Enforcer Female enforcer Shira Calpurnia maintains law and order in the grim world of the st millenium It contains the books Crossfire Legacy Blind and two short stories

  • Title: Enforcer
  • Author: Matthew Farrer
  • ISBN: 9781844168781
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Female enforcer, Shira Calpurnia maintains law and order in the grim world of the 41st millenium It contains the books Crossfire, Legacy, Blind and two short stories.

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    One thought on “Enforcer”

    1. I'm a huge fan of these Warhammer 40k omnibus as the size of the omnibus tend to allow for a lot of character development and interesting situations. This omnibus deals with the Adeptus Arbites which is pretty much the law enforcement branch of the galactic empire. Now I would normally find this to be a really interesting subject as the Arbites are barely touched on in other novels but Enforcer fell a little short of the mark as far as its potential. The omnibus follows the Adeptus General Shira [...]

    2. A quick note to say: the extra content in the omnibus is really very cool. Aside from the quality of the novels themselves, the style and care taken in adding something 'a little different' is very successful. Though I love Farrer's shorts, seeing inventive, themed pieces in the style of case-notes and such is something special indeed amongst Black Library's omnibus extras.

    3. Read this awhile ago, just got around to reviewing it. Enforcer was a decent read, it hit's upon a rather minor aspect of the greater 40k universe, Adeptus Arbites (Space Police). This is one of the few books to deal with the subject matter. Just enough cop drama blended with the Grim Darkness of the 40k verse.

    4. This is a omnibus covering a police officer named Shira Calpurnia; the setting is a nice change of pace, giving a interesting, ground-level view of the setting with nary a Space Marine in sight. This omnibus collects three books - Crossfire, Legacy, and Blind, and I'm going to run them down one by one.Crossfire: The omnibus kicks off with our heroine arriving in the Hydraphur system and almost immediately being targeted for assassination. It's pretty good; there are some slow-moving parts where [...]

    5. What do you get when you mix a mystery novel with warhamer 40k? Crap. Seriously, this was a long slow slog. As a mystery novel I never felt like I had any clues until near the end when there was a dead giveaway. Even then I guessed the bad guy but not the motive. Mostly because the badguys motive was stupid.As a 40k book it was interesting and it was fun to get a deeper view of the 40k universe. The problem was there wasn't much variety. I was hoping to see some space marines or tyranids or some [...]

    6. Good series of books about Imperium law enforcement in the grim darkness of the far future. The first book is clearly setting up Shira Calpurnia's world and is kinda boring. As a whodunit? it is ver weak as the reader will know who the mastermind is within 50 pages. The second book is much, much better. The parts that deal with the secondary characters, that is. This is another recurring problem in Black Library books when the background characters clearly overshadow the protagonists. The third [...]

    7. I was recommended this book due to the fact that my character for the Dark Heresy RPG (Fantasy Flight Games) is an arbiter. So far I am enjoying this book quite a bit. It is far better writing than I was expecting for fiction belonging to a game world. The main character is a bit "fish out of water" as she settles into a new position on a new world, and this makes the explanations given by her "guide" fitting and not jarring in the least. Ok, this book is kind of on hold because it's paper.

    8. The three books contained in Enforcer take a fresh look at the Warhammer 40,000 universe, though the perspective of Shira Calpurnia. Not a soldier, as we've seen in so many 40K books, but a police officer and detective. It's a unique take and I found the exploration of the civilian side of the 41st Millennium fascinating. These books tread a difficult line, having to work as space opera and as crime, and for the most part do this well.

    9. This Omnibus took me quite a while to get through. I normally devour WH40k books. They are my literary guilty pleasure. This one was a lot tougher to get through. What I enjoyed the most was seeing how the Arbites are in action, and getting a much better look at the operation of the empire from a non-war standpoint. You get to see a lot of interaction with different aspects of the Imperium, from Astropaths, to Arbites, to Rouge Traders.

    10. be glad this police force doesn't exist. They define military state. The main protagonist takes no guff, using her shock maul to remind the criminal who's in charge. Like Eisenhorn, it's a journey from strict adherent of an unforgiving government institution to near rebel against the corruption within the very structure the protagonist is sworn to protect.

    11. It's a pretty decent read. A pleasure to see beyond the military aspects of the Imperium, and into the life of the citizenry. Took a HELL of a long time to get through the first book though - very well-written, but exhausting to read.

    12. Overall, I thought that this was a great read. The first book was great, the second okay and the third was enjoyable. The ending was a good way to end the series.

    13. So far, so good! A bit dry in places, but it's fun to read what is, in effect, a police procedural in a theocratic totalitarian dictatorship.

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