Mary Stuart Schiller was profoundly shaken by the failure of the French Revolution and devoted many of his greatest works to debating the true nature of freedom Here in scenes alternating between the palace of W

  • Title: Mary Stuart
  • Author: Friedrich Schiller
  • ISBN: 9780140447118
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Schiller was profoundly shaken by the failure of the French Revolution and devoted many of his greatest works to debating the true nature of freedom Here, in scenes alternating between the palace of Westminster and the prison at Fotheringhay, he shows us a captive heroine rising above her suffering to gain in insight and spiritual depth The deceitful and indecisive ElizaSchiller was profoundly shaken by the failure of the French Revolution and devoted many of his greatest works to debating the true nature of freedom Here, in scenes alternating between the palace of Westminster and the prison at Fotheringhay, he shows us a captive heroine rising above her suffering to gain in insight and spiritual depth The deceitful and indecisive Elizabeth, trapped by the cruel demands of Realpolitik, can achieve worldly victory only at a terrible moral cost Schiller s early plays are full of violent actions and language, but he later adopted a far restrained and formal style to try and capture the emotional essence of complex events Perhaps than any of his other tragedies, Mary Stuart achieves a perfect balance between the classical, Shakespearean, and romantic elements of his genius.

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    One thought on “Mary Stuart”

    1. The first thing that I noticed was how the drama was stripped away, the situation is that Maria Stuart, Queen of Scots is being held in a secure facility at the pleasure of her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England, so far so historical, and historically we know that this situation ends with Mary/Maria decapitated. Early in the first act we are told that a sentence of death has been passed against Maria so the only dramatic issue is how, why and when Elizabeth will come to sign the document and comm [...]

    2. “Mary Stuart” is a play that gives us a fictional account of the last days of Mary Queen of Scots. In it we are treated to an entirely made up scene in which Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I meet face to face. And it is the stuff of great drama!In Schiller’s hands the play and story leans heavily in the favor of Mary Stuart, and Elizabeth I comes across as the villain, if there is one. Elizabeth’s machinations and manipulations of others without her being honest in her intentions makes h [...]

    3. Schiller version of the story of Mary, Queen of Scots. Beautiful and heartbreaking. I don't know whether it was the original prose or the translation, but the translation was like Shakespearean language - very beautiful.

    4. الساحرة والشيطان في القرون الوسطى. القديسة والعذراء في القرن العشرين. كل هذا وأكثر في شخصية جان دارك. تمتزج الأسطورة مع الحقيقة التاريخية ويطغى اللاواقع على الواقع بشكل مكثف لتكون جان دارك ذات شخصية خاصة تفتح الباب مشرعاً للأدب والشعر والفنون التشكيلية والمسرحيات والسينما [...]

    5. Ich frage mich, warum das Stück "Maria Stuart" heißt, wenn nicht bloß zur Einordnung in den geschichtlichen Kontext. Für mich ist die eigentlich interessante Figur Elisabeth. Das ganze Stück hindurch erschien sie mir regelrecht willenlos: Neben dem logischen Fehler, der sich aus ihrem Jungfräulichkeitswunsch und der Liaison mit ich verrate nicht wem ergibt, ist sie auch hin und her gerissen, was im Fall Maria Stuarts zu tun ist, steht zwischen ihren Beratern und dem Volk; ihr eigenes Herz [...]

    6. A brilliant and quite thrilling translation/version of the classic Schiller play, which chronicles an imagined meeting between Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart.

    7. Well, better than reading it. Acting is great. But the play is so not a favorite of mine. It feels like Elizabeth is being punished because she isn't beautiful enough.

    8. A third of the way into this and finding it very good.Will be seeing a production in a week's time with Gretta Scacchi as Elizabeth I which will be a real treat.More later.Here's the MORE!!!The play's the thing!!!Enjoyed reading it , but LOVED seeeeeeing it!!!!!!!!Gretta Scacchi was brilliant lucky for us that she has an Australian connection and keeps coming back.A small intimate theatre where you can see the boats bobbing round in one of the bays/inlets of Sydney Harbour as you take refreshmen [...]

    9. ياالله ماهذا الجمال الآخذ باللبُّي ،جميلة هذه المسرحية وأحداثها أصعب على أن تروى ! هذه المسرحية تُذكرني بالأنمي الياباني الذي يتحدث عن ماقبل الأحداث المُسببة لثورة الفرنسية بعد ٢٠٠ سنة من ظهور جان داركليدي أوسكار-lady Oscar-أو وردة فرساي كانت عذراءُ أورليان تقاتل بكُّل بشجاعة ف [...]

    10. Great one. Even if hard to read, this drama is stunning. When our teacher told us we were going to read it in school I was going like " oh my god, another meaningless and stupid waste of time", but after having got into it, the story became really fascinating. Actually this fantastic piece of, yes, art was what made me interested in the Tudors and other powerful dynasties. Basically without having read Maria Stuart, I would never have got to read anything historical or fictional that other peopl [...]

    11. Maria Stuart war toll, fand ich. Einige meiner Mitschüler mussten's in der Schule vor zwei oder drei Jahren mal lesen und fanden's alle doof, aber ich glaub das lag mitunter an der Thematik. Aber da das englische Königshaus und dessen Geschichte mich sowieso interessieren, Schiller sowieso, war es mir sehr willkommen. Mir gefällt, dass am Ende, eigentlich niemand der Böse ist, wie der Konflikt zwischen der "Berufung" und dem Gewissen, der Verwandschaft und der Liebe rauskommt, bei beiden der [...]

    12. I technically didn't read the book, I listened to a play recorded for distribution. Alex Kingston played Mary and she was divine. The play was captivating and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I cannot wait to read the play myself, because I know losing myself in the words will be a completely different experience than listening to it. I also want to see a production of the play and even a version of it as an opera.

    13. This was really beautifully written/translated. I loved the examination of the relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart. As mentioned in other reviews it's quite sympathetic to Mary's side but I already love Liz pretty intensely so it kinda helped balance it out in my case. I'd love to see it on stage at some point. I feel like this play must have influenced that Elizabeth miniseries w/ Helen Mirren which also portrayed a fictional meeting between the two queens.

    14. # Message: 4# Influence / Change of Mind: 4# Actuality / Relevance: 4# Writing Style: 4# Uniqueness / Originality: 3# Overall Impression: 4

    15. Über die letzten Tage von Maria Stuart.Eine gute, aber kurze Geschichte. Die letzten Stunden der Königin von Schottland und ihre erste Begegnung mit der Königin von England.Eine gute Interpretation, die mir gefallen hat. Wenngleich ich die deutschen Namen nicht mag und noch nie verstanden habe, warum man sie ‘übersetzen’ sollte.

    16. I read it for the Uni. This was a cool play but I think that other writers had done a better job. This had long monologues and I don't like them very much.The first half was a little boring, but then it becomes more interesting.

    17. Ein paar künstlerische Freiheiten hat sich Schiller bei der Darstellung der historischen Charaktere erlaubt, aber das ändert nichts an der ergreifenden Wortgewalt und den hohen, dramatischen Gefühlen die das Stück hinterlässt.

    18. Mary Stuart by Friedrich SchillerSome thoughts on valor, religion and family.Elizabeth I was an extraordinary woman, queen and leader, but a terrible sister. It is argued that for the greater good we have to sacrifice the few who block the way, and Mary Stuart was a pretender to the throne, indeed, also known as Mary Queen of the Scots.I do not know what adaptation is more accurate, but the one that I liked best was Elizabeth, with Cate Blanchett playing the lead role, for which she was nominate [...]

    19. 1800 - Drama (Trauerspiel) in fünf Akten.Klassik.- Maria Stuart, Königin von Schottland, hat ihren Mann ermordet und wird gefangen gehalten.- sie erhofft sich Gnade durch Elisabeth I Königin von England, die aber Angst hat, ihre Krone zu verlieren, da Stuart ebenfalls Anspruch auf sie hat.- Maria hat Erfolg bei Männern, viele versuchen sie zu befreien (Mortimer), doch letztendlich scheitern sie, Maria wird hingerichtet.- Man weiß eigtl. schon zu Beginn, wie das Drama enden wird und trotzdem [...]

    20. Friedrich Schiller is considered to be the greatest playwright of the German romantic movement that provided the foundation for the French, Italian and English romantic movements in the first half of the 19th Century. Schiller's formula is diabolically simple. You take a movement for national independence or unity, put a human tragedy in the centre and then tell your story with sublime verse.As one of the foremost oracles of the Zeitgeist of his era, it is not surprising that several operas wher [...]

    21. This was a tough read, really hard to get through. The plot itself is dramatic and the questions it poses are deep and thought-provoking. It's just really hard to read. This is one of those plays that are better off being seen, so hopefully I'll like it more when I see the performance tomorrow night. I really did love the historical background and being more educated in the Tudor line, specifically with Queen Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots. I found myself rooting more for Mary and actually d [...]

    22. I'd really like to see a production of this play, or even better, of the opera based on it. I enjoyed reading the portrayal of Elizabeth and Mary, though I don't know how historically accurate it is. According to , the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth so deliciously enacted in this play actually never occurred. I can definitely picture certain actresses really bringing life to the face-off between these characters. I see why the play won seven Tony awards in its most recent (2009) revival on B [...]

    23. Ränke ohne Ende - dazwischen die Königin Elisabeth von England und Maria Stuart Königin von Schottland und deren beider Buhlen, die schmeicheln und lügen, dass es einem ganz schwindlig wird. In diesem Drama trifft der Leser alle menschlichen Charaktere an, die nicht nur im 16. Jahrhundert auf den Britischen Inseln, sondern auch in unserem Zeitalter nach wie vor gegenwärtig sind: die feigen verlogenen, die stolzen uneinsichtigen, die wankelmütigen ängstlichen aber auch die edlen reinen und [...]

    24. Ein Theaterstück über die höfischen Intrigen am Hof Elisabeth's der Ersten, aber vor allem auch über Konflikte zwischen machiavellistischer Herrscherpflicht und Menschlichkeit, vor allem bei Elisabeth. Ihre ehrliche Natur im Angesicht von Entscheidungen, die politisches Kalkül fordern ist äusserst interessant, ebenso ihr Umgang mit ihren Gefühlen. Die Sympathien in diesem Stück sind nicht offensichtlich verteilt, dort wird auch die eigentliche Spannung erzeugt, nicht in dem offensichtlic [...]

    25. Achja, Reclam Bücher, ne. Schullektüre ganz klar! Mal kein bürgerliches Trauerspiel, sondern ein Trauerspiel mit Königinnen. Die Charaktere fand ich endlich mal spannend, wisst ihr warum? Weil es da um die englische Königin, Elisabeth geht. Genau, the VIRGIN QUEEN. Total interessant wie sie und ihre Gegnerin, Maria Stuart, dargestellt werden, Maria wird immer zu ihrem Vorteil beschrieben von Schiller. Klar, dass bestimmt einige künstlerische Veränderungen an der Geschichte vorgenommen wur [...]

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