The Caregiver Shelly Shepard Gray the much beloved author of the Sisters of the Heart and Seasons of Sugarcreek books returns with The Caregiver the first book in her moving and inspirational Amish romance serie

  • Title: The Caregiver
  • Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
  • ISBN: 9780062020611
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shelly Shepard Gray, the much beloved author of the Sisters of the Heart and Seasons of Sugarcreek books, returns with The Caregiver, the first book in her moving and inspirational Amish romance series, Families of Honor A heart soaring tale of faith and love in the bestselling tradition of Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter, and Cindy Woodsmall, it tells of two lives thatShelly Shepard Gray, the much beloved author of the Sisters of the Heart and Seasons of Sugarcreek books, returns with The Caregiver, the first book in her moving and inspirational Amish romance series, Families of Honor A heart soaring tale of faith and love in the bestselling tradition of Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter, and Cindy Woodsmall, it tells of two lives that converge one stormy night on a train bound for Cleveland The Caregiver is Christian romantic fiction at its very finest.

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    One thought on “The Caregiver”

    1. I haven't given an Amish book a 4 star rating in a long time because they always seem to follow the same story line. This series however has addressed issue's that don't seem to fit the Amish profile. We want to believe that real life doesn't happen to these very plain and closer to God then most people. This book touched on an abusive husband and although it never really touched on what this culture of people would do or thought the pain and hurt it caused a women is in no doubt different. They [...]

    2. I had prepared myself early on to just read this one and be done with it. I've been of the opinion that Shelley's books are good, but sometimes too rushed and lacking in substance and so I've struggled to really enjoy them. After reading The Caregiver, my faith in her writing has been restored! The Caregiver was such a touching novel, but also a difficult one to read because the author dealt with the very sensitive subject of physical abuse between a husband and a wife. It felt like my heart was [...]

    3. I just finished this book yesterday. It just took me a couple of days to read it. All I can say was that I was blown away by it. What an incredibly emotional and moving novel. It is a story that can hit home for many readers out there. We have all experienced (or at least many of us) some kind of emotional upset or traumatic event. Reading this novel, just makes your heart cry out for the victims. This story focuses on 2 family members who have sustained trauma in their lives~~Lucy , who is a su [...]

    4. I never read any of Shelley Shepard Gray's Amish books, but this one looked interesting. Like most of the Amish stories out there, it is full of hardship and sadness. Mattie is only in her early twenties and battling breast cancer. Lucy is coping with the loss of her husband who was a violent man.These two women and their feelings are what carry this story through. Shelley doesn't sugar coat Mattie's illness and you really feel for her and cheer for her, hoping she beats the disease, just as you [...]

    5. I only received this book Thursday and started reading Thursday night and finished last night. This is a good read and a book I didn't want to put down. I read my first book by Shelley at Christmas and this lives up to her standard. Lucy is dealing with past pain and is visiting her cousin Mattie who is dealing with cancer on the way she meets Calvin, his uncle and little sister Katie when the train breaks down. Calvin is also dealing with some issues and they spend time together after the train [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. Lucy had a hard life, she was in an abusive marriage and her trust was broken. It isn't easy to trust again. She meets Calvin on a train ride and he is broken hearted his girl left him for his best friend. Needless to say i think there are some trust issues there too. But together they find love, restoration, and the trust they both needed in their lives. She was a caregiver to her cousin Mattie who was fighting cancer. I so wish the book would of let us know that she [...]

    7. I've not read too many amish books, but this one just didn't do a whole lot for me. I think I liked it mostly because I live pretty close to where the story took place, which for me was the most exciting thing about this book. It's the first I've read from this author, not sure if I'll continue with this series, but I'll give her other books a try.

    8. Not your typical Amish book. Love Love Love it! I started this book on Sunday and finished it and the next one ( The Protector ) by Tuesday. It talks about cancer and domestic violence things you would not normally see in your amish fiction books Its a must read! I dont think you will be disapointed in the series! Now im awaiting #3 to come out

    9. I have read every Amish themed book that Shelley Shepard Gray has written, except for the next 2 books in this series. I have enjoyed every one of them. But in my opinion, The Caregiver is the best book she has written to date. It is a very good story with a heart wrenching sub-story to it. I felt all the emotions the character was going through. Excellent book.

    10. Easy read. (domestic violence and cancer) are not light topics, but written well as to not drag you down, but makes the characters relatable given this book has Amish roots to it. I'd read more by this author.

    11. This is a story of an abused wife coming out of her protective shell to become a caregiver when she is needed most.

    12. I liked the insight to Amish lifestyle in this book. It was an easy read. I found it a little too simply written, but maybe I'm just being snobbish. I enjoyed the character development. I found myself more interested in a separate character's story, and we don't get to find out what happens to them so that disappointed me.

    13. Sweet, I guess, but very stilted and drawn out, needed more editing to get rid of unnecessary info and narration. Also didn't enjoy the narrator of the audio version - her voice and inflection made normal sentences sound cheesy and boring. Reading the print might have been better.

    14. I really enjoyed reading "The Caregiver" it is really amazing and give you mixed emotions as you read every page! I love Lucy Troyer's characteristics she is very dear and loving, she just needed someone like Calvin to make her feel loved and protected. The Caregiver also helped me to look at my life and see what I can work on to improve a lot more on a daily bases. And of course Katy Weaver is the most adorable, confident and sweetest little girl in the whole world and I don't blame Lucy for li [...]

    15. I hate to write a negative review but I just did not like #thecaregiver by #shelleyshepardgray . The main character just annoyed me so much. I understood the reason behind her fears and misgivings, but she just irritated me. She seemed to want a man who was incapable of ever getting upsetat's ridiculous. No one can live their entire life never getting upset. This major character flaw just ruined the entire book for me. I honestly surprised that there are so many great reviews. I think I'm going [...]

    16. According to her website, Shelley Shepard Gray enjoys writing stories about “people who have a strong faith, a quieter way of life, but aren’t perfect.” Thus sets the scene for the first novel in her Families of Honour series, which includes a cast of characters that most wouldn’t expect to find in Amish novel. Lucy has escaped an abusive marriage following her husband’s sudden death, Calvin is picking up the pieces of his life after his long-term girlfriend left him for his best frien [...]

    17. The Caregiver by Shelley Shephard GrayThe Caregiver is the first book in Shelley Shephard Gray's new series, Families of Honor.I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley. I am under no obligation to write a positive review, just an honest one.That being said, I absolutely loved this book!Lucy has just escaped from an abusive marriage after her husband Paul was killed falling off of a ladder. She had suffered through 2 years of marriage to him and constantly hid the abuse, mentally and [...]

    18. "The Caregiver" by Shelley Shepard Gray touches on a subject that I have rarely read about in the amish stories that I read, and that is domestic violence among the Amish. In this story we have the protagonist Lucy, who married a man that the Amish community thought well of.Soon after marrying Paul, he becomes verbally and physically abusive towards her. While many of the people in her community knew what was going on they did nothing. Lucy figures that she is destined to live the rest of her li [...]

    19. Lucy was abused in her first marriage. Her husband died a year before in a barn accident and now Lucky finders herself on a train heading for Ohio to spend a month caring for her cousin Mattie who is battling cancer and will be undergoing Chemo. On the train she meets Calvin who she soon finds out is also heading to Ohio in fact to the same small town! Calvin is traveling with his little sister and his Uncle John who is returning home after being in the English world for 20 years.Will Lucy face [...]

    20. Shelley Shepard Grey is one of my favorite Amish fiction authors. So, when I was given the chance to read the first book, The Caregiver, in her new Families of Honor series, I was so excited! I have read a lot of Amish Fiction novels but I really think this is the first one that I have read that had an abusive husband theme. The main character Lucy married a man well liked in the community. She thought she was in love with him. Soon after getting married her new husband abuses and belittles her. [...]

    21. Synopsis Lucy is traveling by herself via train to Jacob's Crossing to help care for her cousin Mattie, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Trying to overcome the sudden death of her husband, she's glad to get away and focus on someone else for a while.The only other Amish people on the train are Calvin Weaver and his little sister, Katie. When their train breaks down outside of Cleveland, Calvin and Lucy band together to face the outside world. But Calvin also carries the weight of past hurt [...]

    22. The Caregiver by Shelley Shepard Gray is the first book in the Families of Honor series. Lucy Troyer is traveling alone on a train to Jacob's Crossing to help care for her cousin Mattie who is battling cancer. Lucy's still trying to get her life back after the death of her husband, Paul, a year ago. Although they were only married for two years, Lucy was permanently changed by his constant and brutal physical and verbal abuse. She's no longer the independent, strong and happy woman she once was. [...]

    23. This book has it all love and disappointment, care of family and adjusting to a new area with some hope. Lucy is dealing with past pain of her marriage with an abuse husband, so when her cousin Mattie needs help as she deals with her health condition (cancer) she is happy to leave home and come to Jacobs Creek to help. The train ride she befriends a young girl Katie who is going to her destination with her brother Calvin. Due to some problems all of the passengers had to get off and wait for oth [...]

    24. Title: THE CAREGIVERAuthor: Shelley Shepard GrayPublisher: Avon InspireMarch 2011ISBN: 978-0-06-202061-1Genre: Inspirational/Amish/romanceLucy Troyer is traveling alone, by train, to go to her cousin Mattie in Jacob’s Crossing. Mattie has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a rough time with treatment. Lucy hopes that she’ll be able to help out and encourage Mattie through this fight. While traveling, Lucy meets an Amish man, Calvin Weaver and his sister, Katie, who are trav [...]

    25. I Love Amish fiction and have just recently discovered Shelley Shephard Gray. I am so gald that I did. I read her book Grace this past Christmas season and fell in love with her honest straight forward story telling. so when I got the chance to read and review the first book in her newest series I jumped at the chance.Lucy Troyer is traveling on a train to go help her cousin Mattie who has been diagnosis with breast cancer. Lucy's husband has recently passed away and she is trying to cope with h [...]

    26. Families of Honor, Book 1FictionThe Caregiver begins with a Prologue that introduces us to Lucy Troyer and her husband Paul. We learn that Lucy married Paul not only because she loved him, but because it would be a benefit to her family. Not long into the marriage Paul becomes very abusive towards Lucy. One evening while doing farm chores, Paul falls and breaks his neck, killing him.The story begins one year later with Lucy boarding a train to go and take care of her cousin, Mattie, who is about [...]

    27. I could sum up my feelings about The Caregiver with one very short sentence: I absolutely loved this book. Not being the world’s biggest Amish fiction fan (although I am becoming one because of books like this one), I have been hesitant in the past to read Shelley’s books. As I have started to warm up to Amish fiction, I decided to start reading Shelley’s books. The Caregiver was only my second and I can say without a doubt that Shelley Shepard Gray is now one of my favorite authors and Th [...]

    28. This series"Families of Honor" book #1,The Caregiver is by Shelley Sheppard Gray.I picked this book up because I like the author and had not read this series,so glad I did. I have contacted library to get the others to read,I love to read about the amish and this young woman Lucy touched my heart with her story.You expect to marry and have someone to share your life with and when a marriage fails this, one soon loses hope. Paul was one to always want his way and no compromisinghe soon became abu [...]

    29. The Caregiver by Shelley Shephard Gray is the first book in her Family of Honor series. Lucy is traveling by train from her home to the home of her cousin who is fighting breast cancer. It comes out fairly quickly that Lucy was being abused in her marriage and that those in her community chose to look the other way. Her husband has an accident and dies and she must learn to deal with all of this.On the train she meets Katie and her brother Calvin who are traveling back home after visiting their [...]

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