Shaman Robert Jeremy Cole the legendary doctor and hero of The Physician left an enduring legacy From the th century on the eldest son in each generation of the Cole family has borne the same first name

  • Title: Shaman
  • Author: Noah Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780751500820
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robert Jeremy Cole, the legendary doctor and hero of The Physician, left an enduring legacy From the 11th century on, the eldest son in each generation of the Cole family has borne the same first name and middle initial and many of these men have followed the medical profession A few have been blessed with their ancestor s diagnostic skill and the sixth sense they calRobert Jeremy Cole, the legendary doctor and hero of The Physician, left an enduring legacy From the 11th century on, the eldest son in each generation of the Cole family has borne the same first name and middle initial and many of these men have followed the medical profession A few have been blessed with their ancestor s diagnostic skill and the sixth sense they call The Gift, the ability to know instinctively when death is impending The tragedy of Rob J s life is the deafness of his son, Robert Jefferson Cole, who is called Shaman by everyone who knows him Shaman s life is difficult First, he must learn to speak so that he can take his place in the hearing world, and then he must fight against the prejudices of a society where physical differences matter As Shaman struggles to achieve his identity, the Coles, along with the rest of America, are drawn into the conflict between the North and the South.

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    One thought on “Shaman”

    1. One of the best books I've ever read. It was hard to put it down. This is the second book in a trilogy, and I intend to read them all. The book tells the story of a doctor during the Black Hawk wars and Civil War. The descriptions of medical practices, homesteading, army prison camps, etc. are very well researched and woven into the story beautifully. If you love historic novels, this is a must read.

    2. There's something weird about Gordon's novels, they sit on the shelf, looking hefty and imposing. It takes me forever to start one, but once I do, I steam through, luxuriating in every page.I loved The Physician with a passion, and this is another great book by the same author. At times events seem similar to those in the first book, but this novel holds its own as well. I found the small moments of humor very good indeed, and also loved the pioneer elements, as that's one of my favorite things [...]

    3. As other reviewers have noted, this book takes place over 800 years after The Physician. As the novel begins, Dr. Robert Judson Cole (Rob J.) flees from his native Scotland for the New Word in the mid-1800's. He begins his medical career in Boston working with Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and the indigent, immigrant population. Soon thereafter, Rob J. leaves Boston to see the West. He settles in Holden's Crossing, Illinois and establishes his medical practice. While in Holden's Crossing, he be [...]

    4. This is the second of a trilogy. What a great storyteller author Noah Gordon is! The story begins with the death of Rob J. Cole, who is The Physician ( the first book). Shaman is the younger of the two sons, and this book is about him. He is deaf due to a childhood illness. He wants to become a doctor like his father was. His father says that can never happen because he is deaf, but he is determined. He applies at just about every medical school there is and is finally accepted, with conditions. [...]

    5. Oooo! This, the second book in Gordon's Cole Trilogy is even better than the first, "The Physician." There is an 800-year time lapse between the two books; so you don't need to read the first book in order to appreciate "Shaman." Maybe I enjoyed "Shaman" so much because it covers a period of U.S. history that I'm familiar with. Shaman is the son of Rob J. Cole, who immigrated from Scotland. When he dies we learn of his life through diaries which Shaman finds. There is much interesting data about [...]

    6. This was a wonderful book to read. Two amaizing and unforgetable characters, descendant from that first Rob J. Cole we meet at The Physician, shared his same name and the passion for medicine. They both follow they heart and believes. Robert J. Cole (father) is forced to leave his natal Scotland and travel to the new world for political reassons, there he travels to Boston fist and then to the west, where he get in touch with a native american tribeAnd then there was Chaman (Robert Jefferson Col [...]

    7. Shaman is the second book in the trilogy of Noah Gordon about the Cole Family and their narrow relationship with medicine. It's a good book that mixes adventure, epic drama, history and above all, good stories about the world of medicine. It's a novel of fluent reading that makes you wanting to continue with the third part of the trilogy, that for sure won't disappoint you!Spanish version: Shaman es el segundo libro de la trilogía de Noah Gordon sobre la familia Cole y su estrecha relación con [...]

    8. The second of the trilogy, I started this one directly on the heals of the "The Physcian". I was startled at first by the jump in time, but realized immediately that it's becuase there was another medical 'moment' to be recorded. Gordon has a talent for drawing the 'time'. The characters are real, but the element that makes his books truly remarkable i s the history. The 'first person' point of view on the situations and morays of the past. I loved it and moved DIRECTLY onto the third.

    9. If this is historical fiction, so is Gunsmoke. I think watch in Dr.Quinn Medicine woman, Little House on the Prairie or Bonanza would be a better use of time, I'm sure you could find similar story lines. I don't look to TV for intellectual depth and often prefer shows that don't require much brain activity but I like books with depth. According to this book, American soil must be bad for the soul. Only recent immigrants should apply for sainthood. Funny, the book points out Anti- Catholicism and [...]

    10. Ausgezeichnete Fortsetzung von 'Der Medicus'Mit diesem Buch ist Noah Gordon ein wirklich großer Wurf gelungen. War der Medicus schon recht ansprechend, so hat er hier das Thema nochmals aufgegriffen und eine noch bessere Fortsetzung geschrieben.Der Roman spielt in der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Ein Nachfahre des im Medicus beschriebenen Rob J. Cole verfasst ein Pamphlet gegen die englische Krone und muss daher seine Heimat Schottland verlassen. Er ist wie viele aus seiner Familie mit [...]

    11. Desde un principio le tomé un especial cariño al libro El Médico, primera entrega de la trilogía de Noah Gordon. Por ello, compré apresurada esta segunda parte que, a pesar un par de siglos después, mantiene una interesante armonía con el estilo del libro anterior. En un principio no me estaba gustando demasiado el libro. Me resultó largo de leer no sólo por la extensión de la obra, sino también por lo densa. (view spoiler)[La muerte de Makwa es explicada muy pronto en el libro, por l [...]

    12. Finally finished this marathon of a book. It is meticulously researched, as is typical of Noah Gordon, but I didn't find this book as accessible and readable as The Physician. Many of the links with the Cole family were there, and the role of the doctor at war was beautifully portrayed, with all of the clinical, moral and ethical dilemmas graphically demonstrated.My main difficulty is that the writing style was very clunky, and the book is just too long, with a great deal of time spent on Dr Col [...]

    13. Aunque me ha gustado menos que El m��dico, he disfrutado bastante con esta nueva aventura de dos m��dicos Cole contada por Noah Gordon. Me encantan los autores que se documentan hasta la saciedad para escribir sus novelas, haciendo que tareas rutinarias del siglo pasado cobren vida en tu imaginaci��n hasta el ��ltimo detalle. Lo ��nico que no me ha gustado demasiado de este libro ha sido la parte en la que Rob J. Cole relata todas sus experiencias como m��dico del ej� [...]

    14. This is the second book of a trilogy about the Cole family. One thing that's unusual is that the main characters in this book are several generations removed from Rob J. in the first book of the series, "The Physician". I really love how this author writes. He pretty much ropes you in within the first couple of pages of the book and just never lets you go. And it's not that there is lots of action in this book to interest the reader. But the author makes you care about the characters from the st [...]

    15. Lasot Noa Gordona „Dziednieku” uzreiz jutu, ka pie šī darba gribēšu atgriezties atkal un atkal, tāpēc nevilcinoties to ieliku arī savā iemīļoto vēsturisko romānu (jeb favorite-history-fiction) plauktā. Tāpēc, protams, ka ļoti gribēju izlasīt arī tā turpinājumu – „Šamanis”.Ja tā īsi: patika, bet ne tik ļoti kā „Dziednieks”.Ja plašāk: „Šamani” lasīju tiešām ilgi: no 17. februāra (cik labi, ka varu paskatīties precīzi ) līdz 11. martam. Iemesl [...]

    16. Книга немного расстроила. Нет той возвышенности, той одухотворенности, как в первой части. Нет той жажды знаний, открытий, того всеобъемлющего понимаю, что благодаря таким врачам зарождалась и развивались медицина. Книга более современная что ли. Конечно, времена в ней опи [...]

    17. I have to say I'm quite disappointed with the book. I expected much more after having read "The Physician" and having heard that the second book of the trilogy is even better. What I loved about the first book was that it absolutely captured me and pulled me into the story, with a plot thrilling and educating, yet realistic and credible. This time the story is credible too, no doubt, but it isn't half as thrilling or even interesting. Is it, because I am European and thus don't feel as linked to [...]

    18. Loved all three books. The Physician my favorite.The Physician - book one. Amazing story line with characters to love and hate. The main character was so realistic and likable. The descriptions of the times and places were very detailed and it was easy to put yourself there. I loved the progression of the story. Very well written. I would highly recommend.Shaman - book two. Again, excellent story line. I did enjoy book one more than the second. Very well written. Exciting characters. Interesting [...]

    19. I read The Physician so many years ago, and finally got to read Shaman this week! Finally. I truly enjoyed this book, and despite the many pages - soared through. (My edition is actually epub from the NYPL, so Adobe said it was 600 pages). I gave this book 5 stars, but would like to have said 4.75. I understand that an author wants to make his story a "likable" story…and that the protagonist ends up in a good place in life by the end. Perhaps it's an author's job to give us "happily ever after [...]

    20. Shaman is the sequel to the Physician by Noah Gordon. But it is an unusual type of sequel. 800 years pass between the first and the second book. One of the descendants of Rob Cole in the first book is now a physician in Boston and then the frontier of Illinois in the 1850's. The physician in this book is also named Rob Cole and he names his son, Rob Cole. The son is nicknamed Shaman by a native American who serves as the elder Rob Cole's nurse/homeopathic healer. This book is Dances with Wolves [...]

    21. Cuando decidí leer el libro Chaman, el segundo libro de la trilogía de la familia Cole me imaginaba una secuela en donde continuaba en el siglo XI y continuaba la historia tal vez con los hijos del Dr Cole establecidos en Escocia; mi sorpresa es que la historia brinca hasta el siglo XIX con un descendiente del Dr Cole llamado también Robert J. Cole que llega de Escocia a los Estados Unidos; el libro abarca tanto la vida del Dr proveniente de Escocia como posteriormente de su hijo que a pesar [...]

    22. Muy buen libro, comencé a leerlo con pocas expectativas gracias comentarios de la persona que me lo proporcionó, pero a lo largo de la lectura me fue sorprendiendo y terminé con un muy buen sabor de boca. La descripción histórica que hace es muy buena ya que te transporta al mundo de los conquistadores del oeste, de los indios, de la guerra de cecesión. Pero lo que más me agradó fue la descripción se la situación de la sordera que hizo, me pareció muy fiel y acertada, además de que m [...]

    23. I've not yet read the first - The Physician - as it is in a long wait list. I thoroughly enjoyed Shaman, finding it believable in every aspect. Personally, my people followed this same route from Scotland to the hardships of pioneering life in Illinois, then beyond. Starving, wandering Native Americans were still evident in these areas as late as 1890's according to family records - therefore, I find the story line factual. After reading only two books by Noah Gordon I'm fast becoming hooked on [...]

    24. Se me ha hecho un poco pesado (desde luego más que "El médico"), sobre todo la parte de la guerra. Es una buena novela, muy bien documentada, y entretenida; pero a veces da la impresión de que se extendía sin razón aparente en algunas partes.No es mala, pero me gustó más "El médico" :)

    25. Continúa la saga Cole de los médicos escoceses. Ahora la disidencia política empujará a Rob a emigrar a Estados Unidos, donde podrá reiniciar su vida. Las prácticas médicas europeas, influidad por el conocimiento árbe, chocarán con el saber tradicional de las tribus indias.

    26. Not quite as good as the Physician, but a good read nonetheless. The novel takes place in the Midwest around the Civil War and is about future generations of the original Cole family found in the first book The Physician.

    27. The saga continuesThe author weaves together medical history, history of the period and the Cole family's life story beautifully.I'm looking forward to reading the third book.

    28. Like the first book in this trilogy I struggled between a four and five star rating. I finally decided on four, only giving points off,again, for a little bit of unbelievable situations. That being said, I highly recommend this book as well. This book continues with the family in The Physician but many centuries later. This is set before and after the Civil War. Robert Cole struggles with his conscience as well as his love on a woman who is in many ways his opposite. For example, he is agnostic [...]

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