octogenarian, P.I. Reid is called in to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill her. When 2 people die in Helene's hot tub, Savannah must step up to search. Okay

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