Silhouette in Scarlet One perfect red rose a one way ticket to Stockholm and a cryptic message consisting of two Latin words intrigue art historian Vicky Bliss as they were precisely intended to do Beautiful brilliant a

  • Title: Silhouette in Scarlet
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380733378
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • One perfect red rose, a one way ticket to Stockholm, and a cryptic message consisting of two Latin words intrigue art historian Vicky Bliss as they were precisely intended to do.Beautiful, brilliant and, as always, dangerously inquisitive, Vicky recognizes the handiwork of her former lover, the daring jewel thief John Smythe So she takes the bait, eagerly following SmytOne perfect red rose, a one way ticket to Stockholm, and a cryptic message consisting of two Latin words intrigue art historian Vicky Bliss as they were precisely intended to do.Beautiful, brilliant and, as always, dangerously inquisitive, Vicky recognizes the handiwork of her former lover, the daring jewel thief John Smythe So she takes the bait, eagerly following Smythe s lead in the hope of finding a lost treasure But the trail begins at a priceless fifth century chalice which will place Vicky at the mercy of a gang of ruthless criminals who have their eyes on an even valuable prize And the hunt threatens to turn deadly on a remote island, where a captive Vicky Bliss must lead an excavation into the distant past and where digging too deep for the truth could dig her own grave.

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    One thought on “Silhouette in Scarlet”

    1. Default 3 stars. Found a copy of this, and it fulfills a 2018 Reading Challenge prompt, so I figured I'd give it a try.I think I need to resign myself to being an outlier when it comes to this series.1. I grant that I would never be adventurous enough to go on a mysterious vacation just for the chance to meet up with a thief I'd met a few times and quite liked (I would be a terrible heroine in a suspense novel - I'm far too risk-averse); however, if I ever did decide to travel to another country [...]

    2. This may be my favorite of the Vicky Bliss stories. It's that great, almost old-fashioned combo of mystery, adventure and romance, though it's very light on the romance. Peters generally manages a bit of humor, too which is always welcome. Worth reading or rereading.

    3. Having had this book on my to read shelf to read shelf for some time I was quite pleased when I decided to pull it out and proceed.What a mistake; it is dull and uninteresting from first page to last. The storyline is so poor that I struggled to come to terms with it (perhaps that says more about me than about the book) and although there are passages of good descriptive writing they do not add up to making the book a good, and understandable, read.Vicky Bliss is a boring character, her co-consp [...]

    4. Finding a good cozy can be a bit like panning for gold. You have to go through a lot of grit to find a nugget worth keeping. Elizabeth Peters' books are those nuggets.I fully admit I'm biased. I've loved the Elizabeth Peters books since I stumbled across them in elementary school. Vicky's my favorite of her heroines, and Silhouette is a close second to my all-time favorite, Trojan Gold.Silhouette has wit and charm. Are parts of it well, maybe a bit implausible? Yeah, probably, but for me, that j [...]

    5. I fell in love with the Vicky Bliss mystery series during high school, and rereading the books is like curling up on a cozy couch with an old friend -- if that old friend brings intrigue, adventure, foreign travel, a puzzling mystery, and romance all in one package.Silhouette in Scarlet isn't one of Elizabeth Peters' most clever mysteries (she writes some absolutely brilliant ones), but it's one of my favorites because it's a mad-cap adventure that features John Smythe at his roguish best.

    6. Ahaha. These are just so fun!(view spoiler)["Most heroines (in which category I account myself, of course) pick up handsome, dashing heroes as they pass through their varied adventures. I seem to be building up a collection of critical grandpas." (hide spoiler)]

    7. 3.5 Vicky and John are like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in Charade, only blonde. I love the screwball comedy/mystery/romance of it all. And this one is set in Sweden! With plenty of bad guys, a bit of a treasure hunt, dash of danger, plenty of wit, and a fickle feline. Lots of escapist fun!

    8. #3 in the series, and John & Vicky are in true form! I'm so happy these are as fun and frothy as I remember them.

    9. One perfect red rose, a one-way ticket to Stockholm, and a cryptic "message" consisting of two Latin words intrigue art historian Vicky Bliss—as they were precisely intended to do.Beautiful, brilliant and, as always, dangerously inquisitive, Vicky recognizes the handiwork of her former lover, the daring jewel thief John Smythe. So she takes the bait, eagerly following Smythe's lead in the hope of finding a lost treasure. First book I have read of Elizabeth Peters. Her character Vicky Bliss has [...]

    10. The relationship between Vicky and John finally starts crackling in Silhouette, making it a fun, buoyantly suspenseful romp. Max makes for a delightfully creepy villain, and the Swedish locale is more colorful than one might expect.

    11. This was a re-read for me right after Street of the Five Moons. I liked both of them as well as I remember - lightheaded fun (well, ok, some blood, but not really) with an element of travelogue to it.

    12. These are so much fun; light, quick and funny, but packing a surprising emotional punch, I find myself re-reading when I am at a loose end.

    13. I am really enjoying this series.Vicky Bliss is a delight as the main character and the growing relationship between her and her rake, John, keeps the story interesting and unexpected at times.

    14. Vicky Bliss has some charm, but I'm afraid she's no Amelia Peabody, and without that power to hold my attention, the plot seems much too thin.Ah, well.

    15. This was a quick read because (1.) it's a pretty short book, and (2.) I got interested and just couldn't put it down.Vicky Bliss really is an immensely attractive character. She's fun and rather full of herself. She spends an inordinate amount of time revealing her measurements and discussing her appeal to the opposite sex. She never entertains doubts about her judgments of others or of the situation, and she is always prepared to act when action is required.Then there is her susceptibility to t [...]

    16. The third Vicky Bliss novel, Silhouette in Scarlet, brings our heroine to Sweden, armed with a mysterious message from her one-time lover John. Once she arrives, Vicky is pulled right into John's latest swindle: an attempt to search a rich recluse's property for a cache of buried treasure. Naturally, things go awry. John is crossed and double-crossed; persons are revealed to be not at all what they seem; Vicky gets to drink in the sights of a charming locale even as the scheme closes in around h [...]

    17. I have to thank Leila for her Elizabeth Peters week, which introduced me to the author; there were so many gushing testimonials that I had to bump the books to the very top of my TBR list. I regret nothing: the books are hilarious thrillers.In a way, they're all - both the Vicky Bliss and Jacqueline Kirby stories - more about the characters than about the mysteries, though the mysteries are certainly with merit. It's just that the characters are so enormously entertaining that they become the st [...]

    18. Third book in the Vicky Bliss series starts off very slow and did not pick up until half way through the book. Vicky is contacted by her ex, jewel thief, John Smythe and Vicky sets off on a journey to find some lost treasure but is taken captive on a remote island by criminals. For me, this book was not as exciting as the first two books in the series even though I struggled to read them too. Leaves me wondering why I continue to read the series. But I am interested in the relationship between V [...]

    19. Huh! I had somehow totally forgotten that this takes place in Sweden! My memory is terrible sometimes, which is partly why I can keep reading the same books over and over and over again and still not always remember what happens. Also, I never really thought about the cover before, but it's kind of clever! Well anyway, Vicky receives a plane ticket and a mysterious message in the mail and flies off to Stockholm for her vacation; hijinks ensue. These books are really not super sophisticated, but [...]

    20. I received this book in the mail from Swaptree.Genre: Fiction |Women Sleuths | Mystery & Detective | Suspense | Sweden |This book is a different spin than I normally read. Here you have the gal that was romantic with a bad guy in the past. She gets a note from him and is overwhelmed with romantic feelings. But she is smart and meets other gentlemen on the adventure. I should say she meets more granpas than hunky heroes.This book started out (for me) an absolute bore. From the first page I co [...]

    21. This book is in the Vicky Bliss series. I love it is has adventure, romance, danger, humor and archaeology and art art history. It is set in Sweden and the author brings the country size alive. Barbara Mertz who is Elizabeth Peters has a doctorate in Egyptology and a background dealing with museums. This knowledge helps make the stories believable. Vicky is a great character strong smart and beautiful I enjoy how she does not feel the need like so many modern female characters today to be so tom [...]

    22. I found this the weakest of the Vicki Bliss-John Smythe novels. The narrative felt jerky with lots of holes. The Leif character felt creepy from the start, and even as described, it was baffling that Vicki found him attractive instead of stultifying and insulting simply because he made her feel petite. The manipulation and interactions between Vicki and John were also unsatisfying. John's actions in the end were probably more powerful for the dissatisfaction. What is interesting as Peters develo [...]

    23. Vicky Bliss is bored with her life as an art historian. So when she gets a red rose, a one-way ticket to Stockholm, and a strange message in Latin, Vicky turns detective. She is not sure how to deal with her former lover, the handsome jewel thief, John Smyth, or any of the other men who suddenly become so helpful as she searches for a priceless treasure. When she is invited to a remote island by a distant cousin for a few days, the criminals close in. But more than her life is in danger, and Vic [...]

    24. After finishing the Amelia Peabody series I thought I'd give Elizabeth Peters' other books a try. This was the first book in the Vicky Bliss series, and I thought it was a decent read. The book reminded me a lot of the Murder She Wrote books with a little bit of attitude thrown in.I've seen this book categorized as a "romance/thriller," and I don't think that label fits particularly well. Yes, there were two kissing occurrences and one "mostly left to your imagination" intimate scene, but I hard [...]

    25. Ms. Peters (Barbara Mertz also writing as Barbara Michaels) was a favorite of my late wife's so i read or at least "listened to" several of her books. I finally had to come to the conclusion the "Peabody" her archaeologist character was one I just couldn't take Vicky Bliss while annoying was slightly more palatable (to me).Ms. Bliss much like Peabody seems to attract most any man she meets and also has an apparent weakness for criminals. So the art historian who can't quite shake a crush on an a [...]

    26. The trouble with having been in love with a daring jewel thief is that you're easily set up as if to reacquaint yourself with him and instead find yourself in the hands of brigands. Ever happen to you? Well you probably aren't a voluptuous blond so beautiful that you can't get people to take your impressive academic credentials seriously, are you? Vicky Bliss, to our good fortune, is all those things, including, in this volume in an outstanding pickle, which may have put her in need of saving, t [...]

    27. Plot: After receiving a message from john, Vicky heads to Sweden. There she's drawn into one of John's schemes. Only, this one has gone terribly wrong.Setting: Germany and SwedenWhy I picked it up: I'm now hooked on this great series. Also, Barbara Rosenblatt is one of favorite narrators. What kept me reading: I loved the film noir tone to this story and the suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat. Not an easy place to be when one's driving a car :) Also loved the interplay between Vicky an [...]

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