Christmas with the Duchess Nicholas St Austell s Christmas Wish List An invitation to a holiday house party A shiny gold pocket watch An introduction to Emma the Duchess of Warwick Roasted chestnuts A dance with Emma A new pai

  • Title: Christmas with the Duchess
  • Author: Tamara Lejeune
  • ISBN: 9781420108736
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nicholas St Austell s Christmas Wish List An invitation to a holiday house party A shiny gold pocket watch An introduction to Emma, the Duchess of Warwick Roasted chestnuts A dance with Emma A new pair of Hessians A kiss from Emma under the mistletoe Christmas with the Duchess

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      209 Tamara Lejeune
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    One thought on “Christmas with the Duchess”

    1. (2.5 stars) If you're looking for a heartwarming Christmas-themed romance, this isn't it. No Christmas cheer here. No, this book by Ms Lejeune is more of a Regency house party romantic farce, which takes place over three Christmases, in 1814, 1815 and 1816. As for the romantic leads, we have role reversal for the H and h. She's the experienced, slightly jaded and seemingly rakish older woman. He's about 10 years younger, somewhat naive and innocent not only sexually (he's a virgin) but also in t [...]

    2. *Received, read and reviewed for "The Season for Romance".Emma Fitroy, Duchess of Warwick is staying at Warwick Palace for the Christmas holiday where she hopes to be reunited with her two young sons who were taken away after her husband’s death. As family begins to arrive, she meets Nicholas St. Austell, the newly appointed Lord Camford. Ten years her junior, Emma certainly has no intentions of getting romantically involved with Nicholas. Nicholas just recently came into the earldom after hav [...]

    3. Buku ini mengecewakan kalau dari tokoh karakter hero dan heroine nya dimana hero nya jatuh cinta teramat dalam sebagai pemuda hijau yang pikiran dan otaknya serendah rumput dan heroine nya adalah janda berpengalaman dalam hal skandal.Yang menghibur cuma tokoh Colin Grey, saudara sang duchess yang homoseksual tetapi narsis gw gak tahan ngakak baca komentar-komentar dan penyangkalan dari Colin.

    4. I have no idea why I finished this. It was like a train wreck, I suppose. I couldn't look away. It was not romantic and not Christmassy. The characters all drove me nuts. Two stars only because I did manage to finish it. Glad I got it for only 50 cents.

    5. I wanted to like this one more than I did. Unfortunately, the main characters didn't really appeal. The saving grace, though, was found in the quirky secondary characters-they kept me reading. I liked the interplay between the heroine's twin brother and their spunky spinster aunt.

    6. A Romance?OMG! That is what I first thought about this book. This may be the worst romance ever! For starters, it is not terribly romantic. But that is only the beginning.The particulars: The book is about Emma Grey Fitzroy, Duchess of Warwick, her gay twin brother, his lover, their unspeakably mean Aunts and Uncle, and their other relatives, all of whom are highly unlikable. Even the "Hero" of the book, Nicholas St. Austell, the Earl of Camford, is unlikeable. He is young-20 at the time of the [...]

    7. What is it they say? The path to true love is a rocky one? That is definitely the case here! I do have to say that this is one of the best romances that I have read this year!Nicholas (a career navy man) has recently become the 4th Earl of Camford. He is green grass. Usually, it is the female protagonist who is unsure in the world of nobility. Not here! It is interesting to watch the interactions between Nicholas and Emma, the Duchess of Warwick. And the supporting cast of characters are a riot! [...]

    8. Looks like we have a winner in the "replacing The Snow Queen as the worst book Eileen has ever read" contest!

    9. Appallingly bad - terrible unlikable characters, confusing storyline, supposedly a Christmas story - definitely not. It may have been set at Christmas but Scrooge had more Christmas spirit BEFORE the ghosts arrived.

    10. Wish I could give it zero stars because it is the dumbest historical romance I ever read. Liked the cover art though. The characters were unlikable or ignorant and despicable to family, friend and foe. Only finished it because I couldn't believe how it got more ridiculous with each chapter. Couldn't root for the main couple either and the love scenes were horrible. Characters constantly discuss sex but no one has a romantic love scene. Will never read anything by this author again. I will stick [...]

    11. I'm not sure I would classify this as a romance, as in a focus on two people falling in love, but it was a lot of fun. The house party each year with such scheming and conniving peopleI'd love to see this made into a movie! I know Lejeune is a midlist author at best, but I think her books are really underrated. Her covers and book blurbs don't really let a reader know what to expect from her: screwball comedies. I for one am really glad I found her and i hope she continues writing for a really l [...]

    12. I started reading this book. It started slow and was getting interesting until, the hero Nicholas started talking. First, I think he's too young been in the Navy since 9 and don't know nothing. The Duchess is worldly and sophicated and the mother of 2 sons. Why would she fall for him. I couldn't take his talking, and he kept saying he was ignorant. Didn't like it I couldn't get pass Chapter 3

    13. This book was hysterical but I'm not sure that it was funny on purpose. The characters were all so horrible and unlikeable and did such stupid things, that the author had to have had a satire in mind. Right?

    14. I bought this book last year to get me in the "holiday mood" spiked with a little romance, but sadly I was disappointed. I thought that the main characters were unrealistic, which took away the pleasure of an otherwise nicely written book.

    15. menurut saya buku ini memiliki cerita yang unik dan tentu saja lucu.dan, saya sangat menyukai tokoh Colin dengan dialog-dialog lucunya yang sanggup membuat saya tertawa dan dialog putra sulung Emma yang sungguh luar biasa kikirnya.

    16. I honestly do not know how to rate this book, it is somewhere between one star for being totally a farce and 4 stars because it reminded me of the kitchen sink running away with the toilet.

    17. This book was different. A sort of bedroom farce, set over three Christmases, without the saving grace of being uproariously funny. Mildly amusing, in spaces.

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