Pictures of Hollis Woods Pictures of Hollis Woods In this Newbery Honor Book a troublesome year old orphan staying with an elderly artist who needs her remembers the only other time she was happy in a foster home with

  • Title: Pictures of Hollis Woods
  • Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
  • ISBN: 9780440415787
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pictures of Hollis Woods In this Newbery Honor Book, a troublesome 12 year old orphan, staying with an elderly artist who needs her, remembers the only other time she was happy in a foster home, with a family that truly seemed to care about her Full description

    Pictures of Hollis Woods Plot summary Pictures of Hollis Woods is the story of an year old orphan girl Hollis Woods who has been moved to countless foster families during her life.She was originally abandoned at birth by her mother in a local park, with a scrap of paper instructing that she be named Hollis Woods after the park. Pictures of Hollis Woods Patricia Reilly Giff Pictures of Hollis Woods Patricia Reilly Giff on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This Newbery Honor book about a girl who has never known family fighting for her first true home will leave readers satisfied Kirkus Reviews Hollis Woods is the place where a baby was abandoned is the baby s name i is an artist i is now a twelve year old girl i who s Pictures of Hollis Woods Hallmark Hall of Find Pictures of Hollis Woods Hallmark Hall of Fame at Movies TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu ray. Hollis Country Kitchen Serving Hollis and The Nashua NH Area A Message From Chef Cathy Hollis Country Kitchen is a family owned restaurant in operation since We proudly serve the best home style meals in Hollis and the surrounding areas. Patrice Hollis pictures and videos Playboy Plus Patrice Hollis exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus Hollis B Chenery Early life Chenery was born in Richmond, son of Christopher Chenery, a businessman and horseman.He was educated in Virginia, Pelham Manor, New York and at the University of Arizona BSc Mathematics, , the University of Oklahoma BSc Engineering, , and California Institute of Technology MSc Engineering, He served in the United States Army Air Forces in World War II. Stenciled Floorcloths by Michele Galleries Mariner s Compass x Floorcloths x Floorcloths x Floorcloths Hollis Brookline Middle School Crowdfunding Message from the SAU Dear members of the Hollis Brookline, Brookline, and Hollis school communities It has recently come to our attention that a number of fundraising and crowdfunding websites e.g GoFundMe, DonorsChoose have been created to raise money for schools, classrooms, extracurricular activities, and other school related purposes. Nicole Hollis creates blackened wood library for its San Led by interior designer Nicole Hollis, the team transformed a , square foot square metre space to create its offices inside a former industrial building at Brannan Street. P Mustang History, Pictures, and Specs acepilots North American P Mustang Generally considered the best fighter of WWII By Stephen Sherman, Apr .Updated Sept , N orth American Aviation originally designed the Mustang in response to a British specification They agreed to produce the first prototype only

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      265 Patricia Reilly Giff
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    One thought on “Pictures of Hollis Woods”

    1. When I finished reading this book I actually gave a little yell of happiness. I knew there was a good reason why I wanted to re-read this book. I had read it a couple years back and wanted to know for sure why I had liked it so much the first time around.The book touches on what is most important in life and we are shown this by a girl named Hollis Woods. (btw I thought the name was pretty unique) Hollis has been toted around from foster home to foster home. She is good at running away and pushi [...]

    2. Buddy read with GR friend Laura. I could have easily read this book during a single day, if scheduled that way. It was very hard to stop reading as I wanted to keep reading, and I did read it over 3 days, my buddy taking a bit longer because she got even busier with real life than I am. Whatever you do, don’t pick page 125 as a stopping point. Luckily, the chapters are short and it’s easy to read just one more if you don’t want to stop. I had seen and enjoyed the tv movie when it first air [...]

    3. Second book for BookTubeAThon 2017 completed!Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff3 starsHollis Woods has spent her whole life running. Running from the houses she's put in under the foster care system, but also running from herself. Told in alternating points of Hollis' life- the past with a family she loved and who loved her back and the present with her current caretaker, an older woman who forgets things far too easily. Hollis is faced with the consequences of running from herself [...]

    4. This book is geared towards pre-teens and its a good short read for them but you don't necessarily have to be an adolescent to enjoy it. The concept of a family is given a whole new light. Hollis is a very unique character, undeniably one of a kind.

    5. What a wonderful read! I so enjoyed reading this with my friend, Lisa. We both cried happy tears at the end. I know I would've loved this book as a kid, but now that I've discovered art mid-life, I loved it even more. Looking forward to watching the DVD soon. If you enjoy books about misfit, eclectic characters; family stories, with a creative side, and if you enjoy happy endings, you might really like this book as well. I just love a teary, happy ending. My first by this author, and it won't be [...]

    6. I loved Picture of Hollis Woods. To start, I loved the author style of indirect characterization. The way he showed me how was the main character. Like when in-between chapter the author put sections called pictures. I like best the first picture, the way she showed us the abstract way Hollis thinks, the W picture marked with a big X because the teacher didn’t understand where the W words were. Next to say, I also liked the main topic theme. Hollis leaving her home to live in a way, an adoptiv [...]

    7. I am quickly becoming a fan of Patricia Reilly Giff. How have I gone my whole well-read life without really knowing anything about such a gentle, effective, talented writer? This book was lovely. It was simple, but powerful and touching on themes of changing wayward, defiant behavior by loving: fixing the environment, not fixing the kid. My only complaint is that it was too short. I loved Hollis and each supporting character. I am now reading "Lily's Crossing" by Reilly Giff, and I think I'll li [...]

    8. I am really surprised that this is a Newbery Honor book and that it has such high ratings and good reviews. To begin with the writing is sub-par with some very awkward moments that make me feel as if there was little editing. Most of all, though, was the fact that it seemed to be written by someone who had done absolutely no research into the foster care system. Now, I'm not going to claim that I'm an expert, but I'm at least aware enough to recognize all the inconsistencies throughout this book [...]

    9. Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff (Author of the Newbery Honor Book Lily's Crossing) is a book about a girl named Hollis Woods (abviously) who is an orphan. She has gone from house to house always getting kicked out for things she doesn't even always do, until finally she finds a family she really feels apart of. She likes to draw pictures, and that's why I think it is called PICTURES of HOLLIS WOODS.Almost every chapter of the book goes back and forth. One chapter will be about w [...]

    10. I think this book means to do well, and its by a "beloved author", but, oh my did it have flaws. First off, it's shallow and too simple. I know it is for children, but there is no reason to weaken a story, or to dumb it down. Yes, I appreciate that this is a clean book, without as much as even a kiss or hand holding. I like that because clean is hard to find, and as a 6 th grade teacher, a necessity. It wasn't necessary to describe any abusive situations in Hollis' life (she is a foster child), [...]

    11. This book is different. It’s not just a novel with words and pages and chapter titles. It’s not just a story. It’s a picture. The author has painted us a picture, one long, deep, full picture of Hollis Woods, a tough orphan no one can handle. Nothing has been left out of this picture. We see Hollis, see right through her toughness, see her from different angles, see her until we know the real Hollis Woods. And that Hollis Woods just wants a family. Just wants to belong. It’s a touching, [...]

    12. What a great picture book for older readers! Pictures of Hollis Woods takes the reader through a series of beautiful pictures that tells this child's story of growing up within the foster care system. This child moves from home to home, and finally finds a place that she wants to stay for a while. Once here with her new care taker, Hollis will do whatever it takes to stay in this home. This is a great story for students to begin to understand the struggles that some children must face at such a [...]

    13. I love what Patricia Reilly Giff was able to do with Hollis Woods in less than 200 pages. Beautiful book.

    14. This was a nice story of a young girl named Hollis Woods who is in the foster care system. She narrates the story as she looks over a series of pictures. She tells of times with the Regan family and then comes back to her current home with Josie, an elderly and forgetful artist. The ending was satisfying and I enjoyed this short book.

    15. "Pictures of Hollis Woods" reveals the emotional journey of a young girl who is going through the foster care system. It is written through both flashback and real-time events, which combine to tell the story of Hollis Woods. She is an artistic girl who is described as a "Mountain of Trouble." However, with time the reader comes to learn that Hollis is passionate and adventurous, and wants nothing more to feel like she belongs. The reader follows Hollis from home to home, with particular attenti [...]

    16. Family.It's a concept foreign to Hollis Woods. She's never had a family, never had anyone that she could always turn to, never known the power of unconditional love. Left in the Holliswoods park just hours after birth, Hollis Woods has been running from foster homes ever since. She is the legendary troubled child of New York."W" is for want. "W" is for wish. All she ever wished for was family. When she meets the Regans, she immediately feels at home. She belongs for once. Izzy, the Old Man, and [...]

    17. Do you want a book that you can finish in 1 or 2 days that grabs your heart right from the beginning? I felt instantly on Hollis' side from the first few paragraphs and had to know what happened next. It made me wonder how many Hollis' are out there: talented, good, loving and caring kids that have never been allowed the chance to prove it. I liked this author. I like it when I can get lost in a story---I don't want to be consciously aware that I am reading a book--I want to be so involved that [...]

    18. "But that's the world, isn't it? You have to keep looking to find the truth"THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. IT WAS SO WELL WRITTEN AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. I CANT BELIEVE THAT I READ THIS BOOK IN ONE SITTING. I remember that I thought that I wasn't going to like this book. But I ended up LOVING it. One of the only books thar has never made me cry. I was always wanting Hollis to be okay and that she would get her happy ending. The ending was so beautiful. CAN WE TALK ABOUT [...]

    19. When I first started reading this book I thought, "Oh, it's one of those poetically written melancholy books. Clearly, someone is going to die."So I was pleasantly surprised when no one died and I would recommend it on that merit alone. It is beautifully written too, if you're the type that loves writing that is prose-like.I only faulted it because it seems to be one of those kids' books that are written more for adults than children. My kids couldn't get into it, probably because of the beautif [...]

    20. I love this book! It is a young adult novel, and I am reading it to my students again this year. It's a really easy read and written so well. You'll adore the character by the second chapter!!Just finished this with my class and I couldn't read the last page because I started to cry. So, an awesome student finished it for me and then we watched the Hallmark DVD to compare/contrast the book/movie.

    21. I don't get it. You know, sometimes you read a book and then you just stare at the Newbery Honor Medal on the cover and your thoughts are something like "Why?" That was me with this book. I didn't get why it won such a medal when I first read it, and I still don't know to this day. I found it to be an awful book.

    22. This is a fast read and a touching story. Watching Hollis find the good in life and in herself is a satisfying journeyI wish there had been more to it. A great book for students who like One for the Murphys.

    23. This is the worst book in the history of books. It's so boring, and Hollis is just and totally non like able character. I find myself hoping for the misfortune Hollis ;)

    24. This book by Patricia Reilly Giff Had a somewhat girly type cover, however I read the blurb and that's where I caught eye to this book. Although, this book is narrated by Hollis Woods a girl and main character in this story, she has ran away from her families multiple times. This was possible because when she was little she was abandoned in a place called Hollis Woods and that is her name. With her being abandoned she had foster homes. On to the plot of the story, Hollis woods used to live with [...]

    25. I have recently read Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reailly Giff. This story is an amazing story about a young and amazing girl named Hollis Woods. This book is about a child who was left by the woods and had nothing but a paper that read "Call her Hollis Woods". Since then she has been in many homes. The agency and the Mustard Lady doesn't understand her. She always runs away. She finally found a home. The Regans want her in their family. But the fights The Old Man and Steven her soon to [...]

    26. "Pictures of Hollis Woods" is a pretty good book. It was good enough to me to like it. I was kinda lost in some part but I always found myself back with is a good thing :) This book is about a young 12 year old girl who was abandoned by her mother when she was just weeks old (baby). She has went to so many fosters homes but none of then seem to be her place she called "home"because she was always different from others. Until she met the Regan's she had a connection with Steven and his father. La [...]

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