Cool Dog School Dog Tinka is a cool dog a school dog a breaking all the rules dog A hall dog a ball dog a crash into the wall dog Join Tinka a dandy sandy Golden Retriever as she unexpectedly visits her owner at s

  • Title: Cool Dog, School Dog
  • Author: Deborah Heiligman Tim Bowers
  • ISBN: 9780761455615
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tinka is a cool dog, a school dog, a breaking all the rules dog A hall dog, a ball dog, a crash into the wall dog Join Tinka, a dandy, sandy Golden Retriever, as she unexpectedly visits her owner at school and helps his class learn to read Bright illustrations rendered in acrylic paint add to the excitement in this playful back to school story about a boy and his lov Tinka is a cool dog, a school dog, a breaking all the rules dog A hall dog, a ball dog, a crash into the wall dog Join Tinka, a dandy, sandy Golden Retriever, as she unexpectedly visits her owner at school and helps his class learn to read Bright illustrations rendered in acrylic paint add to the excitement in this playful back to school story about a boy and his loves to hear a book dog.

    • ✓ Cool Dog, School Dog || ☆ PDF Read by â Deborah Heiligman Tim Bowers
      244 Deborah Heiligman Tim Bowers
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    One thought on “Cool Dog, School Dog”

    1. Text: 3 starsIllustrations: 4 starsA rhyming picture book about a dog who follows his boy to school one day. Stronger story arc than Fun Dog, Sun Dog, though the ending is unrealistic. Good texture and motion in the brightly colored illustrations.

    2. This is a great book for kids who love dogs, I don't know if I would read it in the classroom because then all the kids would want to bring their dog to school with them! Adorable story though.

    3. CuteThis was a cute night time book. It was short but sweet. My son loved this book and we talked about the ifs of our digs in school.

    4. Wonderfully illustrated and enjoyable readFun book any kid (or adult kid lol) would love with interesting illustrations that will make everyone want to read it again and again.

    5. PrincessIt is really funny. I like the part when the dog goes to school. Sometimes I wish I was in the book.

    6. Good read-along book for 6yo!My 6yo and I enjoyed reading the book together. It reminds of how much our pets love to spend time with us!!

    7. My kids want to get a dogJust to be able to bring him to school for reading. My boys like this. It was cute, easy to read and understand what's happening.

    8. Cool Dog, School Dog was exactly the type of book I would've wanted in my elementary reading experience. Cool Dog, School Dog is a book about a boy and a dog and their ever so close relationship. Tinka and his owner, a young boy, are as close as friends could ever be. But the young boy goes to school in the fall, and Tinka is left home alone with the boy's mother. Sneaky Tinka slips out the door one afternoon and heads for the school where he runs the halls and knocks everything over, making a h [...]

    9. Cool Dog, School Dog by Deborah Heiligman is a very cute and fun book to read. The story is basically a whole days length about a dog. It starts in the beginning of the day until the end of the school day. It is a cute rhyming book about the type of dog Tinka is, and the things she does throughout the day.The genre of this book is definitely a poetry book. Every page there are three lines that describe the type of dog Tinka is. The setting in this book isn’t stated clearly, however through the [...]

    10. Cool Dog, School Dog by Deborah Heiligman is another adorable story that pairs dogs with reading! This rhyming story tells of a dog named Tinka who gets so lonely when his owner goes to school, that he sneaks off and scampers to find him. Wreaking havoc in the hallways, the teacher calls the boy's mother in anger, but the kids beg for Tinka to stay. They read to him and realize how much Tinka loves to read, too. This book would be great for K-2nd graders. It would certainly be helpful for reluct [...]

    11. Cool Dog, School Dog is a good back to school book or a good introduction to the program Reading with Rover. I picked this book up at our school's Book Fair. It is a cute story about a dog that doesn't want to get left behind when her human brother goes off to elementary school so she tags along! Tinka, the dog, gets into all sorts of trouble and gets a call home until the children start reading to her. She loves it! Then she is a "come back every day dog". Children will love the rhymes in this [...]

    12. I love this rhyming words book! One each page there are three phrases that all have rhyming words in it. Children love the way this book flows. Tinka is a great family dog, but he gets sad and lonely when his friend has to go to school in the morning. He finds a way to sneak out and go to the school to find him! Tinka runs through the halls and causes quite a distraction. He eventually ends up reading with the children in his friend's class and the kids love it. They plead him to come back every [...]

    13. This was a fun read that my son enjoyed greatly. I loved the dog in this story because in an odd way it reminded me of how my son is at school. I have often found myself wishing that I could go sit in class like he did. I liked that this is a story about a bond between a boy and his dog. This is a wonderful book to read with your kids. If you have them. The art work is wonderful and vibrant that catches anyones attention. I think this is a great book for any school age kid to read with their par [...]

    14. Tinka is a dog, and Tinka is a lot of other things that are described throughout the book in rhymes. She is sad when her human has to leave for school, so she decides to join him there. She promptly makes a mess and is almost sent home, when the teacher decides that Tinka can help the class. "Cool Dog, School Dog" is a fun rhyming book that is great for beginning readers. The illustrations are very well done and add a lot to the story. After reading the book, kids can make their own rhymes about [...]

    15. This story was about a dog who went to school with his owner. The dog was very bad at first until he starting liking school. I enjoyed this book and found it funny. Also I believe children would also enjoy this book. I loved how the booked rhymed and was easy to read. Children could easily relate to this book because they too may have had a hard time in school until they learned to embrace the experience.

    16. This book is FULL of great rhyming words! This is a great resource for adding rhyming words to a word wall, creating a rhyming word ring or extending some word families that may already be present in the classroom. There are also some great emotion words in this book and those could be used to label the way the children in the class may feel or felt the first day of school, or when they do something different that they've never tried before.

    17. "Cool Dog, School Dog" was a rollicking good time, with fun sing-songy rhymes, and a cadence that begs to repeated louder and louder each time. On the first day of school, the house dog gets lonely in a hurry and wants to find the little boy he loves, so he takes off for school. Mayhem ensues, but the students love him and invite him to stay with them to read books.Recommended for ages five and up.

    18. Tinka is miserable when her human gets on the bus to go to school, leaving her at home. When Tinka sees a chance for escape, she dashes off in pursuit of her human friend--and a wild day in the forbidden halls of school. Kids of all ages will love the idea of dog at school; Heiligman's brief, rhyming text and the highly emotive illustrations make this a great storytime read.

    19. I love this book. The rhyming is great! The message of stress about school is totally relatable. The illustrations are awesome. Every time Sam and I read this book, we can usually talk about the pictures and what's going on in the story for at least 10-15 minutes. I use this book to talk about emotions and rhyming.

    20. This book is a wonderful book to have in any teacher's classroom library, because it helps emergent readers build on their phonemical awareness. This book is full of rhyming words which makes this book very enjoyable and fun to read. This book is about a dog and the different characteristics of this dog. This book is suitable for younger children.

    21. This is a perfect book for anyone who participates in the Read to a Dog program in schools and libraries. I take it with me when my poodle, Misty, and I meet with young readers. The text is simple and fun (giving the kids an easy, successful read), the illustrations are adorable, and the dog in the story ends up like Misty, a 'read to' dog! I've recommended it to all my fellow Pet Partners teams.

    22. Tinka misses her little boy when he goes to school, so when Mom isn't looking Tinka goes to school. She is thriled to see her little owner, but his teacher is not thrilled to see Tinka. This story is full of rhyming words: sneak and peek, cool and school, and even nook and book. Great for working on a ryhming lesson with students.

    23. I would recommend this book for developing readers. Considering its rhyming scheme, it could not only be read to teach phonemic awareness but intergrate music and movement. I like the rhythm because it reminds me of the morning meeting song from my 1st grade placement.

    24. The rhymes in this tale of a dog who went to school are very cute, and the illustrations are similarly adorable. Sometimes, I felt that aspects of the narration were less smooth than desirable-- sacrificed for the sake of the rhyme. Still, though, I would recommend this book.

    25. This story is about a dog who goes to school to see his owner. There he getis into some trouble and then he helps the students learn to read. This is a really cute story that could be used to write a creative writing story where the children can write about their pet coming to school.

    26. Tinka is a family dog. She does not like to be left alone. When the children go off to school, Tinka sneaks out of the house and follows them there. See what Tinka gets into at school. This book can teach students what is fact or ficion.

    27. I have a dog and had a dog when I was a little boy and this book really brings back memories of the times I use to run off the bus to go play with my dog after school. This book is a very good book for kids at a young age because all children love dogs.

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