Nerves In a nuclear plant in Kimberly workers are nervous when a congressional committee comes for a surprise inspection A few minor problems come up during the inspection but the plant continues to run at

  • Title: Nerves
  • Author: Lester del Rey
  • ISBN: 9780795303821
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • In a nuclear plant in Kimberly, workers are nervous when a congressional committee comes for a surprise inspection A few minor problems come up during the inspection, but the plant continues to run at full capacity at least at first.Half way through the inspection, one of the converters has a major failure Jorgenson and his team had been trying to use a new isotope in thIn a nuclear plant in Kimberly, workers are nervous when a congressional committee comes for a surprise inspection A few minor problems come up during the inspection, but the plant continues to run at full capacity at least at first.Half way through the inspection, one of the converters has a major failure Jorgenson and his team had been trying to use a new isotope in the giant reactors, but the unstable isotope causes disaster to strike The reactor walls give out, and Jorgenson is stuck inside.Jorgenson is the only survivor, and the only person who knows how to stop the reactor from causing a disaster that could wipe out half of the continent, but he is stuck inside the reactor with no way to communicate with anyone It s a race against time to rescue Jorgenson so that he can save the world from nuclear fallout.The magazine version of Lester del Rey s frightening novel appeared in 1942, long before Three Mile Island and Chernobyl Some see this book as a scarily accurate prediction of later nuclear meltdowns Del Rey was an important science fiction writer and publisher, but none of his work had greater impact than this early novel.

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    One thought on “Nerves”

    1. Even though I couldn't sleep and I didn't have any other book handy, I got out of bed about 1/3 through this and pored through my shelves looking for something worth my time. This was boring, but not soporific, ime.

    2. Interesting Golden Age science fiction tale of a meltdown at a nuclear reactor. Much of the science didn't turn out like del Rey envisioned---the reactors are for making "super-heavy isotopes" for medicinal uses, with power as a secondary output, and the main way to remove "radioactives" from injured workers is curare treatment.But it's interesting to see what he got right---such as a Chernobyl-style cleanup attempt, and several aspects of how the nuclear plant operates---as del Rey first wrote [...]

    3. Old Doc Ferrell can’t even spend a day off with his wife and son. The National Atomics nuclear facility in Kimberly, Missouri is scheduled to undergo a government inspection and the plant manager, Allan Palmer, needs his chief physician present to handle the suits.Worse, inspections make the men nervous and nervous men make mistakes.There was already a bill under review in Congress to move the entire facility to a remote location, away from the dense civilian population that is currently enjoy [...]

    4. A good emergency thriller from the time of atomic cars and human operator-controlled videophone lines. The book manages to hold your attention quite well, despite the somewhat silly ideas about transuranic elements that are at the core of the story. It's also great to see that the author did not take the path of evil, and did not shrink the medicine in the novel to magic lazorrs and glue guns. Treatments look mostly believable and well thought out.The only serious annoyance is the whole 'Jenkins [...]

    5. Read as part of a collection of Science Fiction Hall of Famers. It's decent but I'm not particularly a huge fan.

    6. The science and some of the characters are rather dated, but I love the action in this one. I read it every few years.

    7. A story of a nuclear plant near meltdown. First written in 1942 for magazine publication, so it was prophetic to some extent. Expanded for book publication in 1956, and revised again in 1976.

    8. Dr. Ferrel is the company doctor for the atomics plant. Hatred and mistrust about the use of atomics is growing among those in town and nationwide, so as the plant tries to appease those in power a small accident happens. When they try to make a super-heavy isotope to help farmers combat boll weevils and get in the area's good graces; well, if anything can go wrong Will they be able to fix it or will half of the US be blown up?

    9. In 1942 Lester del Rey, a second-string Golden Age science fiction stalwart, published a story titled “Nerves”. In 1956 he published an expanded version as a novel with the same title. It is to the 1956 version I refer here. Nerves is the story of an accident at a nuclear plant, the political machinations which helped cause it, and the struggle to control the disaster and save the injured. Almost all the science in Nerves is what is sometimes called “rubber science”: to be less polite, i [...]

    10. Lester Del Rey's 1956 novel, "Nerves", a science fiction novel set minutes into the future, was originally a novella which appeared in the September, 1942 issue of "Astounding Science Fiction". The story is a precursor to the movie, "The China Syndrome" and such Real Life events as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Essentially, it is a disaster novel or to say it more clearly, a novel about a disaster. In this case, a kind of meltdown at a nuclear power plant involving man-made isotopes. The nove [...]

    11. I bought this book from a used paperback vendor at Orycon 2014 for a buck. I thought I’d try another novel by del Rey after my less than satisfying experience with “Pstalemate” last year. “Nerves” is about an atomic products manufacturing plant disaster, originally written as a novella in 1942, before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was expanded into a short novel in ’56, and then republished around the time of the Three Mile Island accident. I thought it would be a fun romp of disaster p [...]

    12. Lester del Rey published this story in 1942 in Astounding magazine. It's a story of men and women at a nuclear facility racing to stop a pending nuclear accident and treating the men who are suffering from radiation poisoning and other injuries. The story is full of scientific and medical extrapolation that is impressive almost 70 years later, even where it may not be scientifically valid. The typical 1940s characters are professionals dedicated to doing their duty. It's interesting that, given [...]

    13. I am surprised this has not been reissued. Originally written in the 50's in a "golly gee whiz" pulp style, it is about an out of control nuclear reactor that threatens the east coast.I read it in the 60's as a teenager and enjoyed it as a good nuts and bolts sci-fi. Later, I noticed a special printing, touting it as a thriller, after three mile island. The critics are not too kind about the writing style. I personally have to admire the mileage the publishers have gotten out of it.

    14. Un gran libro, de esos donde aprendes cosas nuevas y nunca te habías puesto a pensar, me agrada que sea ambientado en su época, cuando aún las llamadas se hacían a través de conexiones con diversas clavijas porque ahora le da ese toque "vintage". Muy buen libro, interesante que el nombre del título tiene frecuencia en todo el texto y en diferentes contextos pero no molesta al mismo tiempo. Interesante tecnología aplicada, y resolución de problemas extremadamente estresantes. Recomendado. [...]

    15. I did enjoy this book. It was interesting and had a good story, but over all it was pretty mediocre. What should have been a terrifying event at a nuclear power plant there wasn't as much suspense or tension as I'd have liked.

    16. Not much to say about this one. It's fascinating as an early conception of atomic power, and I thought the characters were all vividly drawn, although there were problems throughout and I never felt fully engaged with the plot because I barely understood it. BUT JENKINS MADE UP FOR EVERYTHING. :D

    17. While this written as SiFi at the time it now reads as a scary look at our atomic power industry and a worst case scenario. Well written by a master of the SiFi genre, with tons of actual hard science in the story. Recommended

    18. I didn't give the single star because it is a dated story that doesn't hold up in modern times. It's a lousy story that is badly written as well.

    19. The depth of description detailing the chemistry and medicine in "Nerves" was fun to follow. The book was an interesting take on people's perception of atomic energy in the 1960's.

    20. Spannend, vlot geschreven. Doet je nadenken over kernenergie. Dat was al zo toen ik het de eerste keer las, zo'n 25 jaar geleden en dat is vandaag nog steeds actueel. Knap!

    21. A decent potboiler but that's it. Since it was prophetic enough to anticipate Three Mile Island and Chernobyl decades beforehand, I might be convinced to bump it an extra half star.

    22. I read this book when I was about 16 It scared the hell out of me, It kept me at the edge of my chair. But it was a long time ago and maybe my judgment may be impaired, still I would recommend it.

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