Wonder Woman Vol Warkiller Wonder Woman and Black Canary go undercover among some of the worst villains of the DC Universe in this title collecting WONDER WOMAN Plus Diana must fight for her life against the man destined

  • Title: Wonder Woman, Vol. 6: Warkiller
  • Author: Gail Simone Aaron Lopresti Matt Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781401227791
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wonder Woman and Black Canary go undercover among some of the worst villains of the DC Universe in this title collecting WONDER WOMAN 34 39 Plus, Diana must fight for her life against the man destined by the gods to take her place Achilles, the Warkiller.

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      229 Gail Simone Aaron Lopresti Matt Ryan
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    One thought on “Wonder Woman, Vol. 6: Warkiller”

    1. Bummer, Gail. I really hoped your hand at Wonder Woman would impress me far more than all the dudes who've written her. Instead you've got the Princess getting made-over by her gurrlfriennd, trying her hand at showbiz-in-disguise, and sooo much talking about boys. Considering the main setting is an island of women warriors, I can't believe how close you came to failing the Bechdel Test.Ok, this book probably maybe deserves more like 3 stars, but I read it not after reading the previous volumes [...]

    2. Something just feels off in this cycle of stories. Gail Simone is lauded as one of the best Wonder Woman writers, but this still feels pretty lacklustre. As someone would say on a stupid reality cooking show, "Where's the love?" There's no sense of love, or fun.

    3. WW and Black Canary go undercover at a Tokyo fight club - I know, we don't talk about fight club - to kick ass and take names. ("We look like high-end trashy hookers in a Tarantino nightmare . . . Perfect!" quips BC.) That was actually a lot of fun. Also good was the 'girl talk' segment with Giganta, where she and WW call a temporary truce to hash out their respective relationship issues. The actual Warkiller story in the volume's second-half was just okay.

    4. I've loved this whole story arc with Achilles and Genocide. Definite page turners. And, honestly, Wonder Woman is just kind of bad ass.

    5. The weakest of the four I picked up. (The Circle, Ends of the Earth, Rise of the Olympian) I could sense Simone getting bored with the series.

    6. Amazing! Simone writes a great conclusion to her WW series. Here, she finishes the majority of threads she began with The Circle, and it is a satisfying narrative.

    7. Warkiller, volume 4 of Simone’s run, is, for me, the true conclusion of her story. The political intrigues on Themiscyra and the Olympians’ mission—with the inevitable conflict with Diana--come to a head. Along the way, Diana gets to pair up with both Black Canary and Giganta. The first pairing is the most effective. Diana and Canary go undercover in a Tokyo metahuman bout in order, supposedly, to locate Genocide’s body. The team-up is fun and gives us a window onto Diana’s relationshi [...]

    8. I really loved the Warkiller story so much. I love Artemis so much, I’m glad she’s back. The undercover mission with Black Canary was fun.

    9. A four parts story of Diana war with Alkyone and her allies. Alkyone has allied herself with Achilles to take control of Themyscira. Diana however will have none of this and this the story of this struggle.

    10. Picking up plot threads left hanging from the previous Rise off the Olympian story line, Simone weaves an entertaining and satisfactory conclusion. The first act sees Diana and Black Canary undercover as underground metahuman fighters, and wraps up the Dr. Psycho story. A little bit silly, but enjoyable. (There's some wonderful female interaction in this TPB, both that easily passes the Bechdel test, with Dinah, and then some good girl talk between hero and villain with Giganta and Diana discuss [...]

    11. I've been on something of a Wonder Woman kick lately, thanks to the writing of J. Michael Straczynski in the Wonder Woman Odyssey series. The storytelling in Odyssey is exciting and artwork is visually stunning. The artwork here in Warkiller is professionally rendered, as you would expect from a DC comic, but the storytelling doesn't measure up and is nowhere near as compelling. One of the problems with this book is there is a lot of backstory that makes the current story unclear. I was hoping i [...]

    12. Another collection of two tales, Warkiller tells the story of Diana and Dinah (Black Canary) going to Japan to stop a metahuman fighting ring. Its a quick and fun little story as they fight their way through baddies, and they also have to face a threat from the last volume.The second story is Achilles, who is now the leader of the s by way of Zeus saying so. He demands humanity lay down and be civil, and goes about it all wrong. Diana and Achilles viewpoints clash, and eventually tie up all the [...]

    13. I was expecting a lot more from the previous issue's set-up. I now know where Mr. Simone was going with the whole subplot on Dr. Psycho, and all I can say is "Really? Wonder Woman becomes a slutty wrestler?" This is pretty much man-appeal with the thin veil of feminism appeal, with about as piss-poor of an opening as you can get. I thought, "Well, the last issue opened pretty crappy, and then honed in. Maybe this one will." It did. For two pages. And then the battle gets far too blown up, and no [...]

    14. I have very mixed feelings about this trade. While the art is beautiful throughout and the final story arc is suitably epic (though rounded up a bit too swiftly for my liking), the first half was a bit lacklustre. I had little interest for the plot concerning Black Canary and felt that the flash back regarding Tom lacked any kind of emotional impact. It's a shame because I really wanted to care for them as a couple but felt nothing. Well, one more trade left. Hopefully it will go out on a high.

    15. Gail Simone is one of the best writers in comics today. She also knows how to have fun with the DC universe (look for the Captain Carrot cameo). In this volume she has Black Canary say what I find most appealing about Wonder Woman; she hits people hard and she does it with finesse. The first story in this book, about a meta-human fighting ring, was fun. The second story, which takes place mainly on Themsycira, is full of betrayal and battle. I enjoyed it.

    16. . . . so the mighty Achilles, the man who fell in love with the corpse of Penthesilea on the battlefields of windy Troy and, at least in some translations, ravished her corpse, is resurrected as 1. the Warkiller and 2. the King of the s? That's . . . staggering. Someone has mighty Thatchers. Really liked the bit where Diana and Giganta have girl talk.

    17. Diana returns to Paradise Island. Achilles is in charge, and he makes some major mistakes. Meanwhile Ares is plotting. This is all about Diana trying to find her place in the world again, and to finish off some loose ends from the s Attack series. Good character stuff, but feels like a prelude to something bigger. A good read.

    18. Finishes stronger than it starts, although the interactions with Black Canary are great. Another three-star plot that gets bumped up in my book because it's chock-full of Bechdel passes and great female characters.

    19. More good Simone stories that make me want to pick up her run to set beside my Greg Rucka issues. The Black Canary story is a nice one of sisterhood, while the Paradise Island story does a great job of building up the mythological threads that Simone has woven.

    20. This collection felt a little disjointed. A bunch of plot ideas tossed into a pot that simmered but didn't cook all the way through. The plusses are Simone's dialogue, characterization, and ability to make small time characters feel big. The entire Achilles storyline just doesn't work for me.

    21. Felt kind of jumbled. I think GS knew her run was coming to an end and tried to wrap things up while leaving a bit for the next writer to jump on. However, it just came together kind of weirdly. Still a fun read, just not her best work.

    22. A plethora of loose ends get tied up, finally. I'm still a huge fan of how Simone wrote Diana, but I feel like the stories in this collection tried to tackle a few too many things, ending up with a slightly muddled story that jumped from topic to topic.

    23. It was reasonable but I often felt that the writer was simply shovelling the story from place to place.

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