The Substitute I understand this is all new to an inexperienced youth like yourself I was half expecting your denial but I m willing to wait that you become my lover I will provide take care and see that no harm

  • Title: The Substitute
  • Author: Tionne Rogers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • I understand this is all new to an inexperienced youth like yourself I was half expecting your denial, but I m willing to wait, that you become my lover I will provide, take care and see that no harm falls upon you, as long as you respect me and behave according to your status As I said, you are the most adorable thing that had caught my attention in years You have to I understand this is all new to an inexperienced youth like yourself I was half expecting your denial, but I m willing to wait, that you become my lover I will provide, take care and see that no harm falls upon you, as long as you respect me and behave according to your status As I said, you are the most adorable thing that had caught my attention in years You have to be mine and I have every intention to win you over I m 44 and way past the age for playing You are everything I ve dreamed of for a lover and a companion in life Your beauty and innocence makes you perfect for me With these words, Konrad von Lintorff, a Swiss German banker declared his intentions to a 19 years old penniless student Guntram was young, kind hearted and exactly looking as Konrad s former lover Can a young sweet boy survive the High Finance World and the love of a possessive and violent man Follow Guntram s diary through a story of intrigue, love, sex, betrayal, secret societies, deceptions and murder.Note The author decided that Substitute and its sequel will be available only in paper version For further details please follow this link tionne74 2011 12

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      326 Tionne Rogers
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    One thought on “The Substitute”

    1. The Substitute left me very confused. It’s really hard to rate the book or write a review on it because my mind is full with conflicting thoughts and emotions.It was cliché, over the top, silly at times, but then again: I found myself engaged by the plot and rooting for the main coupleeventhough those two were the pinnacle of an unhealthy relationship. My first problem was the English. Mind you: I’m not a native English speaker myself, but I had a hard time trying to overlook all the inaccu [...]

    2. How the fuck do you even rate a book like this? There are so many problems, deal-breaking, ruinous problems. Most reviews justifiably mention the language, though in fact it didn’t bother me. I tend to hear what I read, so I was able to sink into Guntram’s peculiar brand of non-idiomatic English without any trouble. My larger problems were with the depiction of the female characters, most of whom were slutty, deceitful, vulgar harridans. (view spoiler)[The entire section with Stefania almost [...]

    3. 4.5 stars - Yes, this is going to be a long review. You have been warned :PThe best way to describe this book is as surprising. and frustrating. I had this idea in my mind of how this story was going to be that was completely wrong. I purposely didn't read any reviews about it a few months before I read it because I didn't want to be spoiled or have some subconscious expectations placed on it. So, all I knew about the book was what the blurb explains and the fact it's poorly translated with bad [...]

    4. That's it. I give up. I gather that this book has kind of a cult status on GR, and it's why I started reading it in the first place. The premise is one I could see myself enjoying and I love the beautiful European setting, but my brain hurts from all the malapropisms and syntax problems. Yes, I know English is not the author's first language, and a very valiant effort is made in writing in English, but I think it takes a stronger person than I to make it through the grammatical morass. So, after [...]

    5. No rating.I can't make heads or tails (!) out of the book because I'm having to translate it, edit it, and somehow make sense of it. This isn't something I'm prepared to do for a book that I purchased with my very own United States dollars.

    6. This is a preliminary review on the free beta version downloaded from a link on the author's blog;, the author has decided to have paper copies only (no authorised ebook version), so now I'm waiting for my copy to arrive from Lulu for a re-read. I may decide to edit this review after reading the cleaned-up version.The Beta has all the terrible English language issues that the comments complain about. It's definitely a "very good" to "amazing" level story for [...]

    7. I hated this book and yet I loved it enough to give it 5 stars.This book was I am having a hard time, even after such a long period of nothing to describe this book. It was brutal! I have never, ever read a book like this before and the fact there are sequels have kind of made me stop and wonder about my sanity. There is so much to say about this book and I am not the person to take advice from. I will warn you that this book has an ability to destroy you. I have actually regretted reading this [...]

    8. Rating: 4.5 stars (I couldn't decide if I wanted to rate this a 1 star book, or a 5 star book; so I settled. :) )So I started reading the unedited PDF version online up till chapter ten, then bought the physical book on Lulu to prevent my brain from overloading. The book was expensive, but in the end, I was happy with my purchase. The Substitute is probably one of the most fucked up piece of fiction I have ever had the pleasure to read. There was so much I HATED (which I will get to later in thi [...]

    9. This review is about how I felt about the book and MCs, see other's reviews for more about the story.I loved reading the book. It is my first paper book in about 6 months and its 656 pages long! The longer the better.I was fascinated with the story, well maybe it should be called a written Opera. The drama and turn of events are amazingly operatic and majorly melodramatic. At times I was racing thru the book happily reading which alternated with wanting to throw it out the window! The MCs and mo [...]

    10. This is one of my most favorite books. The depth of this book is amazing. You go through the whole range of emotions from warm & fuzzies to outrage to heart break. It's written in the form of a diary kept by Guntram starting at age 19 and his life and relationship with his lover Konrad who is 44. It's a book of secret societies, German aristocracy, life with a multi-billionaire. Domineering Konrad and sweet and shy Guntram are very much in love, although plot twists have them both separated [...]

    11. 4.5 stars! All this angst and heartache and worrying and wondering and it finished like that, with those cheesy lines. I'm disappointed.Welcome to "The Substitute" alternate reality. It was like a soap opera: bankers, secret organizations, mobsters, scheming bitches, triple play. You name it, you get it. It's not a book that you can read looking for a resemblance to reality, because it takes place in a world that is like a different galaxy. Guntram de Lisle is thrown into this mess, or it's bett [...]

    12. WOW. WOW. WOW!!So this book is sensational in every front.The first disclaimer that I want to say is that I was forewarned that the writer was not an English-native speaker so there would be editing issues due to it. And there sure are but damn all if I was going to let that distract me from this brilliant story. Because of this warning, it would have been unfair of me to discount points from the raiting because of it, and even if I discounted 2 or 3 points, it would still end at 11 out of 5. I [...]

    13. I've decided that this is just too difficult to read in the unedited electronic form. It's too bad because there were a few things that piqued my interest (e.g. the Catholic church). And it's too bad that the author doesn't want to offer an ebook for sale.

    14. I had to stop many times my reading of this book because there are so many mistakes that it is unbearable. There is a not to bad plot. We do not know if Konrad is just a crazy rich banker or if he is a mafioso or something like that. The author inserted clues all along the story and we do not know yet where they will lead. Is Guntram just a very naive young guy or more? Why exactly Konrad, who is supposed to be so smart, never doing anything without weighing carefully his decision, spoked to the [...]

    15. This book is very different from the usual m/m romance fare. It should be sold with a warning. It is very long, very complex and very, very compelling. Highly recommended that you take a sick day off work so you can finish it without interruptions. And keep a box of tissues handy too.The book covers seven(?) years of a stormy relationship between Guntram, a penniless, French/Argentinian nineteen year old student and Konrad a german billionaire banker and control freak. Set mainly in Europe, duri [...]

    16. I read this one a while back, but it stayed with me for a long time. Long enough to recommend it to a lot of people and say a lot of good things about it. It's on my list with the best m/m books and I'm not sure if there is but a few that top it. The story is developed in such a way that you have to keep reading. It goes in all the unpredictable directions and contains a lot of things some readers might frown upon. Still, the relationship between Konrad and Guntram is quite unique. There is hate [...]

    17. One of the greatest books I've read so far. It was more than 600 pages and I already want to read more of Konrad and Guntram. Normally, I prefer stories told in 3rd person but a very selfless and optimistic 1st person is OK too. I don't understand violence btw males and I am definitely not into unequal relationships. However, the one with the upper hand in this relationship was not Konrad. I don't want to consider Guntram a weakling as he deserves some credit. His biggest weakness was his uncond [...]

    18. Granted, I didn't finish this book. My mother always told me that if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So, mums the word.

    19. Like many other's I could not decide what to rate "The Substitute." I was on the edge of anger and annoyance thru about 85% of this book. Yet, I still could not put the damn thing down. If I had the time, I think I would have sat and read this straight through.Because I think all the previous reviews from mine have outlined what was wonderfully awesome and excruciatingly terrible about TS- and the small blurb about the book basically sums up the basic story concept let me just give some fantasti [...]

    20. О книгах.Утроенный объем каждого тома. Уйма затянутостей. "The Substitute" часто напоминает мыльную оперу а-ля "Бедная Настя", только с "темным" оттенком. Временами, когда раскрывается истинное положение вещей, действие оживляется, но потом опять неизбежно вязнет. Главные герои.Кон [...]

    21. DNF at 13%. I'm going to stop pretending I'll finish this book someday. Nope. Will never happen. I shudder just remembering those first chapterswhen one MC abuses another, and has the gall to call it love. And the other is such a weak doormat he swallows that behavior and even apologizes And everyone around them thinks this situation is okayJust kill me now.

    22. This is one story plot despite grammer errors that hooked me from the beginning to the end. Intense push and pull between two main characters that span several years. UpdateI bought a paper back version of TS 1 and notice that this version is so much better. The story flows smoothly despite retaining almost the whole original version. Recommended to buy the hard cover though coz it's 700 plus pages and paper back unfortunately can't hold the pages properly. A big lesson for me to learn. >__&l [...]

    23. Aside from the many grammatical errors, this book was fantastic! All fans of Consequences and M/M romance, this book is for you!

    24. Got to 12% of this long novel. The grammar was just too bad throughout, couldn't continue"As I said, you are the most adorable thing that had caught my attention in years. You have to be mine and I have every intention to win you over."

    25. 4.5 Stars. Unforgettable characters!Full review:This book/story felt epic - though I’m not sure if it’s because this book is 500+ pages long or because the characters are living a multi-billionaire lifestyle. The best thing about it is watching a boy go from being a nobody to someone who will likely be carved in history for his art, his family’s life story, and how he brought a goliath of a man like Konrad to his knees. It’s like watching a Cinderella story that is also a biography of a [...]

    26. What can I say? I love this book. I could complain for many things: how was writting (I don't know if was bad edition or wrong grammar), Guntram's passivity, and some plots holes. But in reality all those things don't matter to me.I hang for every word, i felt joy and sad whith Guntram. The Duke is a very complicated caracter. I love/hate him. Really, my feelings towards him are more confuses than Guntram's.I really looking forward read the second book.

    27. Main Characters: Guntram de Lisle and Griffin of the Order, Konrad von LintroffKey Themes: Nobility, Men with Children, Abduction and Stalking, Age Gap, Bisexual, GFY, Dark, Illness-DiseaseLocation: Europe, Argentina, New YorkI am finding it really hard to rate this book. As I thought about how I would describe my experience reading this story, all I could think of was how it must feel trying to hold on to a huge jellyfish whilst swimming in the ocean. Painful.Exhausing. Frustrating. Futile.Stil [...]

    28. DNF@7%A very bad case of mine Mine MINE syndrome where twinks are overpowered by sexy looking angered daddies and there is no way around it but to suck cock while crying and finding the taste of interest. I imagine how wonderous that experience would be! Then the paranoia of abuse that ensues whenever an older man finds a young traveller appreciating the sites. And that young traveller is moralistic to say the least. He just doesn’t know that he’s being abused is the only thing. Man I’m ti [...]

    29. Not bad enough to rate under 3 stars, not good enough to rate over 4 stars. I give it a solid 3.1, Good points: long, entertaining and crazy. It managed to surprise me, at one point too And I went all, how didn't I see it before?!Bad points: yeah I could go on and on and on Perhaps the worst of all the lack of character grow and the constant going in circles of the protagonists relationship.

    30. I finished this two days ago and I still can't decide what I want to think about it. I have a real love/hate relationship with this book.Pros:Great characters. Even the secondary characters are fabulous and feel very real even when they, frankly, shouldn't. Very emotionally engaging despite having a LOT of issues with everything from writing style to typos to plot developments. Feel-good ending that I didn't even know I wanted. Cons:WHERE TO BEGIN?The writing made me insane. I couldn't figure ou [...]

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