A Door County Christmas Four Romances Warm Hearts in Wisconsin s Version of Cape Cod Peer behind the closed doors of a Wisconsin tourist town gone dormant for the winter season Watch as the drama and romance start to heat up just as Lola the innkeeper promised her four single friends

  • Title: A Door County Christmas: Four Romances Warm Hearts in Wisconsin's Version of Cape Cod
  • Author: Eileen Key Becky Melby Rachael O. Phillips Cynthia Ruchti
  • ISBN: 9781602609686
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peer behind the closed doors of a Wisconsin tourist town gone dormant for the winter season Watch as the drama and romance start to heat up just as Lola the innkeeper promised her four single friends a year ago when she gifted them with her prayers and a Christmas cactus Will each woman find love along with cactus blooms as promised

    • Free Read [Classics Book] ☆ A Door County Christmas: Four Romances Warm Hearts in Wisconsin's Version of Cape Cod - by Eileen Key Becky Melby Rachael O. Phillips Cynthia Ruchti ✓
      227 Eileen Key Becky Melby Rachael O. Phillips Cynthia Ruchti
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Classics Book] ☆ A Door County Christmas: Four Romances Warm Hearts in Wisconsin's Version of Cape Cod - by Eileen Key Becky Melby Rachael O. Phillips Cynthia Ruchti ✓
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    One thought on “A Door County Christmas: Four Romances Warm Hearts in Wisconsin's Version of Cape Cod”

    1. Delightful romances with interesting characters and settings. Each story is sweet and heartwarming. Very enjoyable!

    2. A Door County Christmas is a delightfully entertaining and inspiring collection of four novellas written by four very gifted writers. The book opens with The Heart's Harbor by Cynthia Ruchti. Amanda Brooks simply wants to escape a cold, lonely, Chicago Christmas and flees to Door County, Wisconsin, and the famous Heart's Harbor Victorian Inn. She gets much more than she bargained for when the owner, Lola Peterson, announces that she has been called for jury duty and is leaving Amanda in charge o [...]

    3. The first two novellas, by Cynthia Ruchti and Rachael Phillips, defied every syrupy stereotype I had about Christmas novellas. Eccentric characters, sparkling humor, vivid writing - and some deep and complex characters made these two novellas sing. The last two were less to my taste, but this book was worth it for the first two novellas alone!

    4. On a scale of cotton candy to Brussels sprouts, A Door County Christmas is a cookie table. Molasses crinkles highlight the brightly decorated sugar cookies while chocolate dipped pretzels tantalize the tongue with salt and sugar. This sweet arrangement is beautiful to the eye and delicious too!Since A Door Country Christmas consists of four different novellas written by four different authors, I want to take a bit longer on this review. Each story needs its own section because I enjoyed it so. G [...]

    5. A Door County Christmas is a wonderful collection of four Christian Christmas tales. All are unique but linked by Christmas cacti, common themes, locations, characters and events. The reader is in for a real treat. So grab yourself a copy, sit back and enjoy.The Heart's Harbor by Cynthia Ruchti is a delightful, warm tale with wonderful characters that will lodge in your heart. The action revolves around festive fare and an inn at Christmas. Taste buds are tempted. Romance bubbles. Meddling is gu [...]

    6. Like all compilations Like all compilations there are stories that I liked more than others; but even those "others" were well worth reading. And, they all take place in my beloved Door County, Wisconsin what a treat! I think you'll love your "sight-seeing" tour around D.C. and the inspirational messages woven through each of the four Christmas-sy tales. Would I recommend this book? I just did! And I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Merry Door County Christmas to all and to all a good Ne [...]

    7. There might be a Christmas cactus in your futureThis is a nice collection of stories that just might leave you wanting a Christmas cactus. In the first novella, we meet Lola, and her prolific cactus. Each novella contains progeny of Lola's Christmas cactus, and a prophetic message to it's recipient. Place these in yuletide settings and you have fun, faith-filled stories that will surely put you in a holiday mood. I enjoyed this collection, and look forward to other such offerings.

    8. A Door County Christmas weaves the magic of four stories together into a charming Christmas read. Highly recommend for those who enjoy Christmas romance. Cynthia Ruchti's story of the jilted Amanda escaping to Door County kept me smiling throughout like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold night. Each of the other stories had their own charms, sprinkling in familiar romance conventions with hefty helping of Door County charm. Grab a warm beverage and enjoy.

    9. I don't read many romance novels, but for some reason, I like them at Christmastime. Some people watch Hallmark Christmas movies. I read them I guess :) These are short sweet predictable love stories, but they are perfect for reading with a coffee by the Christmas tree and getting the warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    10. What a wonderful Christmas compilation of hope, peace and joy. This book encompasses each of the true meanings of Christmas through characters that all come together in a Christmas town. Stories focus on young love, family, work and a lifelong love story. Excellent!

    11. Really funI live just a couple hours or less from Door County. It was fun to read about a place I am somewhat familiar with. I enjoyed all the stories in this bundle. And no typos!

    12. What does Door County, prayers and a Christmas cactus have in common? Lola! A delightful lady that wishes happiness and romance for four of her friends. Each story has it's own romance during the Christmas season. Good Christian, clean stories I really enjoyed!

    13. There were 4 novellas in this compilation. I enjoyed the first novella the most. I like to read clean romance novels.

    14. I liked all 4 stories. Each one was so different, yet the connections between them was really, really fun.

    15. The adjective "heartwarming" has been a bit overused, but it happens to be the best one to describe this wonderful Christmas-themed collection of novellas. Each story is guaranteed to give the reader those "feel good" vibes typical of this joyous, magical, holy season.All of the stories in this beautiful collection take place in an equally beautiful area of the United States -- Door County, in the state of Wisconsin. They are all subtly interrelated, as well, for they all have to do with a Chris [...]

    16. A Door County Christmas, a combination of four novellas, brought the true meaning of Christmas to Door County, Wisconsin. I loved the quirky characters that brought humor and joy to the book. I highly recommend it. Maybe someday I’ll get to go there!

    17. I have to admit, I did not read this book at Christmas-time. I read it after. And I loved it! A Door County Christmas is a compilation project that highlights the work of four authors: Eileen Key, Becky Melby, Rachael Phillips and Cynthia Ruchti. The cool thing is that while these four stories are all stand-alones, they all share a common link to an eccentric innkeeper, Lola Peterson, who has gifted someone in each with a Christmas Cactus that will bloom when love does.Not all of Lola’s target [...]

    18. Picked this book up after I saw it at my mother-in-laws house. Wasn't really sure what it was about but I was intrigued because Door County, WI was one of our favorite places to visit when we lived in Wisconsin. The book is composed of 4 stories written by individual authors. All stories have several things in common including at least one character visiting Door County, a Christmas tea, and a Christmas cactus that won't bloom until love is found. The book is in the category of Christian romance [...]

    19. This was a nice collection of four Christmas stories. The stories are connected, yet independent of each other. Connected in that they all take place in Door County, Wisconsin, and one of the primary characters from the first story is mentioned in all of the subsequent stories. Other than those two facts, the stories are stand alone stories. I really enjoyed the first three stories -- I found the last story a bit confusing at the beginning, and although I did finally "figure" it out, I still did [...]

    20. You don't have to have Door County roots like our family to enjoy these light and fun winter romances, but if you do know the locations, you will eat them up. I appreciated the stories involving couples at different stages of life and not just youngsters. A traditional Christmas tea played a role in all four stories as did Christmas cactuses, adding to the sense of unity in the book.

    21. This was a sweet book full of heartwarming stories. It's the perfect book to cozy up with a steamy cup of hot cocoa and a snuggy and read. Of your looking for lots of adventure and intrigue then this may not be the book 4 you but if you enjoy simple hallmarkish stories. Then you'll find these stories delightful

    22. Christian romance. what else do I need to say. Not the most amazing read, but I know I am safe letting my teen read it!

    23. If you enjoy romance novels and all-too-convenient plots, this is the read for you. Probably while in the outhouse is the best time to soak up this eye-rolling page turner.

    24. I really enjoyed this book. There were four in one but I love that they all had to do with the same area and that one women and plant made it into all four books. Really great read.

    25. A nice book to read with the settings in Door County, WI. Stories are ok but it was fun to know the area they were writing about in the stories.

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