When Rabbit Howls Truddi Chase began therapy to discover why she suffered from blackouts What surfaced was terrifying she was inhabited by the Troops individual personalities This groundbreaking true story is made a

  • Title: When Rabbit Howls
  • Author: Truddi Chase Robert A. Phillips Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780515103298
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Truddi Chase began therapy to discover why she suffered from blackouts What surfaced was terrifying she was inhabited by the Troops 92 individual personalities This groundbreaking true story is made all the extraordinary in that it was written by the Troops themselves What they reveal is a spellbinding descent into a personal hell and an ultimate deliverance forTruddi Chase began therapy to discover why she suffered from blackouts What surfaced was terrifying she was inhabited by the Troops 92 individual personalities This groundbreaking true story is made all the extraordinary in that it was written by the Troops themselves What they reveal is a spellbinding descent into a personal hell and an ultimate deliverance for the woman they became.

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      330 Truddi Chase Robert A. Phillips Jr.
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    1. Arguably the best and most realistic book available on the subject of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Though it is certainly fashionable to doubt the very existence of DID today, those who do so seem to be reacting more to the possibility of Truddi Chase's harrowing upbringing rather than what it caused psychologically. Since I am married to a multiple myself, I can assure any doubters that stories like Chase's happen all the time. Such damage may well be happening to someone right this mi [...]

    2. So, Truddi Chase survives a horrific childhood. She develops 92 personalities as a way of dealing with both the terrible things that happens to her and the subsequent memories that they leave behind-- each personality is responsible for a different set of memories, so the whole thing doesn't have to hurt or overwhelm her at once. The person known as "Truddi" is basically an empty shell that the personalities use to make themselves known.It's also a true story.I couldn't stop reading it. My right [...]

    3. I read this book, and others, because I am treated for DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder in women is not infrequently the end result of sexual abuse at a very young age. So it is with the subject of this book. It was very brave of her to write it, and I don't doubt that the writing helped in the recovery. It is a difficult book to read, with lots of triggers for survivors of sexual abuse at any age, male or female. The author did some incredibly hard work to get through the trauma she experien [...]

    4. As a clinical psychology student, I found the introduction far more valuable than the content of the book, for in the introduction the therapist revealed enough of his methods to discredit every single word that was written by the patient herself. Nothing she wrote or came to believe about herself can be trusted.From 1985 to 1995 an estimated 40,000 Americans, most of them women, were told they suffered from multiple personality disorder. The author of this book is one of those people. She enter [...]

    5. I first read this book when it was originally out, after seeing Chase on Oprah. I was a teen. A turnkey event in my healing, I was deeply impressed not only by Chase's courage to have survived such a childhood, but to have written about it to help others. That said, the book is very difficult to read, as it's written in a variety of voices and styles. How could it not be? Still, it's hard to read, in that it doesn't flow with the literary smoothness that a finished book should. Yet, for that rea [...]

    6. No matter who you are, this book will affect you and make you think. From the introduction on, my desire to keep an open mind was at war with skepticism. On the one hand, multiple personality is an unusual topic, to say the least, and even stranger than Sybil, this book was written by the personalities themselves--the "Troops for Truddi Chase" as they call themselves. Naturally one would not expect it to read like any ordinary book. On the other hand, a label that says "NF" with some official-lo [...]

    7. This book is damned disturbing. I honestly don't know what to think about it. I saw the "author" on Oprah, and I still don't know if I believe it or not. I have a degree in psychology, and multiple personalities/abnormal psych have always been a particular area of interest to me but this.I really don't know if I can believe it or not.If it's true, then it's definitely one of the most harrowing and disturbing stories I have ever read, and if it's not, it's some damned convincing writing. One way [...]

    8. I found this book alternatively fascinating, unbelievable, horrifying and silly. I had heard elsewhere that there has been some speculation that the book is not legitimate but in fact is fabricated. When the story line became a little too weird (as in parts about reading minds and paranormal stuff) then that speculation kept running through my mind and I became a very cynical reader.I also found the book hard to read in places because of the way it was written (supposedly) from a first person na [...]

    9. The subject matter of this book struck very close to home, which made it a difficult read. It was so difficult to experience it as the reader that it took me 4 tries and almost 6 years to get through it.It is not the writing that is difficult to read it is witnessing, even through the written word, the experience of the writer.It is a book that will always have a place of honor on my bookshelves because it is a book of true heroism and filled with hope.Reading this book brought me to understand [...]

    10. Not a fun read, but very interesting, particularly if you are interested in psychology. I actually didn't finish the last 3rd of the book in detail, kind of skimmed through it. It was very graphic in parts, which was hard to get through. I think what held me back from really liking it was that it is supposedly true, but the inner skeptic in me kept wondering if it was all true, how the author was able to pen this book "through" her other personalities in the manner she did. Multiple personality [...]

    11. I don't know how to rate this bookIt confused me, it scared me, it intrigued me and it saddened me. It is an unbelievable non fiction account that literally makes me questions a time or two if it can really be true. It portrays the incredible strength of the human mind in the face of adversity and even the weaknesses of it.The reader walks along with 'the woman' and her doctor getting a first hand telling of moment to moment life with multiple personalities and attempting to extract knowledge fr [...]

    12. Do I believe in hundreds of distinct multiple personalities existing within one person? Nope, though I do believe in dissociative identity disorder's. Do I believe she had/has a total break with reality due to childhood trauma? Yes. Do I believe she burns out lightbulbs with the extra electricity generated by the complexity of her mind crammed so full of personalities fighting one another for dominance? Nope. Do I believe her stepfather sexually abused her and it was annoying of her to make the [...]

    13. A friend had this book delivered to me through just as I was about to take a 4 day greyhound trip cross country. I read it through twice, crying in front of strangers at several intervals. The tale is heartbreaking. Multiple Personalities and Dissociative Identity Disorder are two topics that have always fascinated and horrified me. There are some experiences that a person cannot face having lived through, the mind breaks, shatters, hides bits to protect itself and even changes facts. Or realit [...]

    14. Sometimes, our minds can't even begin to comprehend what is happening, and so to protect ourselves, a darker place is created where we can hide. But when these dark places are too deep – the damage is so severe – we can’t always find our way back out, so alternate realities take over. I can certainly see how the mind of a child so young could split (even multiple times), and how her true self left entirely. Think about recent news: Young kids being raped at 11, 12 by couches and clergymen; [...]

    15. If you're at all interested in psychology and the potential of the human psyche to both splinter and protect itself, then you should read this book. It's both dark and fascinating, especially if you've had any interest in child psychology or human nature, like I have And I'll freely admit being fascinated with the ways the human mind can react to stress and abuse. The book is not necessarily an easy one to read, I should say that upfront. Previously known as multiple personality disorder, Dissas [...]

    16. i'm probably a terrible person. i read Sybil long ago and i loved the book (well…."loved" is not an appropriate adjective here, but i'm sure you get my meaning) and i thought the movie was incredible as well. without getting too tmi, i related a little too closely to the experiences Sybil went through. however, i found When Rabbit Howls to smell distinctly fantastical. i had an incredibly hard time believing in descriptions about how the lights would flicker when different personalities would [...]

    17. If you want to take a hard, disturbing and frightening look at what sexual abuse in such awful forms can do to a child then this is the book you must read. I caution young people reading this because it is pretty awful.I was horrified at what I learned this poor little girl suffered but she endured with the mental scars to prove it. People scoff at multiple personality disorder but it is real. This is a very creative way to survive multiple traumas endured at an early age.Truddi Chase passed awa [...]

    18. A more modern take on the "Sybil" acount of Multiple Personality Disorder. This book moves more quickly and is a bit more graphic than "Sybil" as it was written more recently. Although, it may not make you a firm believer in the disorder it will certainly make you think twice before doubting the possibility that it does exist.

    19. This is a fabulous book that offers an intruiging look into the mind of a multiple personality. Parts are incredibly disturbing as she discribes some of the horrible events in her childhood that have caused her mind to shatter into seperate personalities in order to cope.

    20. Feel like I slept my way through that book. Small parts made sense and were touching but the majority of it was disjointed and were unbelievable. Overall a complete waste of intellectual time.

    21. Reading is the only way to live more lives than the one you have. When rabbit howls is about Truddi Chase and her experience during therapy. She has multiple personality disorder, now known as DID- Dissociative Identity Disorder. Troops are the multiple personalities that protect Truddi Chase. The hardest parts of the book for me, were the details of sexual abuse inflicted by her stepfather and mother. As the child is abused by her parents repeatedly, her mind scrambles to save her and creates a [...]

    22. Fascinating & frustratinge structure / style seems fictional -- it's more time with the therapist than with Truddi -- and yet the reader is to believe this is Truddi's journal. It leaves me wondering: is the doctor real? One of her Troops? Ghostwriting? Additionally, there is a bloat in the middle where it seems as if the reader gets the same chapter repeated about six or seven times. I realize therapy is a process, but an editor should have tightened that up. In the end, MPD/ DID naysayers [...]

    23. This book was fascinating, very well written, and very difficult to read. Unlike many other books on the subject, which are written by the clinician involved, When Rabbit Howls is an autobiographical account of living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) and learning to come to grips with both it and the absolutely obscene abuse that is believed to have led to it (in her case). In an effort to make the experience clear to a lay audience while still conveyi [...]

    24. I could not put this down, regardless of how horrified I was. I could not believe the details the author shared about her sexual abuse, and how she perceived the world, including herself. It truly did give me an insight of what multiple personality disorder entails of. However I do have to admit, I wondered at times if it was all merely a story she drummed up in her head? It seemed too incredulous for anybody to have gone through what she had and survived. You could say I'm particularly intrigue [...]

    25. This book is about multiple personalities and is actually written by those personalities who call themselves "The Troops". The "shell" they live in is called Trudy Chase. Rabbit is the core personality with many others coming into existence to protect Rabbit and to deal with situations too difficult for her. This is a true story that takes you into the dark, insipid world that caused Rabbit to hide and the others to manifest. An interesting, close up look into how and why a mind "fragments", the [...]

    26. I really enjoy psychology so this book is right up my alley. I personally believe multiple personalities as a real disorder. This book was incredibly interesting. The book was written at the beginning of her discovery of the many personalities and all the personalities starting to recognize the existence of the each other. This book really stays with you. I think one of the things you don't realize with people with sort of disorder is that they aren't really crazy but have had to become that way [...]

    27. This book is about a woman who has multiple personality disorder and her journey to learn about the disorder and her personalities. She chooses not to integrate her personalities and learn to live with them. I find this disorder fascinating and this book is amazing at helping the reader understand this complex disorder. It is not an easy read. Truddi Chase was sexually and physically abused and some of the content is very disturbing. Also, different personalities help write the book which can be [...]

    28. This book can be truly difficult to read as it is written in the perspect of about 90 (?) personalities? You will see about 8 really strong ones portraited throughout most the book. Truddi Chase is a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder, and through this book you learn her trials on dealing with why this has happened. You learn about her incestual family and heartbreaking childhood.As you never actually meet Truddi Chase, and she is not mentioned ONCE in the book, you learn so much [...]

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