Alison Jay s Nursery Rhyme Rainbow Alison Jay takes us on an exciting adventure through the world of well loved nursery rhymes One brave young boy discovers the colours of the rainbow After finding all the colours the young boy manage

  • Title: Alison Jay's Nursery Rhyme Rainbow
  • Author: Alison Jay
  • ISBN: 9781840114287
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alison Jay takes us on an exciting adventure through the world of well loved nursery rhymes One brave young boy discovers the colours of the rainbow After finding all the colours, the young boy manages to bring the rainbow back with him to the real world.

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    One thought on “Alison Jay's Nursery Rhyme Rainbow”

    1. A very simple colors board book with illustration backgrounds of familiar nursery rhymes and just the color names in traditional Chinese and English on each spread. This would work better for Chinese speakers learning English than vice versa. There's no pronunciation guide for the Chinese, but if you are learning to recognize characters, this could be helpful. Kids learning their colors could get practice regardless of which language is native, and they'll also get to exercise prior knowledge in [...]

    2. After reading this adorable picture book, I find that it is perfect when teaching young children. The book is set up with each two-page spread being a different nursery rhyme. Included on the page is a color word in larger font so the child can see the color and then match it to the image. For example, “Little boy BLUE”, and “little bo peep left her WHITE sheep.” It is so much fun and the rhyming makes learning about colors fun and interesting. The images in the book are quite beautiful [...]

    3. On a rainy day, a little boy escapes into a world of nursery rhymes that is filled with a rainbow of colors. He moves past icons of nursery rhymes like Little Boy Blue, Miss Muffet and her big black spider, Bo Peep’s white sheep, and five pink piggies. Keep a sharp eye out for other nursery rhyme characters in the background, because there’s a list at the end of the book to see if you spotted them. Told in a style that only Alison Jay could achieve with her vintage, crackling illustrations t [...]

    4. "A nursery rhyme rainbow has come to play."Author weaves colors into the different phrases from nursery rhymes. "Poor Humpty's purple from his fall."

    5. Learning colors is only part of the appeal of this book. The verse was nice. The art was lovely--it reminded me of frescoes painted on wood, with its eggshell-cracks. Not a style I've seen in many children's books, and it suited the material beautifully.The great fun of Red, Green, Blue was the tour of Nursery Rhymes. Studying the pictures, you could see the rhymes you had just left behind and the rhymes that were coming up on the next page. Even better, there were "Easter Eggs", references to o [...]

    6. On a gray and rainy day, a boy discovers a rainbow of colors in the magical world of nursery rhymes. Come along as he delights in blue with Little Boy Blue, orange in Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, and purple with poor Humpty Dumpty. This gorgeously illustrated, whimsical nursery adventure is just right for children learning their colors.Can you name all the nursery rhymes in this book? Can you spot all the characters as they hide on different pages?(blurb adapted from )(32 pages)

    7. I am a huge fan of Alison Jay, and this book did not disappoint. It's a colors book based on nursery rhymes: each page features a different character. What's more, you'll find characters from other pages (and other nursery rhymes not otherwise mentioned in the book) hiding throughout. My kids and I loved looking at this book together. I was hesitant to check it out because I thought a book on colors would be too young for my four-year-old and six-year-old, but it was engaging enough to keep all [...]

    8. This book is misnamed. As a general children's book, it is very sweetly illustrated, and does a nice job of tying in nursery rhymes. However, I would say it's a poor choice if you're really looking for a first book of colors to teach your child with. The colors used are all rather muted, and the color being mentioned on each page doesn't really stand out from all the other colors being used in the illustration.Once again, I thought the illustrations were beautifully done, they just weren't ideal [...]

    9. The artwork for this book is delightful!Its meant as a first book of colors, but while the colors are very vibrant they are not specifically pointed it, the parent reading the book must do that. So its not just this is the color like many color books are, its fairly interactive in that you and the child must point out the colors and search for some of the nursery rhyme characters. It could also just be read as a book and simply enjoyed.

    10. I love Allison Jay's old fashioned illustrations, and I think they work particularly well with the nursery rhymes. This is a very nice addition to the preschool nursery rhyme fare, it isn't too complicated like some mashups of nursery rhymes, but it also isn't so simple as to bore the kids. Plus it is colors, which is simple and fun.

    11. Fantastic artistic coloring and technique, though some of the images and implications would be more frightening than soothing to children (ie. the farmers wife with the Three Blind Mice)and the text was an overly summarized and modernized compilation of Nursery Rhymes that lost all appeal after being reshaped and shorn.

    12. This was a gorgeous children's book. The illustrations were Beautiful, even elegant and luminous as the book described it. The story was actually classic nursery rhymes with hidden rhymes to find. Magical.

    13. Red, Green,Blue:a First Book of Colorsby Alison JayThe book is age appropriate. the book tells how the boy discovered rainbow colors and other different colors. The is involving as the children want know about colors. The book is easy to read.

    14. I LOVED the look of the illustrations in the book. The concept was interesting and quite strong, but the execution was somehow lacking. Still, GREAT illustrations. Actual rating: 3.5 stars, but I round up.

    15. This is one of my favorite books to teach colors and nursery rhymes together! It is so much fun!The illustrations are wonderful, the pages are bright and bold, and this will be a book you will read over and over!

    16. I love the art style, but it's a TERRIBLE choice for a "first book of colors." It's all so desaturated that the colors do the opposite of "pop." On many pages an adult couldn't even tell you what color is being featured without looking at the text.

    17. This book incorporates nursery rhymes with colors. The words of the color are written bigger so its more emphasized. I would read this book to very young children. Pre-k

    18. This is a good book to learn colors from. The illustrations are wonderful. I would read this book then read the nursery rhymes that they came from.

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