A Plague on Both Your Houses In the tradition of Ellis Peters A Plague on Both Your Houses introduces the physician Matthew Bartholomew whose unorthodox but effective treatment of his patients frequently draws accusations of he

  • Title: A Plague on Both Your Houses
  • Author: Susanna Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780751516951
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the tradition of Ellis Peters, A Plague on Both Your Houses introduces the physician Matthew Bartholomew, whose unorthodox but effective treatment of his patients frequently draws accusations of heresy from his traditional colleagues Besides his practice, Bartholomew is teacher of Medicine at Michaelhouse, part of the fledgling University of Cambridge In 1348, thIn the tradition of Ellis Peters, A Plague on Both Your Houses introduces the physician Matthew Bartholomew, whose unorthodox but effective treatment of his patients frequently draws accusations of heresy from his traditional colleagues Besides his practice, Bartholomew is teacher of Medicine at Michaelhouse, part of the fledgling University of Cambridge In 1348, the inhabitants of Cambridge live under the shadow of a terrible pestilence that has ravaged Europe and is travelling relentlessly eastward towards England Bartholomew, however, is distracted by the sudden and inexplicable death of the Master of Michaelhouse a death the University authorities do not want investigated When three scholars die in mysterious circumstances, Bartholomew defies the University and begins his own enquiry His pursuit for the truth leads him into a complex tangle of lies and intrigue that causes him to question the innocence of his closest friends, and even his family And then the Black Death finally arrives and Bartholomew is dragged deeper and deeper into a quagmire which threatens not only his life, but the continued existence of the University and the future of the town.

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    One thought on “A Plague on Both Your Houses”

    1. This first of Susanna Gregory's Matthew Bartholomew novels still (and after more than fifteen years) ranks amongst my very favourites of this now quite extensive series (my original copy of A Plague on Both Your Houses, I literally stumbled upon in an airport bookstore in August 2000, and I actually managed to read the entire novel on my four hour flight from Calgary to Toronto, so enthralling and interesting the plot and the featured characters proved to be). Full of informative historical deta [...]

    2. Okay pretty good mystery, too much university politics (the hostels vs. the Colleges vs. the townspeople vs. the merchants I was very confused at times), too many names and characters (serves me right for reading in bed at night! too sleepy to pay attention!)Well written, likable characters, nice historical backdrop although the oozing buboes were a little much at times.3 stars

    3. Not 40 pages in and so far we have 2 dead academics, a contentious election, and a near riot.I feel the need for some popcornA: Wow, plot doesn't slow down, that's for sure.

    4. After finishing this novel, I felt like I had really read two separate novels. It seemed like there was a novel about the plague and a novel about the murders at Michaelhouse. I understand the plague was a big deal in the world at the time of the events of this novel but the way the writer included it took a little bit away from the mystery. The novel was written well enough for me to want to continue on with this series.

    5. This is the first story on Mathew Bartholomew series when he tries to solve some murder in Cambridge University and treat with some unorthodox ways some patients affected by the Plague. The Oxford-Cambridge also comes out from time to time but it's not fully explored by the author.

    6. This was a book that had been recommended to me by several people as I lamented the fact that I had run out of Shardlake books to read. Some elements of Gregory's writing were reminiscent of Sansom's, even if I didn't feel quite the affection for Matthew Bartholomew as I did for Matthew Shardlake.Bartholomew's story takes place significantly earlier than Shardlake's as well. The plague rages through England in 1348, and he finds himself one of the few physicians willing to treat and comfort the [...]

    7. A Plague on Both Your Houses3 StarsThe Black Death is slowly making its way across Europe and toward England. At the same time, a series of mysteries deaths at Cambridge University arouses the suspicions of Matthew Bartholomew, a doctor and scholar at Michaelhouse college. As Bartholomew investigates, he uncovers a horrific web of lies and intrigue that makes him question those closest to him and may result in the destruction of the university itself. The history of the rivalry between Oxford an [...]

    8. A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES (Amateur Sleuth-England-1300s) – GGregory, Susanna – 1st in seriesTime Warner Paperback, 1996- PaperbackMatthew Bartholomew is a physician and teacher at the University of Cambridge, which is suddenly having an epidemic of unexplained deaths that, he is told, relate to a power struggle with College of Oxford. But when the plague comes to Cambridge, Matthew is both trying to save lives and uncover the truth.*** I had a bit of trouble caring about the supposed moti [...]

    9. I started reading the Matthew Bartholomew series out of order - I think I read the first three in reverse order - but if the same happens to you, don't worry. I didn't feel like this first book gives any deeper grounding in the characters or setting. Which is not to say they're shallow or that the setting is thin, more that each book continues to build onto them in a natural way.As a fan of historical fiction and a former medieval history student, I loved reading about the development of the uni [...]

    10. A medieval mystery during the time of the plagueThis is a difficult book in that there are so many characters to keep straight! Most of them are teachers who have taken some form of religious orders and I did not identify with any of them; however, I did find the main character ,Matthew, growing on me during the second half of the book. During this time of medical discovery, most doctors knew that drawing blood with leeches and telling a person's humors by looking at the stars was not going to h [...]

    11. This was the first book I picked up in the Matthew Bartholemew series, and I was hooked from the first chapter.The book is one of a series, set in Cambridge, just after the Black Death in the 14th century. Bartholemew is a doctor at Michaelhouse college, who invariably ends up assisting his colleague and friend, the Senior Proctor, in solving crimes. The pair are a classic crime-fighting partnership, and often quite entertaining.Bartholemew's character is refreshing in that he is often villified [...]

    12. Cambridge, 1348THE SCHOLAR WAITED IN THE BLACK SHADOW OF the churchyard trees for the Sheriff's night patrol to pass by, trying to control his breathing.It has long been acceptable to include first line questions in trivia quizzes, however I see that end lines, other than that of A Tale of Two Cities, are starting to creep in too. So I shall start including them; no, I will not be trawling back but will add as they come up. Here is an end line that I suspect will never be important enough for an [...]

    13. It is 1348 and the plague is hitting hard. All Brother Bartholomew wants to do at Cambridge is teach and take care of his needy patients. However, the Black Death is not the only death to be found. There are murders to be solved. Brother Bartholomew does not know who to trust so keeps his own counsel but that causes him to even distrust the people he loves. Who are the murderers and why are they causing so many problems? Will the Black Death kill them too?This book was given to me by a friend be [...]

    14. This is a medieval murder mystery with an unorthodox physician acting as amateur detective as dead bodies pile up all around the University of Cambridge. The story is at times incoherent, with so many characters and plots and sub-plots crossing and re-crossing that it is easy to become confused. However, some of the historical detail was very well done and any book that deals with the Black Death cannot help but be filled with ghoulish appeal. This is the first book in the long-running Chronicle [...]

    15. Every once in a while I do myself a favor by finding a book that just comes to me by happenstance. This one was in the waiting room at the VA hospital, a pocketbook with the front cover torn off, and it just happened to seem more interesting than the only two other books lying around: a garish romance and a mystery missing the first 136 pages. So I selected it largely because there was nothing else worth reading and it turns out to be excellent. The flyleaf lists nine other novels by Susan Grego [...]

    16. Interesting mystery set in the middle-ages (1348-1349) dealing with the early years of Cambridge and the plague. I'm not an expert on this period by any means, so I can only assume that research was done and the basics of life at that time are more or less accurately related. I feel like the author didn't want to bog down an already dense story with speech that would be more representative of the time or with giving a lot of details of the period. So the language is straight forward and I felt l [...]

    17. This book is an excellent blending of murder mystery with an atmospheric and generally very well written account of the impact of the Black Death on a small English town. A multi-facetted plot brings in academic rivalry, intellectual jealousy and how these are used to advance the personal agendas of ambitious and ruthless men. This comes across particularly well in the plot to destabilise Cambridge University and the way in which this is revealed in its devious complexity. Matthew Bartholomew is [...]

    18. I struggled to finished this. The historical setting and facts about the early life of Cambridge university and the horrors of the Black Death that devastated the population are interesting and well laid out, but it’s a bit like a lot of documentaries you see on TV these days. The dramatic aspects played over and over again, I certainly don´t want to read about another lanced bubo for a while. The plot concerning the unexplained murders is difficult to follow, lots of characters but none of t [...]

    19. I got through 87% of this book and gave up the struggle because it was a struggle, and I really didn't care how it was resolved - not a great endorsement for a mystery novel. Poor characterisation and plot all over the place. The detailed descriptions of suppurating, stinking buboes were perhaps it's saving grace.

    20. Sympathetic protagonist, and interesting period detail, especially about the sweep of the plague. Physician Matthew Bartholomew tries to help his plague patients whilst investigating various murders at his 14th century Cambridge college. Maybe slightly overlong and a bit converluted.

    21. An interesting look into the beginnings of Cambridge University in 1348. Politics, intrigue, and a murderous plot unfolds as Matthew Bartholomew investigates a series of murders in the time of the Plague.

    22. I found this interesting as I live in Cambridge and it was a good read but my main criticism is that it became hard work trying to follow all the different characters and that it was too long.

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