Nemesis Zombies Mutant animals Bioengineered weapons and surgically enhanced monsters Secret labs and widespread conspiracies It seemed impossible but Jill Valentine and her teammates among the S T A R S had

  • Title: Nemesis
  • Author: S.D. Perry
  • ISBN: 9780671784966
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zombies Mutant animals Bioengineered weapons and surgically enhanced monsters Secret labs and widespread conspiracies It seemed impossible, but Jill Valentine and her teammates among the S.T.A.R.S had seen it all firsthand when the Umbrella Corporation turned Raccoon City into a staging ground for the most insidious genetic experiments ever conceived After all she sZombies Mutant animals Bioengineered weapons and surgically enhanced monsters Secret labs and widespread conspiracies It seemed impossible, but Jill Valentine and her teammates among the S.T.A.R.S had seen it all firsthand when the Umbrella Corporation turned Raccoon City into a staging ground for the most insidious genetic experiments ever conceived After all she s been through, Valentine is ready to leave that remote mountain community forever.But Umbrella isn t finished with Raccoon City.Too much evidence of their unethical and immoral research still exists It must be recovered or destroyed and quickly before it can be traced back to Umbrella And with William Birkin s mutagenic virus already spreading through the city like wildfire, drastic measures are needed Under cover of night, mercenary teams have entered the city, along with something else Umbrella s failsafe an evolved version of its Tyrant class killing machines, a lethal creature code named Nemesis Now Nemesis is on the hunt And Jill Valentine is about to become prey.

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    One thought on “Nemesis”

    1. +I rated this book five, which is RE3 Nemesis!! Or Biohazard when u play PS1. :) I bet those who have the chance to play the actual game would be very surprised and happy reading this book, I think those who played the game will understand my sentiments about this cool epic story.+Probably this is my fave. book among the series. Also, I can't compare this to the movie of Resident evil. IT WAS WAY WAY TOO DIFFERENT, AND WAY WAY MORE GOOD. I promise! When you experience playing the game of RE. You [...]

    2. Gran capítulo a la altura de "La ciudad de los Muertos", de hecho comparten muchas similitudes que voy a desgranar.Lo primero decir que el libro tiene lugar en el mismo tiempo/espacio que el capitulo mencionado (ciudad de los muertos) salvo que ahora tenemos otros protagonistas: Jill Valantine, Carlos Oliveira y Nikolai. A este elenco de personajes (y algunos secundarios que aparecen en otras novelas anteriores) hay que sumar uno de lo más variopinto y que pondrá las cosas más difíciles, si [...]

    3. StarsssssThe titular monstrosity of the series and one of the most well known monsters makes its debut. Resident Evil 3 is adapted well in this book and makes for a thrilling tale as our characters do all they can to survive. Won't be disappointed!

    4. Que recuerdos!!Me ha gustado mucho este libro, tiene mucha acción y no es nada pesado.A diferencia de las películas basadas en los videojuegos de Resident Evil estos libros tiene leves cambios, pequeños detalles solamente, que ayudan a trasladar la historia del videojuego a un libro, y la manera en que lo hicieron es bastante buena.Un ejemplo seria los cambios en Nicholai. En el videojuego nos lo vamos topando de vez en cuando y solo hasta el final se rebela como un verdadero enemigo, pero en [...]

    5. This is a Reading Good Books review.Ah, the Nemesis. To me, he is the "Pyramid Head" of the Resident Evil series. Everybody knows who he is and he is one of the scariest opponents in the entire franchise. He also made an appearance on the movie adaptation, just like his Silent Hill counterpart. But if you must know, the Nemesis is a creature from Umbrella Labs programmed to hunt and kill S.T.A.R.S. members. He appears in the third Resident Evil game and the fifth book adaptation.Jill Valentine w [...]

    6. Once more, I think that the series returns to a firmer footing by returning to a game adaptation.The only glaring fault (and once more, this deals more with Capcom's retcons than Perry) is that I don't feel like they really address the fact that Jill's not in Europe? I'm fairly certain that fact was made pretty clear in Book 4 and maybe even the beginning of Book 3 that placed all the 'original heroes' in Europe. Hence the reason the B-team is heading there at the start of Book 4.So we're left w [...]

    7. "Resident Evil Nemesis" adalah adaptasi dari game Resident Evil Nemesis. "RE Nemesis" bercerita tentang Jill Valentine, anggota S.T.A.R.S. yang kembali menginvestigasi Umbrella Corp. dan virus yang sedang menyebar. Dalam investigasinya, Jill terjebak di Racoon City, kota yang menjadi markas Umbrella. Menghadapi kepungan zombie, serta diburu oleh Nemesis, mutan yang dibuat khusus untuk mengejar para anggota S.T.A.R.S Jill harus bekerja sama dengan Carlos Oliviera, anggota militer bayaran Umbrella [...]

    8. This book takes place during the third Resident Evil game of the same name. The game and story take place during and after RE 2/City of The Dead. Jill Valentine, former member of S.T.A.R.S. and survivor from RE 1/Umbrella Conspiracy, tries to make it out of Raccoon City. By this point in the story, the T-Virus is spreading rapidly among the populace. Jill slowly makes her way through Raccoon City, eventually meeting up with an Umbrella soldier by the name of Carlos Olivera. Carlos is a good man, [...]

    9. "S.D. Perry is constantly improving on the the novelizations of the Resident Evil Series and it is starting to show more and more with the novels she is writing. What I know about this novel is it is based off the events of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis which also takes place in Racoon City before it was purged. The story is told through the third-person view of both Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera - the two main characters of the third video game.What I like about this novel is it is a very close [...]

    10. S. D. Perry, Resident Evil: Nemesis (Pocket, 2000)Perry (thankfully) returns to Raccoon City for the fifth installment in the Resident Evil series. While most of the disgraced S.T.A.R.S. Team has left for other places (as detailed in books two through four), Jill Valentine is still in the city. She's planning to get out soon, but Umbrella, who are still monitoring the plague-stricken town, have other ideas, and a nasty new monster to stop her if they can. Meanwhile, Umbrella has sent four platoo [...]

    11. I have to confess, my library only has #5 so I read this book way out of order! I was still able to enjoy it because I'm familiar with the games, and if I can get my hands on the other books in this series I look forward to reading those too.This novelization lacks the hair-raising terror of the games, but I still found it a very enjoyable read. I'd call it more of a fun thriller-mystery. Writing a video game novel is hard, and I think S.D. Perry did a great job considering the parameters and re [...]

    12. This was ok. Not great, not terrible, just ok. I've heard for so long that The Nemesis is THE monster of the Resident Evil series and having never played the games I was excited to find out why. Sadly I didn't get that sense of terror or excitement every time it showed up. In this case I'm thinking it's something you have to experience in the game and not on paper. The characters did enough to hold my interest but never really had me rushing through pages to see what would happen next. As with a [...]

    13. I love having a strong female protagonist and Jill is the original. Of course, the previous books placed her in Europe alongside Chris and Barry, but as Mrs. Perry stated in the beginning of the book "complete consistency is nearly impossible."In this installment, Jill is trapped in Raccoon City, helping survivors but ultimately trying to survive herself. Umbrella sends in their clean up crew the U.B.C.S in which we are introduced to Carlos, Mikhail, and Nicholai. Carlos and Jill come to an unea [...]

    14. Protagonizada por Jill Valentine y Carlos algo (el guapo misterioso)Los hechos se desarrollan posteriormente al incidente en la Mansión Spencer, pero en la ciudad de Raccon City arrazada por la epidemia de muertos viviente y demás bichos de los laboratorios de Umbrella.Es lo mismo pero en la ciudad entera, con un mercenario loco, el cliché que le da de patadas a las cosas cuando pierde el control y está obsesionado con matar todo lo que respireYa me fastidió que todas las novelas están esc [...]

    15. A massive fan of the video games, I was ecstatic to find that someone had serialised them in novel form. Like the first few, this book was clearly written for those who have already played the games.The prose is short and snappy; you can read it in about a day.Like the first books, the thoughts of characters are constantly dictated to the reader, which I personally find quite unnecessary. Characters still act out of character though, and there are a few continuity errors (these errors are due to [...]

    16. It was okay. For me not as good as some of the other books in the series. Now I like the films but I have never played the games. So for me the main thing I did not like was that Nicholai Ginovaef was bad in this book. I only know him from the 2nd movie Apocalypse with Carlos Olivera and I liked him, so I was a little upset that he was a total nut job in this book. But perhaps that was more in keeping with the game rather than the film. Also, the NEMESIS or S.T.A.R.S killer reminded me of the sa [...]

    17. There were three elements that bugged me about this book:#1: stupid puzzles, clearly the author thought this was inane too.#2: the female lead decides to wear a tube top and miniskirt to go fight monsters. I don't know of anyone with a brain in their head who would want to face horrible, rotting monsters wearing a top that won't stay up and a skirt that doesn't cover anything. This is even stupider than the steampunk corset plus tool belt combo.#3: No one makes any effort to procure clean water, [...]

    18. It's in your blood Zombies, mutant animals, bioengineered weapons and surgically enhanced monsters: after all she's been through, Jill Valentine is ready to leave Raccoon City forever. But the Umbrella Corporation isn't going anywhere yet. Evidence of their insidious genetic experiments still exists, and it must be recovered—or destroyed—before it can be traced back to the sinister corporation. As a mutagenic virus spreads through the city, mercenary teams sweep in, along with something else [...]

    19. This was my favourite RE game so I was quite looking forward to this interpretation. I was let down! I didn't like how Perry tried to explain Jill's choice in wardrobe. (Please *rolls eyes*) I didn't like how Carlos was written as being completely inexperienced with women. According to Perry most RE characters are just inept or insecure with the opposite sex. Nemesis, for me, is the ultimate baddie! Perry did not instil fear in me when he appeared. Ever. I'm not going to put any spoilers up but [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this one out of all the books in the series despite having one more to read and that's Code Veronica. I see they went with the ending where Carlos and Jill left on their own and not that Barry Burton had come back to Raccoon City to rescue his former colleague. I love the mention of Ada, Leon, and Claire. I'm surprised Wesker was not mentioned since we all know that bastard is still alive. Can't wait to finish the final book, Coder Veronicae honestly the events of Zero Hour occu [...]

    21. I was never bored with this although I've playes RE3 like gazillion times. It is good that I've played it and remember how the map looks like and stuff but I don't remember carlos looking like a Hispnic guy from the game. If you think about it, nothing on the game says that Raccoon smelled like SHIT. And the description made me gag a bit especially with the giant worm freak stuff. Hahahaha. SD Perry is also getting better and better in writing. I haven't played Code: Veronica but hopefully I'll [...]

    22. S.D. Perry does a phenomenal job at bringing the video game to life in this novelization of Resident Evil 3. The interaction between the two main characters feel more intimate and real. You get a wonderful glimpse into the doubts, fears, anger, etc that they feel as you are introduced to their thoughts and feelings. The action is good and the suspense isn't too predictable. I absolutely love the games and I thoroughly enjoy reading the novels.

    23. Similar, demasiado, a las entregas anteriores. La segunda parte de la historia está situada a la vez que el libro #3 La ciudad de los muertos; si no fuera por unos párrafos del epílogo final, hubiera sido recomendable publicarlo y leerlo incluso antes.Se puede leer antes que el #4 Inframundo, teniendo en cuenta que en ambos epílogos se menciona el origen de un personaje. Como viene a decir lo mismo, queda a gusto del lector el orden de estos dos libros.

    24. Why oh why? This book disappointed my taste for the horror category. I mean, it is a Resident Evil book yet I didn't experience any hair-rising event! The writing is a little bit awkward and it took me weeks to finish this book. I love the ending, no question to that. I just don't want the constant change of the character's directions when they are going here and there. Boring, I agree, especially to people who didn't have the chance to play the game franchise of this book.

    25. This book back tracks in the timeline a bit to follow Jill Valentine's escape from Raccoon City and therefore takes place at the same time as the events in City of The Dead. Another quick read that was fairly predictable. These books are so short that you have to read a couple of them at a time to really get an satisfaction. Hard to find so your best chance is a set on E-Bay or in a used bookstore.

    26. I get that this book's based on a game, but there really are better ways how to incorporate stuff from the game into the book without making them seem like deus ex machina (the laser canon) or coming out of nowhere (the worm) or making Jill look like a dumb bimbo (a leather mini-skirt as the perfect attire for escaping a zombie infected town? seriously?). Also, does Jill have to find a new guy in every book?

    27. Me gusta el modo en que está narrado viendo los diferentes puntos de vista de los personajes. Mi favorito siempre ha sido el de claire y león pero este se pone a su altura. Mis dos juegos favoritos y mis dos libros favoritos *-* lo recomiendo a quien haya o no jugado a la saga resident evil o a quien le guste la temática zombie ^^

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