The Mythic Tarot A complete package in a box that contains everything needed for the beginning tarot card user a Tarot deck an illustrated hardcover book explaining how to use the cards and a silky cloth on which to

  • Title: The Mythic Tarot
  • Author: Juliet Sharman-Burke Liz Greene
  • ISBN: 9780671618636
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • A complete package in a box that contains everything needed for the beginning tarot card user a Tarot deck, an illustrated hardcover book explaining how to use the cards, and a silky cloth on which to lay the cards out.

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      402 Juliet Sharman-Burke Liz Greene
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    One thought on “The Mythic Tarot”

    1. I got this book and the cards back when I was in high school, and my friends and I used to do readings for ourselves all the time. Still have it, actually, it's something I'll probably keep hold of forever. It's been a long time since I did anything with them, but I still love them, especially how this deck is all about Greek mythology, which I've always loved.

    2. I have the original edition, wasn't aware of all the updates until today. Liz Greene is a British Jungian psychoanalyst and one of the world's most famous and respected Western astrologers (as opposed to Vedic astrologers). She is one of the founders of Astrodienst, an online astrological resource center based in Switzerland, possibly the most well known in the world. This book and the accompanying cards are beautifully done, both visually and intellectually. I have listened to many hours of her [...]

    3. Tarot cards have intrigued me every since I've seen a deck. They're so pretty and mysterious and so different, yet so closely related in look to our familiar playing cards, and so many of the decks are rich in symbolism. I started collecting decks, and even reading them for friends for fun, even though I'm a thorough-going rationalist and don't believe they can be tools of divination. This particular book came with a deck of cards. It's subtitled "a new approach to tarot cards" but really from w [...]

    4. If you feel more connected to greek myths or find the Rider/Waite tarot too scary for your taste (it's no shame to admit it) then you may try this deck. Knowing the actual myths it refers to (namely Oresteia, Jason's travel, Eros and Psyche and Daedalus' escape) will help you a great deal with your spreads, as every card depicts a moment in the myth's procession. Mind though that the meanings of the cards deviate from the original ones. But if you really want to learn the tarot, you should go on [...]

    5. Giving it a 4 on faith as I picked up my deck while travelling in Brazil. My version has very thin cardstock with solid black backs. Thought I was getting something different, then find out it's carried in the U.S available in English. Oh well, so much for that. If you know your Greek mythology, images are simple, clear and easy to interpret. I woudn't have it as my only deck, but if you have a few and enjoy Greek mythology, it's fine.

    6. This book is an excellent read for anyone interested in what Joseph Campbell referred to as the Hero's Journey. It's the companion book to a tarot deck, and it's very psychologically sound, as is everything written by Liz Greene, a jungian analyst and astrologer. This book can be enjoyable read without any prior knowledge of astrology or myth.

    7. The good thing about this book is that it give you the background information on the particular tarot card, but it doesn't really tell you what it means if YOU get the card. You know, if you wanted to read your own tarot cards about yourself but you didn't really know what they meanSo yea. Rated: 2.5

    8. These belonged to my mother. I had them for years before i ever used them. Now they are one of my priceless possessions. I have actually never read any of the instructional pages in the book. But the language and use of myth in each of the following pages for the cards is beautiful and powerful.

    9. The way that mythology is interwoven with the traditional meaning of the tarot cards gives the reader more depth of understanding. This was the first tarot book I ever read and it certainly trained me well.

    10. Definitely had some fun with this book and the tarot cards that came with it. I really liked how these cards were myth based. That element made the cards easier to understand and more interesting to look at and read about.

    11. New deck of the week The Mythic Tarot. The books looks great too. I need a refreshment in my mythology.

    12. This was my starter tarot kit (different packaging but came with the cards and the book. A great little starter kit!

    13. This is actually my second tarot bookI like my first tarot book, this book to me is more for the serious tarot card readers. I'm not saying that its not informative because IT IS!!!

    14. I really like this books explanation of the cards. It was the best one I found to learn tarot from. I found it useful and enjoyable to read.

    15. Have had these cards and the book for over 10 years and turn to them whenever I'm deeply troubled or perplexed. The answers have been at times astonishing.

    16. Simply my favourite tarot deck. But sadly the imagery has been changed this year. So will this become a collectors item?

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