De geur van melisse Als in een film trekken de gebeurtenissen van de afgelopen maanden aan hem voorbij Bij elk voorwerp dat voor hem op tafel ligt heeft hij herinneringen buskaartje grammaticaboek briefkaart plantje

  • Title: De geur van melisse
  • Author: Per Nilsson Femke Blekkingh-Muller
  • ISBN: 9789056371500
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Als in een film trekken de gebeurtenissen van de afgelopen maanden aan hem voorbij Bij elk voorwerp dat voor hem op tafel ligt, heeft hij herinneringen buskaartje, grammaticaboek, briefkaart, plantje citroenmelisse, pakje condooms, een in elkaar gerold laken en een scheermesje Iedere dag gaat hij met de bus naar school en op een dag ziet hij haar Als ze hem onverwachtsAls in een film trekken de gebeurtenissen van de afgelopen maanden aan hem voorbij Bij elk voorwerp dat voor hem op tafel ligt, heeft hij herinneringen buskaartje, grammaticaboek, briefkaart, plantje citroenmelisse, pakje condooms, een in elkaar gerold laken en een scheermesje Iedere dag gaat hij met de bus naar school en op een dag ziet hij haar Als ze hem onverwachts aanspreekt, kan hij zijn geluk niet op Allerlei dingen uit die tijd bewaart hij zorgvuldig, ook het laken waarop ze n keer hebben gevree n Zijn verlangen naar haar groeit, maar zij kan zijn gevoelens niet beantwoorden.

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      460 Per Nilsson Femke Blekkingh-Muller
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    One thought on “De geur van melisse”

    1. A sweet, touching story of first love and first love lost, familiar to any teenager. I like the way it was told, the movie-script commentary. I liked the ongoing joke of the German grammar book. But I did think the pills and razor blade had no place. Can't we have a first love lost story without a suicide?

    2. Sniff, sniff. This was absolutely beautiful. It was about a guy's first love on a girl that he calls Heart's Delight (so SWEET!) and the complications of that love. It made me cry in a few parts and I felt connected with the character and his feelings.I wanted to comfort him so badly.Oh no, I think I'm going to cry again.Amazing book.

    3. I'll give this book a 3.50 actually. It has a nice story presented by a boy. It's so interesting to find out how boys really feel when they are in love, what they feel when they get heartbroken or more exactly what they do. The reason I rated it like this was because of its boring parts, which were a lot for such a short book. But what I loved about this book was the message at the end ( pg. 173)

    4. Ένα βιβλίο για την πρώτη αγάπη.Την πρώτη αγάπη που είναι απόλυτη , δυνατή και αβάσταχτη.Την πρώτη αγάπη ενός αγορίου και τη πρώτη φορά που ένιωσε την καρδιά του να ραγίζει.Μια μέρα σαν όλες τις άλλες έμελλε να είναι αυτή που θα αλλάξει τα πάντα.Ξεκινώντας αργά για το σχολείο , [...]

    5. A modern, YA version of The Sorrows of Young Werther, except not nearly as good. And I really didn't like the Goethe, either.

    6. Η Σουηδία έχει να επιδείξει πολλά καλλιτεχνικά ταλέντα. Ανάμεσα σε αυτά, πληθώρα συγγραφέων και λογοτεχνών. Ένας από αυτούς, είναι και ο Per Nilsson, πρώην καθηγητής μουσικής και μαθηματικών ο οποίος, τα τελευταία δώδεκα χρόνια έχει αφιερώσει ολοκληρωτικά τον εαυτό του στην συγ [...]

    7. De Geur Van Melisse was verassend, vooral ondat het eigenlijk nooit de bedoeling was dat ik dit boek zou lezen. Toch moest ik het doen voor Nederlands, en ik moet eerlijk zeggen: dit is een pareltje. Er waren een aantal dingen die mij niet compleet bevielen, maar het was zeker de tijd waard.

    8. I don't remember exactly why I bought this book. It's been a long time since I read it. It was the title? The cover? I can't recall. Anyway.The book is telling about a young boy. It tells you about his first love and his first heart breaking. One day he was late for school. He enters the bus in hurry and in about some stops later a girl enters the bus. She has red hair and a unique perfume. And it's the most beautiful thing the boy ever saw. Every week the same day he takes the bus later than us [...]

    9. Ich musste dieses Buch in der Schule lesen, in dere 9. Klasse. Ich hab damals schon begeistert gelesen. Vielleicht würde ich jetzt als Erwachsener anders darüber denken, aber in meiner Erinnerung ist es als eines der Bücher verankert, die ich totlangweilig fand. Und viel zu schmalzig. Die Geschichte ist flüssig geschrieben und man hat keine Probleme, der Story oder den Charakteren zu folgen. Dennoch kam ich irgendwie nie nahe an die Charaktere heran, konnte nie wirklich eintauchen. Die Aufre [...]

    10. there are very few books that leave me questioning the workings of this world and i'm suspended in the after effects of finishing the last page. "hearts delight" was one of those books. i particularly liked the way this was written, the vocabulary was so simple yet the way the words were expressed was unique. that is a truly commendable thing and hard to accomplish, the same can be said about the story, it was typical enough, boy falls for girl and the problems he then faces, majority of people [...]

    11. This is a dramatic story about a young man who is heartbroken over a girl he met and fell in love with on the bus. He narrates the tale as he destroys items that remind him of her. The development of the story continues as he fights conflicting feelings of betrayal and passion. Although this book was written in a very clever way, the content is explicit--language, sex, and exploration of suicidal thoughts. I skipped 2-3 chapters to avoid inappropriate content, and would not recommend this to a y [...]

    12. First and foremost, if you're looking for happy-go-lucky, uplifting, humorous, or any other adjective that might bring a smile to your face, this book is not for you.It is, however, a conceptually genius piece of writing is heartwrenching, delightful, and emotionally draining. Written in a similar style to movie-greats like Momento, Pulp Fiction, and Snow Falling on Cedars, Per Nelson intertwines beautiful and painful memories with the events of one culminating night when our "He" must make his [...]

    13. This is a very simple love story, but this is a what of not why or why, but how. A simple love story, but I honestly felt for the character and felt something that I can only describe best as heart wrenching and jealousy. Moreover, I enjoyed the way it was written - not your typical style of writing, I believe. This book has stayed with me for many years because of a few lines, which ended up being one of my favorite quotes: "But there is me. And you. Somewhere out there, there's you. And I'm gl [...]

    14. This book is a great example of how guys too can fall madly in love. Heart's Delight talks about a guy that has alot of problems in his life and doesn't know where to seek help from. Until the day he meets the most beautiful girl in his life and feels like his world is turned upside down, in a positive way. He is so in love with her he's too blind to see that she doesn't feel the same way that he feels for her. It gets to the point where he feels so hurt where he falls in deep depression. This b [...]

    15. Excellent portrayal of the anguished feelings of a teen in first love. Booktalks: If ever in your life, love has let you down; if love has shattered your heart so bad you couldn't breathe; if ever love has betrayed you and made you cry like a babyis story is for you. OR, with props: On a Saturday night about 1 am, a boy has the following items on the desk in his bedroom: a bus pass, a page from a songbook, a postcard, a packet of seeds, a box of condoms, a razor blade, and a bottle of pills. On [...]

    16. This is seriously one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. I love the way the book is built up and structured. It is the story of him and Ann Katrin simultaneously with the objects he tries to get rid of. I love the way the books keeps you curious about whether she is gonna call or not. I would recommend this book to everyone, it is easy to read through and really touching! One thing i would like to add however is that i would discourage everyone to read the sequel to this book as it comp [...]

    17. Wow. Okay. So i expected to really hate this book. But i didn't. I hated the main character. I absolutely hated him. He's annoying, he's clingy, and he's a little dumb. He never gets the message. He just sits there and IGNORES some important things that Ann-Katrin is saying. I love Ann-Katrin. I love her, and most of the story itself. I do think everyone should read this (even if things annoy you easily (like me)) And i like how the point of the ending was for you to decide. I decided that he wa [...]

    18. I loved this book so much. The theme of this book was not falling in love for the first time. Although that is what happened, the theme was falling out of love.I loved how the book had such a startling ending, leaving you wondering whether he was glad that Ann-Katrin called or he was too far into desperation that nothing could change his mind about suicide.This book had just the right amount of graphics to keep things relaxed during some more inappropriate parts.I'm really glad I picked up this [...]

    19. That was just weird. The description sounds cool, and if executed properly it would be, but from the second he starts repeating variations of how "the phone. Is sitting there. Silent," at the end of every chapter, you want nothing more than to slap the author. Hard. This is one of those books where you don't understand why they bothered translating it into another language for publication, because it doesn't work at all.

    20. Lovely, lovely writing/translation. It reminds me faintly ofDavid Levithan's style, though a bit darker in places. For being a thoroughly realistic novel, it feels very whimsical and charming (when it's not being dark, that is). There's a lot of teen angst, but it somehow manages to be much less irritating than usual.

    21. In the book Hearts delight a teenaged boy sees a girl on the bus. This girl has red hair and is pale and pretty. After something happens to the boy snd his family the girl with he red hair was always there for him. On the bus he no longer sat alone. He sat with her. Read the book to find out what happen to the boy and his family.

    22. This is Per Nilsson's first book to be published in the U.S. It is the story of two teenagers in Sweden, one of whom is in love for the first time. This boy, the main character, tells the story in a unique staccato voice which rings true. His heartbreak is palpable and the girl he loves is wonderfully well-rounded.

    23. This book was really the best book i have read. I think it really made the character's feelings realistic. It gives the guys point of view of love and how he felt when the girl of his dreams didnt even like him back. Its a book alot of girls would read because they dont know how guys feel inside after .

    24. I read it straight through in three hours, written amazingly well, and captures the heart of a teenage boy blind to everything but his exorbitant love for who he thinks is the love of his life. Being a girl, i thought this book captured how a girl is always looking for the perfect boy-friend, while the guy almost surely will fall in love.

    25. Nilsson's protagonist is the type of romantic, sensitive, good guy that seems rare to come across these days. His rendition of his love for Ann-Katrin is moving and captivating. Nilsson manages to grasp the essence of young adult love in this book. I have read this book several times in my teens and still like it now I am in my twenties. It is just very beautiful.

    26. I learned never to put your life after death always remember to not get obsessed with someone you really like. I reccomend this book to teenage girls it was sad a boy likes a girl and she gets a boyfriend and he was thinking about cutting his wrist and taking a bottle of pills

    27. He was young and in love. I felt his pain. Granted, he was kind of obsessed (picking up her hairs?) but it was sweet (but weird.)The order of the novel kind of confused me, and I still don't really know what exactly happened in the end. But I liked it.

    28. small book i read it in one day.i found accidentally in the book store while looking for a travel guide and i bought it without even reading the plot on the last pageturns it was worth it good book with a bittersweet ending:)

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