Dracula s Guest A Connoisseur s Collection of Victorian Vampire Stories Michael Sims brings together the very best vampire stories of the Victorian era from England America France Germany Transylvania and even Japan into a unique collection that highlights their cult

  • Title: Dracula's Guest: A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Vampire Stories
  • Author: Michael Sims
  • ISBN: 9780802719713
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Sims brings together the very best vampire stories of the Victorian era from England, America, France, Germany, Transylvania, and even Japan into a unique collection that highlights their cultural variety Beginning with the supposedly true accounts that captivated Byron and Shelley, the stories range from Edgar Allan Poe s The Oval Portrait and Sheridan Le Fanu Michael Sims brings together the very best vampire stories of the Victorian era from England, America, France, Germany, Transylvania, and even Japan into a unique collection that highlights their cultural variety Beginning with the supposedly true accounts that captivated Byron and Shelley, the stories range from Edgar Allan Poe s The Oval Portrait and Sheridan Le Fanu s Carmilla to Guy de Maupassant s The Horla and Mary Elizabeth Braddon s Good Lady Ducayne Sims also includes a nineteenth century travel tour of Transylvanian superstitions, and rounds out the collection with Stoker s own Dracula s Guest a chapter omitted from his landmark novel.Vampires captivated the Victorians, as Sims reveals in his insightful introduction In 1867, Karl Marx described capitalism as dead labor, which, vampire like, lives only by sucking living labor while in 1888 a London newspaper invoked vampires in trying to explain Jack the Ripper s predations At a time when vampires have been re created in a modern context, Dracula s Guest will remind readers young, old, and in between of why the undead won t let go of our imagination.

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    One thought on “Dracula's Guest: A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Vampire Stories”

    1. I'm very late getting back to this. Horror anthologies are usually mixed bags, but this one, while not cover to cover great, is definitely worth seeking out. To be honest, I'm kind of burned out on vampires, due to all the current Twilight crap. What caught my attention here, was the blurb from Maria Tartar praising editor Michael Sims for his effort. Tartar is a professor and noted author who specializes in folklore and fairy tales. That, to me, signaled something about Sims' approach. And I wa [...]

    2. Before Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Hollywood shaped the image of the vampire into what it is today, vampires stalked the pages of nineteenth century literature. The Undead fueled the creative imaginations of countless writers. Edited by Michael Sims, this is an anthology of vampire stories from the Victorian era and it is quite a treat! I enjoyed it very much. It includes great stories such as: The Vampyre by John Polidori, Wake Not the Dead by Johann Ludwig Tieck, The Family of the Vourdalak wh [...]

    3. Review from Badelynge.Victorian Vampire Stories! Well I don't know about you, but I'm sold already. Michael Sims begins his collection by making excuses. Not all of the stories are Victorian, either by era, locality or the holder of the pen that spawned them. I'm still sold. And this is despite Sims' efforts to shake me from my purchase with a stumbling beginning to the collection. To get to the good stuff we have to climb over the scattered rough debris of several supposed true accounts precede [...]

    4. I've been a fan of vampire stories for a long time, ever since learning about my mother reading Anne Rice. Of course, I shy away from the more modern romantic vampire stories and find myself loving the old, We-Suck-Your-Blood-To-Kill-You vampires. Michael Sims has created a magnificent collection of stories that Vampire Connoisseurs will know - and some that they might not! I applaud his leaving out of certain stories because of their already popular status (Le Fanu's "Carmilla" for one) in favo [...]

    5. The very academic, 16-page introduction gives a detailed introductionto the vampire subgenre, setting the knowledgeable tone for thiscollection of Victorian era vampire themed essays, excerpts andstories, including a previously unpublished (and cut) scene from BramStroker's Dracula. Although complete in scope, with stories rangingwide in style, content and country of origin, some of the impact islessened by the content that precedes each tale - sometimes as long asthe tale itself - that dissects [...]

    6. reading the tales in this book makes me wonder how writing ever made it as a career for anyone after the Romantic/Victorian ages people used to work all damned day, so who had the time to read the exhaustingly long sentences, paragraphs, and stories of the times??? joking, obviously but seriously, the endless goings on about a person, place, or idea is amazing to me one either loves this type of writing, which i do, or one does not, which i do not not hah! the bios as forewords are as much fun, [...]

    7. Michael Sims' collection of vampire tales spans a wide range of authors and styles. He begins by setting the table, so to speak, with a helping of preVictorian tales and even some "factual" accounts of vampire activities reported by various individuals. The second section of the book contains tales from the Victorian era and the last section, tales from the years just following the Victorian era when the Victorian influence was still strong.There were very few tales included in this collection t [...]

    8. This book is a fantastic sampler of Victorian vampire fiction, plus a few non-fiction accounts, including the famous Vampire of Croglin Grange. I remember reading about that in a book of horror stories when I was a child. Weird thing to include in a kid's book, but then, I was a weird kid.This book includes some true classics, including John Polidori's "The Vampire" and the first chapter of the notorious penny dreadful serial "Varney the Vampire". This latter is memorable for it's appallingly fl [...]

    9. Limit this one to huge fans of both vampires and Victorian sensation stories. I can't really say that I'm either. A lot of the stories in this book fell flat to me, even when I could recognize that the quality of the writing was good. Simply not to my taste, at least not right now. And it seems that I'm losing patience with vampires in general, for some reason. Overexposure? That said, there are some good pieces in here, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has more interest in vampi [...]

    10. I have to say I was disappointed with this bookdisappointed that it wasn't bound in leather with gold rimmed pages because it's certainly the type of book that will have pride of place on my bookshelves. Of course, I wasn't expecting it to have a leather cover and gold leafed pages but that would be the treatment that a book as glorious as this one would deserve.With a wide ranging collection of historical writings and stories 'Dracula's Guest' produces an atmospheric ambiance that many vampire [...]

    11. To be honest I was not interested much in the story. It wasn't the story that kept me reading and intrigued, it was the writing. The writing was thorough and the book was just so beautifully written. The vocabulary was very expanded and I even had to look up what some of the words meant. I wish the story itself held my attention, but it didn't. I actually found it pretty boring. But the writing had me hooked and I appreciate well-written stories.

    12. A superior collection. A good number of the stories in this anthology brush the level of the literary. "Mystery of the Campagna," for example, seems almost an experiment by Poe or Hawthorne in the genre of vampire fiction, leaving the reader to wish the baroness, Anne, had contributed more than one lone book to American literature. Well-edited, arranged, and introduced.

    13. I'd only read 4 of these before and was delighted with the selection of short stories. Each had a brief introduction to the author and offered a different perspective or an unexpected turn of events. It's entirely up my streetif you love Victorian vampire stories it'll be up yours too. I did get a bit worried about something coming through the window in the dark, so don't read it just before bed!

    14. I came upon this anthology wanted to read John Polidori's The Vampire. I know it’s been said that he wasn’t a gifted writer but I was curious of the piece none the less. This book had a good assortment of vampire fiction and as well as some nonfictional accounts.

    15. Ahh, vampires! Seriously, who doesn't love them? They have this alluring sensuality to them. Either that or they're down-right vicious. Needless to say, that the vampire has undergone a transformation as of late. They are no longer that alluring (to me anyway) and definitely not vicious. Not only have the Twilight books skewed the vision of the brutal and vicious vampire, it has made them sparkle. This is atrocious. Vampires aren't supposed to sparkle! They're supposed to kill you or turn you. N [...]

    16. Denne antologi af victorianske vampyrfortællinger er helt klart af "a labour of love" af redaktøren, Michael Sims.Hver fortælling introduceres af en følgetekst om forfatteren og historiens tilblivelse, og det er et fint træk, for det er ofte med til at trække nogle ekstra nuancer frem i historierne, som man ellers ikke ville være opmærksomme på.Selve fortællingerne er lidt af en blandet landhandel. Nogle er mest af arkæologisk interesse, og virker lidt banale, mens andre har holdt sig [...]

    17. Dracula's Guest, edited by Michael Sims, contains a wonderful collection of vampire stories mostly from the Victorian Era. Dracula's Guest includes some well known stories as well as some not so well known stories. Historical information is included throughout the book on the various authors, the time periods and what led people to believe in vampires.The book is broken down into 3 parts: The Roots, The Tree and The Fruit. Beginning with The Roots, Sims includes authors such as Jean-Baptiste de [...]

    18. This is an excellent introduction/compendium of victorian (as well as some pre-victorian and post-victorian) vampire stories.Michael Sims does a superb job of not only gathering some of the most noteworthy and influential pieces of the genre, but he introduces the work as a whole and each piece with aplomb.I typically do not read the introduction to a book until after I've read the book (and only then if I feel that it's "worth my time"). I know that this is counter-intuitive, but generally I wa [...]

    19. First off I have to say that you can find most of these stories online for free. That being said, I really do enjoy having a book with all these wonderfully old gothic Vampire stories. The one story missing is the master of them all, that is, J. Sheridan LeFanu's Carmilla. To leave LeFanu's story missing from any work which celebrates Dracula is a major faux pas. Bram Stoker was, afterall, friends with the Wilde family (Oscar's parents) and they lived at 18 Merrion Square in Dublin which was nex [...]

    20. Dracula's Guest: A Connoisseur's Collection is a collection of Victorian-era vampire stories assembled by Michael Sims. As the title suggests, it does feature Bram Stoker's "Dracula's Guest," but that is only one of a wide array of vintage vampire tales collected here, by authors famous as well as forgotten.I was a little reluctant to pick up this collection, even as a Kindle Daily Deal. I'm a fan of vampire stories, and even enjoyed Bram Stoker's Dracula, but 19th century literature is pretty f [...]

    21. I have always loved reading about vampires. I have read a lot of the fictional stories, both young adult and adult, and I have read the non-fictional encyclopedias and history of vampire lore as well. This book combines a bit of both. With each story there is an introduction of the author and where each of these stories came from or how they were conceived. Some are based off of stories they had heard, newspaper articles, and some are purely from the imagination.A few of the stories were stand-o [...]

    22. This was a fairly good collection of vampire stories. The introduction was excellent, and I learned some new and interesting things, especially about the origins of folklore beliefs in vampires. The collection of stories includes a few folkloric and otherwise "nonfiction" accounts, which was nice, as I've previously encountered references to these things but never actually read them. The fiction stories were generally good. Some were complex and well written, some were actually fairly scary, and [...]

    23. This is a collection of Victorian-era vampire stories, with some biographical information about each author by Sims before each one. They vary wildly in quality, from the jaw-dropping "Varney the Vampire" by James Malcolm Rymer (the first of apparently 101 chapters) to Stoker himself. I thought "Dracula's Guest" was okay. It's not quite as interesting to me as either "Dracula" itself or some of the other, earlier stories in the collection. The collection deliberately excludes some of my favorite [...]

    24. I received a copy of Dracula's Guest through ' First Reads. Dracula's Guest is a wonderful anthology that I am more than happy to add to my vampire book collection. The short stories that he has compiled show the varied history of writing focused on the vampire. The stories vary from "true" depictions of vampire encounters to the melodramatic Victorian romance. Many of the authors I was familiar with, but there were many that were new to me as well."The End of My Journey" by George Gordon, Lord [...]

    25. Dracula’s Guest: A Connoisseur’s Collection of Victorian Vampire Stories is split into three parts and features short stories all having to do with the undead. I was familiar with some of the authors – like Lord Byron and Bram Stoker – but I hadn’t heard of most of these writers (even though some of them were household names in their time). One of my favorite aspects of the book was that the editor, Michael Sims, provided short author intros before each narrative. These intros were wel [...]

    26. Fun fun fun! that is the best way to describe how much i enjoyed this book :) reading it not all at once, savoring each story and making it last as long as possible was great because i got to spend several interesting nightly hours getting goosebumps from this wonderful selection of vampire tales.Michael Sims did a wonderful job, selecting not only a few tittles that fans of the genre will at once recognize - John Polidori´s The Vampire for example - but also stories from other now lesser known [...]

    27. It took me forever to read this book. I kept putting it down and not really wanting to pick it back up. I found almost all the stories entirely dull, owing much to the inordinate amount of time the various authors spent on exposition and description. One describes the house and grounds of the setting in minute detail, completely unnecessary as the action of the piece takes place in one mere room of the home. Another spends almost an entire page explaining why the narrator describes in English as [...]

    28. Just when I thought I had already scoped out all the good books in my uni library, a new one pokes out it's spine at me and makes me drop whatever I'm reading to read it instead. I am a big baby when it comes to scary movies. They just get to me in ways I can't shake. But strangely enough I love gothic fiction???? It does spook me at times but it just doesn't frighten me in the way The Ring did. This was such a lovely collection of vampire stories both pre and post Bram Stoker. Even with a coupl [...]

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