Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set ContentsAnne of Green GablesAnne of AvonleaAnne of the IslandAnne of Green Gables She ll have to go back The Cuthberts of Green Gables had decided to adopt an orphan a nice sturdy boy to help Matthew

  • Title: Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780553333060
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • ContentsAnne of Green GablesAnne of AvonleaAnne of the IslandAnne of Green Gables She ll have to go back The Cuthberts of Green Gables had decided to adopt an orphan a nice sturdy boy to help Matthew with the farm chores The orphanage sent a girl instead a mischievous, talkative redhead who d be no use at all She would just have to go back But the longer Anne was thereContentsAnne of Green GablesAnne of AvonleaAnne of the IslandAnne of Green Gables She ll have to go back The Cuthberts of Green Gables had decided to adopt an orphan a nice sturdy boy to help Matthew with the farm chores The orphanage sent a girl instead a mischievous, talkative redhead who d be no use at all She would just have to go back But the longer Anne was there, the no one could image Green Gable without her.Anne of AvonleaThe Girl from Green GablesIt seemed only yesterday that the skinny, freckled redhead had first come to the Island Now here was Anne, at pretty sixteen, teaching at the Avonlea school and all grown up Well, not quite grown up In fact, Anne was not very different from her restless young pupils mischievous and spirited as ever.Anne of the Island How Horrible it is That People Have to Grow Up Wishing couldn t keep Anne of Green Gables from growing up Anne s whole world was changing her childhood friends marrying, Anne herself leaving the Island for four years of college But as much as life changed, important things stayed the same especially spirited, irrepressible Anne.The Anne SeriesDelightful, unpredictable Anne Shirley has been charming readers of all ages, in every part of the world, for over half a century a bestseller from the moment it was published, the series has allowed generations of children to grow up joyfully right along with Anne.

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    One thought on “Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set”

    1. I was hands-down, totally over the top OBSESSED with Anne (with an E) of Green Gables for a large majority of my childhood. She took that crucial spot for me after Laura Ingalls and before Madonna and Punky Brewster. You could call it my post-Victorian era, I suppose. First, I'll admit it. I saw the made for TV movie first. We recorded it on video. I watched it over and over and over. I had all the lines memorized. I cried when I found out the adoptive dad died in real life. I made my dad pledge [...]

    2. This is the second time reading Anne and it is as if I read it the first time. I really love this book. Always enjoyed reading every chapter of it. One of my favorites.

    3. I actually read the first book within the Boxed Set, "Anne of Green Gables". I had loved the tv mini-series once I saw it on video and felt I just had to read the books. Anne of Green Gables is an awesome book that made me smile quite a few times. It even made me cry. I didn't think that I would feel strong emotions since I had seen the movies but I really did. The author of this book does a wonderful job pulling you into Anne's world. Just like many of the people that don't quite know how to re [...]

    4. I never wanted to read this because this girl I knew a few years ago was absolutely obsessed with finding her "Gilbert Blythe", which made me want to vomit, and so I assumed that this book was cheesy. And it is in a way- but a good way. I like that most everything goes right in Anne's life after she moves to Avonlea but it is mostly due to hard work and a good attitude. I couldn't help but romanticize Prince Edward Island after this book and wish I had Anne's happy disposition.

    5. I am so nostalgic about this book. I just love the story, and I'd forgotten how much the author writes with as much verbosity as her heroine uses in her speech. I grow up with Anne all over again every time I read it, and it had been several years. I rewatched the movie also, and although the order is completely different I love the feel of it. One of my all-time favorites.

    6. I love this storyOne of my all time favorite stories! Must read if you love older books. It brought me back to my childhood.

    7. Good, but not as good as the first volume.Well worth the read. a b c d e f g h I I k l m n o p

    8. i LOVE this book, firstly i couldn't put this book down. When i was sick or the day i stay in my house for whole day i read this book until my back or arms were harting cause i wasnt moving them. to be honest, i bought this book cause the book cover was pretty with a drawing on it, but when i start reading it i couldn't put my eyes away from this book. i will say this book is my second best book. my favorite book till i read that book is "the little prince" anyway, i actually did not interested [...]

    9. Loss, joy, dreams, and ambitions are all things that many have but can be directed by simple things we feel at a young age. Will my joys and fears be guided by an understanding of love and acceptance or of fear and self-loathing? Anne of Green Gables gives an incredible look into a life that takes a turn down one of these paths and allows us to see lives bound up in dreams, joys, and loss. It is an incredible book that introduces us to "kindred spirits" making us wish we could meet our own bosom [...]

    10. have just begun my kindle read of Anne for my first choice in the great Canadian Book Challenge #6 ! reading Canada Day July 1st 2012 to Canada Day 2013, a minimum goal of 13 books [i did complete 2011-2012 as of June 30/2012!] ~ i'm now onto my 2nd year of participationi love the self motivation of this Challenge & my increased interest in sleuthing out unique Canadian authors to add to the familiar. I'm beginning this year early on with one i added to my kindle. I'm definitely enjoying the [...]

    11. I read the first "book" in this compilation a few years ago, and I believe I made it about half way through Anne of Avonlea before I put it down.I think I'll give it a go from start to finish instead of picking up from where I left off.*************************************************I'll give this series an average of 3 stars.Anne of Green Gables was a solid 4 stars. I adored Anne and there was no shortage of little wet eyeball moments as Marilla and Matthew fell in love with her. It was a deli [...]

    12. I read this book as a girl of 10???? My granny gave me this book for my birthday or maybe it was Christmas. I still have the book though I read my daughter's book (which she has never read by the way). Though she loves watching the DVDs I bought for her a number of years ago, because she loves the stories as much as me. I am looking forward to rereading the story as an adult. I decided to read this book again as an adult because I came across Lucy Maud Montgomery's autobiograph in a book sale an [...]

    13. 1 Publisher= LADER SERIES Level= 32. 11/18=80min 3. 7words summary: girl-accident-sad-friend-family-happy-school4. In this story, Anne got her best friend and it encouraded and mede her happy. Who is your best friend? When and where did you meet with her/him? ---My best friend is Manami. I met her when we're in the secondgrade in elementary school. She was sitting next to me. Both sheand I love art, so we always enjoyed drawing pictures a lot. NowI'm studying English to be teacher, but on the ot [...]

    14. Everyone seems to know and love the Anne series, but few seem to go deeper than surface level, which has always surprised me. These books are important, not just to Canadian literature, but to the feminism canon -- they are classics in every way. There are darker elements between the lines, and Anne is still a role-model for women and girls in strict conservative societies (traditional Japan, for example) who want to find their own independent voice without going completely crazy with rebellion. [...]

    15. This book feels like filler between Anne finishing her degree and marrying Gilbert. But it's still perfect for sitting on the couch and getting over a bad cold. Anne spends most of her time in this book meddling with other people's lives and being falled in love with. Random things I liked and thought:I've always like when Anne gushes about like the name Katherine with a K versus a C. I wonder how Marilla feels when Anne brings random people home with her for Christmas and the holidays all the t [...]

    16. I've only read the first book of this collection so far, Anne of Green Gables, and that's what the rating is based on. This is an old-fashioned book, but it comes across as charming rather than dated. The turn of the 20th century was a period of innocence and optimism, at least as compared to now, and I those qualities shine through in this book. The characters are all vividly depicted and the older generation has a down-to-earth common sense that I found refreshing. It didn't make them boring - [...]

    17. The first three installments in the "Anne of Green Gables" series have to some of the most wonderful, enchanting, all-around greatest books I have ever read. L.M Montgomery has done an absolutely splendid job bringing to life the red-headed girl with a fiery temper to match, but the farther I progressed into the series, the more disappointed I became. For me, the series became monotonous and depressing; the war kills Anne's beloved child, and I cannot help but despair in the numerous times Anne [...]

    18. A charming read. No doubt it was mostly nostalgia that helped me through the pages. I already loved the characters, because I was introduced by a good friend to the movies several years ago. I love that cinematic interpretation even more now, because I had a perfect idea in my mind of what each person should look at act like before I started reading. And the book I think was more enjoyable for it. I gave it four, not five stars, because the laborious poetic descriptions of the landscape in all i [...]

    19. The book I read was Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anne's House of Dreams. They couldn't find the one I read? Anne is about an orphan that is adopted and her life. She is a talkative girl that is very lovable, but gets into some trouble, small trouble. The second book is about her teaching and the third book is about her married life etc. When mischievous orphan Anne Shirley arrives at the Cuthbert farm Green Gables, she knows she wants to stay forever. One of the best-loved & mo [...]

    20. This week the library was not fast enough with my wish list so I had to read a book that has been sitting in my shelves unread for 20 yrs or so. This was just what I was afraid of. Another predictable red headed orphan story, but Anne is no Pippi Longstocking! She goes from a compulsive talker that goes form an airhead to be the scholarship winner in five years. Had she really been underprivileged overworked 11yr old she would have seen more of life. I craved more historical details instead of t [...]

    21. I love Anne of Green Gables. Anne of the Island was my favorite in high school. I was Anne and Shaad (the guy I had a crush on FOREVER was Gilbert and we would eventually fall in love and get married too! Aren't first loves the best?) I have read these countless times and am always happy to read them again. I love how simple the world is through Anne's eyes and how she stays true to herself no matter what other people think. I just love her!! She is by far one of my favorite characters.

    22. This is one of those books I think everyone, and I mean everyone, should read. I seriously adore this book to pieces. To be honest, this is the best one of the bunch, moreso than any of the following sequels. They were great (well, before Anne finally marries Gilbert, but you know how it is) but this was the original, the wonderful Anne-with-an-e who dreams all day long, who has hair the color of the sunset, and freckles! Lots of freckles! She can flavor cakes with liniment, dye her hair green, [...]

    23. One of the first "chapter books" I ever read. I read almost all these books in a linen closet of the family home that was piled high with comforters and which had a single drawstring lamp overhead. Some of my happiest childhood memories. 1. The Anne series made me long for a pearl engagement ring for the longest time (even a little now). 2. I learned so much about WWI through the last book, Rilla of Ingleside. A delight.

    24. This book is simply a treasure! Even now I smile when I recall her first meeting with Mathew and their ride to Green Gables. She talked the entire ride! What a precocious child she was! She was so funny! I wish the series would have kept Anne little longer because the magic just wasn't the same for me when she grew up. I still liked the books but It felt more like a sequel to a great movie, good not great.

    25. Just listened to the first two books on audio. I still think they are so fabulous, even with all the extra stuff they didn't fit in the movies. Anne - what a riot! Review of Anne of Green Gables and review of Anne of Avonlea.

    26. Lucy Maud Montgomery is one of my favorite authors. These books may be intended for young readers, but Lucy was a great observer of people and human behavior. These are not just stories for the young, they are about the deepest parts of ourselves that we keep hidden from others, where secrets and anger hide away inside us and old wounds fester and scar over. She is beloved in Canada on her homeland of Price Edward Island, and it is truly the most beautiful place on earth.

    27. When I was growing up, the Anne of Green Gables stories by L.M. Montgomery were some of my favorite. We must have watched the movie a million times, but I don't recall actually reading the books.My mom was so appalled at the thought that I had not read the book that she sent a copy home with me after my last visit to my parents house.Read entire review here.

    28. There is no character quite like Anne. She is intensely relatable in a way that makes me feel like I have known her my whole life or that she is a characterized version of myself. Following her from mistake to mistake as she learns about herself and the world around her makes it so that the person who opened the first book, is not quite the same as the person who closes the last.

    29. I re-read the entire series last year and loved it. I think Anne changes quite a bit throughout the series and from a feminist perspective I am more comfortable with my daughter reading the earlier stories. I would love to hear what other women thing about this. Also, I tend to like the odd number books better than the even (1-3-5) but they are all fun to read!

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