It s a Magical World When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued on the last day of Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning Fans

  • Title: It's a Magical World
  • Author: Bill Watterson
  • ISBN: 9780740777967
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued on the last day of 1995, Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning Fans have learned to survive despite the absence of the boy and his tiger in the daily newspaper Now, like the wave of a sweet memory comes one last chance to experience CalviWhen cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued on the last day of 1995, Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning Fans have learned to survive despite the absence of the boy and his tiger in the daily newspaper Now, like the wave of a sweet memory comes one last chance to experience Calvin and Hobbes, in its final collection Like the thirteen extraordinarily successful Watterson books that came before it, this volume promises to deliver all the satisfaction of visiting its characters once Calvin fans will be able to see their favorite mischief maker stir it up with his furry friend, long suffering parents, classmate Susie Derkins, school teacher Miss Wormwood, and Rosalyn the baby sitter This collection, including full color Sundays, has it all Calvin turned firefly waking Hobbes with his flashlight glow courageous Spaceman Spiff rocketing through alien galaxies as he battles Dad turned Bug Being and Calvin s always inspired snowman art There s no better way for Watterson fans to savor once again the special qualities of their favorite strip.

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    One thought on “It's a Magical World”

    1. Calvin: "I read this library book you got me"Calvin's Mom: "What did you think of it?"Calvin: "It really made me see things differently. It's given me a lot to think about"Calvin's Mom: "I'm glad you enjoyed it"Calvin: "It's complicating my life. Don't get me any more"

    2. This series starts with Calvin laughing and cheerful that he's finally free from prison that is school in our language, just to find out that someone is following him.Who is none other than Susie and that moment we know that we should get ready for some grossiness of Get-Rid-Of-Slimy-girlS (G.R.O.S.S.)!!Calvin goes on getting at the nerves of Susie, and Hobbes and he fights a lot, which is way too funny :DI always love it when they argue.When they do homework together and read comics.Thinking of [...]

    3. Calvin and Hobbes was so important to me when I was younger, and still is important. It really is in its own little catergory. It breaks my heart that Watterson left after this book but in an understanding way. It is so rare that someone knows how to retire while they are at their peak and let their art stand on its own. I have this last strip in this book pinned up on my wall at work to remind me as I came here and started over, that it's a magical world out there.


    5. Yet another among the books published by Bill Watterson from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that I have enjoyed. This one is from the beginning of the C&H comic strip, and I own a framed print of that first strip. When Calvin tells Hobbes, "It's a magical worldlets go exploring,", it speaks powerfully to me on several levels. That print hangs in my office, and has become a reminder to me of the importance of discovering what I don't yet know, of the need to ask important questions and fin [...]

    6. "Calvin, it's okay. It's okay! Trust me!""TRUST YOU?? I HARDLY EVEN KNOW YOU!!!""WHAT? I'm your father!""You've only known me six years! Come back when i'm forty, THEN we'll talk about trust!" In. Hysterics.

    7. The final volume of Calvin and Hobbes might just be the very best. The flights of fantasy are far fewer here, which is usually something I do not care for. I always wanted more of Spiff and Tracer. That is because Watterson's mundane stories often had a slice of life sentimentality that I found wanting. There is little of that here. Hobbes is a far more adversarial figure in the strip in general than it is given credit for and in particular here. The slice of life is more about making a point. W [...]

    8. While I have a great appreciation for what Gary Larson accomplished comedically in a singular panel, Calvin and Hobbes is far and away the greatest traditional (we will leave Marvel and Dc out of this) comic ever created. C & H reminds me distinctly of the Simpsons(seasons 3-10, all other seasons are an embarrassment to the franchise and FOX should issue a formal apology)-it could be enjoyed equally on different levels and that enjoyment consistently evolved over time. My father and I, when [...]

    9. I bought three new Calvin and Hobbes books to complete my collection. I believe that Bill Waterson has written the most ingenious comic strip of all times.The expressions of his characters in his illustrations are exemplary.

    10. I was about 12 when the "It's a magical world" strip ran in my local paper. I cut it out and glued it in my scrapbook and then cried. That said, I have learned more interesting vocabulary from Calvin and Hobbes than I think I have from most of my other favorite authors combined.

    11. Hi I read this book  because I've read other books from this series and they were really funny and that is also the reason why I gave this book 5 stars. My favorite character is Calvin becuase he's always saying doing stuff and doing stuff that's very funny but usually gets him in trouble. My favorite comic strip is when Calvin says he's a man of many words but his stuffed tiger who Calvin thinks can talk, Hobbes says something very funny and kept me laughing but you have to read the book to fi [...]

    12. That was the last Calvin and Hobbes?!?!I am a child of the new century, and I never saw Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper. I wish I could have, though. My grandfather introduced me to Calvin and Hobbes, and I loved it. I have four books sitting on my dresser in my room that get read every night. It inspired me to write my own comic, although it doesn't even compare to Bill Waterson's. I wish he could teach me how to draw a comic so Calvin and Hobbes won't become lost in the rush of our now tech [...]

    13. Why is it that whenever I'm feeling a little low, all I have to do is pull one of the Calvin & Hobbes books from the shelf and give it a good re-read to perk me up. I've many other "funny-books", but these are the ones that bring me most joy.Then, a little after I am done, I start re-realizing that Watterson will probably never do any more, then I get sad again.I'm very grateful for what I have and I'll re-read them as many times as I need I just wish there were more.OK, now I'm feeling sad [...]

    14. Calvin is like Peter Pan, the little boy immune to growing up, and his childish wisdom is (usually) better than the philosphies of educated adults.Hobbes is amazing.Calvin's ego and undeterred self-assurance and overall optimism are things we can all learn from, though not to quite the extreme he sometimes takes them!

    15. I read it the other day and have to say it was full of a whole bunch of comics that were hilarious!! I'm suprised that there were some I haven't read yet, and I've read almost every calvin and hobbes book and I now own every one so far, that I know of. It was really funny and I'm probably going to read it again because some of them I didn't read all of it.

    16. My review for all Calvin and Hobbes books is this:When you need to relax and laugh, this is a great place to go. Watterson is insightful, hilarious, and very, very funny. Highly recommended. I grew up on C&H, and I'm very glad I did.

    17. The final collection of Calvin and Hobbes send our heroes off in style. Even 20 years later, the jokes are still fun and funny.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    18. Calvin and Hobbes books are great fun and really witty humor! A childhood staple comic book for me, but even now I go back and read them and understand the humor on a different level (now that I know the meanings of some of the words!). Great books.

    19. I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbes. This is one of the best comic strips ever written. Calvin and Hobbes will make you laugh every time.

    20. I just LOVE Calvin and can't get enough of him! And everytime I (re)read one of his comic strips, I thank the gods I'm not his mother, LOL!

    21. "Que importância teve o canal de Erie? No sentido cósmico, provavelmente nenhum. Nós, pessoas de visão ampla, raramente nos tornamos historiadores."

    22. It's a magical world, Hobbes, 'ol buddy let's go exploring.Tolko lepih misli u ovim knjigama o tipipicnom sestogodisnjaku, prosto neverovatno.

    23. I enjoy returning to C&H periodically to revisit a beloved part of my childhood -- identifying with Calvin's untamed boyhood. Now as an adult, I not only find his wry and incisive comedy all too true but also consider the mom and dad in the comic quite more relatable than I had when I read them as a child. In my mind nothing beats this one. Peanuts is the great classic, but I think C&H is the best of its kind.

    24. Review Taken from The Pewter WolfOne boy and his toy tiger trying to make sense of the world around. Make sense with moral and ethical questions about life, growing up, friendship and bigger questions such as avoiding bathtime, eating vegetables and turning any game in Calvinball.This is a collection of comic strips, which was published in newspapers all over the world (with Sunday's edition being in colour) and I LOVED them. I smiled, snorted, laughed and related to my life most of the situatio [...]

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