The Gourmet France s greatest food critic is dying after a lifetime in single minded pursuit of sensual delights But as Pierre Arthens lies on his death bed he is tormented by an inability to recall the most del

  • Title: The Gourmet
  • Author: Muriel Barbery Alison Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781906040314
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • France s greatest food critic is dying after a lifetime in single minded pursuit of sensual delights But as Pierre Arthens lies on his death bed, he is tormented by an inability to recall the most delicious food to ever pass his lips, which he ate long before becoming a critic.

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      261 Muriel Barbery Alison Anderson
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    1. I loved Elegance of the Hedgehog, primarily because Barbery created two characters who, although deeply flawed and often annoying, were so obviously vulnerable and sad that one (I) couldn't help but feel deeply for them. That story unfolded as carefully and precisely as an origami swan, revealing deeper nuance of character with each alternating chapter, bringing two very isolated and lonely characters together (through plot, character and symbolically). It also took broad and very funny swipes a [...]

    2. I know this is my pre-teen, Nancy-Drew-loving self that is saying this, but I will say it anyway: I hope Muriel Barbery writes a book about EVERY SINGLE PERSON at 17 Rue de Grenelle. I loved _The Elegance of the Hedgehog_, and was enchanted to find this new novel by Barbery. This one which concerns Pierre Arthens, who makes one supremely unpleasant visit to the heroine of _Hedgehog_ before dying and leaving his flat vacant. Let me say upfront: He is unpleasant in this one too. But this time we s [...]

    3. O carte dulce, așa cum scrie și pe copertă, deși tema ei nu insuflă deloc acest sentiment. Protagonistul este un critic culinar aflat în pragul morții care se chinuie pe parcursul romanului să își aducă aminte de o anumită aromă, ultimul lucru pe care și-ar dori să-l mănânce înainte să moară. Avem astfel ocazia să aflăm diferite scene din copilăria acestuia și câte ceva din viața sa de critic, despre care nu aflăm mare lucru. Pot spune că mi-ar fi plăcut să fie puț [...]

    4. Pierre Arthens, France’s most formidable food critic, is on his deathbed reliving his most memorable meals and searching for one flavor to experience again before he dies. He’s proud of his accomplishments – “I have covered the entire range of culinary art, for I am an encyclopedic esthete who is always one dish ahead of the game” – and expresses no remorse for his affairs and his coldness as a father. This takes place in the same apartment building as The Elegance of the Hedgehog an [...]

    5. I read this with excitement, (okay, listened on audio.) because Elegance of The Hedgehog was a book that I loved on so many levels. I was nervous as this book gets a wide range of mixed reviews, and some of them are pretty harsh. Right off the bat I was intrigued by the lyrical nature of this book. It is descriptive, poetic, sensual and erotic but it is all about food. Note the following."No one was the least bit hungry anymore, but that is precisely what is so good about the moment devoted to p [...]

    6. Where I got the book: from The Book Depository.After my tear-soaked, ecstatic reaction to The Elegance of the Hedgehog, I was eager to read Une Gourmandise (I had it in its original French) or Gourmet Rhapsody if you're reading the translation. It's Barbery's first novel (Elegance is the second and last to date, the first to be published) and deals with the same apartment building in Paris. This time it's about the penthouse tenant, the food critic Pierre Arthens, who is dying and searching thro [...]

    7. Încă de când eram mică mi-a plăcut să citesc despre mâncare. În casa mătuşii unde îmi petreceam, an de an, vacanţa de vară nu existau cărţi pentru copii, dar exista o carte de bucate de-a Sandei Marin. Am petrecut deci multe seri citind reţetă după reţetă şi imaginându-mi, din ingrediente şi mod de preparare, gustul final. Nu vă mai spun cât salivam :).Apoi am descoperit cărţile lui Vlad Muşatescu, în care simpaticul lui detectiv Conan Doi, pe lângă rezolvarea cazu [...]

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    9. Este libro de nombre tan sonoro es un derroche de sabores y experiencias culinarias a través de las palabras que posiblemente sería disfrutado en su totalidad por alguien que ame y disfrute la cocina o que tenga otro tipo de gustos literarios.No fue para mi una lectura cien por ciento satisfactoria porque no logré sentirme motivada por la historia, sin embargo gocé con algunos fragmentos porque creo que está muy bien escrito y combina humor, sátira y la realidad de la vida de una manera am [...]

    10. "How ironic! After decades of grub, deluges of wine and alcohol of every sort, after a life spent in butter, cream, rich sauces, and oil in constant, knowingly orchestrated and meticulously cajoled excess, my trustiest right-hand men, Sir Liver and his associate Stomach, are doing marvelously well and it is my heart that is giving out. I am dying of cardiac insufficiency. What a bitter pill to swallow." As soon as I read those words (which can be found on page two), I was hooked. Barbery, you la [...]

    11. If you loved _The Elegance of the Hedgehog_, you may be able to tolerate this. If, however you found yourself skipping major sections of the pretentious, florid prose and navel-gazing, you won't find this much an improvement. Originally published in 2000, but re-released after the success of _Hedgehog_, _Gourmet Rhapsody_ focuses on another resident of the swanky rue de Grenelle apartment house, Pierre Arthens, the illustrious, arrogant food critic. Dying of heart disease, Arthens tortures his m [...]

    12. Romanul scriitoarei franceze Muriel Barbery '' O delicatesă'' a apărut la editura Nemira în anul 2015 în colecția Babel. Traducerea îi aparține lui Adrian Pătrușcă. Muriel Barbery s-a născut la Casablanca în Maroc la 28 mai 1969. ''O delicatesă'' ( Une gourmandise) este primul său roman apărut în anul 2000 la editura Gallimard. Cartea s-a bucurat de mult succes și a fost tradusă în 12 limbi. Până la publicarea acestui prim roman de succes Muriel Barbery a lucrat ca profesoar [...]

    13. Food has become a very controversial subject, many arguing that education levels, income, and race unfairly dictate the availability of fresh foods and vegetables in low-income American neighborhoods. Though Muriel Barbery (The Elegance of the Hedgehog) does not focus specifically on these issues in her recent novel Gourmet Rhapsody, the division between the working class and the wealthy as it pertains to food and quality of life is often glaringly apparent in the story.The premise of the novel [...]

    14. After the joy, wonder and affirmation of life that I found in The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Gourmet Rhapsody was a disappointment. There is no plot here, no real story, just a collection of rhapsodic culinary memories by a food critic who lay dying in the his Parisian apartment building. There is also commentary by his family, neighbors and Rick, the cat. Pierre Arthens, this critic of enormous appetite and reputation, is feared and loathed by most (except Rick); he is a cold and distant father, [...]

    15. Gourmet Rhapsody is a series of vignettes centering around revered, revolutionary food critic Pierre Arthens, on his deathbed, searching his memory for a singular, life-defining flavor. Alternating with Arthens' memories are the musings of a host of other entities, including family, friends (as much as he can be said to have any), his pet cat, and even a sculpture sitting in his apartment, on their relationship with this incredibly polarizing man. The critic is in turns crucified and admired, an [...]

    16. Do you know how hard it is to write an engaging book of a life, based on taste? Yet, Muriel Barbery does it extremely well in this short, tasty morsel of a book.This one expands on the life of the despicable food critic Monsieur Arthens who makes a brief but interesting entrance and exit in The Elegance of the Hedgehog. In this book, it is Arthens last 48 hours on Earth and through his voice and the voices of his family, friends, coworkers, and pets the reader gets his whole life described in va [...]

    17. Un libro exquisito. La forma en que Muriel Barbery nos describe los platillos, y el deleite que Pierre Arthens siente, nos hace agua la boca provocando que queramos un bocado.Es maravillosa la filosofía que rodea a la comida en este libro. Con un sutil e irónico pero muy fino humor. Si te ha gustado La elegancia del erizo, ademas de ser admirador de la cultura japonesa y de la gastronomía, esté libro es IDEAL para ti.

    18. Der Aufbau selbst fand ich gut gemacht, leider waren die kurzen Kapitel der Anderen viel interessanter als die Erinnerungen des unsymphatischen Meisterkritikers. Und ich befürchtete schon, dass diese Delikatesse grosse Lust auf alle genannten Leckereien mache, aber dieses hochgestochene Gelaber war so fern vom Genuss.

    19. I am the greatest food critic in the world. It is I who has taken this minor art and raised it to a rank of utmost prestige. Everyone knows my name, from Paris to Rio, Moscow to Brazaville, Saigon o Melbourne and Acapulco. I have made, and unmade, reputations, and at sumptuous banquets I have been the knowing and merciless maitre d'oeuvre, expediting to the four corners of the globe the salt or honey of my pen, to newspapers and broadcasts and various forums, where I have been repeatedly invited [...]

    20. GOURMET RHAPSODY. (2009). Muriel Barberry. ***.Most readers will recognize the author as being the penner of the wildly successful “The Elegance of the Hedgehog.” In this earlier work, she describes the end of life of a food critic. His doctor told him that he only had a few months to live; his problem was his heart. He was surprised since it was his liver and stomach he had been abusing over the years. All during his career he had built himself up to the point where he inspired fear in the [...]

    21. Muriel Barbery's The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a tough act to follow, but I think she almost manages to do just that with this one. Terrifically reminiscent of the other book, the story takes place in the same building, and there is a fleeting glimpse of Renee the reticent concierge who was the protagonist of The Elegance of the Hedgehog.Monsieur Arthens, a much-feared and revered food critic in equal measure, lays dying in his posh Paris apartment. Pierre Arthens has good reason for his repug [...]

    22. I was really hoping for the supporting characters of this book to become important or involved in some kind of twist, in some kind of big revelation.As the blurb will tell you this is a book about a famous and powerful, but cold-hearted food critic dying. Meanwhile he is trying to remember one last vital taste that will tell him who he is before he dies. Every other chapter is him reminiscing about the food that he’s eaten throughout his life, often rustic food not served in gourmet restaurant [...]

    23. Having read The Elegance of the Hedgehog I was interested to read this parallel story of a gourmet food critic who lived in the same apartment as Renee. This story describes the final hours of the critics life as he tries to recall a forgotten taste. I didn't enjoy this and became bored with the descriptions of food.

    24. Öncelikle bir uyarı; kitabın arka kapağında yazan ''Proust'u aratmayacak bir lezzet ve anlatı şöleni.'' ifadesi tamamen uygunsuz bir benzetme bence. Bu reklam hamlesi biraz abartılı geldi bana. Bu yemekler üzerine bir kitap ve ben de bu kitabı sabah aceleyle ve sırf gün içinde acıkmamak için yapılan, çiğnedikçe ağızda büyüyen kuru bir tosta benzetiyorum. Öyle isteksiz okudum bu kitabı. Kirpinin Zarafetinden sonra çok da istek ve heyecanla başlamıştım halbuki.Kitab [...]

    25. ‘No one was the least bit hungry anymore, but that is precisely what is so good about the moment devoted to pastries: they can only be appreciated to the full extent of their subtlety when they are not eaten to assuage our hunger, when the orgy of their sugary sweetness is not destined to fill some primary need but to coat our palate with all the benevolence of the world.’ ‘Only a fanatical will to make a vanished world endure despite the passing of time can explain this belief in the exis [...]

    26. " când, adormit, dar bucuros de această zi liberă care începe, tragi pe tine un pulover vechi, însă comod şi cobori să-ţi faci cafeaua, trăgând cu coada ochiului la bulgărele brun care se răsfaţă pe masă. Te simţi delicios de somnoros, te mai bucuri câteva clipe, în linişte, că azi nu trebuie să munceşti, te freci la ochi cu o simpatie înduioşată pentru tine însuţi şi când se simte mirosul palpabil de cafea caldă te aşezi în fine în fața bolului aburind , apeş [...]

    27. Read my full review here: booksaremyfavouriteandbest.worMy first question is ‘Why isn’t Muriel Barbery herself a food critic?’ – her descriptions of food in The Gourmet are exquisite.As the world’s most celebrated food critic, Pierre Arthens, lays dying in his plush Parisian apartment (the same apartment building of The Elegance of the Hedgehog fame), his mind turns to key culinary moments in his past. Having eaten at the finest restaurants and drunk the best wines, Pierre is desperate [...]

    28. Pierre Arthens is dying, there's nothing that can be done for him anymore. He was a famous food critic and people loved his work, but they also feared him. There's one taste Pierre is still looking for, the last thing he wants to eat before he's ready to pass on. Only what is it? He's looking for the taste, but can't seem to remember what it is. He's desperately trying to search his brain for the scent and the flavor, but can he find the memory on time?Pierre Arthens isn't a man who's loved by e [...]

    29. LOVED IT! This is really a novella, a snapshot into a person's life at the very end, in fact within the last 48 hours of that life. He's a terrible person, a food critic named Pierre Athens who cared about no one in his life as much as he cared about his eating experience, leaving all sorts of emotional damage in his wake. However, his love of food is all consuming and the descriptions of his memories of eating and drinking are fantastic. The book has several very short chapters, every other one [...]

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