Countess of Scandal As children Eliza Blacknall and William Denton ran wild over the fields of southern Ireland and swore they would be friends forever Then fate took Will away to England while Eliza stayed behind to b

  • Title: Countess of Scandal
  • Author: Laurel McKee
  • ISBN: 9780446544788
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • As children, Eliza Blacknall and William Denton ran wild over the fields of southern Ireland and swore they would be friends forever Then fate took Will away to England, while Eliza stayed behind to become a proper Irish countess Years later, Will finally makes his way home as an English soldier sent to crush the Irish uprising When he spies the lovely Eliza, he is captAs children, Eliza Blacknall and William Denton ran wild over the fields of southern Ireland and swore they would be friends forever Then fate took Will away to England, while Eliza stayed behind to become a proper Irish countess Years later, Will finally makes his way home as an English soldier sent to crush the Irish uprising When he spies the lovely Eliza, he is captivated by the passionate woman she has become But Eliza s passions have led her to join the Irish rebel cause, and Will and Eliza now find themselves on opposite sides of a dangerous conflict When Ireland explodes in bloody rebellion, Will s regiment is ordered to the front lines, and he is forced to choose between his duty to the English king and his love for Eliza and their Irish homeland.

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    One thought on “Countess of Scandal”

    1. 3 stars. Great writing and interesting characters, plus a unique location of Ireland. Great potential, but the story just didn't grab me. It started great but in the end it was just too focused on the conflict (hero/heroine are on opposite sides of a political cause - the Irish Civil War, and they must get the other to see things their way) and not enough on anything interesting. The romance didn't have much build up. It just starts happening around page 100, and keeps happening over and over. I [...]

    2. Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (romantic-rosesblog)Book 1 in the Daughters of Erin SeriesEliza Blacknall and William Denton were childhood friends, and over time their childish tricks slowly blossoming into an adolescent crush. But Eliza is pressured into marrying Lord Mount Clare and Will, a younger son, leaves their Ireland home for the English army, hoping to make his way in the world. Eliza is heartbroken at his decision to wear that inf [...]

    3. Eliza is an Irish girl through and throughwhich made it particularly difficult for her to accept Will's decision to become an English soldier (even more so because his decision was more practical than heartfelt). Hoping to free her people from English rule, she [secretly:] dedicates her life to the Irish cause. After many years apart, Will returns to his homeland when his regiment is assigned to squash the Irish uprising. What he certainly didn't expect was to find that Eliza got herself tangled [...]

    4. What a great book! Great story line and kept me wanting to read more. I would have to force myself to put the book down so that I could get some sleep for work the next day. I really considered staying up really late and calling in sick to work the next day. Ireland + rebellious fighting = a great story.

    5. Laurel McKee - an other penname of Amanda McCabe , Amanda Carmack , Amanda Allen - dedicated this book to her grandmother who was always so proud of her Irish heritage and I am sure is or was very proud of her granddaughter too and not just for writing this book .This story is a very good blend of romance , historical facts and bits of Irish folklore . Loved it !!

    6. I haven't read an historical novel like this in quite some time and don't really know where to begin. There were two interesting storylines going on - Eliza and Will's romance, and Eliza's efforts to help the Irish escape English rule. I have a only general understanding of the history of The Troubles in Ireland; I do not know the specific battles and such. This book takes place during the Irish Rebellion of 1798. I do think it's an interesting subject to work into a Romance novel.As the book op [...]

    7. Countess of Scandal takes place in 1790s Ireland. There is strife between the landowners and the Irish people. Will is torn between his love of Eliza and his duty to "family, to England, to our estate". Eliza, also part of the aristocracy, has always been proud of Ireland. She was born there and considers herself Irish, not British. She will do anything to help the Irish people - even if it puts her in danger. I thought there was a good balance of romance and conflict. Eliza is a strong heroine [...]

    8. 4 1/2 stars Really enjoyed this 'Star-Crossed Lovers' themed story, but with a happily ever after ending! I loved that it takes place in Ireland during the Irish Rebellion, a time and location I've yet to read about in a Historical Romance. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series. Each book features the story of one of three sisters, which is near and dear to my heart seeing how I come from a family of three sisters and have three daughters myself! :)

    9. One word comes to my mind when I think of Laurel McKee's writing Potential with a big P. I loved the strong heroine, historic setting, and thought her writing was really good. I just wish the book was about 200 pages longer. It could easily have been an epic love story. I am really looking forward to her next book.

    10. Interesting and unexpected, when I picked this book I didn't realize it was part of trilogy and that it involved history of Irish fighting for Independence. Not sure if I will follow with series, possibly yes, because I liked Annie, and would like to read her story (if its next).

    11. I gave this book a DIK review at All About Romance, and here is what I had to say about it: Sometimes when I'm reading a book, there's not one major thing that makes the book stand out, but rather lots of little details that come together to create an amazing world. That's exactly what happens in Countess of Scandal. This book has a rarely used and well-drawn setting, good characters, and so much more working in its favor. I absolutely loved reading this one! As the story opens, childhood friend [...]

    12. Laurel McKee brilliantly creates love out of the tragedy of warWith rebellion and war raging all around them can two lives that have been separated by time and upbringing be brought together again to find the true meaning of love and life? This is absolutely the case with Lady Elizabeth “Eliza” Mount Clare nee Blacknall and Major William Denton. These two people grew up together, explored the innocence of young love and survived being torn away from each other as teenagers when Will went to [...]

    13. J’ai passé un bon moment en grande partie parce que l’on est à Dublin et que les endroits décrits sont apparus dans mon esprit. Les ayant vus de mes propres yeux et me renvoyant à mon voyage de l’année passé au cœur de cette superbe capitale. Cela m’a fait de nouveau rêver, et la folle envie de d’y retourner.Par contre, on est au 18ème siècle dans l’histoire, un grand décalage avec notre siècle mais les lieux ont toujours les mêmes noms. Bref, et l’histoire dans tous c [...]

    14. It's the end of the 18th century and Eliza, recently widowed, is an Irish countess devoted to the Irish Rebellion. Though her status demands she remain proper and stay in the place of a woman, Eliza secretly supports her political views, all while maintaining her good name and household according to social expectations. Her whole life plan is thrown into disarray when Will, her childhood sweetheart, returns. The two parted ways when Will decided to join the English Army and Eliza chose to suppor [...]

    15. Eliza and Will are childhood playmates in Ireland and destined to be lovers except that Will sees his future as being made wearing the redcoat of the English soldier, which angers Eliza enough that she allows her mother to convince her to marry a man she does not love. Years later, now a widowed Countess, she uses her position and money to write inflaming pamphlets urging the Irish to rebel against England. Will, now a Major, finds Eliza in Dublin and battles with his love for her versus his des [...]

    16. Two young lovers, Eliza Blacknall and William Denton are forced apart by family and propriety, and forced to forge new lives apart from each other. Eliza marries Frederick Mount Clare while Will joins the army. Upon the Thirteenth Regiment of Foot's return to Dublin seven years later, Will now a Major, is reunited with a widowed Eliza and while they meet clandestinely, their ideologies keep them apart. Will is back in Ireland to help squelch the Irish uprising against British rule while Eliza pl [...]

    17. Countess of Scandal is a historical romance set in Ireland during a period of political upheaval. The rebellion against Britain brings out Countess Eliza Mont Clair's idealism and nationalism and adds tension and excitement to the plot. I hadn't read anything that captures this time in Irish history and enjoyed this aspect of the book.I found the love story thoroughly engaging as well. Countess Eliza Mont Clair is daring, smart, and strong willed, and when she comes across Major Denton, we're im [...]

    18. I'm suprised how good this book was! I bought this on sale, it cost like few €:s. I thought it would be either really silly or boring, but it was really good.The book tells the story of Eliza and Will. They fell in love when they were young, but they couldn't be together. Eliza's parents had chosen a husband for her and Will left to join the army. Nine years later, their paths crosses. She's a widow, he's an Officer. And yes, old sparks still sparkles =) They began an affair, but they both now [...]

    19. At first I wasn’t sure that I would like this book. After some of the other reviews that I read and just knowing what this book was about I didn’t think it was my type of book. But thankfully I was wrong! This book was very exciting. When I was finished with it I told my husband that I was exhausted and needed to do something to help my mind relax. I cannot wait to start Anna’s book. I feel like I already know her so well but can’t wait to get to know her even more.Side note: I guess bec [...]

    20. Une lecture en demi-teinte D'un côté j'aime beaucoup l'Irlande et tout ce qui se rapporte a son histoire mais là c'est un peut trop, le côté Historique prend un peut trop l'ascendant sur l'histoire des personnages. Eliza m'a un peu agacée, elle a de belles et grandes convictions mais ne semble finalement pas avoir le sens des réalités. William par contre est un homme dans toute sa splendeur ! Il est courageux, aimant, loyal et totalement dévoué à ceux qu'il aime et a Eliza en particul [...]

    21. I expected more from this novel. It wasn't bad -- I've certainly read much worse -- I just felt a little disengaged from Eliza and Will the majority of the time. Eliza is writing pamphlets for the Irish Rebellion; Will's task is two-fold: keep Eliza safe from and attempt to quash said Irish Rebellion without his commanding officer (or higher-ups) discovering he's in love with Eliza. Should be ripe for passion and tension and intrigue and drama, right? I didn't think so. At least it fell flat for [...]

    22. I was surprised by this book. Eliza Blacknall and William Denton have known each other since childhood. They have loved each other practically their whole lives, but conflict seperates them and what society expects of them. Will is the second son, so he goes off to join the British Army. He becomes a Major and his regiment is sent to Ireland years later to fight against the Irish rebellion. Eliza has married and been widowed during his absence and has become Countess Mont Claire. Eliza is helpin [...]

    23. I was very excited to get this book. The summary on the promised intrigue, adventure, 'history' and romance. I was surprised to find I was a little wrong about the type of story this book was going to be. I had to put it aside, even though I was supposed to read immediately and post a review.i'm sorry, but i couldn't get past the distraction of the romance part. While at times that is great and has it's place.I didn't think/know I had signed up for a romance novel. The plot seemed weak at times [...]

    24. The premise sounded original and intriguing. I've long had a fascination with Ireland, so I decided to give Countess of Scandal a try.But I was disappointed in the execution, and I couldn't bring myself to finish the book. Not that McKee's writing was bad, but it didn't match the originality of the premise. (Rather McKee used a lot of the cliched phrases too often found in Romances.) And I found the interaction between the hero and heroine when they met again in the first time for years unrealis [...]

    25. A book that I wanted to love but I couldn't get there. Set in Ireland around the turn of the 17th century with England exerting it’s power over the Irish. Our hero and heroine are star-crossed lovers. They’re both children of English families who had been transplanted to Ireland, with differing national loyalties. It just feels like two stories forced together, rather than a romance in a time of turmoil. The attraction between them is almost too instant and too strong. It makes me think of t [...]

    26. I initially gave it a 3 (though I really was thinking it was around a 3.5), but I decided to come back and bump it up to the higher end because I find myself searching around to see how best to get the next book in the series. While the romantic potion of the book is fairly typical, it was wrapped up in the landscape of the Irish struggle for independence in the late 18th century, which I found very interesting. There wasn't quite enough detail to make it truly feel like an educational historica [...]

    27. Won this through the first reads program.I want to give this more stars but I had to skip too much of it for graphic romance scenes. I would classify this as a romance novel so if you like that kind of thing you will like this book (I thought it was historical fiction). I really enjoyed the story line. Reading this makes me want to read more books about the Irish Civil War. I think Eliza is very admirable in her convictions to help all Irish people but I also admire Will. It is so hard to read [...]

    28. This book was just a little too depressing and heavy for me. I liked the characters, I was interested in how the story would turn out, but it was not a "fun" read at all.I'm a genealogist and many of my ancestors are from Ireland, so that added to the depression. I love reading about Irish history, but don't want my romance novels to be so "graphic" and bloody. If you don't mind this type of details surrounding your romance, then the book may be ok for you. It is well written, with interesting c [...]

    29. It was very interesting in that it was set entirely in Ireland - I don't remember coming across another book like that before. However, I feel like the h and H jumped into a sexual relationship way too fast. I get that they grew up together, and he was her first love, but I still would have liked to see their relationship develop a bit more before it became all about being lovers. The history was very interesting and certainly makes me want to read more about the Irish rebellion of 1798. I'm loo [...]

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