Mel When her mother is hospitalized after suffering a mental breakdown seventeen year old Mel redecorates the house initiates a neighborhood clean up and becomes involved with a rock star

  • Title: Mel
  • Author: Liz Berry
  • ISBN: 9780140365344
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • When her mother is hospitalized after suffering a mental breakdown, seventeen year old Mel redecorates the house, initiates a neighborhood clean up, and becomes involved with a rock star.

    • Unlimited [Cookbooks Book] ✓ Mel - by Liz Berry î
      340 Liz Berry
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    One thought on “Mel”

    1. This is kind of a weird book. On the one hand, it's a Cinderella romance story between poor, abused, untrusting Mel and rich, glamorous, rock star Mitch. On the other hand, it's also the story of how Mel takes charge of her life after her mother's breakdown. And on the third hand, there's a hefty dose of social commentary involved.Seventeen-year-old Mel lives with her widowed, deeply depressed and violent mother in a horrible Victorian two-up-two-down in a run-down, multi-ethnic area. Then her m [...]

    2. At the time when I first read Mel (2001, when I was but a wee Mem) the romance between Mel and Mitch was the driving reason for my interest in this novel. She's a tough girl down on her luck, battered by life! He's a dashing rock star come to sweep her away! Boo, Keith, creepy-ass teacher prone to flirting with and banging underage girls.As I reread Mel a few months ago, having at last tracked down the author's name and the publisher (a valiant struggle worthy of this one digression), I was surp [...]

    3. I liked this book a lot--there was something so perfect about it with all its faults and weirdnesses. Mel has a crazy mom. Crazy mom goes to the mental hospital. Mel has to learn to be strong and take care of herself and also decorates their shoddy home. Then a hot rock star falls in love with Mel. Mel inexplicably does not fall back in love with him even after their wonderful sex. But it all works out in the end. Mel herself was tough to deal with but in the end I found it a rewarding relations [...]

    4. Per la serie "ritorno all'adolescenza" ho preso in biblioteca qualche libro meno di fantascienza e più giovanile.Mel vive in un quartiere degradato di Londra e ha una madre con problemi di depressione, ha anche la forza di volontà di riprendere in mano la sua vita e rendere anche il quartiere un posto migliore.E' un libro positivo e va bene visto che è rivolto ad adolescenti, alcuni passaggi sono un po' bruschi come i mutamenti di atteggiamento dei vicini di casa e il finale e storia d'amore [...]

    5. Really it's a 3.5-4 star book, but something about it has led me to re-read it over a dozen times. I just love it. It's a British YA chicklit to some degree, but nevertheless deals with abuse in a very personal and intimate way. And on a whole other level, I've always loved the descriptions of Mel's diy renovation of her little cottage.

    6. I have the original Gollancz hardcover signed by the author, which I bought (along with the Janey books & the two Easy books) for my 30th birthday. That's how much I love Liz Berry.Rereading, I am struck by how very believably vulnerable yet tough & self-sufficient her female characters are. It's a classically 80s feminist construct which really appeals. (Much stronger of course in Cathy, who gets every female dilemma in the book.)The boys are as mythical as ever but that's OK.

    7. I read this when I was about 13 years old. at the time, it seemed very grown-up as boys were just beginning to interest me. I re-read it while home for the holidays and now some of the plot details just are really unrealistic. Even though teacher-student sexual relationships are much more common nowadays, its still not a topic I would choose to introduce to a hormonal pre-teen, even if the MC does eventually "wisen" up.having said that, it is nostalgia that makes me keep it. its a fast read, not [...]

    8. This book is riddled with heavy material--or maybe how the author handled the subject made the book heavy. It's not filled with fluff or romantic, panty-melting lines, but the romance is there--just not the over-the-top lines we read from today's books. Mel (the book, not the character) made me realize two things: 1) trusting people is hard, but living without trust is HARDER! 2) If you want to change something, don't wait for someone else to change it for you.I adore this book, but I'm not craz [...]

    9. Uno dei miei libri preferiti di bambini. Quelli che dovevano essere obbligatoriamente letti almeno una volta l'anno.Letto dopo i 20, però perde un po' della magia che aveva quando l'ho divorato a quattordici anni. Anche se Mitch rimane uno dei miei personaggi maschili preferiti di ogni tempo.Cosa scriveva Soobie a 12 anni:Bellissimo libro. Mel vive nei sobborghi di Londra. Sua madre impazzisce e viene portato via. Allora Mel inizia a mettere la casa in ordine: la dipinge e mette in ordine. Poi [...]

    10. Liz Berry has written some of the most true to feeling books I have come across. Her ability to adeptly write teens in various situations and with her candor - yet not make it over dramatic - sugar coated - or unrealistic possibilities makes me wish more of her works were in circulation. Mel was a surprise I actually was prepared to not like within the first few pages but I quickly was turned and it was a quick read.

    11. this is legit one of my favorite books of all time. I like to combination of love story, psych story and lets face it, a teenager's dream world.Every girl dreams of a fabulously wealthy, yet hard working, down to earth, and sweet guy who, lets admit, is hot a famous. Mel gets that at a very trying time in her life and she, like many of us, doesn't think she deserves ityway, it's fabulous. Trust me.

    12. I read this book years ago. It was a lot of fun- not particularly amazing but a good, decently written book about a girl coming to terms with her mother and her life, then deciding where her future is going.

    13. It's been a very long time since I was in high school and read this. It was fun, and appealed perfectly to my angsty romantic teenage self. I liked the ominous factor of the China Garden more, but this one offers the context of a teenage girl's life that is more relatable.

    14. I loved this book when I was a teenager. On the surface it is a teen romance, but it goes beyond that, dealing with issues such as growing up with an unstable parent, learning to be independant, and dealing with emotional problems and self-harm.A great novel for teenagers, with a good message.

    15. This book is just really good. It's technically a "teen" novel, but the themes are very adult. There are a few sappy bits, but the book is really about remaking yourself as your remake your environment. Highly recommended!

    16. Uno dei libri che ha lasciato il segno - al punto da consumare il volume a furia di leggerlo e rileggerlo

    17. Letto tre o quattro volte, era uno dei miei libri preferiti da pre-adolescente.Tipica storia di una povera ragazza che trova il suo principe azzurro, rivisitata in chiave più moderna.

    18. One of my favourite Y/A reads of all time ,made me want to meet a rock star,fall in love and learn to make DIY improvements of our home!

    19. This is one of my favorite books. Another strong female character that takes control of her life. Also I love the view of daily life in London.

    20. Mel is a heartwarming story of getting mature way too young. Mel is a book that teaches how to love without expecting something in turn, determination that never fades and hope that springs eternal.

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