The Complete Chronicles of Conan Conan the Cimmerian the boy thief who became a mercenary who fought and loved his way across fabled lands to become King of Aquilonia Neither supernatural fiends nor demonic sorcery could oppose the

  • Title: The Complete Chronicles of Conan
  • Author: Robert E. Howard Stephen Jones Les Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780575077669
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Conan the Cimmerian the boy thief who became a mercenary, who fought and loved his way across fabled lands to become King of Aquilonia Neither supernatural fiends nor demonic sorcery could oppose the barbarian warrior as he wielded his mighty sword and dispatched his enemies to a bloody doom on the battlefields of the legendary Hyborian age Collected here in the chronoConan the Cimmerian the boy thief who became a mercenary, who fought and loved his way across fabled lands to become King of Aquilonia Neither supernatural fiends nor demonic sorcery could oppose the barbarian warrior as he wielded his mighty sword and dispatched his enemies to a bloody doom on the battlefields of the legendary Hyborian age Collected here in the chronological order they were first published are Robert E Howard s definitive stories of Conan, exactly as he wrote them A foreword and afterword by Stephen Jones provide a biography of Howard along with a comprehensive overview of his writing and background on the world of pulp fiction World Fantasy Award nominee Les Edwards contributes a black and white frontispiece, along with a gold embossed work on the leather style cover, while Hugo Award and Bram Stoker Award winning editor and author Stephen Jones provides an insightful afterword.

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      255 Robert E. Howard Stephen Jones Les Edwards
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    One thought on “The Complete Chronicles of Conan”

    1. I’m glad I finally got around to reading the Conan stories, even if I did take my sweet time to do it. The reason for my delay is twofold: firstly, I thought these stories hadn’t aged well considering that they had been published for the most part in 1934, which is three years before The Hobbit itself was published (so to those out there who think that Tolkien created modern Fantasy, well, sorry guys, but even if his contribution is hugely seminal, Howard was there first. Don’t get me wron [...]

    2. 8/05/2011Right. So I'm re-reading (and in a number of instances reading for the first time) the original Conan canon courtesy of this handsome volume (albeit my copy is a bit cat-scratched in a manner that actually makes it more befitting of its battle-scarred subject). I'll be updating this review with my comments on the stories as I read them. The Phoenix On The Sword: It begins near the end. Near the end of Conan's career as a wandering thief, mercenary and pirate, when he has finally settled [...]

    3. Sexist. Racist. Culturally imperialist. But, you know what . . . I had a dang fun time reading them! What? It's pulp fiction about a barbarian who doesn't understand "civilization" and has a personal code of ethics and the swordarm to enforce it among the "civilized" people of the mythical Hyborean age. Were you expecting Shakespeare?

    4. Robert Ervin Howard (January 22, 1906 – June 11, 1936) lived a short live but created some brilliant characters, for example Solomon Kane the puritan swashbuckler & Kull. Most famous is his creation of Conan the Barbarian. About whom he wrote between 1932 & 1934, lots of short stories and one whole novel "The hour of the Dragon" and while that book did borrow somewhat from his earlier stories it did have the excitement and tension of the shorter Conan stories.This book contains most sh [...]

    5. It's hard to make adequate comment on a writer whose work created an entire genre and the larger creative industry that genre spawned. Conan the Barbarian means different things to different people, because the character exists in so many different versions — the original Robert E. Howard stories; the de Camp and Carter pastiches that expanded on Howard's vision and popularity; the new generation of books that the original pastiches inspired; the Marvel comics that pushed sword-and-sorcery in [...]

    6. The original Conan the Cimmerian - what more needs to be said? Robert E. Howard is the grandfather of sword and sorcery genre; Conan is the grandfather of all barbarians (the most recent example that comes to mind: Karsa Orlong from House of Chains is exact copy of Conan) and mighty sword-fighters (too numerous to name). The stories are written almost 100 years ago, they are still very entertaining and impossible to put down; their age did nothing to diminish their fun value.The plot of most of [...]

    7. Despite the unfortunate racial attitudes in Conan the Barbarian lore (as he was writing these in the 1910s through 1930s, he has some of the same problems his contemporary HP Lovecraft had), Robert Howard was perhaps one of the greatest pulp writers ever. After treading through nearly 1000 pages of Conan stories, Howard's imagination never falters. Conan himself is a complex character, a prototype and ancestor of all the anti-heros we see popping up in movies and books. Usually portrayals of Con [...]

    8. Although I've only read about five stories from this edition (so far), I've read most of the Conan stories before in various collections over the years. I already know that it's going to get five stars because most of the stories are great. Those that aren't are still good and are not going to detract from overall high standard of this collection. This collection contains all the Conan stories written by Robert E Howard in the order they were published including those published posthumously and [...]

    9. Good old Conan. You love this work or you hate it. I consider them classics so to review it would inevitably repeat much of what has been said by countless others. Personal opinion, I love it. It is straight forward escapism. Character development? Not so much is it needed? Not so much I always loved Howard's history of Conan's world, in fact, I have just as much enjoyment reading about the world and the tribes as much as the stories. And this particular book is a work of art, a leather tome wit [...]

    10. Conan is my favorite hero, and sword & sorcery has been a favorite genre of mine since I was a kid. I have read all these stories before in other anthologies, some in English, some in Finnish, but it's good to have them all in one book. My favorite stories in this are The Tower of the Elephant, The Slithering Shadow, Red Nails, and The Pool of the Black One. Highly recommended!

    11. This is a very handsome edition collecting all of Howard's wonderful Conan stories. I've read them all before over the years in various versions, but it's nice to have them all in a single volume. This one would be on my list if I were to be marooned on an island for a year and could only pick five books to take with me.

    12. Story 1: The Phoenix on the Sword - rating: 4 starsStory 2: The Scarlet Citadel - rating: 4.5 stars

    13. The woman who became my wife gave me this as the first birthday gift from her in 2006. I'd better get around to reading this soon, as I've been reading bits and pieces of it over the years since

    14. The book is hardback with black leather and gold artwork celebrating a century from the birth of R E Howard. The book contains all of his stories published or not without editing or changes, the stories the great man wrote himself. There are countless other stories edited finished or changed by many authors but here are only his own Conan stories. The reader can watch the birth of sword and sorcery and the iconic barbarian that nearly a century after his creation is fresh and relevant. The clash [...]

    15. I originally bought this tome for a friend for christmas, but whilst wrapping it up i thought i'd give it a quick look and found myself instantly enthralled. Over the next few months i would i constantly ask myself 'where has conan been all my life?' Up until Conan, i, and im sure the rest of you, have had to make do with whoosy lead characters who are described as tough but dont do anything?! And when they do finally kick back their chair and roll up their sleeves, they take one smack on the ch [...]

    16. The Conan stories are great, even though many of them follow a very similar pattern, and some even "copy-and-paste" sentences between them. The language of the stories is terrific, however, despite some words being archaic as this point. It certainly cracks you up when Conan 'ejaculates' (shouts). The quality of the stories is pretty constantly high, with some of them a bit weaker than others. None of them aren't bad in any way, however.I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to all who haven't [...]

    17. This was a great collection of Robert E. Howard's stories centering around Conan the Cimmerian (a.k.a. Conan the Barbarian). A very complete appearance of his published Conan stories and of The Hyborian Age, an article describing the peoples and regions of Hyboria. The stories are among the most influential of fantasy, and a must for serious fans of the genre.Also included are story drafts, a fragment, and synopsis for works that were not completed during Howard's life. A valuable addition to fa [...]

    18. Robert Howard gets short shrift in any discussion of important 20th century authors. He founded an entire genre of literature, and is indirectly responsible for Arnold Schwarzenegger being governor of Kahlifohnia. While this collection, when read in it's entirety, points up the somewhat formulaic nature of Howard's writing, it never fails to thrill. Mildly sexy and exuberantly violent, these tales make for an excellent escape from humdrum modernity, where life's Gordian knots cannot be simply he [...]

    19. This is a whole lot of Conan. Let's be honest. It's WAAAY too much Conan! If you like classic, misogynistic dark fantasy, there'll be something for you to enjoy here.It's stories are actually pretty fun in a pulpy, over-the-top way. It's always fun to read about some giant barbarian killing some horrid monster from beyond the stars with his teeth.It's way more conan than you'll ever actually need, but I still enjoyed reading it.

    20. Once you get past all the racism and misogyny (but be warned - there's a lot), you can easily see why Howard is the father of sword and sorcery fantasy. He wrote as if in a fever dream (he likely was) and the resulting Conan stories pull the reader along like his hero drags distressing damsels past their various plights, usually naked. You don't have to be naked to read it, but I recommend the no-pants option.

    21. A handsome binding (regrettable use of the papyrus font notwithstanding), but I still prefer the Del Rey editions, which use Howard's original manuscripts, untouched by magazine editors or later, inferior authors like de Camp.My Fantasy Book Suggestions

    22. Fans of REH'S Conan stories have been waiting for this book for years!And I was all giddy to get this and re-read the stories within.WOW! These are not the watered down verions I'd read as a teen. This is Howard as his crudest Weird Tales versions.This is THE book displayed prominently on my bookshelves!

    23. Well, it's Conan, the ORIGINAL Conan, by Robert E. Howard. So hell yeah, I loved it. If you're interested you can find my entire review here: psychonoir/2014/0

    24. If you like 1930s-style eugenics racial theory, the inherent sexism of the period, and blood 'n' guts, this book is for you!!!

    25. The Conan stories are brilliant, I am a big fan, many of the stories follow a very similar pattern, but each hold their own as a great story. The language of the stories is terrific. The quality of the stories is high. I highly recommend this book to all who haven't read Conan stories yet.The Stories:The Hyborian AgeThis is an essay by Robert E. Howard pertaining to the Hyborian Age, the fictional setting of his stories about Conan the Cimmerian. It was written in the 1930s but not published dur [...]

    26. The Conan stories are entertainingly chaotic, to say the least. It's main character isn't as much a character, as a thing that happens to other characters, so the real charm of Robert E. Howard's writing lies in the quests and characters Conan interacts with, rather than himself. Oh, and violence. The violence in this book is glorious. The world is well realized, not greatly, but well enough to not notice lest you should pay close attention to such details. There's also some unintentionally hila [...]

    27. By far the best pulp story writer I've ever come across. Howard's rich imagination had rarely been equaled in the subsequent 100 years, much less a character as memorable as the invincible Cimmerian. Upon the second reread, Howard is even better than I remember - especially if you read the stories in a chronological order, from the Frost Giant's Daughter to the Hour of the Dragon. Sometimes the stories descend to formula with plot armor, the payoff is always satisfying. You will not find a finer [...]

    28. These stories are fantastic and surprising! Howard is an incredible writer who is far less sexist and racist than I thought he would be. While he does use stereotypes, his characters never feel like the cardboard cutouts that so many racist caricatures wind up being. They have their own internal lives and motivations, and feel like real people.

    29. The Conan stories by Robert E. Howard are some of the best you will ever read. It is such a shame the Howard died at such an early age. I would love to have seen where he would have taken Conan.I can't recommend these story highly enough!!

    30. Too much skull crushing to handle in one go. Much more fun split down into its constituent parts over a period of time.

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