Knock Off Hold on for a rollicking wickedly fun new mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Rhonda Pollero Shopping murder and romance all in one book What a steal Meet Finley Anderson Tanner FAT to

  • Title: Knock Off
  • Author: Rhonda Pollero
  • ISBN: 9780758215574
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hold on for a rollicking, wickedly fun new mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Rhonda Pollero Shopping, murder and romance all in one book What a steal Meet Finley Anderson Tanner FAT to her enemies A West Palm Beach paralegal who hates the gym, still rents her condo, and loves two hour lunches with her friends But what really gets Finley hot is hunting dHold on for a rollicking, wickedly fun new mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Rhonda Pollero Shopping, murder and romance all in one book What a steal Meet Finley Anderson Tanner FAT to her enemies A West Palm Beach paralegal who hates the gym, still rents her condo, and loves two hour lunches with her friends But what really gets Finley hot is hunting down deeply discounted designer goods she can wear at her upscale law firm.Too bad work isn t all about fashion Especially when a grieving widow is sitting in your office, convinced that her husband s accidental death wasn t Investigating murder isn t really Finley s bag that would be Prada, 75% off , but the deeper Finley digs, the stranger things get, and this discount shopper knows slightly irregular when she sees it Kind of like sexy Liam McGarrity Everything about the hot, hunky P.I screams, Get out while you still have your underwear For a girl whose biggest ambition is take out Moo Shu at 5 01, life is taking some exciting, unpredictable, and decidedly dangerous turns Someone doesn t like Finley s new work ethic And if this paralegal wants to bring home the real goods, she ll have to keep from becoming a killer s total knock off

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    One thought on “Knock Off”

    1. Knock Off, by Rhonda Pollero is what I call, “chick-lit mystery.” Has a “Sex and the City” vibe, which isn’t too surprising considering it was published in 2007, the same year that that show was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME", so while the book was being written, the TV show was at its peak.Finley Anderson Tanner (F.A.T.) is the main character. She works in the paralegal department doing estates and wills at Dane, Lieberman and Zarnowski,and is roughly [...]

    2. An important thing you need to know about me when it comes to reading is I don’t read very fast and am not like some of my book buddies out there (you know who you are) that read hundreds of books a year. The next thing you need to know about me is I read this book in 2 DAYS!!! I could not put this book down, literally. You’re probably saying “you’re kidding.” I kid you not. Everywhere I went, I had this book with me reading, watching television, making dinner, sitting on the toilet… [...]

    3. Mystery, Mayhem, Manolo Blahnik. Warning: if you are anti-girly-girl, walk away now. Quick read. Quick witted. Thoroughly enjoyed the fashionista humor and appreciation for caffeine, carats, and clothing throughout. The main character and her sidekicks are fairly engaging. Could have done without the main character's (Finley) apathy towards her love interest - what woman whines about a boyfriend that spoils her, doesn't smother her, is great in bed, and never forgets a birthday?!?! The author sh [...]

    4. Finley is a paralegal who doesnt take work as seriously as she takes her shopping. But one day, her boss gives her a case to handle. The widow of a man in an accident who thinks it is murder.Nothing supports her claims. But when Finley investigates she finds out the widow may be right. I liked Finley, her search for bargains and her determination to find the truth. I will definitely read more of this series

    5. This is the 1st of a new series. Finley Anderson Tanner *FAT* is a quirky Stephanie Plum-like kind of girl. There were parts that made me laugh out loud, but I wasn't loving the ending - hopefully the next will have a better ending.

    6. I don't really like Finley Tanner, so I can't really LIKE a mystery with her as its heroine. I find her character is just, um, repugnant. I guess she and I don't share much of the same world view, and apparently, that matters when reading a fluffy book like "Knock Off". I don't care about her BCBGirls peep toe sandals. I don't care about her perfect pilot boyfriend and whether or not he's "the ONE". I don't care about what lingerie she decides to wear or whether or not she wins her eBay auction [...]

    7. I finished the entire series of Finley Anderson Tanner books by Rhonda Pollero. This series was a VERY VERY simple read. It was a combination of Chick-Lit and Mystery…but mostly Chick-Lit, the mystery was much to be desired. The author’s writing is beginner level at best. Do not get me wrong, I read the books and enjoyed them to some degree, however the plots were sub par and unbelievable. The author would introduce a problem but often times would not resolve it. Another thing that was annoy [...]

    8. Anyway, I started out by turned off by the protagonist. Finley is a paralegal and spends the first 30 or 4o pages explaining how she is irresponsible with money a credit abuser, a compulsive shopper of name brand items, and a nightmare co-worker. She basically brags about coming in late and taking long lunches, lying to her employer about going to the courthouse and meeting her friends for long lunches instead. I almost put the book down but I was too comfy in my lounge chair and didn’t want t [...]

    9. SummaryThis is a tongue-in-cheek standard girlie mystery/murder. But with a southern twist and confessed coffee fanatic. We meet Finley Tanner, estate paralegal who gets dragged into an unusual case for a friend of her boss. The recent widow is certain her late husband was murdered, not in a car accident. Finley takes the case with chagrin, but the more she delves into it, the more she wonders if the widow is right. My ThoughtsThis is a quick read, and made me brew a cup of coffee on a couple of [...]

    10. This is definitely lengthy and very detailed. I felt the author got too word-y and hung up on every single detail of Finley Tanner's life, and every single action she makes. I'm also disappointed she's still with a boyfriend when she's very much into someone else, but I guess it helps to build the mounting sexual tension between her and Liam McGarrity. Finley is assigned a case where she gets so involved she's threatened along the way. But this girl is tenacious, impatient, and very driven when [...]

    11. What a fun and funny book. Very similar to the Stephanie Plum cozy mysteries, actually, but that's actually a compliment since I love those books as well. This one centers around Finley Tanner, a paralegal at a large law firm. (Her initials are F.A.T which is the unattractive nickname she is sometimes called.) She's intelligent and attractive, but a self-proclaimed underachiever. She loves fashion and spends a lot of time talking about her outfits and the price she got them for--which is quite e [...]

    12. This was my first read by Rhonda Pollero. Finley the m.c. was a shopaholic and set on getting the best deal and a good cup of coffee. I enjoyed this book and the interest Finley takes in a case the law firm she works in as estates clerk. She gets more involved in a case when a client calls and demands help with the death of her husband claiming it is a murder. Finley does her best to solve this and gets herself suspended from her job while researching the case and the jurors that are dying.With [...]

    13. I liked the story! I really did. The idea is brilliant. Finley is some paralegal and is given a job which should be straight forward yet, it turns out to be not and gets Finley in all sorts of trouble and awkward situations.Yet, even though I wasn't able to put the book aside, I have to admit I couldn't warm to the main character, Finley - yet I cannot pinpoint what actually was the problem. One thing I really DID dislike was the constant coffee consumption (was there a deal with Starbucks, or [...]

    14. The first Finley Anderson Tanner mystery. Finley is a paralegal who doesn't take her job seriously until she's assigned to figure out whether one of her law firms's client's husband was murdered. Suddenly she finds something she's actually interested in working at, but of course there's danger and an attractive private investigator to distract her.This is the first book but the last one I've read (of 3 so far in the series) and the writing has gotten exponentially better. The conclusion to this [...]

    15. The main character of this novel is a woman who is responsible when it comes to her job as a paralegal but completely irrisponsible when it comes to buying the latest and greates in designer clothes and handbags. How could you not love a gal like that? The main plot of this book certainly keeps you guessing and the sexual tension that builds between her and her private eye keeps you guessing as well. The end of the book just leaves you in expectation of the next installment. I have NO patience!

    16. I liked this book. There were a few times I actually laughed out loud and one time I actually got scared from the suspense. This is the first book I actually think I've finished that wasn't mandatory to read. It was a good starter book for me to get into reading. Light and fun. I, however, did not like the way it ended. I wanted a little more romance from it, but there is a next book, so I hope to see some in there.

    17. Odelia Gray meets Pepper Martin!Finley Anderson Tanner comes to life in this awesome first novel. She is a character that most women can relate to At times she is insecure, about how she looks or in her love life. She has made mistakes, like racking-up an immense pile of debt or going to the house of a probable murderer alone. Who can honestly say that they are always confident about themselves or that they never make mistakes?

    18. This book was entertaining in parts but also quite frustrating for all the legal inaccuracies. Also I don't think that mystery gets resolved very well which I found annoying after getting invested in it. Finley is also very selfish which at times is off-putting, especially given how much everyone else does for her but she can be funny too. Ultimately I enjoyed it for the most part but I won't be reading any of the other books in the series. I'd prefer to read another Janet Evanovich book.

    19. Good book, on to the nextThis is a good book. it starts kind of slow and it seems a bit difficult to understand at times but in the end, it all makes sense. I really enjoyed Finley's sense of humor. I will say that Liam did start to annoy me at one point. I wanted to reach in the book and slap him! I don't care much for Patrick. Overall, I really enjoyed the book!

    20. This may be my second or third Finley Tanner novel and I have enjoyed the all. Rhonda Pollero writes a fun, humorous novel that never bogs down or gets off the mark. Not as silly as Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, never the less try this on for size. I am keeping all of the Finley Tanner novels in my personal library.

    21. This started off slow and I was not convinced after the first chapter, but I am glad that I stuck with it. I really enjoyed that back and forth that Finley and Liam had and was very surprised that the doctor's daughter was the one who was the killer! I was very engaged with this story and will probably look for more books in this series.

    22. Finley Anderson is a paralegal with a few twists. First of all she is a complete "brand ho." She tirelessly shops for the perfect shoes, the best bags, all the labels that make her life complete. If she finds them on mark-down, or slightly imperfect, that just makes it a better end to the quest, because the price is right!

    23. Finley (the heroine)drank a cup of tea offered to her by the person she was investigating for murder. Of course, it was drugged and she could have died.Not real smart! Otherwise this is an excellent book. Comical in some places. No gory details regarding the murder victims. Make me want to read the other FAT (Finley Anderson Tanner) books.

    24. 2.5 STARS - Ok, this book was an example of don't judge book by cover - because of the authors that commented about it, I thought, hey this is going to be one I'll love. I did somewhat like it - just not what I thought I would - will read second book, as seems like the character development will continue and get better.

    25. Based on other reviews, I thought I'd like this book. Sorry people, but it does not compare to the antics of Laura Levine's Jaine Austen. Thinking this may be a younger, more label- conscious reader then I.

    26. this was a fair mystery of those cutesy ones the main character, a paralegal turned amatuer sleuthe title knock off comes from her ability to buy irregulars and bruised items at a discount price.t real relavent to the story buti guess if you need a title.

    27. When I first bought this book I was first getting in to the ideas mysteries. This book sat on my shelf for a very long time before I picked it up and read it. I honestly thought that I was not going to like this book, but in the end it didn't turn out that bad! It is worth the read.

    28. I didn't find this book particularly captivating. It was an easy read, but the anticipation was taken away by minute details about Finley's shopping habits or side thoughts about Liam. While it might have added character, it was too overbearing to the actual plot of the story.

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