A Bone of Contention Cambridge Matthew Bartholomew physician to Michaelhouse College is called to examine some mysterious bones found in the King s Ditch Next day he is called to the Ditch again a student has been

  • Title: A Bone of Contention
  • Author: Susanna Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780751520224
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cambridge, 1392 Matthew Bartholomew, physician to Michaelhouse College, is called to examine some mysterious bones found in the King s Ditch Next day he is called to the Ditch again a student has been found dead there Meanwhile, there is unrest in the town, and the strange disappearance of Dominica, former lover of the dead student and daughter of Waterstone, the well Cambridge, 1392 Matthew Bartholomew, physician to Michaelhouse College, is called to examine some mysterious bones found in the King s Ditch Next day he is called to the Ditch again a student has been found dead there Meanwhile, there is unrest in the town, and the strange disappearance of Dominica, former lover of the dead student and daughter of Waterstone, the well known Principal of a Cambridge student hostel Are these events connected Then a skeletal hand is found in the Ditch, hailed by townsfolk as the final remains of local martyr Simon d Ambrey, and hence a holy relic When Bartholomew finds that the hand is wearing a ring apparently identical to a pair that were worn by Dominica and her ex lover, and now missing, he knows that his investigative skills are called for.

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      303 Susanna Gregory
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    1. Cambridge, 1352, is a town divided. There is the town, and there is the university. The townsfolk resent the scholars, for having (supposedly) more wealth than them, for being literate, for looking down on them—and that hatred is returned in full measure. A few years after the plague has killed off one in three, the filthy and clogged King’s Ditch in Cambridge is dredged to help reduce the risk of disease. Buried in the muck is a skeleton. Could it be the martyr Simon D’Ambrey, who, twenty [...]

    2. Evil Overlord List:#6 - I will not gloat over my enemies' predicament before killing them. #7 - When I've captured my adversary and he says, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?" I'll say, "No." and shoot him. No, on second thought I'll shoot him then say "No."So many villians fail to read this list *sigh*ABone of Contention is a twisty, though not to Jonathon Kellerman levels of twisty, mystery based on an old lynching some twenty-five years in the past. [...]

    3. Historical mystery, about the same time as Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael mysteries, but in some ways struck me as anti-cadfael - the setting was gritty, grimy, clear sense of the period's stifling attitudes, general unrest and grinding poverty, odd inaccurate medical theories and lack of hygiene. Very different from Peters' nice clean wholesome monastery and helpful herbalist!And yet, it wasn't _grim_. The characters belonged to their times and didn't expect different, and lived their lives as b [...]

    4. Villain has bad case of "James Bond movie villain talking disease," but entertaining enough.For a further review: susannagoklikes/post/78 .

    5. Un nuovo Fratello Cadfael?Si sa che i giovani studenti universitari sono spesso turbolenti. Ma accadeva anche a Cambridge nel 1352? A quanto pare sì. In una cittadina in cui le tensioni fra cittadini e istituzioni universitarie (gestite dagli ordini religiosi) erano al limite, e sfociavano spesso in scaramucce e talvolta in rivolte, in una cittadina che era appena stata decimata dalla Peste Nera del 1348, e che stava cercando di risollevarsi dai disastri provocati dall’epidemia; in una Cambri [...]

    6. 72% of readers rate this book four or five stars. And a brief glance down the list tells me the whole series of Matthew Bartholomew novels are similarly rated. It's a mystery to me. I found the characters unbelievable, the mystery muddled, and the telling boring. It's too bad; I was hoping for a historical mystery series I could enjoy, and there are a lot of Matthew Bartholomews. Oh well.

    7. Der Schatten der Pest liegt über Cambridge. Die Gläubigen suchen Schutz in der Macht heiliger Reliquien. Doch die Knochenhand eines Märtyrers, die Doctor Bartholomew zur Prüfung vorgelegt wird, ist viel zu bleich, um jahrelang im Sumpf gemodert zu haben. Und sie trägt einen Ring, wie er zuletzt die Hand eines Studenten schmückte. Eines Studenten, der letzte Nacht ermordet wurde."Ein falscher Heiliger" ist wie die anderen Teile der Reihe vollgepackt mit Informationen, Personen, Orten und Ha [...]

    8. A BONE OF CONTENTION (Historical-Cambridge, England-1352) – G+Gregory, Susanna – 3rd in seriesLIttle, Brown & Company, 1997– UK Hardcover – ISBN 0316882301*** Physician and teacher Matthew Bartholomew is summoned by Brother Michael to the King’s Ditch by the Hall of Valence Marie to identify bones found among the rubbish and sewage of the ditch. The Master of Valence is hoping the bones will be from the martyr Simon d’Ambrey in order to make the Hall famous and shower the Hall wi [...]

    9. The discovery of bones in the Kings Ditch leads Matthew Bartholomew into another mystery which has the fate of Cambridge at its heart.Extremely enjoyable novel. Gregory juggles a large cast of characters with skill although some of Matthew's colleagues remain a little anonymous to be able to stand out. Plenty of twists and turns, this does get quite convoluted but everything is explained by the end. My main criticism is that the book feels a bit too long. The pace of life then is depicted well b [...]

    10. I've been reading the series in order and its starting to become predictable. The mystery is becoming almost ridiculous to the storyline and is always revealed the same way. Bartholomew has some kind of girl trouble, Michael makes jokes and is a lecherous monk, a bunch of seemingly random things happen, they get beat up a few times, some fires break out, they get abducted by the villain and are on the brink of death while the villain begins monologging, then they are saved by the authorities. Th [...]

    11. I'm enjoying reading this historical crime series set in the 1300's by Susanna Gregory. I read the first in the series after moving to Cambridge, and it has really given me a feel for the early development of the university. You don't have to read the series in order, which is a good thing as the books rarely appear on the library shelves and largely have to be reserved.Historically, all the books I've read in the series seem to have a good degree of accuracy about life, medicine and politics. T [...]

    12. This series is starting to hit its stride and this story had me gripped from the beginning. The characters have started to come alive and the friendship of Matthew and Michael is one of the things that keeps the book going. As usual the historical side of things is well researched and its interesting to see how such chaotic unrest could be caused for what to us seem like the silliest of things. What i really enjoyed this time was the small injection of humour into the book with Matthew totally c [...]

    13. Read again 03/28/14 for Maze mystery group.I didn't remember much, if anything, of this story. All of the Matthew Bartholomew books have really complex puzzles which are not easy to solve. There wasn't too much in this one that included "fair play" clues to help you try to deduce the solution. As before, the history was great and, from my researches, quite accurate.There were parts of this book which seemed quite tedious, but like all good detectives, Matthew takes some time getting all the clue [...]

    14. Excellent! I had read another series of books by this same author, and was rather dejected to find out there weren't any othersuntil I realized the author was using a pseudonym and that Susanna Gregory was indeed Simon Beaufort (real name Elizabeth Cruwys). And this book didn't disappoint. You do, however, risk losing some sleep if you're anything like me because I just couldn't put it down until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

    15. This mid 14th century mystery takes place in Cambridge, England. There is an aspect of town versus gown, with additional prejudice for the Scots. The main characters are Mathew Bartholomew, a doctor, and Brother Michael, Senior Proctor, both at Michaelhouse. The current problems seem to be related to the killing of Simon D'Ambrey 25 years previously. A Scotch student is murdered; then there are riots. The book was fairly fast moving and I enjoyed it, although it's not great literature.

    16. The third in this excellent series, this novel pulls no punches. The author presents Medieval (1340's--just past the most famous black plague outbreak) Cambridge as it probably was: dirty, unhealthy, tense, violent, both town dwellers and scholars looking for scapegoats and relics to reestablish their broken world. The mystery is well told with lots of twists and adventure for the protagonist physician/professor to solve.

    17. Closer to 3.5 stars. Really enjoyed this. First time reading anything by Susanna Gregory and I thought this was an engaging story with really interesting characters. Whenever I read mysteries, I care less about the whodunit part and am more drawn to the characters investigating the crime as well as all the possible suspects. This definitely held my attention and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series.

    18. I don't know why it took me so long to read this book - it was quite nicely written and pleasant to read. The characters ans historical setting were nicely depicted. It was just that the plot seemed a little 'forced' or 'contrived'and it didn't leave you with that feeling of satisfaction you usually get when the solution to the mystery is revealed. I would probably be happy to read another one (this was a gift)to see if I enjoyed that story any better.

    19. A bit slower that the first two books in the series but still a great read. I wish the ending wasn't so confusing, with all manner of people involved in the plot and all kinds of blackmailing, etc. It made things tedious to have it all so tangled. But otherwise, a really good book. I'm looking forward to the fourth.

    20. 2.5 stars.My beef wasn't with the characters, the history, or the writing style. I may continue to read Gregory's books. That this book was so weak was purely down to the plot. It was ridiculously convoluted and contrived. The explanations were highly implausible. When Matt and co uncover the dastardly doings, their rationale for how they figured it all out was paper thin.

    21. I believe that this is the first book in the Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles. It's a medieval crime-fighting doctor, written by a real medieval historian so it's a little less fantasic that some of the other ones out there. I do really enjoy the characters - except the first book was a little hard to get through. The rest were good!

    22. I like these books; they are very well-written, but I dread reading the last 50 pages. The murderer and accomplices will be found out, the heroes will be in danger,they'll escape only to be put into more danger before the law comes along to rescue them. And of course, the inevitable unraveling of the dastardly deeds explaining all the whys and wherefores of the crimes.

    23. I enjoy the historical background of this series. The plot thickened nicely and included surprises at the end. It was a bit slow in parts but that may have been because I read it in bits and starts when I found the time so I lost the thread occasionally and had to reread.

    24. Great book. I have read the Thomas Chaloner series by Gregory and loved those, and the Bartholemew series is just as entertaining. Matt is a versatile main character and the mystery is delightfully complex. Loved it.

    25. This is more like it. The humour shared between the two main characters is delightful. The plot is more believable and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And, because of these two characters, a fat benedictine and a dour physician, I will go on and read the rest of the stories, hopefully in order.

    26. Like the first two novels in the series, this is a fun read. A very intricate mystery, set against a background of a well-realized Medieval University. The attempts at humor made me smile, but not laugh. But that didn't mar my enjoyment of the novel.

    27. I didn't think this was as good as the previous 2 books, and thought it was over complicated for the story. Having said that, it was probably more that I couldn't really get into it, so not an entirely fair judgement.

    28. I do enjoy reading of the lifestyle of both town and gown and experiencing the medical knowledge. Gregory writes well and detailed, yet, her main character is driving me nuts. He's so oblivious for such an intelligent man.

    29. Probably one of my favourite novels from the Matthew Bartholomew chronicles. The mysteries are exquisitely crafted and woven together. Susanna Gregory has gifted the characters with rich and diverse personalities, they're a pleasure to discover and learn about.

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