Charlie Bone and the Red Knight Dark forces are gathering at Bloor s Academy as the Bloors search for a lost box containing a hidden will a will that reveals the true destiny of the Red King s heirs And the Bloors are determined to

  • Title: Charlie Bone and the Red Knight
  • Author: Jenny Nimmo
  • ISBN: 9781405248235
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dark forces are gathering at Bloor s Academy as the Bloors search for a lost box containing a hidden will a will that reveals the true destiny of the Red King s heirs And the Bloors are determined to keep Charlie Bone from finding it first But Charlie is also facing the lord of the sea, who is trying to drown his parents, and a deadly expert swordsman from another centuDark forces are gathering at Bloor s Academy as the Bloors search for a lost box containing a hidden will a will that reveals the true destiny of the Red King s heirs And the Bloors are determined to keep Charlie Bone from finding it first But Charlie is also facing the lord of the sea, who is trying to drown his parents, and a deadly expert swordsman from another century The Red Knight might be the only hope But who is the mysterious Red Kinight And can he help Charlie and his friends defeat the evil magic for good

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    One thought on “Charlie Bone and the Red Knight”

    1. WOW!!!!!! I love this book. It was so epic, especially the battle. I was like screaming because Paton got shot in the chest with an arrow. That must have been super painful. I just love love love this book. The author's words really brought me to the setting of the battle. After I finished this book, haha, I imagined what it would be like if I was in the battle as well. AND where in the world was Una!!! She didn't even help, gosh. What about Mr. Onimous? He didn't even participate in the battle. [...]

    2. Even though this wasn't the best entry in the eight book series, I still found it a pretty good ending to the series. Predictable yes, but it was also the ending I wanted. I do think the author ran out of ideas though by the time she got around to writing this book, as some of the dialogue and scenes seemed recycled from previous books in the series. The battle scene at the end of the book brought to mind many similar scenes from Harry Potter. And who would have guessed the identity of the Red K [...]

    3. This is another series where I've been waiting so long for the final book to come out that I was barely even excited anymore. But I have enjoyed all the other Charlie Bone books, so it was nice to finally read the conclusion. I thought it was a nice ending with some excitement, a final showdown, and most of the hanging threads satisfactorily wrapped-up.I was bothered a couple of times with the narrator voice saying things like, "If Charlie would have remembered to lock the door, things might hav [...]

    4. This series has run out of gas. I enjoyed the prior 7 books, but this one felt like a rushed job with Nimmo throwing in every character she's created just to give them one last appearance in print.Most of the story doesn't even focus on Charlie. It jumps from Tancred to Emma to Olivia to Billy. When it finally bounces back to Charlie you're left wondering, why? Charlie hardly seems pivotal to the story anymore.The Bloors are trying to raise the evil Sorcerer Harkin from the past. We know he's re [...]

    5. I hope my low review doesn't discourage people from reading this. Most of the things I didn't like about it wouldn't be a problem on a lower reading level.That said, I was kind of dissapointed with this book, because I really liked to other books in the series. The easiest way to describe what I didn't like is that I thought the book was badly written (I didn't think this with the other books, which I read a long time ago, so I think the books may just be a lot below my reading level). What both [...]

    6. I'm sad to see the series end, seemed like there could have been more too it. Got slightly disappointed by how it ended, everything all tied up neatly and suddenly; really! If you read the book you'd see what I mean. I mean the battle scene, I didn't even see Fido disappear and only realised when Charlie was up and saying Fido was up. The fight scene was rather hazy, but then it is war, and when all his friends were going done, I didn't even notice. And then they got up again because they weren' [...]

    7. (Questions and Spoilers)I really liked a few things in this book but there were also a few things that I didn't.For one, there were several questions (especially about Manfred) that were not answered.For example, In the last scene when Manfred had fully inherited his endowment from his ancestor Borlath, why did his endowment change from being a hypnotist to being able to create fire?Did he want it to change?Was Borlath a hypnotist in his youth and then in adulthood he suddenly was able to create [...]

    8. Three stars is a stretch, but it's cool.This was the finale of the Charlie Bone debacle. Originally, Charlie Bone books were cute and fun. As they went on, they got weaker and weaker. Then this one came along.Overall, I think the thing I dislike about Charlie Bone books is that there is no sense of urgency. There is no highs or lows - everything is just medium. If an enchanted knight is running at you with an enchanted sword, you would be like, "GET ME THE F OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!" Charlie Bone woul [...]

    9. I can see why I liked this series so much in middle school, and I can see too that I have outgrown it. The rating of two is perhaps ungenerous, for it has been at least two years since I read the previous book; maybe that is why the "final battle" felt so completely anticlimactic. But I also dislike the characters' inability to plan things out, the way so much of the plot action hinges on silly or careless errors. The characters just don't seem all that intelligent sometimes. I also took issue w [...]

    10. Yes, I'm reading another book written for 11 year old boys. What?This book rounds out the Charlie Bone series (I think). And I've enjoyed them, for the most part. Charlie Bone goes to a creepy school called Bloors Academy where some of the children are endowed with special gifts. Charlie can move into pictures and paintings, his friend Tancred can call up storms, and the sinister Manfred is a hypnotizer. Throughout the books Charlie is clashing with his evil grandma who he lives with and trying [...]

    11. Like many reviewers, I'd started feeling like the Charlie Bone series had overstayed its welcome. The last couple of volumes were kind of muddled and ever since the book where Charlie found his dad, it seemed like Nimmo was just stretching the story along. That being said, I wasn't really that excited to start this final volume of the series. It only took a few chapters for me to change my mind. While I could tell that Nimmo was trying to cram in as many characters from the life of the series as [...]

    12. I really loved the whole Charlie Bone series. I was expecting sumthin totallly different with the Red Knight. They keep on leading you so u believe that the Red Knight it the Red King but, then 2 find out that it was Charlie's dad. thats just really a twist. sum people may b able 2 figure it out b4 but i couldnt. i knew Charlie's parent were away but then they really werent'. still don't understand the whole thing with the postcards though. really happy ending and i feeel soooo srry 4 Redrandt t [...]

    13. In 1996 JK Rowling started a world wide fascination for Wizards, magic, muggles and the eternal fight against good and Evil. Jenny Nimmo has created a world similar to Hogworts and characters that are an intriguing mix. Everybody has individual powers, so you never quite know what to expect. I would recommend this series to children added 7-12

    14. 3.5 stars. This book sounded so familiar that I returned it because I thought that I had already read it. I will have to try again another time.Dec 2016 - Okay, I've got it again, and it sounds so familiar, but I will try to skip to the next several disks and see if I get to parts that aren't familiar. Only the first disk sounded familiar, so I am listening in to the final adventures of the children of the Red King.Likes:* Flames - Ares (yellow), Sagittarius (copper) & Leo (orange) * Billy's [...]

    15. My favorite I think of the series, I found this volume to be very hard to put down, the action is quick and the intrique is thick. I originally picked up the first in the series hoping that it might be something the kids would enjoy, they really love the 'Secrets of Droon' series. The story has a bit of Harry Potter feel to it, kids with magical powers at a school for kids with powers. Charlie is the center point, and an underdog for being basically good. But there is plenty that isn't Harry Pot [...]

    16. For the most part, I was pleased with the final book of the Children of the Red King series, though that could be because the series had drawn to a close. The final battle was pretty climactic, though I could have done with more suspense. There are some loose ends, though, that still grate on me. In this book, it says that Charlie had never been in any of his great aunt's houses, but in another book, he and his uncle go into Aunt Venetia's house and stop/kill the evil Yolanda Yewbeam. This is no [...]

    17. Book 8 in the Children of the Red King series. Charlie Bone and his friends can see that the evil descendants of the Red King are preparing for a massive assault on the Red King's descendants representing the forces of good. All the "endowed," both good and evil, have supernatural powers that are used in the fight. Charlie's parents are off on a second honeymoon so can't help, but Charlie and his team take the fight step by step, figuring out how to win each battle as it occurs. They're helped b [...]

    18. This book felt a little bit "by the numbers", as if Nimmo used one of those internet plot generators. But I can't fault her too much-- it's hard to come up with fresh new perils after eight books. I didn't realize until the end that this was intended to be the end of the series, and I thought the wrap up was rushed. Every (non-evil) character had to have his/her happy ending, and every evil character had to get his/her comeuppance.On the whole, this is one of my top "go to" series when recommend [...]

    19. 8 years in the making this series is finally done! Book 8 is the last book in this series and it was a quick and fun read. It was nice to get some closure after waiting over a year for this last book. Learning the identity of the Red Knight was great! This book is great for kids I think. I know my sister and her son have read almost all of them and loved them as well. I would go to your local library and check out the first book. It's a great series.

    20. I read this series out loud to the kids. We all loved it. The kids were very upset when we didn't have time. I have bought the series. The characters are vivid. The main moral themes are treating others kindly, helping wherever we can, and fighting for good simply because it is the right thing to do. I loved the ending!! I would suggest this for any kid to read, they will need at least a 2nd grade reading level to read on their own.

    21. I can't believe this is the last book!! This must have been what the HP fans felt like. I absolutely enjoyed the whole series. This was a perfect ending to the series. Charlie Bone will forever be one of my favourite series. So many conflicts and twists! Jenny Nimmo, you are a genius! Don't stop writing.

    22. The Good:Billy Raven and His Rat - It may seem weird to list this first, but Billy and his rat saved this series for me personally. Though he's just a kid, the author provided a deep family history that was slowly revealed throughout each of the books. I really loved seeing his transition from the bad side to the good side, as well as his journey to find a permanent home. His characterization wasn't as deep as I would have liked it to be, but his connection to animals quickly created a soft spot [...]

    23. Tancred is thought dead by the Bloors. This lasts for a time, but when the Tilpin witch utilizes the mirror, she brings a swordsman out of his picture. Billy's status as guest changes to that of prisoner. Matilda tries reaching for Charlie and gets Angel instead.Olivia is discovered after Charlie is taken to the Great-Aunts houses to "answer questions". His parents are still on their honeymoon and the other adults were out. Olivia showed her endowment and was "captured" by an enchanted vest. The [...]

    24. This is a fun and engaging juvenile book series that keeps readers guessing. It is about a 10-year-old boy named Charlie Bone who discovers that her has the special ability to hear the voices of people in photographs. Turns out there are other children with magical “endowments” and they go to school at the mysterious Bloor’s Academy. After being coerced into going to Bloor’s Academy by his indifferent grandmother, Charlie becomes entangled in a nefarious plot and recues a girl from an en [...]

    25. This is the final story in the Children of the Red King series. The final battle is kind of anticlimactic, but a lot of others getting their final comeuppance is very good. Some other interesting surprises that I do not want to reveal!

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