Put on Your Crown Life Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom Modeled after Maria Shriver s Just Who Will You Be Queen Latifah s goal with Put On Your Crown is to help young women build a strong sense of self esteem A US Dept of Justice survey found that female

  • Title: Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom
  • Author: Queen Latifah Samantha Marshall
  • ISBN: 9780446555890
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Modeled after Maria Shriver s Just Who Will You Be, Queen Latifah s goal with Put On Your Crown is to help young women build a strong sense of self esteem A US Dept of Justice survey found that females ages 16 24 are vulnerable to partner violence than any other group, almost triple the national average Cases like Chris Brown s assault on pop star Rihanna showed anModeled after Maria Shriver s Just Who Will You Be, Queen Latifah s goal with Put On Your Crown is to help young women build a strong sense of self esteem A US Dept of Justice survey found that females ages 16 24 are vulnerable to partner violence than any other group, almost triple the national average Cases like Chris Brown s assault on pop star Rihanna showed an ugly side of adolescent life However, Queen Latifah has always been a shining example of a woman happy with herself and unwilling to compromise to fit into the hollywood ideal of what a confident beautiful woman should look like The result She s one of the biggest A list celebrities in Hollywood.

    • Best Read [Queen Latifah Samantha Marshall] ¾ Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom || [Classics Book] PDF ☆
      340 Queen Latifah Samantha Marshall
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    One thought on “Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom”

    1. This is Queen Latifah's inspirational guide for women of all ages, covering topics ranging from beauty to money. I've always liked the image that Queen Latifah portrays of herself and have liked her in any shows or movies I've seen her in. She definitely has an aura of girl-power, so I was excited to read some tips from her on self-esteem.Queen Latifah holds nothing back, she divulges private information (as well as her private feelngs) about situations like her brother's death and even her brie [...]

    2. First you should know I really enjoy all of Queen Latifah's movies. I picked this audio book up in the hope of getting to know the woman behind the actress , and it did not disappoint. Dana Owens (Queen Latifah)is quite the woman!!As you get to know her ,and her family in this book you see she gained a lot of her sensible attitude and sunny disposition from her family, esp her mother ,brother and father. Her mother,Mama Owens, was a teacher who went above and beyond for her students,my favourite [...]

    3. Before Lady O[prah] starting taking over the media and influencing millions of women everywhere, before Queen B[eyonce] began to conquer the charts, the big screen, and the world of cosmeticseven before Mary J. Blige was crowed the Queen of Hip Hop Soulere was our original queen of entertainment: Queen Latifah.With the summer 2010 release of her book "Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom," Queen Latifah easily entered another area of entertainment, by penning her life [...]

    4. I was feeling sorry for myself one day at the library so thought maybe Queen Latifah might have something to say to me. Being a mother of 4 daughters, her mother's life spoke to me more so than the author's. I was struck by the dedication of her mother who got 3 jobs and went back to school when her husband left when QL was 9. Her determination not to stay in the projects but to move through them impressed me of someone whose isn't basing their ID on outward things but inward character. Her moth [...]

    5. This is a bit memoir and part advice book. Queen Latifah -aka- Dana Owens. writes a nice helpful book about her life and what she has learned. She shares tidbits about her life, the ups and downs that have happened to her. such as the loss of her beloved brother, "Winki" who was killed in a motorcycle accident. this left her devastated and angry. the success she has had with her career but also the period of time she went broke and lost a lot of that money. She shares with us her religious belie [...]

    6. This was light reading as far as self improvement books go, but the book contained a lot of common sense written in plain language. If hearing the advice from a celebrity would make them more likely to listen and follow it, I would recommend this book to young women everywhere. Self esteem issues, financial advice, toxic friends, abusee covers it all.I also learned a lot about Queen Latifah's life. She seems like a down to earth person who would be fun to have over for dinner. If I ever run into [...]

    7. I can't saw when I purchased this book. What I can saw is I was slapping myself for waiting too long to read it and waiting even longer to put on my bookshelf. From her rap career, films, talk show, Cover Girl contact, acceptance of her size and the love that she has always expressed to her family and friends.I've followed her career. She has always been authentic. She has never given excuses or been pretentious about her arrival on the scene.Put On Your Crown is a simple straightforward piece o [...]

    8. While I don't necessarily think of myself as a young woman anymore (which is who the book is geared towards) I do think that this book contains lessons that any woman, and even men, should learn. The basic ideas of the book are love yourself for who you are, take time to care for yourself first, and love the people around you for who they are. I've always liked Queen Latifah. She's always seemed to me to be fairly grounded. I think my favorite thing about this book is that she proves to the read [...]

    9. When all my peers were watching Friends, I was watching Living Single. Don't ask me; I don't know why. It was what I loved and connected with. And I saw something I had never seen before: a big woman (Kadijah) getting asked out on dates, being attractive to men, assuming that attractive men would find her attractive. And I fell in love with Queen Latifah watching those episodes. This book continues her legacy of being a woman who does everything well. She's a musical artist, actress, beauty icon [...]

    10. From My Blog[return][return][return]There is a queen inside every woman and a girl just waiting to be allowed to be herself, true and authentic and to live in the moment. It is moments that Queen Latifah wants to share with all women and girls in her book Put On Your Crown. Queen Latifah makes it clear she never set out to be a role model, that is too great a responsibility for anyone, rather she was sickened to hear the statistics of women and girls who suffer from low-self esteem. Put On Your [...]

    11. Our society is littered with women that are plagued with low self-esteem. We’ve all had the chance to see ads, movies, events, etc that tell us women should be like this and not like that; to be accepted and beautiful, you should be or act or look a certain way. Well, you won’t find that nonsense here. In “Put On Your Crown,” Queen Latifah shares moments of her life with us that make her who and what she stands for today.In less than two hundred pages, the Queen gives words of encouragem [...]

    12. I think this book is excellent for the right audience. I am not that audience. I love autobiographies and memoirs. This had elements of those genres, but it was more a book to empower young women. And that's fantastic. But as a 35 year old man who's read a ton of self help books, there wasn't much in there for me that I didn't already know. I believe this book is a fantastic read for younger people (particularly women, but anyone can gleam knowledge from it) or people who have not read much in t [...]

    13. I like Queen Latifah. She seems like a good, nice, person who would be easy to talk to and get along with. I first saw her book at Target and didn't really give it to much thought, then something reminded me of it, so I checked it out from the library.Its kind of a mix of self help meets biography. She tells the reader things that have happened to her in life and how she's overcome them or learned from them. What her biggest message was I think is to be true to yourself, love yourself, love the [...]

    14. The Queen has done it--written a book which will inspire us all to take what we are given in life and use those things to do our best, be our best, and look for the best in other people. While the book may be marketed as an autobiography or memoir, I see it more as a self-help manual. Queen Latifah lets us into the dark corners of her life, from living in the projects to having no money even after she had achieved greatness in her musical career to the death of her beloved brother. She also tell [...]

    15. 3.5 starsQueen Latifah has always seemed like a genuine and charming person to me. I’m not really familiar with her music, but I do like to watch her on the big screen. I even remember her from the 1990′s TV show, Living Single. So, I was very happy to win this audiobook from Zia. I really like when authors read their work and I enjoyed listening to her tell her story. Her mother also reads a small portion of the book.Queen Latifah, real name Dana Evans, has led a life full of ups and downs [...]

    16. I do like Queen Latifah/Dana Owen. I’d like to believe she’s as warm and genuine as she appears. And since she’s from NJ, of course I had to know what she had to say and was happy I did. A book that should be required reading for adolescents and young women. I’d suggest it be read a few times through their young life, grade school, hs and college. And maybe again as an adult, it’s never too late to learn. Q Latifah /Dana shares her life experiences filling in what isn’t taught in sch [...]

    17. In this short book Queen Latifa (nee Dana Owens) shares her outlook on life. She writes life changing moments in her life, some good some bad. She came from a loving, if not in tact, family and stresses its importance in her life. Her mother even writes a chapter.While this is a good book, it could be a better book if there were more of it. In the intro, Queen Latifa says she was behind schedule on it, and time pressures were most likely the culprit. While this book doesn't need transitions, a c [...]

    18. This is the first eBook that I have finished reading! I checked it out from my public library's Overdrive and it proved to be perfect for light reading on-the-go. Since I rarely have uninterrupted reading time, being able to read it on my phone worked well to fill in moments when I'm stuck waiting in line, etc. The book was not particularly deep or well-written, but it came across as if it were authentically in QL's voice. I was most touched when she wrote about losing her brother in a motorcycl [...]

    19. I love Queen Latifah, and I was very interested to read her inspirational words on how to become a better Queen. We can all use that, right? While she remains engaging and encouraging in this book, I quickly became exasperated with all the "when I was doing my first photo shoot for Cover Girl" and "after my first platinum selling record" and "on the set of my latest movie" type references. She certainly has earned the right to be proud of her achievements, and her "girl from the projects makes g [...]

    20. Beautiful. Just a really, really beautiful book. This is both an autobiography (albeit, a blessedly short one) and a self empowerment book. If the self empowerment section had been written by anyone else, I don't think I would've enjoyed it nearly as much. But because she puts so much of herself into this, you feel you really know her. She explains where she's coming from with the advice, and it's incredibly moving and beautifully told. She also made me cry a few times. Especially the chapter sh [...]

    21. This book by Queen Latifah was an inspiring, quick read. I did notice some repetition in stories throughout the book, though, which made the reading slow from the middle until the end. There are eight chapters with different themes like love, fear, and strength. She talks a lot about her own life experiences, and she draws on her relationships with her mother, father, and her business partner Shakim. If you like Queen Latifah and want a quick pick-me-up I would recommend it.This book review was [...]

    22. I adore Queen Latifah and think she is a good role model, so I was interested to see her book on the library shelf. The book itself is full of positive messages about being true to yourself and respecting yourself and daring to go outside your comfort zone. She also shares some darker times in her own life and lessons learned from coping with depression, abuse, financial stress, and death, which I respected. Her books is warm and conversational, with a lovely section written by her mother. It co [...]

    23. Moments Queen Latifah’s “Put On Your Crown - Life Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom” is an impressive read geared towards young ladies. I love how Queen shares tidbits from her personal life and experiences in order to help not only inspire and uplift, but teach others how imperative it is for them to take pride in who they are. Parents, mentors and neighbors who are looking for something positive to share with their daughters, nieces, cousins and other young women, I highly recomme [...]

    24. Modeled after Maria Shriver's Just Who Will You Be, Queen Latifah's goal with Put On Your Crown is to help young women build a strong sense of self-esteem. A US Dept. of Justice survey found that females ages 16-24 are more vulnerable to partner violence than any other group, almost triple the national average. Cases like Chris Brown's assault on pop star Rihanna showed an ugly side of adolescent life. However, Queen Latifah has always been a shining example of a woman happy with herself and unw [...]

    25. In the very beginning of the book, Queen Latifah talks about how she wanted to write a book that empowered all women, no matter their creed. A book that would show them they are strong and can do anything.And she did that.She delivers an in-your-face, but in a good way, approach to all the important subjects that make up our core as beings.I have to add, although this is not a memoir, I learned a lot about her and what she stands for. I had known enough already, from media, but she fills the gap [...]

    26. We all know and love Queen latifah from inspiring lyrics, funny movies, and ground breaking work in front of and behind the camera. Proudly we can extraordinary and inspirational author to her list of accomplishments. Latifah paints a vivid picture of trail and tribulation by us through her personal journal. Tackling issues such as body image, becoming a female MC, fling for bankruptcy, lover her mother, and learning to lover herself. Latifah doesnt sugar coat her life and keeps it real and rela [...]

    27. I like Queen Latifah. She is a nice, talented woman and comes across as someone it would be pleasant to know. She tries in this book to give insight into how women out to live in order to be (not her word) self-actualized. This book was very slim. She gives a little information on events in her life that taught her things, but not much detail. She's straightforward but not forthcoming. So, unfortunately, it seemed like she was just dealing in platitudes a lot of the time, because the book wasn't [...]

    28. I just love Queen Latifah! This book is a collection of wisdom and encouragement for younger women, mostly told through stories from her own life. She talks openly about her family, her rise to fame, career strategy, and the role faith has played in her life. I didn't know that her brother died tragically a few years back, and her observations about grief are spot on. If you're already a fan, you'll really enjoy this, but I think everyone can get something out of it! It's not long, either - I fi [...]

    29. This is a very simple yet effective book to read. I wouldn't say that it necessarily inspired me, but it made me more aware. Of myself and of others around me. I like that this book is not preachy and is not do what I and things will get better. It lays down Queen Latifah's life and what obstacles she came up against and how she made it over those hurdles. Everyone's experience isn't going to be like hers but we can all relate on some level. I would recommend this book to young girls and young w [...]

    30. I'm not a huge fan of celebrity autobiography. Honestly, they make me want to barf and ask for my money back. However, I'am more proud to say that I really enjoyed Put on your Crown by Queen Latifah. The Queen gives to you straight with no chaser beginning with her troubled youth, finding her place in society, and relying on the good sense that God and her mama gave her. I found this not only to be a well written inspirational read but a book that should be shared with young women seeking the li [...]

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