Ask Amy Green Boy Trouble Her sassy teenage aunt writes an advice column But what if Amy needs boy tips of her own A witty genuine take on the ups and downs of friends family and first romance Thirteen year old Amy Green ha

  • Title: Ask Amy Green: Boy Trouble
  • Author: Sarah Webb
  • ISBN: 9780763650063
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Her sassy teenage aunt writes an advice column But what if Amy needs boy tips of her own A witty, genuine take on the ups and downs of friends, family, and first romance Thirteen year old Amy Green has a lot to juggle handling her divorced parents, minding her messy baby siblings, and navigating the snobby popular cliques at school So when her cool but crazy seventeenHer sassy teenage aunt writes an advice column But what if Amy needs boy tips of her own A witty, genuine take on the ups and downs of friends, family, and first romance Thirteen year old Amy Green has a lot to juggle handling her divorced parents, minding her messy baby siblings, and navigating the snobby popular cliques at school So when her cool but crazy seventeen year old aunt, Clover lands a job giving advice for the teen mag The Goss, Amy jumps at the chance to help out as her sidekick Of course Clover, being Clover, doesn t just want to answer readers letters, she wants to solve their problems personally From stamping out malicious rumors to giving a cad his comeuppance to creating the perfect web page, the two come up with some clever hands on schemes that bring happiness to many unhappy girls But when Amy falls for the cute but aloof boy in her art class and her own friends start snubbing her big time can she find a way out of her own dilemma

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    • Free Read [Psychology Book] ✓ Ask Amy Green: Boy Trouble - by Sarah Webb ✓
      495 Sarah Webb
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    One thought on “Ask Amy Green: Boy Trouble”

    1. Amy lives in Ireland with her Mum and her Mum's boyfriend Dave, and her two half siblings, both of whom are babies. Life has been hectic for Amy since her parent's divorce. Her Dad cheated on her Mum and he now lives with his girlfriend Shelley, who is unbearable to Amy. The babies take up the whole house and a good part of Amy's time. Amy is the go-to babysitter, especially when Mum is losing her mind. The good news for Amy is she has a young, cool aunt named Clover, who is seventeen. Clover of [...]

    2. This is a fairly average teen novel, with most of its interest for me provided by the fact that it's set in Ireland. I'm sure there are plenty of YA novels that are, but none of them seem to cross my path!The odd thing about this is that it seems to start off with a strong premise of the protagonist, Amy, assisting her young aunt in performing a rather unconventional kind of agony aunt role with a teen magazine. Less than half way into the book, however, this theme disappears, leaving the reader [...]

    3. Oh girl, where were you when I was a teen? This is fun with deep heart and a lot to say. It's a YA book set in Ireland and has all the drama and growing pains ready to be poured over. It touches on divorce, growing pains, and family so even though it's fun it also has a serious side and this contrast works so well. I loved LOVED the magazine, The Goss. Great read.

    4. Sarah Webb is my favourite author and I can also relate to the story because not only I'm Irish, myself and Amy are the same age! The font is cool aswell

    5. Got this free in a magazine and decided to give it a go. It wasn't half bad, in fact, if I was a little younger I would have loved it.

    6. Amazing read , being 14 myself I found it very relatable and reassuring . Would deffinatley read more from this author as the detail , plot and accuracy was incredible . 10/10 for me :)

    7. Ask Amy Green: Boy Troubleby Sarah WebbAmy and Clover decide to shake things up at a local magazine, The Goss, by offering the kind of advice we’d all like to hear from a “Dear Abby” column—don’t get mad, get even! Amy and Clover’s crazy antics move this funny work of “chic-lit” forward, but it’s not all just fun and games. Amy has real problems; her mom and boyfriend live together and have two babies to take care of, often demanding Amy’s help. Amy’s dad ran off with his s [...]

    8. I received this book from First Reads. The premise of the story is thirteen-year-old Amy Green helps her aunt Clover with her advice column for teen mag The Goss. Yet, instead of answering the “Dear Abby” questions presented by teen girls the two immerse themselves in solving the problems. The story does a wonderful job of depicting high school clics, touches on fashion, and highlights some of the meanness of high school. It is truly a story of growing up, the meaning of friendship and find [...]

    9. Firstly, I would recommend this book to girls who enjoy a sort of 'rom-com'. I thought this book was fantastic even though I am not a girly girl. It is about a girl named Amy who basically decides she fancies this guy from school and she is worried what everyone will think of her as he is not popular.She splits up with her friend and it takes them a while to get back terms with each other. I am not going to completely give the story away so i am going to round up my opinion on the book, I have r [...]

    10. Ask Amy Green is a nice book, it has a fairly good storyline and Sarah Webb has created some likeable characters with issues that the audience can relate to. My issue is that I didn't find it very believable. I'm not sure how many thirteen year old girls really use words like 'titter' or 'smidgen'. There were a few too many 'yikes' and 'jeepers' for it to read true. Other than the occasional reminder of the authors real age, it was an easy read. I'd give this book a middle of the road 2.5 stars. [...]

    11. Super! Hilarious!I literally laughed out loud sometimes! That doesn't happen a lot as I am normally not such a big fan of this kind of books. But I fully enjoyed reading this book! Especially Clover! She is such an amazing girl, always finding ways to cheer people up. I certainlywould recommend it to every single girl because this is a typical girls book, but one of the best ones I have read so far!

    12. Amy is a 13 year old girl who at times is more adult than the adults! The book (which is the first in the series) is filled with the everyday drama of growing up in a loving, but at times, dysfunctional blended family. Funny and lighthearted reading. Like reads would be the Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell, Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, and Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares.Ages 11-15Young Adult

    13. This book reminded me a lot of the writing of Louise Rennison. It chronicle's the life of teenager Amy Green: her first real bra, her first kiss, and trouble with friends and family. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. The author is Irish, and it was fun to read a book filled with Irish phrases.

    14. A fun audio about 13-year-old Amy and her struggles with her changing friendships (including a boy) and with her divorced parents, and their new partners and babies. Amy is helped by her amazingly sophisticated 17-year-old aunt. The great Irish accents spice up the story.

    15. Brilliant book I love these tipe of books they're so addictive and when I finished the book and I looked up I didn't know where I was because it was like I was in the story so out of ten I give it 100 seriously read this book!!!

    16. I found it very intriguing, although some parts made my interest drop, it was an exquisite story! I do like the take on Amy's point of view, how she reacts to Dave, Shelly, and the new families and various bumps in the road. All in all, a great book!

    17. Picked this up because it's set in Ireland. It was fun for me to read about some of the places I visited there and the lingo I heard. A fairly predictable storyline with a few interesting twists.

    18. My daughter has been raving about this book (the whole series actually) for years now, so I finally got round to reading it. She's right, it's a fun read!

    19. i didn't enjoy this book as I feel it Is for a younger age group then the mine. however it was funny and quite relatable.

    20. Fun YA escapism, but with a lot of heart. A few scenes made me a tear up, and it's excellent bibliotherapy for the adult with family baggage (ahem).

    21. A cute story about real friendships and family relationships. Very relatable for tweens and early teens. You get an opportunity to see Amy,get to know herself better.

    22. it is a really good book that really speaks to me and is the best book that i have ever read in my entire life time and im not even in highschool yet!

    23. Boy trouble? I recommend this book to teens girls. That is falling in love with a person they really love and care about :)

    24. Book ReviewThis book is simply fantastic. Couldn't put it down! It is simply a wonder how Sara Webb make it came to life.

    25. im reading this book but i do not really like it now i do not know when i go to the middle if it will change my mine.

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