The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales Elizabeth Spencer is captivated by Italy Some of her most acclaimed work is set there Collected in this volume are The Light in the Piazza which is her signature piece and six other Italian tales in

  • Title: The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales
  • Author: Elizabeth Spencer Robert S. Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780878058372
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elizabeth Spencer is captivated by Italy Some of her most acclaimed work is set there Collected in this volume are The Light in the Piazza, which is her signature piece, and six other Italian tales in which her American characters encounter and respond to the mysteries of Italian s Her plots are so alluring and enigmantic that the great Boccaccio would have beenElizabeth Spencer is captivated by Italy Some of her most acclaimed work is set there Collected in this volume are The Light in the Piazza, which is her signature piece, and six other Italian tales in which her American characters encounter and respond to the mysteries of Italian s Her plots are so alluring and enigmantic that the great Boccaccio would have been charmed by their delightful ironies and their sinister contrasts of dark and light Elizabeth s Spencer s exceptional artisty has merited renown for her as one of America s best writers of short stories.

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      188 Elizabeth Spencer Robert S. Phillips
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    One thought on “The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales”

    1. I don't know why I was drawn to this particular collection of stories - perhaps it was the title, with its arcane meaning; perhaps the setting, which is a country I've never been to but for a long time wanted to see at least once. Because, let's be honest - who wouldn't?The Light in the Piazza is the story of Margaret Johnson and her daughter Clara, who travel to Italy to spend their vacation in Florence - where they met a local boy, Fabrizio, who develops an attraction towards Clara. However, M [...]

    2. The title story (which became a famous musical I never saw) is deft, leanly constructed and surprisingly powerful (even as it leaves you quite uneasy about a number of things). Its tale (with a twist) of Americans or Brits in Italy, love, money, and marriage falls neatly into a tradition I adore that dates to Room with a View, if not before, and moves through Edith Wharton (and Spencer is something like a very minor Edith Wharton in style and sensibility) to the divine Shirley Hazzard, and found [...]

    3. Okay, finished The Cousins. 3 stars. Strange story, I don't know how relationships between cousins were viewed when Spencer wrote this, but it was weird to me. But at least there was a clear and semi-interesting story this time.Altogether, I couldn't rate the collection more than 2 stars. The Light in the Piazza was good, even though I think the musical is better. Spencer's writing style was just really bad, though. Her sentences were severely chopped up, and it almost felt like it was just a re [...]

    4. The Light in the Piazza is an answer to Henry James. I am big fan of Henry James and his various novels about Americans traveling and living in Europe. But of course most of the time the sturdy, sober American has no clue about the nuisances of what really happening in the culture. They are often played for the fool who can't seem to see behind the veil of a polished society. Elizabeth Spencer's The Light in the Piazza is a response to James where the American is hiding behind convention. The ba [...]

    5. I’ve wanted to read “The Light in the Piazza” by Elizabeth Spencer for some time now. I remember first reading about the musical version years ago in my local paper when it came to my city, and I wanted really bad to see it. It looked really good and the story about Clara and Fabrizzio, and her mother Margret sounded really interesting! So I finally got the original novella and I totally enjoyed it! It’s a great story and I just really loved Clara and Fabrizzio’s relationship and findi [...]

    6. This book actually has 7 stories - The Light in the Piazza and Knights and Dragons are novella-length, and The Cousins is a bit more substantial too. The other stories are slighter fare but still quite enjoyable. "The Light in the Piazza" is a little masterpiece. It was written in Montreal in the course of one snowstormy month in 1958. It is dated in the sense that these days, there would be all sorts of special education classes for Clara, and her mother Margaret would probably never have taken [...]

    7. Try as I might, I did not finish this collection of stories. For many years I heard wonderful things about the titular story, "The light in the Piazza," so it was very disappointing when I found it did not live up to the hype. It seemed curiously unformed and unfinished. Most of the stories in the book (I read all but one) concerned Americans abroad in Italy. Aside from some insightful character analyses sprinkled here and there, I'm left scratching my head as to why I felt so curiously unmoved [...]

    8. I love the delicate precision of her prose. She writes about beautiful women who've had crack ups or are on the verge of them and their arrogant men. She doesn't give a lot away in her characterizations, she doesn't give us much access to the inner lives of her characters, and usually I don't like that, but it suits her style. One vapid character in "Knights and Dragons" loses 15 pounds by eating salami for ten days, a diet I mean to try if it ever comes to that. Sometimes there is some exciting [...]

    9. One rather feels sympathy and admiration and some fondness for most of the characters, which speaks for success of the writer of Lights in the Piazza. The girl with an arrested development of mind at ten due to fever that affected her to a degree where she won't be able to have a life in US but is offered a reprieve due to a different culture in Italy and a different social set up, so she won't have to do anything but be as lovable as she is, the mother who is practical and able to outfox the wi [...]

    10. This is the first novel I recall reading for fun rather than assignment. It is fresh today, and deals with the tugs between doing what you think is right and what is best for the child/woman that is represented by the young character in the book. The book became a Broadway musical, and you might want to listen to the score, written by Richard Rodgers' grandson Adam Guettel. It's an uplifting story, and quite a tribute to Ms. Spencer's talent to have a story put to music. That a person's early wr [...]

    11. Through a mother-daughter relationship Elizabeth Spencer's contemplative novel explores the way we interpret the concepts of mental ability. On the pretext of a holiday, Margaret Johnson takes her brain-injured daughter, Clara, to Italy. In reality Margaret needs to escape the prying eyes and whispers of her "friends." Both mother and daughter are absorbed into the rhythm and beauty of Italy leaving both of them forever changed. With a subtle wit, Elizabeth Spencer transports the reader to 1950' [...]

    12. Nice collection of short stories. The first, Light in the Piazza--actually more of a novella than a short story is the best. (It is also the basis for the Broadway musical of the same name.) It was really enjoyable to read this - having been to Florence before, I can say that Spencer effectively evokes its atmosphere. The mother/daughter relationship was complex and interesting, and I liked how at first the story seemed to be about the daughter, but it's really about the mother.

    13. Okay I finally got through all the short stories in this book. I really liked most of them, short stories are just so charming. I didn't love "Knights and Dragons" it got a little long in the tooth. I adored "White Azalea" and all the others were very winsome.

    14. Short stories about Southerners in Italy. I think Elizabeth Spencer would be my best friend. Intriguing reading up to this point. Loving every minute. :)

    15. Impeccable writing, if uneven collection. In addition to the title, I fell in love with "The Cousins." A must for any Peter Taylor fans.

    16. Read for trip to Italy. Enjoyed all but Knights and Dragons. Not sure how helpful it was to read for the trip.

    17. I was given this as a gift because I love the musical stage version of Light in the Piazza. That story did not disappoint nor did the others. Well worth reading.

    18. I want to revisit this one again someday! I read most of the stories in this collection. My favorite was "The Light in the Piazza."

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