The Insider At the record breaking age of Piers Morgan was made editor of the News of the World the UK s biggest selling Sunday newspaper The decade that followed was one of the most tumultuous in modern time

  • Title: The Insider
  • Author: Piers Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780091905064
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the record breaking age of 28 Piers Morgan was made editor of the News of the World, the UK s biggest selling Sunday newspaper The decade that followed was one of the most tumultuous in modern times, a period in which we witnessed the self implosion of the Tories, the rise of New Labour, the Royal Family brought to its knees by scandal and tragedy, horrific news eventsAt the record breaking age of 28 Piers Morgan was made editor of the News of the World, the UK s biggest selling Sunday newspaper The decade that followed was one of the most tumultuous in modern times, a period in which we witnessed the self implosion of the Tories, the rise of New Labour, the Royal Family brought to its knees by scandal and tragedy, horrific news events like Dunblane, september 11, and the war in Iraq alongside a seemingly endless supply of fantastically entertaining sport and celebrity gossip Throughout the period he later moved to the Mirror, Infamously deciding to take it upmarket and stand alone in making the paper anti war he kept detailed diaries of what happened, as it happened recording encounters and escapades with the key figures involved, from Murdoch to Blair, Diana to the Beckhams.

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    One thought on “The Insider”

    1. I hate to admit it, but this is the best book I’ve read for ages! A fascinating insight into the life of a newspaper, of the Blair government, of London in the Eighties and Nineties, of celebrity life in general…Piers knew everyone who was anyone it seems, and was able to write about it in a witty and engaging way. He is a tosser, a lucky tosser no doubt – and just how did he land that editorial job? – and even he must look back on those days and shake his head in wonder. Lady Di, Tony B [...]

    2. Piers Morgan comes across as one of the most self-centred braggarts in a world filled with egos, but it's hard to ignore that this is a work of pure bravado and one that keeps you hooked consistently. His follow-ups, once Morgan himself becomes a 'celebrity', aren't a patch on this first volume. Read, be infuriated and enjoy.

    3. This book was OK, and had some interesting parts, but I bought it thinking it would be more about celebrity gossip than anything else (given that the cover is full of celebs!). It focused too much on politics for my liking. Also Piers does not come across in the best way. He has a reputation for being pig headed, and this book does not do much to refute that reputation.

    4. God he's bloody annoying but his account as editor of a top tabloid makes for fascinating reading at a time when exclusives were happening every week and before the internet really took over breaking news. Compelling, gossipy and light.

    5. Given the fact that the author is such an arrogant tosser, this was a surprisingly enjoyable read. Written before he became the TV personailty he is now, it provides great insight into many of the major events of recent times from the point of view of the editor of a sleazy redtop newspaper.

    6. Have to admit, I laughed quite a bit reading this. Snappy writing, lots of goss. He's going to hell, of course

    7. Piers Morgan is not a popular guy. I kinda like that in him. I see a lot of him in myself. I like the way the book starts with his sacking from The Mirror in 2004 by way of intro before swapping back to 1994 to start proper.The book reads like an ongoing soap opera as he displays his love/hate relationship with so many luminaries and news makers. From the many meetings he has with Tony Blair to the email relationship he has with Peter Mandelson and the ever ongoing clashes he has with Alistair C [...]

    8. Everyone loves a bit of gossip, but not everyone loves Piers Morgan. However, without the nation’s lust for titillation, Morgan would have not become the successful Newspaper Editor he was and TV presenter he is. ‘The Insider’ is a diary of his newspaper years and was released relatively soon after his firing from The Mirror for publishing allegedly false photos of Iraqi prisoners being tortured. The book cover the mid-90s to the mid-00s – from a period of Tory sleaze, to a period of Lab [...]

    9. Ok, it’s Piers Morgan mark II. No I am not obsessed with him, I swear. I am just riveted by tales of sleaze and scandal. The Insider, which is Mr Morgan’s memoirs written when he was editing the Daily Mirror provides plenty of sleaze and scandal in akimbo. The auto-bio takes us through momentous occasions in history such as Blair’s election victory, 9/11, the war on Iraq and Princess Diana’s death. There are also not so momentous ones like his interview with Jordan, his spat with Top Gea [...]

    10. Well, I took a chance on this book as I had never read anything written by Piers before but I was very glad I had done so as I found it a really good enjoyable read.If you had any interest in UK current affairs during 1994 to 2004 then this book gives you a good insight behind some of the stories which gripped the nation. Major stories during this period included the death of Diana, 9/11 and the war in Iraq.Piers had a lot of access to some of the key players in the news over this period and the [...]

    11. There is a quote from Rupert Murdoch on the back cover of this book: "The trouble with Piers Morgan is that his balls are bigger than his brains."Piers pretty much proved that to be correct through out the book. A brave man is reasonably common, a brave journalist/editor is damn near as rare as a unicorn."The Insider" is a warts and all look at a decade of Piers' career from becoming editor of News of the World, until he was sacked from the Mirror. The cast of characters is large, some of whom a [...]

    12. I found this entertaining and interesting to read, until it focused so much on the Iraq war. A lot of this book you may not understand if you don't recognize names of British politicians, celebrities, or Royalty. I downgraded my rating, simply because I think, at times anyway, that Piers is full of shit! Do I believe it was his and only his decision, to not publish the photos of Diana as she lay bleeding and dying from the car crash that ultimately killed her, plus he told the distributor of the [...]

    13. Timeless? No. Apologetic? No. Frank and ultimately admirable? Yes! This is compelling reading for those who survived the 90s; especially if you spent some of those years a) delivering Daily Mirrors, b) enjoying the Blair honeymoon period and/or c) lamenting the War on Terror. The odd sideways glance at Jordan's tits or Posh Spice's skeletal form, in no way detracts from this decidedly tabloid chronicle of a singular decade, which saw 9/11, the death of Diana and the rise and fall of Tony Blair. [...]

    14. This was a fun and easy quick read. I like Piers Morgan and admire his honesty in this book. He knows he can be a nasty piece of sheit sometimes but if you are his friend he will be there for you. This is a perfect book if you just want to read something not so heavy. At the back of the book you will find all the people that were mentioned in the book and where they are known for so if you want to read let's say a bit more about Elton John you can check the back and see on which pages he is ment [...]

    15. This book is indeed scandalous. You find out a lot of secrets concerning not only celebrities but also important politicians. It also gives you behind the scenes coverage of the journalism industry. How editors fight for stories, the awards in the industry that matter, the agenda setting that goes on in choosing the articles. It is all in all a very enlightening in terms of insight into an industry that doesn't respect its duty to report unbiased news, and insight into the juicy lives of celebri [...]

    16. I hated to see it end, it was so interesting. I don't believe everything he says, some of it just makes him out to be too good, even though he does add some pretty good mess ups. I loved the behind the scenes dope on the people and events and I figure it must be at least basically true of he would have been sued to hell and back by now. He tells some pretty private stuff. He never really did say why he was fired though, I would like to know that.

    17. This is surprisingly good, although it was written (and I read it) before he became a "celeb" in the USA.

    18. I loved this. Piers takes the reader on the adrenaline-fuelled ride he had as editor of 'The Mirror' during the Blair years. He obviously had a ball getting to know the celebs, politicians and movers-and-shakers of the day. And this diary is a funny, high-spirited, eye-opening and entertaining romp.

    19. Piers Morgan is a talent at writing, there is no question about that. His incredible charm documenting his life at a newspaper is really inspriring for a young wannabie journilist. He tells us the facts, his feelings and some cheeky celebrity gossip. I read this book about a year ago and one day I know i will re read it again. My favouite book ever read.

    20. the cover might fool you into think this book is full of juicy gossips about celebs. no, not at all.i'm a pop culture junkie and i'm not from the uk so it was really difficult to follow this with all the politicians (i heard of tony blair of course, but that's it), royal family members and british football talk. it was still interesting though. the press in britain is really weird by the way.

    21. It pretends to be a diary, but was all written afterwards. Private Eye spotted that two entries for different days are exactly the same. He keeps boring us with details of the Daily Mirror's "Pride of Britain" awards. Who had ever heard of the "Pride of Britain" awards?

    22. Amazed that I really enjoyed this as I can't stand Piers Morgan and fully expected to find his tone patronising and arrogant. But actually, I enjoyed loving his outlook one minute and despising him the next!

    23. Whilst I can't stand him, I've been told it's a good book. So I'll check it out. Lyn has control of the Kindle so it's a hard paperback that has to be read now.Given up - more like revisionist history for me. (Don't usually give up on a book but.)

    24. Er cirka halvveis i denne her, selvbiografien til en av de verste tabloidredaktørene i britisk presse. Den er hysterisk underholdende og hylende amoralsk - til tider fullstendig sjokkerende. Du føler deg skitten etter å ha lest enkelte ting som News of The World foretar seg. Anbefales!

    25. It's low of Piers Morgan to write private information, known to him only because he was the editor of the News of the World (newspaper, that was closed down in 2011 after phone hacking scandal), but it is an interesting read.

    26. 5 STARS for 'The Insider' Am I kidding? Absolutely not. I gathered so much information about the TABS reading Piers Morgan's tell-all, that it substantially changed my screenplay (Adventures in Paradise), and all for the better. Do your research, and it pays. Boy, were those guys scumbags!

    27. A fascinating insight into the worlds of celebrity, politics, and newspaper journalism. Enjoyable from start to finish and, worryingly, you end up slightly liking Piers Morgan

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