Northern Storm The Aldabreshin Archipelago has been ravaged by war Kheda no longer warlord of Daish has vowed to reclaim the masterless domain of Chazen but his plans are thrown into confusion when a dragon attac

  • Title: Northern Storm
  • Author: Juliet E. McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781841491677
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Aldabreshin Archipelago has been ravaged by war Kheda, no longer warlord of Daish, has vowed to reclaim the masterless domain of Chazen, but his plans are thrown into confusion when a dragon attacks the islanders.

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    One thought on “Northern Storm”

    1. Southern Fire was an outstanding start to the Aldabreshin Compass series. Juliet E McKenna now has to up the ante and give Kheda and his allies a bigger, badder danger to deal with. And yes, that means dragons.These aren't Smaug-level dragons, however. They're far more dangerous than that. And though he has already tainted himself with magic, Kheda will have to call on the wizards of Hadrumal again to help cleanse his domain.If there's a sense of deja-vu in the first couple of chapters, that's b [...]

    2. After Southern Fire comes Northern Storm, and although you could read them standalone, I'd certainly recommend reading them in order, since McKenna has developed the characters considerably in the first book. Northern Storm follows Kheda, warlord to a new domain, his old domain left to his children. The new domain borders unknown southern waters, and it is from here a new threat emerges. The dragon in question, and indeed the magics throughout the book, are exquisitely detailed. A new character [...]

    3. I'm not crazy about dragons in books. Book 1 of this series didn't have any and I really liked the story. Now they are the focus in this Book 2. Looking at the covers of Books 3 and 4, it looks like more dragons ahead. So, sadly, I'm going to move on to other stories.

    4. nhwvejournal/868803ml[return][return]The second in Juliet E. McKenna's Aldabreshin Compass series. Here we have Kheda, central character of the previous book, struggling to balance the interests of his new realm, his new wife, and the woman he loves (it's a polygamous society, so the love-life issues are somewhat different from those faced by Jane Austen's characters, but they are not absent). Also there is a dragon or two, and a conflict between a highly scientific concept of magic and a supers [...]

    5. The world building is absolutely amazing. McKenna Aldebreshin culture is fascinating and well thought out. The descriptions of the dragon encountering (and slaughtering) people were the best I've read anywhere. I've grown to like the main character, Kheda, although I wasn't really a fan in the first book. I really appreciated the role of the Hadrumal mage Velindre in the book. McKenna feels no compulsion to make all of her female characters young, beautiful, and needy. Velindre is powerful, comp [...]

    6. This book is slightly more enjoyable than the first. But it still lack a flow to it. Still a lot of internal dialogue and descriptions of odd things. Like took longer to describe what the dragon looked like then it did to talk about the battle. It still was a chore to read, but hey I'm not a quitter and there are 2 more books to get through. Very tempted to give up on this series. There could have been a lot of details left out and made into less books and not really lost anything.

    7. I've just re-read this for the first time since it was published, and because it's been over a decade and I've read at least 1000 books since, it was like reading it for the first time, for the most part - which was actually great! So much tension and anticipation, and so many thrills!

    8. This second tale started slowly, but gained speed throughout. I enjoyed it more than the first book in the series, but it isn't something I would ever re-read. I haven't yet decided if I will read the next in the series

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